German Police: “Your Daughter is a Liar”

The video below shows excerpts from an interview with the lawyer for the family of Lisa, the ethnic Russian 13-year-old living in Germany who says she was abducted and raped by migrants.

What is notable about this case is the assertion by the police that no crime had been committed, apparently without any forensic medical examination of the girl. It should have been fairly easy to determine whether or not she had engaged in recent sexual activity. If she had, that is evidence of a crime, regardless of her “consent”. Or it would be in this country; I’m not sure what the age of consent is in Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:22   The victim was definitely a victim of a criminal act.
0:26   She was abused sexually by multiple men, according to the current state of investigation.
0:33   She was also hit; she was beaten, and she may have been raped;
0:40   a court will later have to determine this.
0:48   There is a description. According to this description
0:55   it could be Arabs, or people from the Maghreb area,
1:02   but it could also be Germans with certain backgrounds, or simply someone
1:09   with darker skin. It is at the moment not exactly clear
1:15   who it was, and speculations of course grew,
1:21   but we ask please no speculations at this point.
1:30   All the problems, the entire uprising, it happened solely because
1:34   of a very clumsy reaction on the part of the police.
1:37   One of the investigating officers told the parents of the girl to their face
1:43   something you absolutely should never do. He said,
1:47   we don’t believe your daughter, she is a liar.
1:52   And based on that the parents rightly assumed the police were going to
1:57   cover this up, would not investigate further, and therefore they turned to the public.
2:08   We will in any case be constructive with the future it could investigation,
2:14   and depending on what comes to the surface in said investigation,
2:18   we will then in the upcoming procedures determine our position regarding the prosecution and the court.

15 thoughts on “German Police: “Your Daughter is a Liar”

  1. It’s an old established tactic of the Marxist-Socialist Islamofascists and their drones in the Executive; if there is a real and current threat to the establishment meme first ridicule the messenger then demonise him or her and then destroy them.

    Or, at the very least, say or infer something in order to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the Sheeples. Nothing new or out of the ordinary here.

    S III.

  2. Almost every 13 year old in a situation like this is going to be “a liar” to some extent. So they are using an entirely expected and routine behavior of a little girl victim as an excuse to not do their jobs.

    For example If there is a sex grooming type situation going on, the girl will have been manipulated into believing that she has a “boyfriend” who she will lie to protect.

    The police might as well just issue a statement saying that they’re not going to investigate any sex abuse cases of children if they’re going to use “the suspected victim is a liar” as a reason to drop the case.

  3. The age of consent in Germany is 14. And apparently the prosecutors did not find any evidence that the girl had been abducted. Their conclusion is similar to what police said, but with milder words: the girl spent the night at a friend’s house because she was not doing well in school… A lot of publications are spreading this piece quoting AFP, yet I could not find the original story… Germany is working hard to avoid a diplomatic standoff with Russia, but at what cost?

  4. I don’t know about you, but that is not an impressive barrister. He appears to be sitting on the fence, only slightly leaning on his clients side. Are there no aggressive legal counselors willing to seriously defend this young lady to be found in Germany? Or is this simply another sign of Europe’s male impotence ?

    • It’s not so much that he’s sitting on the fence that is the problem but that he seems to be pretending to be the prosecutor.

      I don’t know the details of the legal system there, but it sounds like this is a civil attorney who would sue the police for negligence. So I’m not sure why he doesn’t address the ways in which the police were negligent or incompetent rather than trying to address details of the case.

      Perhaps there is no realistic legal recourse for police negligence and all this guy can do is try to act as a media relations agent while trying not to anger the police so much that they do their best to sabotage the investigation?

      The way he is acting may have less to do with being too passive and more to do with the lack of accountability mechanisms available.

  5. I believe that the age of consent is 14 in Germany (absurdly low, in my opinion, but there, what do I know?) so yes, even “consensual” sexual activity would have constituted a crime.

    On another note, the reactions of the German police made me think of a certain town in the UK. Curious, the similarities in attitudes, among the respective authorities.

  6. Age of Consent in Germany is apparently 14
    Which seems very young but its still a crime.

  7. I’ve been tipped by Czech friend already few days ago about possibility of a large group of German Russians pedagogically using baseball bats on local migrant centre inhabitants.
    I couldn’t find anything on it till couple of days ago spokesman for Rusaki confirmed some of it in the broadest of terms.
    Will be interesting to watch actions of Gestapo 2.0 and whether they try to prosecute potential vigilantes- I’m sure the Marxist Witch would pressurise them to prosecute at all cost.

  8. This is a clear case of racism. The investigating authorities are positively prejudiced in favour of the alleged perpetrators because they belong to a protected minority, and negatively prejudiced against the girl because she is white (and, moreover, Russian thus belonging to an intolerant and undemocratic race).

  9. Craven police and politicians yet again! The police are meant to be impartial in their investigations however once the ethnicity of the attackers pointed towards Arabs or North Africans they went into full cover up mode. Meanwhile a mega mosque is being built in Cologne ( no doubt financed by Saudi monies) whose minarets will tower over the beautiful Cologne Cathedral where services well be well and truly be drowned out by the Muslim call to prayers. For God sake WAKE UP GERMANY!

  10. This is just one more story showing the police and german politicians want women to be molested and raped by muslims How else can one explain their refusal to help the helpless, defend those in need of defending?
    Merkel and her band of sociopaths are depraved misanthropes, no different than their Nazi ancestors.
    Islam is as dangerous as hitler and his sick band of criminals. And Germany will either defend itself or be reduced to another 3rd world hell hole.

  11. Dear Nash Montana

    Thanks very much for translating. Could the ‘coin noise’ at the end be turned down a bit? When one has listening with earphones on, it’s very loud.

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