Asylum Homes in Germany: “Women Are Treated Like Dogs”

The following account from Die Welt tells the story of a Russian woman who sought asylum in Germany along with her daughter. Based on her description, the situation for female refugees in German asylum accommodations is nothing short of horrific.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation :

“Women mean nothing. They’re treated like dogs”

Women are victims of sexual and physical violence in German asylum homes, says one asylum seeker. Natalya G. has lived in multiple asylum homes. They only went to the bathrooms in pairs.

Natalya G. looks like a ballet dancer. She looks strict and girly at the same time with her wide-spaced eyes. G. is a Russian TV reporter. But she got into trouble because of her regime-critical reports. When her daughter, 17, marched at a Moscow peace demonstration, in which she wanted to show her support for Ukraine, she was attacked and injured — quite likely by a police officer.

So in March of last year, G. flew to Hannover with her and filed for asylum in Germany. As she lived in four different homes — three of them with their own management — she realized that she could not feel safe everywhere in Germany. “What women have to endure is terrible,” G. says. “I never thought that such conditions were possible in Germany.”

Today, she is doing well; she was able to fetch her two younger daughters, 11 and 13, from Russia. A family is letting her and her three daughter stay in an apartment in their house, so the four of them now live in Dortmund. Her girls are attending an integration class. “I am very lucky that I can be here in Germany, in safety,” G. says. But it was a difficult start.

Home management did nothing: Absolutely nothing

G.’s first stop with her oldest daughter was Braunschweig. Mind you: Like a lotto jackpot, they were given a room for six people, in which only two more women lived. “Every evening the police came, there were fights between two groups of men the whole time”, G. says. “One of the men was constantly in the women’s bathroom, when I wanted to use it. They would switch with others, as if they were standing guard, and wanted to show: We disregard you, you have nothing to say here.”

G. and her daughter only went to the bathroom together. And never without telling others that they went, so that they could alarm home management in case they didn’t return. “Finally after five days I dared to take a shower”, she says. “I knew it might happen any moment that someone would break the door down.”

G. asked home management: Why aren’t you doing anything? And she got no answer. Her impression: The threat against women was silently accepted. “One evening a man from the security detail came and pushed a 13-year-old girl from Albania into our room and asked us to watch her. The father of the girl is violent towards her mother, and the girl needed protection,” G. says.

“We hid her in our room for the night. I impressed on her the importance of not opening the door for anyone, don’t go to the window, and don’t go to the bathroom. I let her pee into a cup,” she says. She had asked the security officer what was going on with the mother. He only said, “We will see in the morning.”

Suddenly, the next day, there was a woman standing in the hallway. “I instantly knew, that could only be the girl’s mother”, remembers G. “She was black and blue, and her face did not look human anymore. And she was pregnant. Just like so many women in the homes.”

Men standing guard at the bathrooms

Braunschweig is not the only home where G. experienced these cruelties, which were tolerated by the home managements. Because of overcrowding, she and her daughter were brought to a different home in Oerlinghausen. On the upper floor every evening there was a man walking the hallways with two machetes — one on the left, one on the right of his belt, “like a pirate”.

And there, too, the men were standing guard at the women’s toilets. And it was just like that in the third home in Bielefeld. “I began to understand that there was a system to this, and I can only say that on the whole: Women there mean nothing, absolutely nothing; women can’t move about freely; they are treated like dogs.”

Where did the men come from? G. didn’t really have an exact idea. A majority of the residents were from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Albania and Macedonia. “I couldn’t just tell the nationality by their faces.”

G. and her daughter ended up in a Gymnasium [high school] in Dortmund. One night the 17-year-old girl went to the bathroom alone — and came running back in panic. A young African had grabbed her by the arm and tried to drag her into his room.

Green Party: Women’s rights are a “First-World Problem”

To Franziska Brantner (Green Party) stories like these are nothing new. Women are her specialty. She’s been an advisor for the UN-women’s rights organization Unifern for many years, before she became a member of the German Bundestag. Since September, Brantner’s sole task is looking into the situation of women in asylum homes.

“The topic of women’s rights has been disregarded as a First-World problem for a long time,” Brantner says. “But if we are serious about violence against women, then we have to prosecute such violence everywhere, and that goes for refugee homes as well. That is the place where refugees arrive, and the first location to immediately react if there is abuse or violence against children and women.”

Brantner demands plans protection against violence for all refugee homes, protective zones for children and women and education of security staff, so they can recognize violence when it happens and react promptly. “At the Bundestag debate our demands were seen as a burden to bureaucracy and waved aside,” Brantner says, “when in reality this is about unequivocally sending the message that the universal rights of women and children rights are enforced in our country.”

Natalya G., in the meantime, does not believe that things will change in the refugee homes. “I have the feeling things are going wrong on a massive scale.”

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  1. This is truly disgusting, although not surprising. So you get a bunch of randy men in a camp or whatever they call them, and then you add women and girls? How stupid is that?

    They should be segregated by sex unless they are married, in which case they should be in married housing. This is just common sense, which seems to have escaped from western Europe in the last few years. My boarding school (in PA,was girls only. My husband’s boarding school (NY, was boys only.

    Duh. This isn’t rocket science but the German government seems to have been dumbed down somehow. Must be Merkel’s fault and yet she is a chemist or physicist is she not?

    • “Must be Merkel’s fault and yet she is a chemist or physicist is she not?”

      I had to look this up to verify because I honestly couldn’t believe this incompetent moron was a physical chemist….

    • … with this kind of culture especially, there really is no other choice.

      In some more enlightened cultures, things can *sometimes* be done otherwise.

      For example, there are mining camps and the like in some parts of the (civilised) world where a few (very few!) women work. While off-colour comments are generally par for the course within limits, the culture of these (sometimes rough) guys is that violence against women isn’t tolerable or tolerated. A friend worked in such a place, and was the ONLY female in a camp of around 100 men, and a very attractive one on top of that. No problems. Indeed, a new MALE arriving in camp would likely have more problems.

      While a given individual might be a rapist, the group dynamics usually keep women safe in that kind of culture. Attempting to assault one would result in a (very nasty) beating of the offending individual by the group as a whole. They’d view it as a socially acceptable reason to send someone to hospital, and nobody after would “remember” who did what. Indeed, from some of the places I’ve seen, I wouldn’t be too surprised if a would-be rapist ended up dead. The unwritten rules there allow for significant violence between men, but not of men towards women, at least in public. Comments along the lines of “Aren’t you happy to be here, you can have any of us any time you want?” or possibly to the point of offering money might fly, and could be well rebuffed with similarly jocular talk like: “You can’t outlast the Energizer Bunny, so forget it.” – but physical violence?

      It’s only in seeing the behaviour in Cologne and similar places that I realise that these rough guys are not only more civilised than the “rapefugees”, but also much more so than the German society that tolerates this behaviour. Let some rapefugees try it in a mining camp around here, and see how quickly they end up having their attitude adjusted with a scaling bar!

    • Sorry Maria_dee , That would be considered as sexist in Europe . Your script says that women are not equal to men , are weaker etc and are thus inferior which goes against the grain of equality . So since they ARE equal they have to endure this kind of behaviour . What you say is true , but in the eyes of womans lib , feminazis , democracy , equality , minority rights et al , you are too old fashioned and your passage above would be interpreted as discriminatory .

    • Merkel is a WOMAN however and seems to think she is operating Concentration Camps with women inmates as fodder for the rest. What kind of a German imports foreigners en-masse and sticks them in camps with Kapos running them ?

  2. I am sorry for Natalya G., but the answer to her predicament in these homes is simple: Segregate each home either for men or women. NEVER combine the two groups especially under these circumstances. Once again, it’s readily apparent that Germany’s open borders policy was not thought out. Either Merkel is using drugs, is being blackmailed, or has gone totally mad. And, again, the policymakers are never subjected to the policies they create. This is only Stage 1. Stage 3 is violent civil war.

    • I think the answer is simpler. The women and girls just have to keep the men at arms length and everything will be OK. Maybe we can put the mayor of Cologne into one of these shelters for a couple of weeks and she could show the women and girls how it is done.

    • It’s callous disregard. If there were not such a desire to allow as many as possible new voters in no matter the cost so as to rig the election system, it really wouldn’t be difficult to protect legitimate refugee women from other refugees or anyone else.

    • I’m surprised that she didn’t conclude that the rapefugee centre was worse than a women’s prison in Russia would be.

      I suspect that women’s prisons in Russia are much more pleasant than men’s ones.

    • She didn’t go to those refugee centers by choice, she was sent there. If you are a refugee, you have no right to work, so you have no money to rent a place. Years ago, with fewer refugees, Germans probably had decent programs, but now they are overwhelmed. In addition, the current crop of refugees are violent animals.

      • She could have claimed asylum in Poland, for example. Fewer Syrians/Afghans/Pakistanis, more Ukrainians, Georgians and dissident Russians. And a hero status for standing up to Putin.

        • Poland might have been a better choice, indeed. Or Czechoslovakia

          Or, frankly, if she found a way to get there, the USA.

  3. >> “I have the feeling things are going wrong on a massive scale.” <<

    No sane person can draw any other conclusion. Germany has become a lunatic asylum and sane people are powerless to influence the government traitors.

    If Europe does not expel all of these savages it will die. Nothing more needs to be said.

    • The people who need to be expelled are the liberal elite running Western Europe (into the ground).
      Things will return to normal standards of decency after that as the people will then once again be allowed to exercise that most natural of desires which is defending your community in order to be safe and raise healthy children.

      • They shouldn’t be expelled. They should be locked overnight in rapefugee centres. I’ll be that they’d come out with a different attitude in the morning. If not: rinse, repeat!

        • Yep, its Alllllll the liberals faults. True liberals are disgusted by this kind of misogynistic behavior and would never condone it. For you all to paint with such a broad brush is pathetic, the majority of these people are legitimately suffering, and are running away from the very enemy with which we all share. How can you not see that? The intolerant, misogynistic, supremacist, and violent religion that is Islam, does not and should not condemn all of the Men, Women, and Children who simply want to escape the suffering. There is a way to criticize and call out an ideology of bad ideas without condemning Muslims as a whole and Merkel who clearly means well, no matter how poorly she implemented the policies of an extremely difficult crisis. Intent should always be considered, yet with you it seems her good intents seem to mean nothing.

    • You mean there will be massive civil wars?

      I used to be afraid that Europe would succumb to Islam with just a few whimpers (with notable exceptions such as Wilders).

      Now that the process has been (unwittingly?) speeded up, I think there will be civil wars.

      What do you think?

      • I agree. The elites have sped the process up enough that the frog is starting to notice the boiling water, which wasn’t the case before…

        • Right, the “Elites” people who are educated and intelligent, are intentionally attempting to destroy their own country? There will be no civil war, this crisis will deescalate , and the sky will not fall. Are you all biblical “endtimers” ? You must be right. Calm down. This type of mass migration is never easy but all of you chicken littles should just relax. I guarantee you there won’t be civil war unless it’s initiated by the fascist right wing who remind me of a certain similar German political movement of the 1930’s. I suppose that’s what you’d like?

      • I agree. I see this “refugee-crisis” as chance for a new right wing movement. I hope that the average EU sheeps will awake by suffering, so that we can save and reform our society.

        • The powers-that-be still have a few tricks up their sleeve – such as giving “refugees” the vote or, thanks to postal voting (in Britain) giving them multiple votes… then they have court cases for “incitement to hatred” just before elections or whipping up a frenzy about a candidate being a supposed “Nazi”, so that many more of those who don’t vote end up voting (see France). Then if all else face, they can downgrade the credit rating (see Poland). To summarise, it’s by no means certain what the electoral outcome of all this will be…

          • I don’t like these postal voting things. I’m all in favour of “in person, on voting day, or tough luck”. I figure that people are absent / unable roughly in proportion to party intentions, so it’s not really unfair.

            Of course, it also needs to be mandated that people get time off work to go vote, etc.

    • I was told by a German at the start of this year, that the “Syrians” arriving are very highly-qualified doctors and engineers, and were sent to East Germany to “rescue its economy”… admittedly this was before the incidents in Cologne became public knowledge, but are you sure that the Germans are all that much against Merkel, and that their brainwashing is not sufficient enough to regard all this enrichment as something wonderful?

      • Why can’t both be true? There can be Engineers and Doctors from Syria coming into the country, and at the same time there can be violent and ignorant Islamic zealots who perpetrated the new years crimes in Cologne.

    • Germany is an SED dictatorship. Merkel has built a Block Party out of CDU and SPD just as in the GDR

  4. Ingrid, Merkel is not mad, insane, or crazy. She is only following the EU-Arab agenda. In the ’70’s, in exchange for oil, business deals and security, the major countries of western Europe became dhimmis, letting the Muslims make hijra there, and allowing them to keep intact their islamic civilization with its sharia law.

    What the ignorant Europeans didn’t know was that the protection treaties (hudna) were only good for 10 years. So no more security for the western Europeans; it has been full jihad for quite a while.

    Google Eurabia and Bat Yeor. Her scholarship is impeccable.

    • I dont buy this. What you imply is that thousands west european politicans which came between the 70ties and today are involved in this plot without telling anyone about it? Additonally do you think that the eastern european are running their cars with water? No they need the saudi oil too and nearly all of them, including socialists, are still anti-immigration and anti-muslim.

      • The oil in Eastern Europe mainly comes through Russia. If anything, we should be nicer to Putin – but our governments still all do the honours and launch a barrage of criticism his way (while sealing some more deals with Gazprom behind closed doors).

  5. “The world’s largest gang of thugs, murderers and rapists masquerading as a religion of peace”

  6. These are the people who really need asylum!

    And, instead they… are inviting the invasion armies into Europe! How can Europeans stop the invasion, and start letting in the refugees and the individuals in real need of shelter and asylum?

  7. “What the ignorant Europeans didn’t know was that the protection treaties (hudna) were only good for 10 years. So no more security for the western Europeans; it has been full jihad for quite a while.”

    This overall treaty can never be explained too often.

    This has historical dimensions, and is hard to grasp for most people in our time. The magnitude of this quake we are in may not even be understood by many at all, in their whole lifetime.

    Going back 1 400 years may give a better understanding, however. What happened then, and every century thereafter, is happening before our eyes today, but few are willing to believe what we are seeing.

  8. Michael Lawson

    I believe in equal rights for women. However, the fact remains that most women are physically weaker than most men. That is all I meant. and if this is what life is like in those camps, then women should be carrying nice long hat pins (if they make them these days) or some other “legal” weapon. Sigh. I heard that the shelves are empty of self-defensive sprays now.

    And of course, I do believe that if Germany wants to take in all these “refugees” they (German govt) must ensure safety for women and children. This is what we call civilized behavior, IMO. Having said that, I’ll also add that if I were the head honcho of Germany, I’d be sending them straight back to where they came from. Spoken as a former refugee myself!

    • This is the epitome of [redacted]. You were a refugee? So you must have been granted refugee status and suffered more in the country you fled to than the country your family fled? Mind boggling. Not having compassion and mercy for people who are suffering under the fundamentalist yoke of religious zealots, just because they share the same religion, is abhorrent. Have you no decency sir? [invective redacted].

  9. The women’s right activists in America are ABSOLUTELY SILENT in this matter. They only become agitated if someone tries to take away their ‘right’ to murder their babies in utero. Their silence is a disgrace.

    • Shut up you [insult]. You cannot project your own religious beliefs and force them on others. [Invective redacted]!

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