Unrest and Escapes at the Kiskunhalas Refugee Center

When Angela Merkel invited the entire Middle East into Europe last summer, the first wave of hundreds of thousands of “refugees” passed through Hungary on their way to Austria and Germany. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was adamant that Hungary would not remain a transit point for the migration, which violated the Dublin Regulation on the disposition of immigrants who cross the outer borders of the Schengen Zone. He asked parliament to order the building of a fence to seal off the border, which it did, first along the Serbian border, and then along the Croatian one.

The flood of migrants into Hungary was thus reduced to a tiny trickle, but the Hungarians were left with some thousands of “refugees” that had to be accommodated and processed. The Kiskunhalas Refugee Center, located in southern Hungary near the Serbian border, is one of the facilities that houses the migrants while their asylum applications are processed, after which most of them will be deported.

The inmates in the Kiskunhalas center are unhappy with their conditions, and have recently been agitating for changes, the most prominent of which is that the center should be opened up, granting them freedom of movement. The latest news stories say that some of the migrants were threatening to jump from the roof of the center if their demands were not met.

The report below is from the Hungarian government news site’s English-language service:

On Wednesday evening György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister told public television channel M1 that more migrants in the Kiskunhalas reception centre have threatened to jump out of the building if authorities do not open the camp.

Mr. Bakondi said that three migrants of Arabic origin were standing in the second floor window and are making their threats from there.

Earlier on, two migrants of Syrian and Iraqi origins respectively climbed onto the rooftop of the reception centre demanding the opening of the camp. They were being watched by some 150 fellow migrants. The two men threatened to jump off the roof if their demands are not met; these two protesters have already been brought down from the rooftop. Their requests for asylum have already been rejected, they are awaiting their deportation from Hungary, Mr. Bakondi explained.

He added that these two men have made cuts on their arms and chests, they will receive psychological treatment.

The Chief Security Advisor also discussed the illegal escape of five Algerian and two Moroccan migrants that took place on Tuesday evening. He said that five of the men have already been caught, two are still being searched for.

The migrants got to the rooftop, descended from there and left the camp through the fence, he said and added that it is due to the escape that it is examined what kinds of further potential security measures need to be introduced in the reception centre.

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15 thoughts on “Unrest and Escapes at the Kiskunhalas Refugee Center

  1. …”…they will receive psychological treatment.” ? Should have just let them jump or indeed encouraged them to do so. Evolutionary dysfunction cannot be cured now matter how much taxpayers money is poured into the attempt.

  2. Hungary is between a rock and the hard place. Despite having the moral high ground, the whole EU (with constant support from Obama’s USA) continues to push for mandatory migrant quotas. That is why Hungary will have a referendum in October. In the meantime Hungary has to walk very carefully. While large portion of the population wants the migrants to be gone and borders protected even with guns and live ammo, there are strong oppositions: internal elements of post communists and Marxists financed by George Soros’s organizations (ruling the media in Hungary) watching the government to report every little thing they could just find to strengthen the myths of “fascist anti-human/anti-migrant/xenophobe” Hungary. Merkel is looking for the right moment to swash the annoying little country (maybe forbidding German companies to be there?). Obama’s personal pick, ex-television producer Colleen Bell (SJW warrior mouthpiece) there as ambassador of the USA, to pick up dirt on them and threaten them which she does! For now the defense mostly is to keep to every letter of the immigration/asylum laws established in past couple of years in the EU. Very thin defense, looking at the present state of the EU. That is why welcomed Viktor Orban, Trump’s statements about Muslim migration. Everyone hopes in Europe, that he will be elected. The EU traitorous leaders could not get by if USA would not support them and with Trump they will not get this help we hope.

    • Too bad the referendum cannot be held after the American election. It is looking ever more likely that Trump will win. That victory assumes there will be no as-yet-unrevealed dirty tricks by Team Clinton.

      Your details are most informative…they make me wonder about the ways in which Trump will upset the foreign policy applecart throughout the West. You can bet that the civil servants currently in place in our embassies will be moving out quickly as the old guard is vanquished…there will be even more snarling and gnashing of teeth than there has been so far. If for no other reason, it will be good to see them gone. Many Europeans who must deal with what’s on display now will be happy to see the backs of them.

      Anyone know of a good source for online gossip about the FSO??

        • Yes, I really like him. Have him bookmarked and a reader often reminds me to go over there when I’ve not been in a while.

          [oops- forgot to leave this url for others to read, too:


          enjoy 😉 ]

          He must have done well in the Foreign Service – he said the other day that he owned two condos in one of Trump’s places in south Florida. Can’t remember the details as those places all blend in for me.

          I read him with particular frequency after the murders at Benghazi. It was obvious he’d been deeply shaken by the cavalier treatment this administration demonstrated toward the people stationed there. What an awful, needless tragedy…rumor had it that Stevens was supposed to be taken as a hostage so he could be traded by Egypt for the Blind Sheikh. It failed when the terrorists got ‘carried away’ in their handling of Stevens. He went from being useful goods to being damaged goods to beyond all repair.

          It’s hard to think about but if nothing else it makes one realize how barbaric our adversaries really are. The Reavers – i.e., imho more than a few of them are missing basic brain architecture that allows them to refrain from torture, etc., in order to trade up for a greater gain. Truly scary people from another universe.

    • Ah yes, I forgot about Colleen Bell. She must be the least qualified ambassador since Baroness Ashton of Neveradaproperjobland.

  3. We have the same Problem here at our offshore processing centres with these “asylum seekers” or actually country shoppers doing themselves self harm in order to get to Australia. Not one of them ever will of course unless the current quisling PM decides to really show his left wing bias.

  4. Jumping from the roof would be perfectly fine with me. Not sure how that constitutes a threat.

  5. I am certainly not in favour of letting in all those refugees into Europe because there is just too many,people are frightened I get that but you can’t keep people caged like that and not expect them to react in a negative manner.

  6. Fencing reduced illegal border crossing? But that can’t be possible. That’s what our elite betters tell us.

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