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  1. Who is this Victor Lazlo? I remember that name from a very old movie but perhaps it is more common than I thought. It is also appropriate to mention that I certainly appreciate Vlad Tepes and his work! Also, of course you and Dymphna for yours. There is so much that I would be unaware of, if all I had was the MSM.

    So as I trolled around the various newsites this morning, it did occur to me that muslims might suffer from some kind of vitamin deficiency which makes them more stupid than average. Or is it just their so-called faith?

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult them — at least not too much. However, humor has always been a powerful weapon and we should use anything that comes to hand, shouldn’t we?

    • One “Victor Laszlo” is an extremely annoying NeverTrumper at NRO.

      The name is from Casablanca, I believe.

    • It’s just their faith!

      Victor Laslo was a character in the movie ‘Casablanca’. He was played by Paul Heinreid. If you remember he was looking for papers to get to America.

      I mean to insult them a lot:

      As usual human insanity
      Permeates the design of a divinity
      Primitive backwards jerks
      Try to control the whole works
      Like they’re the sole heirs of prophecy.

      • Laszlo in “Casablanca” was a hero of the anti-fascist resistance in Europe, married to Rick’s (Bogart) old flame (Bergman); she persuaded Rick to help them escape the Vichy authorities because of Laszlo’s importance to the cause.

        • Well… further to your question about the muzzie’s mental capacity: as Miss Barnhardt likes to remind us: many of them (bordering on 85%… but it’s just my own stab in the dark; no resources to back it up) have the same exact family line, and their parents are often cousins.
          So this arab satantic cult of a political system has become so infested with inbred (i.e. low-IQ) humans, it contributes to most / all of their insanity.

          It is NOT a vitamin deficiency.

    • Dear Mariadee,
      There are three main reasons that muslims, as a whole, are stupid.
      One, a great many are interbred. This is because many muslims are clannish or tribal. They need to keep the tribe intact. The tribal leaders are more important and powerful then the government.
      Second, many are exceedingly ignorant. This is partly because many are illiterate. Many have not even read the koran. That is why it is essential to have many mosques, to teach them about islam. They are not taught much else. No critical or logical thinking, etc.
      Third, they reject Western medicine. They believe that polio shots will make them sterile. Muslims would rather have crippled children, then sterile boys. Since a great many are from very poor countries, they are often malnourished. Women, especially, suffer from lack of vitamin D and children suffer from lack of calcium, among other things.
      This is the short answer, but I wanted you to know that it is not your imagination that muslims, as a group, are really not like the educated West.

  2. I’m assuming that he just didn’t know what the direction of Mecca actually was. And that if the plane was pointed directly at Mecca he could just face staight ahead. A less disruptive way would be to make an inquiry of the pilot-or somebody-so that he could just turn his body towords the disired direction.

    Do most muslims desire that whole buildings be turned during prayer time?

    • He was belted in because of turbulence. Still, he wouldn’t have been able to do his customary ablutions in that position, either. Just the usual drawing attention to themselves that the Muslim community in general has become known for.

    • Just tell him, “Yes, the plane is now facing Mecca. Pray as long as you wish and let us know when you’re finished.”

  3. When Bainbridge was forced to carry the Bey of Tunis and his entourage across the Mediterranean in his Navy Frigate, the Muslims ordered the ship turned to face Mecca every time they prayed. A Muslim was stationed at the helm to make sure the helmsman did what the Muslims wanted.

  4. The uncaged savage on a Muslim airline was behaving naturally. The absolutely “absurd” are the supposedly monied new moonies who fly these radical Islamic extremist owned flying bomb airlines completely oblivious the raging storm on the near horizon. It’s a mad mad mad world. No joke.

  5. What the pilot should have done was to turn the aircraft directly away from Mecca so that the retard’s ar… posterior was pointing directly towards the black lump.
    Those headbangers think that sort of thing is really not on and consequently the crew could have enjoyed the rest of the flight in good humour whilst contemplating whether or not to enlighten it immediately after it had left the plane.

    • That’s why you’re not allowed to go to the toilet facing or backing on to the Kaaba.

  6. the mere fact that people fly to such places as abu dabi willingly, isn’t less absurd.

  7. Well, there’s no reason for someone like her to be visiting Abby Dabby. Seems that there are many vacationers visiting those states. One of these days there is going to be a problem, and the return trip won’t be guaranteed.

  8. Isn’t it illegal to threaten airline staff when you’re on board an aircraft?

    The pilot should have made an emergency landing at the first European airport available so that the Muslim perp could be arrested for terrorism.

    • Yes I see these consumers around and awearin’ their Emirates T-shirts. Is it ignorance from completely consumerised brains or is there some other appeal of the “I have no opinions on anything. I am for sale to the highest bidder.” I fly German Airways late 1938. Just look at Berlin! And the planes and trains run on time!

  9. A metaphor for muslim psychology, in general. The world has to adjust them or else.

  10. Most of the population of Abu Dhabai are expats who are working there, most temporarily. The emirate imports both the brains and the brawn to do their work. Companies are required to employ a few Abu Dhabians for window dressing–but these indigenous people usually don’t do very much except collect a salary.

    Some of the jobs, e.g., financial consulting, are so well paying that the Westerners so employed can return home after a certain number of years with nice nest eggs–something most can no longer do in Western economies.

    And since they can associate mostly with other expats, there are many Westerners willing to go there.

  11. p.s. I’m told that in one of the main supermarkets, where the expats shop, you can buy pork. It is kept in a separate room called the “Pork Room.” Probably because it is “haram,” most of the expats find themselves eating more pork than they normally would in their home countries.

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