Doctor Forbidden to Practice for Standing on his Principles

Many thanks to JLH for translating this brief report from Junge Freiheit:

Professional Ban on Asylum-Critical Doctor

July 28, 2016

VIENNA. The medical association of Vienna has forbidden a medical doctor to practice because he refused to treat asylum applicants at taxpayer expense. In January, Thomas Unden had posted a notice in his practice in English and German, saying: “No asylum-seekers will be accepted in this practice.”

The health insurance company had already announced in February that his practice had to close. The doctor stood by his opinion. “I am not prepared to treat asylum-seekers at the expense of rate-payers. I stand by that. I have treated war refugees in Libya, and know people who fled war. I can only say — These are economic refugees,” he said to the news portal

He referred to the medical association as an “insignificant organization: which had “proven no professional malfeasance” on his part. It was his patients above all who were suffering from this decision. “That is 2,500 people who were under my care and now have one fewer health care provider. My position was removed without any replacement and there will be none,” Unden complained. And this is happening despite a shortage of doctors. Unden intends to proceed legally against the decision.

[Photo: “Closed” sign for doctor’s office]

6 thoughts on “Doctor Forbidden to Practice for Standing on his Principles

  1. I hope the doctor fights this decision and wins. His patients should stand with him. But even if he isn’t able to practice anymore (and it’s a possibility these days), he should think of a more reasonable country in Eastern Europe to move to and continue doing his job.

  2. Is that the Ärtztekammer für Wien?

    The action against Dr Unden is a political decision not a medical one. As such, surely they are exceeding their authority.

    • Exactly. I wouldn’t have much faith in the courts, but considering that they’ve ordered a re-election in Austria, they may not be completely corrupt, so he *might* have a chance there.

  3. Many respects to the Doctor. A man of principles. Not many of those around unfortunately.
    I hope after this incident all his 2500 patients will fully understand what their government, media and corporations have done to them.

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