Viktor Orbán: “Hungary Does Not Need a Single Migrant”

Last Tuesday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern met for talks on the EU’s migration policies. Afterwards they held a joint press conference about the issues.

The brief video below features a succinct summary by Mr. Orbán of Hungarian policy, which is the polar opposite of that promoted by the imperial center in Brussels.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:14   All the documents released by European Commission always contend
0:22   that to solve the European economic and demographic challenges
0:26   we need people from outside,
0:29   who come in and settle in Europe.
0:33   This is a common standpoint from the European Commission.
0:36   I am one of the few Prime Ministers who disagree with that.
0:40   Not in Europe’s name of course, because I do not have the right to do that, but for Hungary I do!
0:47   Hungary does not need a single migrant. Thus, for the Hungarian economy to work,
0:52   for the Hungarian population to subsist, for Hungary to have a future,
0:55   for that, we do not need a single migrant.
0:58   The civilian organizations outside the state can help…

24 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “Hungary Does Not Need a Single Migrant”

  1. While I totally agree with Mr. Orban, I would point out that Europe would not need to cling to the belief that they “need” muslims to make up for their lack of population. What they need to do is make babies. If the Germans are too lazy to reproduce, they will have this muslim problem forever. Muslims do not acclimatize because they are convinced that their culture is superior, even when it’s obvious to the rest of the west that it is not true. European civilization is much higher than muslim civilization so. . . it’s obvious. Europe, make babies! Hurry!

    • Funny thing though, we have been told for decades that several countries are below replacement level, yet in every single one of those countries the population has gone up.

      We’re also told the population must always increase, but isn’t that a recipe for disaster, eventually?

      In Europe, the decades following plagues have always been the best times, when there were suddenly FEWER people, more land available, less stress with overcrowding, etc., not to mention more space for wild animals, less pollution…. I realize this goes against the official view, but is the way I see things.

        • And millions of Thai, Vietnamese, Indians (Hindu, Sikh and Jain only please), Chinese, Taiwanese, Burmese, Sri Lankan. If Europeans are unwilling to breed and migrants are therefore needed to sustain European economies and social security networks (a proposition I’ve never been persuaded by), there is no need whatsoever to source them from MENA countries.

          • You know, the birth rate in China is so low, that it will enter the phase of population decline in about 10 years. Its population is already ageing. In Taiwan, the same process began earlier, so it will be in decline in a year or two. The same is true for South Korea. In Thailand and Vietnam birth rates are also very low.

            In India’s cities, the total fertility rate (number of children per woman) is now about 2 – or may be a bit less, just like in France. In India’s countryside it is 2.5, but it is gradually going down. So, India’s population grows slower and will eventually stop growing.

            In Brazil and a few smaller Latin American countries, the total fertility rate has also gone below replacement level. The same has happened in Iran and Tunisia.

            So, the overpopulation threat is not as great as it is widely believed. Birth rates have been going down all over the world since the 1950s, and there are a few countries in the world – the Baltic States, the Ukraine, Japan etc., that are already dying out.

            The only promising source of migrants is sub-Saharan Africa. And a few countries like Yemen. Do you really need migrants from there?

          • The only over-population threat is the number of people currently alive. As you point out, the future adult population will be much smaller. China is trying hard to move past its draconian “one child” policy, only they find that the “breeders” (as gay people call heterosexuals) aren’t interested in having more than one child. Same thing in India; and both countries prefer boys. The practice of female foeticide is an ancient cultural practice for both.

            In 1994 India made it illegal to use ultrasound for the purposes of gender determination in a vain attempt to prevent so much female foeticide.Nonetheless, there is lots of money to be made in the sale of refurbished machines:


            Notice that on their “about” page, they promise that they abide by the 1994 laws re ultrasound:

            Niranjan Ultrasound India, a DOTmed 100 certified company, believes in upholding the law of the land, and thus, all the acts should be performed in accordance with the PCPNDT Act while doing Ultrasound Scans or using ultrasound machines in any manner. All machine sold or bought by us, we abide by all PCPNDT rules and regulations.

            Sure they do. As if they had any control over how their customers use the machines. The ratio of male::female live births continues to rise. I think it’s about 108 males for every 100 females at the moment and will only get worse as times get more difficult.

            Too many men lead eventually to war – can’t let all that cannon fodder go to waste. Thus, I expect China and India to engage in hostilities at some point in the not-too-distant future.

        • Also if Germany needs (skilled) people to complement their dwindling work force there are many thousands of highly educated young people unemployed in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece etc who could fill the vacancies almost immediately without any integration problems whatsoever!

      • Desirable migrants:
        -1- Are easy to assimilate
        -2- Speak the local language
        -3- Have skills in short supply
        -4- Do not displace local workers
        -5- Share the local religion / culture

        Many cheapshot, dishonest, pro-Islam, anti-Christian media outlets set up the “straw man” of zero immigration so they have an easy target.

        What the UK will achieve by Brexit is healthy Christian immigration, not zero immigration.

        Hungary offered to take Syrian Christian refugees and were rebuffed by the Brussels Caliphate and the German Caliphate, lead by
        Aya’tollah Merkel of Islam.

        If the UK and the Visegrad 4 can come together, perhaps the fall of the European “Islamic” Union can be brought forward.

        • I may be mistaken, but I thought the Polish immigrants in England and Ireland are looked down on and when possible, kept from assimilating. Thus many of them can’t wait to go home.

          Or how about the Geordie boys who left to work in Germany because there was no work in England at the time? These are fissioning times we’ve been living in for the last forty years…or more.

          A good troubadour’s song is always more than the sum of its parts…Thus “Why, Aye, Man” is one of the truest, saddest tunes I’ve heard. Such work eclipses/overshadows the easy times of the Beatles…

          • Dymphna-

            You are correct.

            I have a British colleague from London in-country, and he believes the Poles are, “…all thieves.”

            I found it difficult to bite my tongue, as someone of 50% Polish heritage.

  2. Hungry was occupied by the Muslim Ottoman Turks so they know the danger of mass Muslim immigration.

    • I agree 100%, Hungary and other E. European countries after suffering 500+ yrs. of Ottoman domination and 5 decades of Communist oppression are not looking for a rerun.

      • Mr. Viktor Orbán says: “Hungary Does Not Need a Single Migrant”. He does not specifically refer to “Muslim Ottoman Turks”, or Muslims in general, does he?

  3. How can this be helped – well once many years ago I went to a singles event where there were married chaperons, and the youngest person there was well over 30. DUH! This was to keep everyone in line I suppose. I would totally understand it if there were teens, or even people in the 20s there, but there wasn’t. These people needed to meet and mate someone. Needless to say I changed denominations ASAP! Now I don’t belong to one at all, but this is the problem with the too religious – they want to control everything.

    • I have a fair idea of where you’re coming from, Susan. Many religions contain very destructive elements, but two of them need to be countered with urgency. The first one is the mind-numbing belief in secular statism, which has ruled in the West for the past two centuries. The other one is Islam.

      Born into a Christian Reformed (“Calvinist”) culture, I give full credit to the valuable foundations it laid in my understanding and social anchoring. Yet, I had to get away from its controlling practitioners . . . those hypocrites that give religion a bad name. Since I am definitely not religious enough to be atheist, I finally settled on Deism. Fortunately, there are some great minds who can explain my journey far better than I can:

  4. Thank you, Mr. Orban.
    There are other European states, too, which do not need a single migrant.

  5. Orbin is spot on in his comments.

    The lie perpetuated by the profiteers of the resettlement industry, that somehow an unreformed, 7th century cult, highly inbred, illiterate in their own native tongue and therefore unemployable (with the exception of menial positions), are somehow going to replace ethnic Europeans in the workforce, is a laughable concept.

    Sure the left and right politicians can parade a few anecdotal stories for the media of persons who have “made it” despite their struggles – but they are not the norm, and they come with a price tag. Even the feel good stories were paid for by your tax monies in some form of welfare.

    Collective guilt and virtue signaling have given way to complete disillusion. Manipulating criminal codes and media narratives isn’t working anymore. We’re several steps ahead of them now and I’m not buying what they’re selling.

    • Completely agree. The notion that mass 3rd-world immigration can compensate for an ageing population and a falling birthrate (even if that were necessary) does not stand up to the slightest scrutiny:
      – we are not infertile
      – immigrants get old the same as we do
      – immigrants do not have the skills, experience, education or attitude to make a positive contribution; most of them don’t even speak the language of the host country.
      – etc etc

      All of the retrospective excuses are propaganda lies. There is no problem to which mass 3rd world immigration is the solution. The program only makes sense when you realise that it is white genocide.

  6. Regarding immigration: I am an immigrant. My mother was a refugee after WWII but she went straight to a factory job without knowing much if any, English. The company was an excellent one and provided English classes after hours to anyone interested — she was. She went on to take book-keeping classes, which is what she had been trained for in Hungary. Yes, we are Hungarian immigrants, but American for lo these many years. I see most of this through the prism of my own experience. Any muslim who comes to America for the freedom and opportunity with intention to become American is welcome. The concept of going to another country to conquer it for “Allah” is not acceptable to me. and as far as I am aware, this country (USA) has always been of the opinion that your religion is your business and nobody really wants to hear about it.

    And my last point is this: a small country like Hungary cannot afford to take in too many foreigners or they will no longer be Hungary. Angela Merkle doesn’t seem to understand this concept, along with so many other concepts that her brain simply cannot stretch to receive. She is stupid. Germany is on its way to becoming a muslim country. She will be cursed in the future.

    • Mariadee-

      Your story illustrates an important point that the Left keeps missing due to their belief in Magic Dirt and Magic Passports.

      The Left and its media *insists* that the invaders currently arriving in the West have exactly the same attitudes and motivations that drove the folks who landed on Plymouth Rock. Reality shows us that nothing could be further from the truth.

      • The Germans are currently in the process of realising that this is not the case.
        But they think it can be fixed by mandatory “integration courses”.
        Because, you see, when a person learns in such course that it is in our Basic Law that you can’t go around and beat and molest others, then all he ever learnt in his life before will be unlearnt, and he will walk out that “integration course” a European model citizen!
        (Forgive my cynicism)

        • Yes, I had forgotten about the Left’s love of “Magic Integration Courses.”

          As the Jesuits used to say, “Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.”

          The Ummah knows and applies this maxim daily, while the West has completely forgotten it.

    • I disagree only with the idea that Merkel is stupid.

      I believe she knows very well what she is inflicting on Germany. She adamantly refuses to cease (minuscule) German participation in the anti-Assad war or to oppose more muscular efforts to generate more refugees. She also refuses to consider for one second the vastly more efficient and appropriate providing of assistance to “refugees” where they are.

      She fully intends to inflict grievous damage on her own people. An under-appreciated sign of her true intent is her appointment of the Stasi informer, Anetta Kehane, to monitor the speech of Germans. Disregard certain chronological problems with the following, but would the appointment of an informer for the Gestapo be qualitatively worse? And if Kehane has repented of her greasy past, I’m unaware of this. (Come to think of it, has Merkel repented of her ardent Marxist activities as a member of the East German youth organization?)

      The world has plenty of experience with dealing with refugee flows by now and thousands must have made small fortunes working for or contracting with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Life, limb, and dignity can be preserved without bringing every “refugee” or migrating opportunist in a distant European country ill equipped to care for them or integrate them. But that is what Merkel insists on. Nothing will suffice for her but the most destructive, the most disruptive, the most reckless option of mass importation.

      This woman has a poisonous agenda and she despises Germany

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