Reutlingen: A Love Affair Gone Sour?

Details about the machete attack in Reutlingen are gradually emerging. The latest accounts say that the victim was a young Polish employee of the restaurant, that the killer was in love with her, and that the man who ran over the perp with his BMW was a Turk.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Also, the incident appears to have a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Green Infidel for translating the Polish text from the Facebook page “Zelazna Logika” (libertarian, anti-PC webpage with over 100,000 likes), quoting two German media sources:

Information on the attack on a Polish woman by a Syrian in Stuttgart:

The victim is a Polish lady, who was cleaning and washing dishes at a Turkish restaurant. The attacker — a 21-year-old named Mohamed, a Syrian asylum-seeker, who arrived a year ago from Aleppo.

After Ramadan, the restaurant took on new staff, including Mohamed. He had worked there for a few weeks.

As it turns out, the poor guy quickly fell in love with his work colleague. Today they argued, and he killed the Polish lady with a 80cm machete from the restaurant, after which he ran out to the street, overturning chairs, vandalising cars. He injured a woman driving one of the cars and another passerby. Finally he ran out on the street in the direction of a BMW driven by a 21 year-old Turk, who had earlier seen what had happened and, when he saw that the attacker was running in his direction, simply ran him over.

The injured attacker was stopped by police.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says that the Polish lady was pregnant. The Polish foreign ministry has not yet confirmed the nationality of the victim.

27 thoughts on “Reutlingen: A Love Affair Gone Sour?

  1. My prayers for the young Polish girl.

    I would advise western women not to work at Muslim owned establishments. That is courting disaster.

    This is a double murder: the girl and her unborn. May they both rest in peace. Very tragic indeed.

    • A Polish friend’s friend was looking for work around London. At a Turkish restaurant, the boss told her straight out – “No sex, no job”…

      That said, I’ve heard it said from 2 different sources that “90%” of Polish girls they know in Britain are going out with Muslims. Polish women, especially when abroad, have a reputation for being 1) easy, and 2) naive. Yet sometimes they learn from experience…

      When I lived in Poland, and was talking to Poles who’d lived in England, I didn’t need to start talking about the Religion of Peace – usually they were quick to share their experiences and anger, usually ending with a statement along the lines of “Europe shouldn’t let them in”.

      Interestingly, at the elections last year, it was mostly the young voting for the right and the far-right, and amongst Poles in Britain, the vote was disproportionately for the far-right, who even came ahead of the winning party!

      • Polish women are easy?? Well, I have been working with polish girls and I have been treated as a Spaniard like if I dont exist. Even they treat us like speaking loudly. Even that I consider them beautiful.
        I treated one polish blonde girl as a princess but nothing I didnt exist.
        Is not the same case of Polish guys that is an impossible relationship. The great majority didnt try any conversation with us.

        • And I was working in England!!!!!, I have more conversation with the only english guy in the job than any polish even that I tried several times but was really impossible in spite of being the majority there.

          And I repeat polish girls were really beautiful but spanish men were like if they dont exist. Even I had time to say lovely things to an English girl (uglier than polish girls but really kindness) in my free time than polish girls.
          Polish girls were really very difficult to treat them.

          If polish girls prefers muslim guys over another catholic men of other country is their fault.

        • Well, your experience sounds highly untypical. A few Polish friends had the experience of talking to Polish girls in England. All went well – until it became known that they were Polish… At which point the girls said “sorry, I didn’t know you were Polish” and walked away. I repeat – this didn’t happen on just one occasion…

          I’m not sure why the Polish girls you knew didn’t want to talk – I’d have thought Spaniards would be right up their street… unless perhaps they were already “taken” by some black or Arab gangster.

          In any case, judging by the behaviour of many Polish girls in Britain, who suddenly want to be treated like royalty as soon as they step off the plane (while often having multiple boyfriends at the same time), perhaps you had a lucky escape 😉

      • I’ll be polite and avoid using the pejorative phrase for this situation.

        I will simply say that there are a great many Western women who seem to find dating the Other extremely alluring until the bill comes due.

        As with everything in life, one reaps what they sow.

    • Btw, this case brings back memories of something I once read on a “Poles in Britain”-style forum. A Polish lady on it was writing that she had met a Kurd at work, who “loved her so much”, that he told her that if he couldn’t have her, he’d kill her.

      Seems that with Muslims, love can really be deadly…

  2. I should mention an interesting conversation I had with an Arab man during a business trip to the gulf. I asked him whether he knew that there were western women who would be flown in to the royal palaces for the young princes to have a good time. He said “Yes, everyone knows—we can tell because the palace is decorated with lights that night.” I asked him how he felt about it, and to cut a long story short, he basically said that this was part of Allah’s gift to the Muslim men, since these women were unbelievers anyway. Meaning, for him, they were just meat to be enjoyed as their right over Kafirs. Allah has made the world for muslims, and Kafirs can be enjoyed and then destroyed—that was his basic world view.

    It would not surprise me if these asylum seekers feel the same way–that they are going to get many disbelieving women as Allah’s gift in Germany (or where-ever).

    • In the olden days, in order to fill their harems, the Mohammedans used to buy white slave women kidnapped from their native lands and sold into slavery. Today, a supposedly sufficient number of white women, at a price, travel to the seraglios willingly to become temporary concubines for the Mohammedans. How times have changed! Raiding and plundering are no longer necessary.

    • Thanks – really interesting stuff about the lights… This is something I’ve been wondering – in parallel with the grooming scandals across England, could there be such “Rotherhams” also happening on an international, and far bigger, scale?

    • I recall reading about this years ago.
      Here is some info I saved on the subject:

      1964 Documentary: “There are still slaves in the world” illustrated the modern slave trade through a number of Arabian and African countries, under muslim rule. The filming was conducted both in public places, and sometimes with the use of hidden cameras, for high impact scenes of nudity, sex, and violence – and a few surprises, as slaves made out of peregrins to Mecca, and slave traders paid in traveller checks

      Movie poster 1

      Movie poster 2

      Narration written by ELIHU WINER


      Narrator ALLEN SWIFT

      Based on book: “The Slave Trade Today” written by Sean O’Callaghan (also published another book “The White Slave Trade” in 1965)

      Extensive comparison and Discussion about the 2004 “Digitally Remastered” & “Re-edited & Color Enhanced” version of this documentary notes selective editing was done when compared to the Italian version

      Note: Film interviews a British female, Eve Kenneth, a British prostitute who spent 2 years in a sultan’s harem, and is featured in another poster for the documentary film here(sorry, the last link is dead and unfortunately not archived at the wayback machine).

    • This points to a fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity.

      Christianity is an ascetic religion which requires chastity and fidelity from both men and women without any difference. In general, Christianity encourages its followers to value spiritual joys over carnal pleasures.

      Islam has very little asceticism. In fact, under a thin ice of ‘pious’ appearances, there is an ocean of sensuality. Even paradise in Islam is pictured as a place where pious Muslims are occupied exclusively with eating, drinking and having sex in beautiful surroundings. A sort of high-class heavenly brothel, in a word. (I wonder why they are not afraid to get bored with all this? When such pleasures become the only content of your life, they become unbearably boring.)

      We should not be surprised therefore that those Muslims who have the power and the means to do so, try to live in their palaces on earth as they hope to live in eternity.

  3. Savagery beyond words – brute deserts his own country, which he is obviously to cowardly to fight for, yet slaughters a young woman and baby in the womb, in broad day light, on the streets of his host nation.

    My condolences to the family and friends of this poor young woman and my thoughts are with the other injured bystanders too.

    Mutti Merkel has much to answer for! How this deluded excuse of a woman can close her eyes and sleep at night is beyond me.

  4. @Dymphna:

    Saw this article about a Salafi preacher who is supposed to have radicalized lot of Muslim youth in the Indian state of Kerala; thought it might be interesting to your audience (didn’t know where to post it, so placing it here).


    “We don’t participate in festivals like Onam and Christmas because they have the elements of shirk (polytheism). You may say that Onam is a harvest festival but at the core there is a Hindu myth. Similarly, believing that Allah had a child in the form of Christ is the most abhorrent belief in Islam,” Shamsudheen said.

    • Yes. There is much the same thing here, with the public elimination of creches on the village green. If Hillary gets in, expect to see the long tradition of the White House Christmas tree (a German tradition that American adopted across the whole land- what is not to love about a green tree lit up in the dark of winter?) go by the wayside. Not immediately, but it will be on the planning board from Day One.

      • Most of us Hindus are supporting Trump. We are hoping that Trump will decimate ISIS starting his first week in the WH. What happened to the Yazidis reminds us too much of our own history. ISIS needs to be destroyed, period. It cannot be allowed to infest any part of the world. It is a mistake to think “let them be there in the middle east, we’re safe here.” If those guys get any place to call their own, we’re all in trouble. Obama should’ve intervened much earlier, one feels.

        I read in the news that some Hindu businessman has donated a good deal of money to the Trump campaign, but his name is not familiar.

  5. I guess a good man with a BMW can stop a murderer when no guns can be found.

  6. She probably told him to get lost and leave her alone. No love affair involved but probably some harassment which evolved into murder. He probably gave her problems the entire time he worked there. All five or six days.

    • My suspicions too. Cultural Enrichers generally don’t like taking “no” for an answer, and may regard it as an “insult” to their honour.

  7. The bottom line is these muslim migrants present a danger to Western societies. And Merkel’s open door was a disaster on Germany and other European countries that is only just beginning. Daily terror attacks will become the norm.

    • At what point do we stop paying attention? The horror in Southside Chicago, death on a daily basis, doesn’t get attention anymore. “Chiraq” is what Spike Lee calls it. Like Iraq, where we stopped paying attention to a problem we couldn’t begin to solve.

      Perhaps Marxie Merkel knows that will happen, too. I remember reading in Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” about the screaming horror a young girl in a concentration camp experienced every time she passed a stack of corpses. It wasn’t long before she numbed out to those stacks; they were no longer dead human beings being treated as so much rotten meat. Instead, they became simply the quotidian in her life.

      That’s the plan.

  8. Well, it must be the wrong place to express such feelings, but I admire the Turk for his courage and quick reaction. That’s how a man should act in an emergency!

    As for the attitude of Muslims to their female colleagues and, especially, to women they hire, it is well-known. A woman who goes out to work outside the family is considered a legitimate prey. If a Muslim restaurateur or a shopkeeper hires a woman he often tends to think of her as his private property. Especially if the woman in question is not a Muslim herself. Of course, there surely are exceptions, but they only prove the rule.

    • Many Muslims can behave themselves well, if they’re in “protective” mode… in any case there’s no love lost between many groups of Muslims, including (I suspect) between Arabs and Turks.

  9. 80cm machete…. true justice would be sticking it all the way inside his [backside] for what he did.

    • If it really was taken from the kitchen, it was more likely a cleaver, so probably not so large. Not that this affects the sad result…

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