The Wretched Lies of the German Media About the Murder in Reutlingen

Last Sunday a Syrian culture-enricher ran amok with a machete in a restaurant in the German town of Reutlingen. Since then a number of rumors have circulated about the relationship between young Mohammed and the Polish woman that he killed. Below is a brief account from a German site that tries to set the record straight. It was drawn from Polish sources, and has been translated into English by Rembrandt Clancy.

Machete Terror: The Wretched Lies of the German Media about the Murder in Reutlingen

German language source: Deutschland-Luege
German language source taken from Polish: FACT24.PL
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

Machete-Terror: The wretched lies from the German media about the murder in Reutlingen are coming slowly to light.

Here is a short summary of the facts from the Polish press.

The dead Polish woman, a single-parent mother, leaves behind two children. The youngest child is eight years old. The murdered woman had no relationship with the Syrian and he had not worked in the sandwich bar!

Three months ago she started work in the kebab snack bar as kitchen help in order to earn money for the family/the children. On Sunday she had just returned after visiting her family in Poland.

The Syrian is unemployed and visited the snack bar regularly for the purpose of meeting his fellow countrymen there. He harassed the female employee of the snack bar, for which reason co-workers threw him out several times.

On Sunday at around 4:30pm the Syrian, Mohammed, armed with an enormous machete, came through the back door. He attacked the employee Jolanta. In a blind rage he began to chop her with a machete… […] Soon the children of the murdered woman arrived in Reutlingen to identify/confirm the body of their mother. On Sunday a funeral procession will take place.

18 thoughts on “The Wretched Lies of the German Media About the Murder in Reutlingen

  1. I am sickened by Germany under Frau Merkel. Women and children thrown under the bus first, please. Men, just shut up!

    • Frankenstein Merkel. No more Soviet era sewage. Go! You are a plague on civilisation.

      • Virago: No real men to stand for the people. Cowardly sissified males remain, doing nothing and caring about nothing.

      • Abortion on demand is wiping us out. Muslims see that to their complete advantage. It’s a no birther.

    • And-of course-absolutely NO account of any of this detail given to us here in the UK…by our public sector, paid for BBC.
      That poor woman, and her poor kids and family.
      But the liberal left think that her death and the tragedy that ensues is really not THAT much to write about.
      This callous indifference will have a seismic reaction in response when we all become aware of how we`re being left to die or suffer; just so the liberal left can feel better about themselves-and not face up to the unfolding catastrophe they`ve fuelled.
      Will pray for this poor lady and her family, friends…the Poles…the good friends in Europe who now KNOW what the battle is…and , of course this land of ours that has begun to stir.

  2. It seems that in every European country and the U.S. the media is complicit with the rulers in covering over these atrocities.
    [Intemperate suggestion redacted]
    All the rest should be deported, the world is about to fall into the dark ages again from which it may never return due to this garbage.
    Those in power here and in Europe think they will rule with a permanent status, they are deluded, they too will go under the [Islamic] sword.
    I wonder if there are any true men left to revolt against the injustices put upon them
    by their EU oppressors?

    • I don’t think the ruling class has that much foresight. The idea that they will have to acquiesce to an impending caliphate is a minor irritation as long as they are able to keep a title after they’ve made the one sentence conversion to Islam.

    • We are already in Dark Times.
      Merkel invited these unspeakable murderers to Europe and still does so.
      She is not an ignorant fool, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.
      She is complicit, as well as all those who support and encourage her.

  3. Yes, always likely… why would a Polish 43 year-old pregnant woman with kids strike up a relationship straight-off, with a Syrian she barely knew, and whose German probably wasn’t great?

    Surely it was always more likely that the Syrian in question – a serial troublemaker who was kicked out of his asylum accomodation several times – had behaved like so many of his fellow Arabs over the past year, and decided that any woman was fair game for some serious harassment, rape or Taharrush?

    • and more than that, the MSM made a machete – that sounds more latin american- out of a kebab knife, which it actually was and sounds more likely.

  4. What does it say about me that I suspected something along these lines all along? The press isn’t doing much to cure me of my cynicism. This poor woman was essentially slandered by the press because it has inspired all sorts of “that’s what she gets for dating a Muslim” remarks I have seen on article comment sections.

  5. The German Police or local prosecutor suggested this was a “crime of passion”. There were also suggestions (apparently incorrect) that he used a kabab knife, not a machete. I think we can call this an Islam inspired attack, as all actions and beliefs of muslims are influenced by Islam.

  6. No country with a sizeable Muslim population will ever be free of this type of attack. All human beings are capable of alienation, but no other religion offers theological justification for the most base impulses that a person is capable of. Islam does offer justification for such impulses and so the attacks keep happening with depressing frequency. As Monsieur Valls said, the people of Europe just better get used to it – or, they can get rid of politicians like Valls and Merkel and stop all Muslim immigration and begin the repatriation of Muslims already in Europe.

  7. Words fail me, I’m becoming empty with this nightmare.
    I just don’t understand how the germans can sit back and allow this to continue!

    I don’t get it anymore!

    This Merkel woman should have been long long long gone!

    These stasi nazis who are operating, with total impunity, many of them are real real Stasi members from DDR, these murderers are operating in powerful positions, been placed to cow the german populace into fear,
    To fool, mislead, and terrorise Germans with fear of arrest and imprisonment for simply have the courage to speak up, speak the truth!

    For gods sake, there have to be some german men who want to deal a blow against the traitors now destroying Germany.

    It has to be like Bucharest in 1989, Merkel will wake to giant crowds outside her sleeping place, the thugs guarding her, will try to melt away, through back door.

    Merkel will find herself alone, the mob will catch her, this is how it has to end for Merkel, no other way. And these others, Heiko Maas, “he even looks like Goebbels”, these traitors are on borrowed time.

    How have we come to this??

    These left wing Marxists, they destroyed the very fabric and morals of our western countries and ssocieties with this insane perverted flawed ideology of one world,

    I want to wake up from this nightmare, tell me it’s a dream???? A bad dream??? And wake me!!

    I feel like every day this danger is getting closer all around me, all I see is men in beards when I go out, men with Arab appearances, with violent faces and bad vibes.

    This is in Portugal, which has no border control with Spain,
    Muslims are flooding in here, to places like Silves, Albufeira, Lisbon, Portimao.

    It’s getting scarier by the day.

  8. This slimey Islamic thing doesn’t need papers. It would never pass the smelly Muslim stinker test at any level in any western country anywhere. The Israelis have got it exactly right.

  9. When this happens in Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona I hope someone with their open carry pistol prevents such a crime and either the perp goes to jail or with his 72 virgins. I am sure that the Left-wing media would make the Muslim a victim of gun violence. According to our Mayor the So-called refugees are mostly going to nearby Tucson and not our small town or yet???

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