Zimbabwe on the Rhine

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer turns his gaze southward from Scandinavia to take a dyspeptic look at the current mess in Germany and beyond.

Zimbabwe on the Rhine
by The Observer

One of the first things that comes to mind when observing current events in Europe today — and especially since Angela Merkel and the rest of the top echelon of the EU decided to go all out and demolish the already leaking floodgates that were originally put in place to keep Europe safe from aggressive third world Lebensraum jihad — is this: how far is a leader allowed to go in destroying his or her country before someone finally steps in and says “Enough is enough”? Are there any limits as to what they can and cannot do?

Judging by the mass insanity that seems to have gripped the continent and the daily destruction and irreparable damage caused to nations and societies that date back several thousands years the answer has to be a resounding NO! There are no limits, only the leader’s imagination or the lack thereof determines the degree of destruction and treason that he or she is allowed to inflict upon their nations.

Because we have to be honest and call things by their proper names, and what is going on in Europe at the moment can only be referred to as cold hard treason. There is no other way to describe it and still expect to be taken seriously by any rational individual. If you do a quick Google search of the “The legal definition of treason” you get this:

“The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies”.

As the above example shows, the term “treason” isn’t difficult to explain, nor is it hard to put into words. One doesn’t have to be a lawyer or well-versed in the legal jargon of the judicial system to understand its significance. It is very straightforward, and it can be condensed down into a sentence of merely twenty-one words, which of course means that no individual can justify their treason by maintaining that they didn’t fully comprehend the legal definition of their crime.

Any action that is carried out purposely and which will cause damage to or severely weaken a nation’s ability to maintain its national security must be considered treasonous, that is if it is carried out and condoned by one of its own citizens. The motivation behind the actions that leads to such an outcome is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether it was done for humanitarian purposes, whether it was done in the belief that it would somehow benefit the nation in the long run or whether it was simply done out of sheer incompetence and ignorance. The only thing that matters is the end result. The only thing that matters is the treason itself.

It’s hard not to draw parallels between the current situation in Europe and what has happened to Zimbabwe under the leadership of African dictator Robert Mugabe. When Mr. Mugabe assumed office in the late 1970s the African nation was one of the wealthiest country on the continent. Now, more than thirty-five years later, it is one of the poorest. Zimbabwe has been on a steady decline towards rock bottom, due to political incompetence, sheer stupidity and an insatiable hatred of traditional Western values. One can of course describe Zimbabwe’s transformation by slightly tweaking Norwegian anthropologist Thomas Hylland Erikson’s infamous quote about white majority nations in Europe:

“Zimbabwe has successfully deconstructed its white majority business sector, and done it so properly that it can never be called a majority again.”

No one can accuse Mugabe of not having deconstructed Zimbabwe and not having done so in a spectacular fashion. The only problem is that it plunged the country into hyperinflation and severe poverty in the process. The changes took place according to the book, and probably according to Mugabe’s own wishes, but the policies were a complete failure which is often the case with radical political visions proposed by politicians who have big egos but very little common sense.

Angela Merkel and her cronies in the EU are European versions of Robert Mugabe, and just like the African dictator they have nothing but contempt for democratic principles and people who oppose their insane visions for the future. They are dangerous people with big egos who despise their cultural heritage. They have a treasure chest filled to the brim with bad political ideas just waiting to be implemented, and when they are, they will cause tremendous and irreparable damage for their fellow citizens. Robert Mugabe gained notoriety for evicting white farmers from their land and by allowing poor uneducated Africans to move in and take their place. Merkel and several other leaders in the EU are following his example by incentivising private landlords to evict their less affluent compatriots from their rented accommodations to free up housing for newly arrived “refugees” that Merkel so arrogantly, and without any legal backing, took it upon herself to invite to Europe.

And it didn’t take long for the disastrous effects of this megalomania to manifest itself. Prosperous nations such as Sweden, Germany and Austria are already starting to see signs of rapid deterioration due to the stress associated with allowing thousands of “refugees” to pour in across its borders every single day.

Private businesses such as hotels and boarding schools, to name just two, have been converted into reception centres for “asylum seekers”. Local councils are pushed to their limits with unrealistic “refugee” quotas that they cannot possibly cope with, set by authorities who have shown absolutely no inclination whatsoever to impose effective measures that will stem the flow of human beings who will end up as permanent strains on future public budgets. Cosy little towns and cities that are heavily dependent on tourism are inundated with aggressive young males from the Third World, especially the Middle East, ensuring that businesses that rely on tourism will take serious financial hits, which again will substantially affect the local economies of these communities. Crime will increase and the local residents will start to get despondent and look for greener pastures elsewhere, as was the case with the people of European extraction in Zimbabwe when things began to go belly up in that country.

And just like Mugabe, Merkel and her cronies are contemplating introducing even more stringent restrictions on those who disagree with them. Politicians in Germany are advocating using legal action to hurt organizations who oppose Islam, private companies have stated that they will start firing anyone who might be tempted to voice unfavourable comments about the policies of Merkel and Company, and state-subsidized left-wing newspapers are ready to finish the job of kicking the living crap out of anyone with “deviant political views”, people who in many cases are already lying on the ground after having being verbally roughed up by the politically correct goons of the Left. Bad policies are not allowed to be questioned or ridiculed, and those who transgress will have to face the music.

And all of this is happening while Europe is slowly being transformed into a European version of Zimbabwe. A continent of white banana republics where successful institutions are being demolished at breakneck speed to facilitate the visions of the mentally disturbed multiculturalist elites who show no regard for the damage that their project will cause to millions of Europeans and their descendants. And hardly anyone in power is taking a step forward and saying, hey this is insanity and it has to stop. No one is standing up and calling it for what it is, namely the greatest act of treason that Europe has seen in modern times.

How far is a leader allowed to go in destroying his or her country before someone finally steps in and says “Enough is enough”?

Well, in modern-day Western societies, leaders can do pretty much whatever they like. They can jeopardize national security, remove national borders, give shelter to terrorists and give tax dollars to foreign born welfare scroungers. They can go against the wishes of the people and imprison political dissidents. They can destroy their own nations and turn them into unrecognizable ruins of what were once great societies.

They can do all this because today traitors are not imprisoned and dealt with accordingly. Today traitors are at the head of the tables in the halls and corridors of power and political influence. Today the traitors are calling the shots. Today the traitor has taken the place of the patriot. Today the patriot is imprisoned and the traitor is lauded.

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  1. Some sort of collective madness seems to have taken hold in dear old Europe. As a expatriate now living in Oz Europe seems bent on self destruction. One wouldn’t know this reading the local press or from local TV though. Thank you G of V for keeping us informed.

  2. How apt a comparison with Mugabe the Malevolent and the Malicious. Mugabe the racist. Readers might want to read this article from Rule of Reason, “The Mental States of the Political Elites: Part II,” which deals with what moves Merkel and Company to commit treason and work earnestly to destroy their own countries.


    I’m much less forgiving than the Observer writer.

    • “what moves Merkel and Company to commit treason and work earnestly to destroy their own countries….”

      If you’ll pardon me, notice that your link talks about the fascist measures proposed by the European commissioners to squelch dissent or criticism of their policies, and it speaks to the multicultural ethos, but it absolutely doesn’t address the motivation of the leaders and destroyers of Europe. These are people of some intelligence who are taking actions that anyone can see will lead to the destruction of the countries they have been entrusted with. The question of “why?” is still wide open.

      • The answer to “why” – really a ‘cui bono’ question – can be found in our recent history, i.e, the events of the 20th century. Intelligence has little to do with their lust for power. When the people at large neglect accountability then Lord Acton’s aphorism about absolute power sets in. We are seeing the results of absolute corruption writ large everywhere. Secular socialism simply can’t contain or control that drive to dominate. Instead it provides masks for the malefactors and they in turn create feel-good simplistic and secular faith in their good intentions.

        “Merkel means well” is one such mask. As is “no one would deliberately bring about the destruction of their own country”. That is said despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Cultures have particular characteristics which set them apart from other cultures. They are so obvious that anyone can observe the differences among them. The West consists of a subset of differing and often contradictory cultures but all of them have enough in common to be identifiable as “Western”. Thus is Australia obviously cut from English or Anglo-Saxon cloth. Even the huge diversity of India has patched on a lasting “westerness” that is weakened only by the violent Muslim element that remains within its borders.

        Why does fascism remain alive and well, flourishing now in the European Union’s unaccountable fiefdoms? Because there is no watchman to watch these EU functionaries. As the Baron often reminds us, “justice must BE SEEN to have been done”. Notice that Lady Justice herself is blind. It’s only when she fails to be perceived to be acting on our behalf that the questions arise. Yet you have only to read the EU’s Constitution (I dare you to try) to realize it has kidnapped Justice and there is too much money to be made to let her exist in public. Since the desire for justice in an inborn characteristic in all of us so she can never really be killed. We have enshrined the idea of Justice while we willfully turn away from our shadow side: an inborn fear of scarcity which drives our greed to push past just limits.

        There is much wisdom to be found in a reflection upon the Seven Deadly Sins. Studying the ways they play out in the lives of individuals or cultures doesn’t require a specifically religious or theistic framework. In those failings there is a hierarchy; Pride leads the list. Pride, which caused Lucifer’s plunge into darkness. And Lucifer, to whom Saul Alinsky dedicated his book of cultural transformation. Alinsky recognized the degree to which Pride can be harnessed.

        • “The answer to “why” – really a ‘cui bono’ question – can be found in our recent history, i.e, the events of the 20th century. Intelligence has little to do with their lust for power. ”

          Thanks for your thoughts, Dymphna.

          I have a problem with the “lust for power” explanation of the insane actions of the leaders of the West to destroy their own countries. The problem is, it is obvious that by using Muslims to overthrow the societal structures of their own countries, the resulting power will not go to them, but to the religious leaders of Islam. Political leaders these days are not deep thinkers, and I could understand one leader being delusional…but, this malaise seems to infect virtually all the leaders of countries with a history of freedom and limited government.

          I find a more compelling answer in one of the articles published on your website

          This is the article by Raddatz. It took me a week to understand it by reading and rereading it, but I found it well worth the time. His explanation is that advanced societies become focused inward. They lose a sense of mission, which translates to personal rootlessness in citizens, especially the privileged members of the wealthy upper classes.

          They come to admire the “barbarians” from afar, idealizing them as having the mission, purity, and sense of focus and purpose which is missing in their own, more mature society. So, these privileged, pampered leaders develop a sense of purpose in life from their identification with the aggressive, “simpler” ethos of the barbarian peoples.

          Of course, the root philosophy of Islam lends itself perfectly to totalitarian rule. There is no conflict between the need of the sheltered “leaders” to lose themselves in a movement which is larger than themselves, and their own personal need to exert total control over their “inferiors”.

          Their need to submerge themselves accounts for their otherwise unfathomable willingness to engineer a transformation which will beyond doubt totally destroy their position and probably their genetic line.

          I suspect the Communist Tudeh party of Iran, which helped bring about the Iranian revolution and which was in turn totally destroyed by its ally, Khomeini, would not do anything different. The knowledge of its own destruction would take second place to its sense of mission.

  3. I said much the same in my latest article. I was accused of being “Defeatest”. This silly woman- said “We have only just begun! People are starting to wake up!”

    I could almost laugh at the irony….14 years after 9/11 and every thing else. “We are starting to wake Up!”

    My rebuttal “What kept you from waking up before then?”

  4. “… the greatest act of treason that Europe has seen in modern times.” Or worse: one of the most colossal betrayals of civilization ever, anywhere.

  5. Mr NcCawber “I went to LOndon to transact my business but found it was closed!”

  6. At last there are signs that Europe is belatedly awakening from its slumbers. There are reports that at least 400 German citizens are trying to sue Angela Merkel for high treason through the German judicial system. Even though they are likely to fail in this laudible endeavour at least the spotlight will fall more closely on this dangerously deluded woman who is hell bent on the destruction of the European continent. Mugabe destroyed his own country not the whole continent of Africa so frankly he is a saint in comparasin to Frau Merkel!

    • You can forget the legal and political aspects of trying to save the situation because the situation has now gone far beyond being redressed through those means as both processes are now owned by those who are hoping to enslave you.

  7. The analogy between the events in the EU and Zimbabwe have only one thing in common: the destruction of a country.

    For the rest, I would argue that the EU is much worse than Mugabe’s regime. Mugabe is resolute defender of the sovereignty of Zimbabwe. Merkel, and other EU “leaders”, want to give the remains of their country’s sovereignty away to Brussels.

    Mugabe would never comply with the wishes of a group of unelected people located say, in Addis Ababa, whereas Merkel and most other EU members have completely surrendered to a group of un-elected and corrupt technocrats in Brussels.

    Mugabe’s political decisions has consequences in Zimbabwe only, at least for the most part. Merkel’s decision affects Europe as a whole, speeding up its annihilation, forcing millions into misery, imposing violence and repression on its own people.

    The bloodbath that is about to take place in Europe (by design) will make African dictators look like decent guys.

  8. Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
    Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.
    John Harington

  9. All of which takes us back to one of the basic tenets of the Frankfurt School, that is, mass immigration to destabilise a country and destroy its national identity. Thank you Mrs Merkel for bringing your East German ideology into the modern world.

  10. Mugabe was the communist option. So he was the natural Harold Wilson choice. We have been ruled by closet communists for many years now.

  11. This article is so true and it’s very frightening. What can ordinary people do except keep voting them out if they can. Might be too late though

    • In days of yore, the citizens would snatch up pitchforks and torches, storm the palace, remove the traitor and administer rough justice. As gentle justice (this is the 21st century after all) I’d recommend tarring and feathering and running out of town on a rail — at the very least.

  12. This is the triumph of the Marxist avant garde who are now no longer ‘avant’, but occupy the seat of power. However, they’ve retained their characteristic of opposition. They still want to change and tear everything down, wipe the slate clean, make a fresh start, despite the fact that THEY now represent The Establishment, against which they’d been fighting since WW1!

    This dilemma of having to fight against one’s new position has made them schizophrenic. They’ve had to resurrect straw men like the racist, fascist Nazis, who’ve been disinterred and used to spook citizens in an unadulterated Halloweenfest.

    And they’ve sided with the enemies of the very State, which they now represent. But their continuing revolt against the State, (which has caved in to every of their Marxist Welfare Entitlement demands) is now to demolish it in favor of supra-national monopolies of power – like the EU.

    They are no longer working for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat as those traitorous Working Class folks decided a quiet life in front of the telly was preferable to rampaging through the streets smashing windows. What to do? Enlist the services of the hate-filled, anti-Western students and the anti-Western Muslims in an attempt to turn all citizens into proletarians ruled over by the New Imperialists of the PC Global Financial Empire.

    What they share with Mugabe is the ruthless use of power, but their projects are not the same. He is a tribal chief writ large. They are the new colonizers of the world and THEY will determine where it is convenient for their serfs to live! The barbarians in Europe, they consider, will keep the rest of us subdued and in our place!

  13. Right away, things will begin to deteriorate: tourism will stop; investment will stop; Europeans will begin to leave almost as fast as immigrants enter; property values will plummet; movies, art, literature will atrophy; European credit will fall and foreign trade will diminish; barricades will be erected around a few safe havens–maybe Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, Uk?, Ireland?; finally, when the crumbling succeeds in eroding security forces, ISIS and the radicals will come in. Everyone is welcome. Then the blood will flow.

    An astounding event in world history, akin to the plague or an asteroid impact.

    • Indeed, my sentiments as well. Over time my opinion has morphed a bit though. I sense a backlash from the governments is in the works, specifically the EU. I expect some sort of financial incentive to accommodate the lost revenue of the residents – a way of buying their silence while this is all sorted out. That will give space for the elimination of dissenting groups such as PEGIDA. Thanks to GoV for the outstanding and well written articles offered nowhere else on the web. I’ll get around to the tip jar tonight!

    • In the next few years we may see Western Europeans to migrate to Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic while their countries are going to be repopulated and Islamised by people of the third world.

  14. What is happening in Europe defies ever assumption of the people for millennia. In the past, one simply did not consider that he would be sold out by the leaders. Now Westerners are being sold out to savages, no less, and will eventually either adopt their pathetic political system or be slaughtered like the Buddhists of the Indian subcontinent.

    DiMu’s idea — the permanent rebellion — is worth keeping in mind.

    Something new did come into the world with the curse of socialism. It was foremost the idea that all that had ever gone before was worthless and oppressive. Everything. Moreover, it all could be upended pursuant to a pathetically limited idea that the state could be ordered around an authoritarian, over-intellectualized elite with no attachment to the land and only abstractions like equality and justice (from redistribution) to guide them. Contrast this mindset with the amazing, case-by-case approach to and elaboration of what is just in the the common law tradition. The flexibility of private contract law was replaced with the rigidity of bureaucratic ukase, to the delight of statist manipulators ever since.

    This has been the unguided missile that was launched at the West and people everywhere, not just in the West, have had no customary way in which to deal with this bizarre form of self hatred. Laws against treason were the only legal tool with arguably the belief that they would be used rarely and with built-in safeguards. Now we are all faced with retail treason and the ballot box is failing as a safeguard against that, especially in view of the modern co-option of the media with the quite new ability to deliver propaganda disguised as titillating commercials, babalicious news, and exploding-head epics.

    People like Merkel the former communist opportunist have indeed intensified their subversion and revolutionary intent, aiming it now at the state which they control in service to yet other abstractions like multiculturalism and global government (though admittedly these may be mere cosmetic reworks of working class solidarity and world revolution). There is no human basis to what motivates the Treason Class now, though this too is nothing new. Nevertheless, now, the “migrants” and “asylum seekers” are as much abstractions to that class as their own people are.

  15. The hangman is going to be busy….
    I might resign from the Church and apply for the job…..
    These people really [arouse wrath in me]!

  16. How Merkel hasn’t been thrown overboard already I don’t know. It’s obvious she’s willing to destroy Germany completely, because this is going to cost them 16 billion Euros already next year. A few more years, not only will Germany be bankrupt and in some sort of civil war, most of Western Europe will have descended into civil war.

  17. The Europeans used to have a traditional of “defenestration”. They need to revive it. Soon.

    The State works for the Citizens, not the Politicians. However, the Politicians are creating unrest that they have planned to exploit to gain more power (which only ever comes by taking it away from the Citizens).

    As the Scouts say, “Be prepared!”

  18. The description of European leaders is exactly what we are facing in America! At least it’s getting ready to! Secretly, but not so much at this point this is where we are going to have problems http://constitution.com/100000-refugees-to-arrive-in-180-american-cities/
    In Europe, the leaders as well as many of its people, know where refugees have been transported… so they could be deported. But they should have thought of that long ago…Now they have smuggled weapons. In the God blessed USA, the story being blurted is the fear of it happening on our turf because there is such easy access to firearms…but they are talking it up as domestic threats, still denying (to the people) who the self-declared Paris attackers are, while the French know exactly who they are right up to leadership. It is insanity in our neck of the woods…mostly lies, as strict free speech is under attack at our colleges, priming us for the next move. In God I trust, because there is nothing else to trust & never has been.

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