Fretting Over the Pronouns of a Mass Murderer

I assume that everyone already knows who Audrey Elizabeth Hale was, and what she did at the Covenant School in Nashville on Monday morning.

What I find interesting (and entertaining) is the way the legacy media have been tying themselves into pretzels over the shooter’s pronouns. Yesterday I heard one newscaster apologize for his station’s misgendering of the killer during its early coverage of the massacre, before it became known that she was a he. I wish I’d saved a link to that video; I don’t even remember which network it was.

I just read an article in The Tennessean — which is well-known for its progressive editorial slant — that couldn’t make up its mind how to handle the issue. Mostly it just dodged the dilemma by not using any pronouns, simply referring to her as “Hale… Hale… Hale…” over and over again. It was awkward.

However, the writers of the article (it takes at least two to put together a news report for The Tennessean) slipped up twice and said “she”, while on multiple other occasions calling her “he”.

They couldn’t make up their tiny minds.

I even saw one progressive contributor on a forum reprimanding other posters for misgendering the Killer Chick, reminding everyone how important it was, even in these sad circumstances, to use a creature’s preferred pronouns.

In the bright shining Utopia that is 21st-century America, you can’t make this [odiferous material] up.

10 thoughts on “Fretting Over the Pronouns of a Mass Murderer

  1. Propaganda, IMO. A negative ad is an ad, too. The message it is sending us is that “even a mass murderer has the ‘trans-rights’ so do not ever dare to ‘misgender’ anyone”.

    Subliminal Marxist intimidation.

    Turns out lots of these shooters have been “trans”:


    So that the monsters can start a new life more easily with a new identity after the CIA that directs these shooting theaters takes them to another place after the job is done. I saw the video of the latest shooting in Nashville and it seems to be fake — I see no evidence that the shooter was killed or even taken down by the police /SWAT.

    But even if IT was killed this time, it doesn’t matter: The real target is the 2A, of course.

    Also, the commie PTB want to piss the Average Joe off so that the folks start harrassing the killer “trans” big time and a legalized crackdown on the normal majority can be triggered. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

  2. Perhaps there is something to the elites wishes to see 90+ percent of us exterminated.

    I don’t know how you fix a society this deeply flawed with at least half of its members completely divorced from reality without the kind of bloodletting that would make even Stalin or Ghengis Khan blanche.

    • Can’t be fixed. It’s why I no longer write political satire.
      Oh, BTY, Dear Premier Xi announced he has place China on a War footing, so ’25-’26 is a GO.
      Problem solved.
      Short term: Ban communists from firearms ownership. And snip off trigger fingers.

  3. It’s like observing a large-scale version of the Milgram experiment. Some people in powerful positions insist that you as the subject refer to someone with an incorrect pronoun. When you hesitate, they tell you that it’s ok, because they, meaning the ones with the power say it’s ok.

    There is obviously some physiological trait in our nature that compels certain people to knowingly say things they know are untrue if someone in power convinces them to do so.

    The same mechanism were at play during WW2 with German soldiers committing the most atrocious war crimes because someone higher up said it was ok.

    It also happened during Covid when people in power convinced the populace to despise the unvaccinated. I refused to take the jab and I saw first hand the mad hatred that those in power managed to stoke up in a relative short period of time.

    Yes, it might be fun to watch some gullible left leaning news anchor struggling with gendering some mass shooter, but when you stop and think about the implications, i.e. what this could lead to further down the track, it’s rather chilling. If they can convince someone that a woman is a man, they can convince you of anything. And that is a truly terrifying thought.

  4. In a just society , one persons rights liberites end where they impinge on the rights and liberties of another.

    And it seems to me that transgenders have no right to murder others.And they also have no right to dictate the usage of pronouns.

    No one elected them the gammar police.

    Transgenders are mentally ill .Transgenders have no right to insist that sane people reinforce, pander to and live a life dictated and circumscribed by irational transgender delusions.

    • Actually there is no such thing as a transgender. It is IMPOSSIBLE to change your sex. What they are a degenerates. And Audrey was a female murderer.

  5. I cannot really remember what it was like to be 9, it is over 60 years ago now.

    But to be 9 and bleeding out from a gunshot wound …….

    I have no words that properly express my revulsion.

    Strange how we almost ignore those poor children and their teachers, we need to stop perp worship and do a little bit of victim advocacy. The children and their teachers had a God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – this was taken away from them by a vile sexual deviant playing at being a grim reaper for ‘kicks’ and publicity.

    By failing to see this as a dreadful deed by a dreadful person we are ensuring that the next school shooter will once again seek the same evil notoriety. There is no excuse or mitigation for evil! We learned to turn the cameras away from the streakers at football matches, surely in this sort of case even Democrats can rein in their salacious appetite for perp worship and see the need to de-platform the school shooters; all of them.

    • It will never happen, for if it bleeds, it reads and the left will never ever give up a leftist agenda no matter how right it is.

  6. This “We have to use the correct gender” sillyness reminds of one of the last videos of the Babylon Bee, where the Chinese train their soldiers to beat US soldiers by mis-gendering them.

    Ok, today it is satire, but how long before it is reality?

    Oh, and the correct pronouns are: was/were

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