Intoxicated Culture-Enriching Ecdysiast Terrifies a Church in Monza

A drunken Moroccan migrant with exhibitionist tendencies caused consternation in an Italian church by berating the priest and nuns and disparaging the statuary and then began to take off his clothes. Fortunately, he was subdued by police and parishioners before he could expose his junk. It was eventually determined that he has a long rap sheet, and will be deported.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A man entered a church during Mass, shouting something in Arabic,
00:03   then he ranted against the works of art and even tried to take off his clothes eventually.
00:08   The police reported a 55-year-old Moroccan, an illegal on the national territory.
00:14   The events occurred last Sunday, in the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Theresa,
00:17   located in the center of Monza.
00:20   The parson, the mother superior and a nun called law enforcement,
00:23   reporting the presence of a noticeably upset man in front of the altar.
00:28   He was hindering the ordinary course of the Mass by screaming something in Arabic.
00:32   Two crews of the flying squad arrived on site.
00:36   The man was addressing himself to the priest and the faithful aggressively,
00:39   lashing out even at the statues and the paintings of the church.
00:43   The officers, aided by the people present, succeeded in calming him down and stopping him,
00:48   as he was about to take off his clothes. After being taken to the police station to be identified,
00:52   it turned out they were dealing with a 55-year-old Moroccan citizen,
00:56   an illegal with a long criminal record.
00:59   His visa had already been revoked. After ascertaining that he was a danger to public safety,
01:04   the police chief, Marco Odorisio, had ordered his transfer
01:07   to the migrant reception center of Rome, on March 21.
01:10   Yet he had been released afterwards, because the small-claims court of Rome
01:13   hadn’t validated the state of detention.
01:16   After determining the facts, the officers charged the man with “interruption of religious service”,
01:22   and sanctioned him for being in an evident state of drunkenness.
01:25   The police chief of Monza ordered the foreigner’s transfer again,
01:29   this time to the reception center of Potenza.
01:32   to which he has been taken by police officers.
01:35   He will remain there until his removal from the national territory.

9 thoughts on “Intoxicated Culture-Enriching Ecdysiast Terrifies a Church in Monza

  1. Ecdysiast is a pretty big word for the header; I would venture less than one in a hundred ‘Muricans knows what it means.

    Its a shame that Christians have forgotten how to be warriors and are much more likely to be humble and meek instead of willing to sell their cloak in order to buy a sword. That Moroccan should have been hauled away by the cops with his generative organs pulped by vengeful parishioners, ensuring that there would never be any get from his loins.

    • Ecdysiast is a pretty big word for the header; I would venture less than one in a hundred ‘Muricans knows what it means.

      All the more reason to include it, then. I’m renowned for being a lexicographical snob!

      As a matter of interest: the root meaning of the term is, if I remember correctly, ecdysis, a Greek word meaning an insect’s shedding of its skin or shell.

      • Only because the Europeans are indicating that they’re desired through their handouts.

        Cut off the handouts and machine gun a few boatloads of them and there wouldn’t be any more of them trying to get in.

        Although if it ever gets to where there’s machine-gunning happening, the politicians and NGOs behind the scheme should be at the top of the list.

        • Nothing like that will happen until the politicians are long gone. Either six feet under, locked up in durance vile, or fled to a foreign clime.

          • I prefer to see them hanging as wind chimes as a nice reminder myself, but, that is just me.

        • This is a reply to the comments by Baron Bodissey and G:

          Why six feet under? Then the german saying goes: Out of your sight, out of your mind.

          No, they must be visible. For Generations to come. As a warning.

          While dangling like windchimes would be nice, that is too quick.
          Why not Gibbets?

          With some spikes pointing inwards.

          • Hey, don’t get me wrong Alex, I sure as heck ain’t against what works and makes an impression for hundreds of years, besides, somebody has to feed the animals.

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