Gypsies vs. Gypsies

This report from Cologne isn’t just enricher vs. enricher violence; it’s intramural warfare between gypsy clans. The rich tapestry of multicultural diversity has been exported from the Balkans to Germany.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Roma vs. Bosniaks

Lynch mob kills in the middle of Cologne

Did a Roma lynch mob kill its victim in Cologne over a feud between family clans? The reason, drunken slurred insults. Apparently a bystander had to die for it. The search for the thirty attackers is difficult.

In a pub in Serbia, a drunk Roma babbled torture fantasies into the internet. The result: one day later, in broad daylight in Cologne, a murderous mob attacked the brother of the drunk. A video that was shown in a murder trial before the district court in Cologne documents the hatred that is breaking ground in the middle of Germany.

The bloody deed happened on March 10 in the Höhenberg district of Cologne. Senad H. (37) slowly drives his Smart across Bamberger Street; he wants to turn off. Suddenly the small car is surrounded by a horde of thirty men. One reaches through the passenger window and pulls the key out of the ignition. The rest of the mob yanks the 37-year-old out of the vehicle. They hit and kick him; they stab the defenseless man 17 times; one of the perpetrators hits him several times with a hammer. Then the attackers flee.

Despite the emergency doctor, clinic and multiple emergency operations, the victim dies two weeks later in the clinic. The police secure video recordings and can thus identify some of the perpetrators; four are arrested. One of them is Halil H. The 31-year-old man has been on trial in the district court since November 23 for joint murder. The public prosecutor is certain that the reason for the lynching of the Roma was the video of the victim’s brother.

Investigators now suspect the lynch mob is out of the country

The day before, he had uploaded a video online in which he sang and slurred his fantasies of torture and murder against a rival Roma family, reported the Bild newspaper. He wields a gun in front of the camera. Then he chops off imaginary hands with a hatchet and is said to have made insulting remarks about the deceased of Halil H.’s family.

“The public prosecutor accuses the defendant of having decided with his family to kill the injured party solely because of his family affiliation,” a spokeswoman for the district court told the Express in the run-up to the trial . “All members of the accused’s extended family should participate in this.” The police are looking for other perpetrators with international arrest warrants. Investigators suspect that the lynch mob has fled abroad.

Afterword from the translator:

It looks like Germany, and the rest of the Western World, is turning itself into a massive South African-style township. Well DONE.

3 thoughts on “Gypsies vs. Gypsies

  1. .

    A video of a fight between two Roma women in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm is circulating on social media. They escalate from hurling insults at each other to taking their own poop and throwing it at their opponent. The cause of the fight is not obvious – and it is not even certain that it is a fight. It may also be a Roman way of showing appreciation for another person.

    If it is a quarrel, it is a form of conflict resolution previously unknown in Sweden – and it has not been captured on film before.

    There are examples from Canada and the US where people have been prosecuted for throwing faeces at others, but it has been dog [ordure].
    Even in the animal kingdom it is not common, but it can occur among captive chimpanzees.

  2. I once heard that Roma originate in India.
    Another rumor claims they were thrown out of India for certain reasons.
    We should all send them back.

    On the other hand: We should give them a space of their own. One or more Island that are currtently uninhibited and move them there.
    Make sure they can live there (food, water) and then re-route any shipping line that nobody comes ever close to this/these islands.

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