Culture-Enriching Terror Arrests in Limburg

On Wednesday two Syrian brothers were arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of terrorism. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Elite police unit arrests two Syrian brothers on suspicion of terrorism

On Wednesday evening, with a great show of force, the elite police unit DSI arrested two Syrian brothers on Crostolostraat in Stein (Limburg) on suspicion of terrorism.

A police spokesperson confirmed the arrests of the men, aged between 20 and 22 years, and says that the investigation was focused on Limburg, but did not want to comment on the substance of the suspicions. The Special Intervention Service (DSI), the unit utilized in terror threats and arrests of armed persons, used force in the entry around 10pm. Neighbors heard four loud bangs. The police stated that measures were used to break in or to disorient the suspects. Witnesses say shots were also fired.


The arrested men are brothers in their early twenties and of Syrian origin. Neighbors say that during the operation, heavily-armed police ordered them to stay inside.

Stein Mayor Marion Leurs doesn’t want to comment, and calls it “a matter for the police”.

In shock

Zaam Wonen, the corporation that rents out the residence that was raided, says it is awaiting official reports from the police. “If what we hear is true, then we have a problem. Then that would be in violation of the rental agreement and would have consequences,” says Director Karel Smitsmans, who did not want to go into detail. “We are just as surprised and shocked as the neighborhood. We have never received alarming signals about this family.”

Deep into the night, the investigators were busy with the investigation on Crostolostraat in the Stein neighborhood of Nieuwdorp. And according to neighbors, a police dog and drone have been deployed in the operation. The suspects are in custody and are being questioned.

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  1. So plotting terror is a violation of a rental agreement. I’m shocked they would violate a rental agreement.

  2. If they violate a rental agreement, what else will they violate?
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