Excess Mortality in Germany, Part Three

The following video is the third of five segments from a recent press conference called by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) to discuss the concerning increase in excess mortality in Germany, as shown by divers official statistics. Previously: Part One, Part Two.

In this segment the data analyst Tom Lausen begins his detailed presentation. He points out the numerous instances in which the medical authorities have failed to do their statutory duty in collecting the statistics on the adverse effects of the Corona “vaccines”. The Paul Ehrlich Institute has repeatedly dissembled, obfuscated, stalled, and in other ways engaged in an egregious dereliction of duty in its reporting (or lack thereof) on the effects of the vax.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now you’ve already seen my entire lecture. I thought that I had it in here. OK, there.
00:08   These deaths, as Mr. Sichert has already explained and you will certainly be able
00:12   to comprehend, are the type the Paul Ehrlich Institute uses.
00:16   However, I must make a small correction on the Gardasil vaccine. At the time,
00:20   the Paul Ehrlich Institute had not yet used code i46.1 — sudden cardiac death.
00:24   With Gardasil, regarding the one girl who died, they examined the statistical figures
00:30   in reference to the previous year. R96.0 — Sudden death.
00:36   R96.1 — Death occurring within less than 24 hours of symptom onset with no other indication.
00:44   R98 — Death without the presence of other person. Meaning, a physician opens the door
00:49   or gets the door opened and finds a body.
00:53   Then R99 — Other vague or undesignated causes of death.
00:57   These codes are to be used whenever the coroners don’t know the cause of death.
01:05   If the coroner did that correctly or whether a paramedic issued a post-mortem examination or not?
01:12   I have tried to find this information and to verify if these figures were submitted
01:16   to the Federal Statistical Office and processed perfectly and correctly. I can’t judge that.
01:21   What I can judge is that the Paul Ehrlich Institute has these numbers, “People found dead” or
01:28   “People who died suddenly”, and uses them as a reference. If they don’t perform autopsies, how could
01:34   it be determined if someone died from the vaccination or not?
01:39   Without physical examination?
01:44   A reasonable alternative would be to use statistics. If we have thousands of people
01:51   who suddenly die from undetermined and unexplained reasons, the coding
01:56   from the Federal Statistical Office could be used to compare figures and say nothing happened.
02:03   Unfortunately, the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians,
02:10   which collects the data of the German insured, are obliged to monitor the figures
02:15   with the introduction of this great new vaccination.
02:19   They were required to monitor the figures to detect any outliers,
02:24   that is, whether there are any outliers from the start of the mass vaccination, and of course,
02:28   not just in cases of diseases but also in cases involving these death-causing codes — R96-0 to R99.
02:37   i46.1 — Sudden Cardiac Death was added, which wasn’t used with the Gardasil vaccine.
02:44   It appears that a suspicion existed that this coding, Sudden Cardiac Death, would eventually
02:48   need a reference number. Both agencies are legally obliged by the government via the
02:55   third Population Protection Law to not only to analyze data from the Federal Statistical Office,
03:00   but they must also include data of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.
03:06   All citizens in Germany that are insured. This is certainly due to the fact that there are duplicate data sources
03:12   and that the Paul Ehrlich Institute actually has an interest in clarifying these things.
03:20   The problem with comparing the data from the Federal Statistical Office is that the data isn’t available.
03:27   So even today, we still don’t have the data for 2021. This is a screenshot from yesterday,
03:35   as you can read, there’s a delay with the publication of the results of the causes of death statistics 2021.
03:40   Since the Federal Statistical Office has not yet made its own data source available and is still busy preparing results,
03:48   without this data, the Paul Ehrlich Institute is NOT able to check whether there are outliers
03:56   in the previously mentioned codes. They’re flying blind in the fog and in the dark.
04:02   However, the law in section 13.5 has provided the possibility to use the data
04:10   from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Mrs. Keller-Stanislawski even communicated this
04:17   in a press briefing on the 14th of January 2021. Mrs. Keller-Stanislawski, if I may say so, is the second woman in command
04:27   at The Paul Ehrlich Institute. She, as you can see here, and is still available to read at the P.E.I. website, said
04:33   in the press briefing on Jan. 14th, just two weeks after the vaccine launch,
04:38   “A novel vaccine platform with limited experience with already approved comparable vaccines.”
04:44   So, it was considered as a challenge of post-marketing surveillance of the Covid-19 vaccines
04:50   and “Phase 1 to 3 clinical trials are limited in finding very rare adverse events and long-term risks.”
04:58   One of the ways she suggests for getting ahead of that, and to have an overview of possible side effects,
05:10   is to have retrospective studies based on electronic health data from public health insurers. So clearly,
05:17   if you have a pool of 72 million people who are, for the most part, vaccinated, if they then go to the doctor,
05:25   you have an excellent overview from the doctors to determine whether a significant disease event is occurring
05:31   or whether everything is the same as usual. So, it was possible and very clever planning by the government
05:35   at the time, the CDU/CSU and the SPD. They thought to themselves,
05:40   if we introduce a new vaccination, this is also included in the draft law from March 11th 2020,
05:45   if we introduce a new vaccination, then we might want to know quickly about the frequency of
05:51   vaccine-related diseases in the vaccinated versus unvaccinated. That was the plan.
05:55   Even Ms. Keller-Stanislawski, as you can see, planned to start studies in the 2nd quarter of 2021.
06:02   I would like to remind you we are at the end of the 4th quarter of 2022.
06:06   She said the planned start of these studies is 2021. Now let me ask you,
06:13   although you probably don’t know, but I found out, did the PEI use the data from the KV?
06:19   I found out by inquiries made by the AfD-fraction to the Federal Ministry of Health.
06:24   No. They did not use it.
06:28   After I received the data from the BKK of Germany with 11 million insured from the then-executive,
06:35   Andreas Schiffbeck, who was fired due to this data being released, I was among those who
06:42   viewed the data. Back then, I pointed out that there were massive outliers in vaccine side effects.
06:49   At that time, it was more or less trivialized. Vaccine side effects being trivialized became
06:55   the new standard from then on. The Paul Ehrlich Institute finally felt nudged
07:04   into making a statement on this. They issued a written statement on March 31.
07:10   “The Paul Ehrlich Institute expressly welcomes the option opened up by the Infection Protection Act
07:15   to request anonymous data from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians
07:22   and to be able to use it for evaluation.” So the Paul Ehrlich Institute acts as if
07:28   they could now use this as an option. Definitely not. It was already in the law.
07:34   They’re obliged to use it. They have to use it, but they didn’t. As you can see there,
07:39   it was March 31, 2022. However, now the best part comes. On March 31 2022,
07:45   the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute announced, as you see there in red:
07:49   “The Paul-Ehrlich-Institute is currently preparing to address the KVen.”
07:55   So, it’s not that they used the data in some way or even have the data now.
08:01   No, they’re preparing to address it. But as you can imagine, they aren’t actually
08:05   addressing it, they’re preparing to address it. I think they’re still preparing, since March 31,
08:13   2022 was eight months ago and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute still hasn’t requested this data.
08:19   They never requested the data that could have easily been obtained by means of a simple
08:23   freedom of information request to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians,
08:27   as Mr. Sichert showed you. Today I have commissioned
08:31   a lawyer to deliver this data. I wasn’t aware that Mr. Sichert had done the same. Today,
08:37   my lawyer Frank Großenbach had the task of delivering this data to the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute.
08:44   As I said, I have already had some contact with the Paul Ehrlich Institute.
08:48   The sound was turned off during a WebEx call by the Paul Ehrlich Institute when the BKK data
08:54   was discussed and the executive had been fired. I was in the WebEx call with Mr. Cichutek.
09:00   I was cut off and I couldn’t hear what was said and then I was kicked out of the WebEx call.
09:07   Since then, that was on March 1, 2022. Since then, unfortunately, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute
09:12   has done nothing. Now, the data that Mr. Sichert received from “Asked The Government”
09:17   I’ve also had delivered to them today.

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  1. Unlikely the Germans will do anything constructive about it.

    Just like them to keep fastidious notes and document everything while crossing every T and dotting every I, and then pretend the results posited by the data doesn’t exist because of the implications. It’s the same way their grandparents could create hundreds of concentration camps across the width and breadth of Germany and the occupied territories, transport millions of undesirable people, kill them, dispose of them, and then pretend the whole monstrous affair wasn’t happening.

    Also, their stubbornness prevents them from acknowledging the truth because it would mean that they would have to admit they were wrong, and every action that was undertaken, the lockdowns, vaccinations under duress, fines, banning from public spaces, etc., were also wrong.

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