Clearing the Roadway

We’ve all seen the videos of activists from Extinction Rebellion and similar groups who glue themselves to roads, trains, walls, and works of art to protest governmental and corporate climate policies. Motorists in Germany had apparently had enough of all that nonsense, and forcibly removed the glued-on protesters.

It’s important to note that these pro-active citizens seemed to be “New Germans”. Perhaps “Germans who have been here longer” were unwilling to take the risks associated with unauthorized spontaneous actions.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Abrupt end of a roadblock

When migrants meet the “Last Generation”

During a road blockade by the group “Last Generation”, motorists, apparently migrants, do not hesitate. They pull the “climate stickers” off the road and insult them. With videos.


Motorists have executed vigilante justice and ended a “Last Generation” road blockade. A video that the organization itself published on Twitter yesterday shows angry men and a woman pulling the climate stickers from the road with little empathy.

Apparently and because of the accent, they were people with a migration background. They grabbed the extremists under the arms or by their waistbands and removed them from the crossroads with little squeamishness. Apparently shocked by the sharp tone and the determination of the drivers, including a DPD delivery man, the extremists were dragged to the side of the road.

“Last Generation”: “This is assault” [And what they are doing is what? What a bunch of hypocrites]

While the coerced scream: “We have to go to work! Get lost!” or “Get off!” or “We’ve got things to do!” The cameraman of the “Last Generation”: “That’s assault, stop it.” The video ends when a man approaches the end of the film and asks : “What, are you filming me?! Turn that off.”

Neither the video nor the introductory text makes it clear in which city the incident took place. According to lawyers, dragging these road-blockers away is not punishable, it falls under self-defence.

Afterword from the translator:

Well, s*** happens. They can be glad that the glue wasn’t so strong that their fingers were left behind on the tarmac. Also, the police should step back more often in such cases, since motorists solve the problem very quickly and effectively by the looks of it. Although I cannot really see many native Germans taking the law into their own hands to remove the trash, no matter what.

12 thoughts on “Clearing the Roadway

  1. Who woulda thunk it that even an orc or several can occasionally be useful…

    Although they were a little too gentle in removing the climate fools. Just wait until a disgruntled orc with a machete simply starts lopping off glued appendages. Or clubbing them worse than a Norwegian with a baby seal. I’d certainly pay to see videos of that.

    • Just wait till one of the Tyre slashers slashes the tyres of the car of an “enricher”.

      They will not go to the police to hear in a few months that no culprit could be found and therefore the investigation is closed.
      They will search and then will do the same to the tyre slasher as he did to the tyres.

    • Isn’t there something in Sharia law that if you steal the use of the roadway by gluing yourself to it, it is to be punished by gluing your left palm to the bottom of your right foot and discard you by the side of the road?

  2. Stupid idiots !!, they have nothing better to do in their life’s !!, good think they removed this useless punks from the street,and I doubt it wimps Germans will do anything to stop this insanity,

  3. I can’t believe a DPD delivery man did something right! Maybe they’re more competent or intelligent in Germany than the UK…

  4. Well, immigrants are now taking the law in their hands in Germany.

    In fact, I am not quite sure which is worse – a Germany ruled by its native degenerate elite who use crazy woke activists as their shock troops or a Germany ruled by sharia law.

    But I begin to suspect that sharia law is a teeny bit more sane than woke madness. At least, it has some in-built limits while woke madness has none.

    • Yes, I cant wait to see when the woke realize this.
      Should be a hard wake-up call.
      But I fear they wont wake up, even if the “enrichers” would stab them repeatedly.

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