Excess Mortality in Germany, Part Four

The following video is the fourth of five segments from a recent press conference called by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) to discuss the concerning increase in excess mortality in Germany, as shown by multiple sources of official statistics. Previously: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

Tom Lausen is a data analyst who is also a programmer and has been doing data research on the Corona “pandemic” and the effects — as suggested by statistics on mortality — of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the virus. In this installment Mr. Lausen gets into the meat of the data. The displayed charts and graphs show the sudden spikes in mortality beginning in the first quarter of 2021 for “sudden and unexpected deaths”, “deaths from unknown causes”, and various other categories, included all deaths combined. The larger scandal is the official obstruction and foot-dragging by government bodies specifically charged with examining and collating the data on the adverse effects of vaccination.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So why is this data so important? As I’ve said previously,
00:04   this data is processed faster than by the Federal Statistical Office.
00:08   Since it is available faster, it gives an overview of the situation where hundreds of millions
00:13   of vaccine doses have been administered. It is important monitor the situation.
00:16   Especially if no autopsies are being conducted and people die.
00:21   Now I’ll tell you the real reason it is actually so important. Please have a look
00:25   at each of the individual codes. This is code R96.0 —“Sudden Death”.
00:33   We have a very consistent sequence of figures from 2016 to 2020
00:41   taken from the German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Doctors data, all under
00:45   1,000 for sudden deaths. In 2021, all of a sudden, we have 9,809.
00:54   The same occurred with R96.1 —“Death occurring within less than 24 hours
01:00   after onset of symptoms with no other indication”. Also a very consistent progression
01:06   from 2016 to 2020 and then in 2021 —4663.
01:12   We see the same pattern with the category, “Death without presence of another person”.
01:16   Here we also have increases. Now we’ll see the largest increase, in a category where
01:22   no one knows anything at all, R99 —“Other inaccurate or unspecified causes of death”.
01:27   Here we have an increase of deaths by 300%. We went from 5,000 to 20,000.
01:35   I would like to show you that we received this data in quarterly figures.
01:41   If you examine the quarterly figures, it looks a bit more interesting, because we see
01:45   already in the last quarter of 2020, there is a minimal increase that was not there before.
01:53   So, that reveals a certain consistency of the data which cannot be denied.
01:59   Then, in the 1st quarter (2021), there is massive mortality. It must be noted that
02:06   the R96 code, the R98 code and the R99 code would never be given until a corpse
02:14   had been swabbed with a PCR test, and if it came out negative then
02:19   this death had no connection with Corona. In this respect, you can therefore assume
02:24   that these are definitely NOT Corona deaths. Not even “died with Corona” deaths,
02:28   because this coding is only done when no other disease
02:33   or pre-existing conditions can be recognized.
02:37   Now we have the category, “Death without presence of other persons” in quarterly figures.
02:43   We also have the 1st quarter 2022 included. When compared with, for example,
02:48   “Other inaccurate or unspecified causes of death,” a strong coding frequency can still be observed.
02:57   As you can see, the dataset is consistent.
03:02   We also still have “Sudden cardiac death”,
03:07   which also occurs frequently. In this case,
03:11   not quite as often as the others, but is coded increasingly
03:15   and continues to do so into 2022. I wouldn’t like to bring this
03:19   in connection to the excess mortality,
03:22   which was publicly announced on the radio recently by the Federal Statistical Office.
03:29   We already have a lot of guesswork occurring about how this excess mortality came about.
03:35   The latest hypotheses being presented are that it could have been an earlier Corona infection.
03:40   Of course, these assertions are unproven.
03:44   Honestly, this just makes me smile, because it’s easy to find out. By taking the data
03:50   from Physicians and The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians,
03:54   one can exactly determine why someone may have died. This is a suggestion that I’m sending
03:58   out into the world. Simply filter those who have died with these codes.
04:06   For example, filter out all I46-1 codes for the month of October where an increase
04:13   in excess mortality is and look at what kind of diagnosis the deceased had previously.
04:18   If they had a Corona infection before, well then, it is perhaps conceivable. If they didn’t
04:23   have a Corona infection, then it’s not conceivable that a previous Corona infection
04:27   could have been the cause of death. I’m just trying to give an example of how simple it would be
04:32   to determine this if there were a desire to do so.
04:35   If one wanted to find out whether an excess mortality
04:38   is due to a previous illness, or whether it has other causes.
04:42   In any case, looking at the data presented here, it’s apparent that in the 1st quarter of 2021
04:50   physicians were increasingly using the coding for an unclear death,
04:56   for the deaths they were witnessing.
05:01   The frequency with which this has taken place is more than striking.
05:06   I’ve already said that part. It clarifies the excess mortality.
05:12   Basically, I’ve just shown you the data superficially.
05:17   Since I’m also a programmer, as well as a data analyst, I have programmed an internet portal
05:24   where people can enter their symptoms following a Corona vaccination.
05:30   On this platform, there are 200 doctors available
05:34   who treat vaccination injury or vaccination side effects.
05:38   Patients can register there. It’s not only possible to find out on this page who died,
05:44   but also to learn what other diagnoses may possibly be caused by the vaccine.
05:48   For example, cancer diagnoses, Eye damage, intestinal illnesses such as diverticulitis.
05:53   All this can be found at corih.de. Anyone can undertake their own analysis of the results.
06:00   This tool is programmed by me. It analyzes the figures
06:04   from The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Everyone can
06:08   enter their illness. For example, malignant neoplasm in different body regions.
06:16   You’ll be able to see whether there has been an increase or not. I think it’s very interesting,
06:20   because you can track the different trajectories of illnesses and their frequencies.
06:25   I wanted to point this out. In this respect, I will show you again,
06:29   as a final image, how dramatic this is.
06:33   In addition to that, I would like to see The Paul Ehrlich Institute finally apply
06:37   the Medicines Act Risk Signal Detections and declare that as long as we haven’t clarified why
06:45   there are so many unclarified deaths in comparison to 2020 and as far back as 2016,
06:51   until then, these vaccines can no long be administered. I’m not saying that these deaths
06:56   are from the vaccines. Explicitly not. However, I’m simply saying a risk signal exists,
07:03   and that this risk signal should be properly addressed. Once it has been addressed,
07:07   then it would be permitted to say “everything is OK.”
07:11   At the moment, I don’t see that happening. Thank you. —Thank you, Mr. Lausen.
07:16   Are there any questions? Please.
07:21   Sven Bargel of the Forum Wochenmagazin [Weekly Magazine], a supplementary question.
07:25   Is it possible to see who is vaccinated or not in the KBV figures? Probably not, correct? —No,
07:33   that also wasn’t planned in advance. However, once the vaccination centers stopped
07:42   administering the vaccine and doctors took over, from that point on you can see
07:48   how many have actually received a vaccination. There is a coding for that.
07:53   If I remember correctly, at the time it was U119. The U119 was a new code, and its category is
08:00   “Necessity of a vaccination”. If my memory is correct, I think it shows up 31 million times
08:05   for general practitioners. There’s second code.
08:11   I think the figure for it is six or seven million. You can look it all up on corih.de.
08:18   Do a search for the vaccination figures. At least those visible in the health insurance data.
08:23   However, the problem with that is that many people went to the vaccination centers,
08:28   and this information wasn’t assigned directly to the patient.
08:33   If I may briefly add to this, the government has explicitly stipulated in Section 13 (5)
08:38   of the Infection Protection Act that the Paul Ehrlich Institute is obliged to not only collect data
08:44   from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, but also data
08:48   from the vaccination centers, so that these data can be linked together, so to speak.
08:53   We’re not able to show this here because we only have the data from the Association
08:57   of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Ultimately the government agencies
09:01   should actually be capable of obtaining the data from the vaccination centers,
09:05   if they had fulfilled their legal obligation to gather this information data, analyze it
09:09   and determine if there were outliers with the vaccinated or the unvaccinated. So from the data
09:14   available to us, we aren’t able to. —I have a supplementary question about vaccine injury.
09:18   Approximately 3 months ago, the KBV [National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians]
09:22   came out with an official report of 2.5 million cases of vaccine injuries.
09:26   In addition, the KBV stated that the unreported figure is probably far higher.
09:30   I think it was estimated to be double. Could there also
09:34   be higher unreported figures for the mortality rates?
09:37   Is it possible that people were declared dead
09:41   who aren’t showing up in the mortality rate? —Definitely.
09:46   And apparently, according to statement of Mr. Menzer, the leader of the Pharmacovigilance,
09:54   who testified before the Federal Administrative Court. Dr. Menzer told me that 10% of the cases
10:03   they reported were reported by doctors or by the health department. Here you can see
10:07   the deaths that occurred in 2021. This is the safety report from Feb. 7th.
10:13   Here we have 2,255 reported deaths in the temporal context of the Covid-19 vaccination.
10:21   The Paul Ehrlich Institute took this figure as
10:24   the total number of deaths, the reported number of deaths,
10:27   as the total amount of unclear and unexpected deaths.
10:31   The Paul Ehrlich Institute is making a definite
10:34   methodological error here that has already been brought up in the Federal Administrative Court.
10:38   The Federal Administrative Court has an enormous lack of knowledge, and I would like to reproach
10:45   the Federal Administrative Court for ruling that the “observed versus expected” analysis
10:52   is a proper analysis — with only the reported cases. Actually, if you have a number of
10:56   unclear deaths from the previous year as a reference point, you would have to put the total number
11:03   of deaths from the year that is unclear against it, if you want to monitor it properly.
11:08   You can’t just take the number from those cases that were registered per phone call.
11:13   What happens when no one answers their phone call and they don’t call back? Then that case
11:17   doesn’t become part of the “Observed vs. Expected” analysis. Only 2,255 vaccine deaths, which makes
11:23   it even more frightening and raises more suspicious
11:27   because there are so many more unexplained deaths.
11:31   What you see here is an inquiry submitted by Mr. Thomas Dietz.
11:39   He addressed an inquiry to the Federal Ministry of Health,
11:43   about the Comirnaty vaccine from BioNTech. The State Secretary Professor Dr. Edgar Frank
11:52   compiled a list of people by age groups who died on the day of their vaccination.