Who Would Have Thought Climate Change Could Kill So Many People So Soon?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Report24:

New justifications for the heart attack epidemic: forgetting to breathe while clearing snow

Massive excess mortality is recorded in all vaccination countries. Heart attacks are often behind the sudden and unexpected deaths of young people. While the German magazine Focus now suspects “mistakes made when shoveling snow” as the reason, many media see a generally higher risk of heart attack in winter cold. Apparently, this also happened in summer, when it was supposedly due to summer temperatures. or in New German, CLIMATE CHANGE.

A commentary by Willi Huber

While the WHO insists (see here) that excess mortality is generally due to climate change, this excuse doesn’t really work in the bitterly cold December. This year’s winter appears to have been so cold and snowy that for the first time in many years, the hoax of the “hottest month on record” has not been attempted.

Now the German magazine Focus does not explain that terrible, sometimes fatal side effects occur as a result of the mRNA vaccination experiment. No, the background of the “strange and inexplicable” deaths must once again be veiled. This time, shoveling snow serves as an excuse. Yes, who doesn’t know them? The tens of thousands of snow shovel deaths, year after year. Grandma already warned against it — or was it Grandpa? Oh, whatever.

Three tips that really pack a punch

You have to avoid three mistakes in order to prevent a heart attack while shoveling snow. First of all, the thrice-fact-checked, reputable and independent journalists inform us that risk factor #1 is “the cold”. In winter, who would have thought? If blood vessels constrict because of the winter cold, there would be a risk of a heart attack. Point two, “wrong breathing”. You know, once you breathed wrong, already — bang! — Heart attack. You shouldn’t hold your breath when you’re exerting yourself, explains the lady in the carefully-produced Focus service video. Remember that! And third, drum roll: “Snow clearing in the morning”. That would be so exhausting that there is a risk of cardiac arrhythmia and ventricular fibrillation. Understood.

Equally entertaining are the statements that haunt the entire German-speaking media landscape as part of the campaign. An example of this is the Schweizer Blick, representative of many others who report almost identically:

The winter cold would lead to an increased risk of heart attack. Of course, the cold is not alone in this. Your friend, the summer heat is just as dangerous as cold showers, hot showers, too much joy and the like. Kindly puts the view into perspective that this only affects people who are already at increased risk, such as diabetics, hypertension patients and smokers.

  • Sudden Adult Death‘ — Mainstream making excuses for ‘mysterious’ death wave
  • Sudden death of adults: If system alarmists have their way, Sunday will be dangerous
  • Mainstream (invents) the cause of sudden heart attacks in healthy people: They take a shower!
  • Climate Change‘: ‘Scientists’ Explore Temperature at Which People ‘Spontaneously Die’

Since the beginning of 2021, however, sudden and unexpected death seems to have overtaken everyone, including non-smokers, people with normal sugar levels and normal blood pressure. And with great frequency it seems to affect young athletes without any previous illnesses. This is called “sudden adult death”. But move on, there’s nothing to see and nothing to talk about; this is the new normal.

Afterword from the translator:

Could it also be that the utter joy of the snowfall is the culprit that sweeps people away into their coffins?

Joking aside: One seriously wonders how mankind has managed to survive all the way through the ice ages before this winter, especially with no central heating that keeps the inside temperature well above freezing.

The worst thing of all, however, is that there will be enough full-on conks out there who will actually believe this outright nonsense.

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  1. .

    Swedes are advised to take two co-injections – per year

    December 22, 2022
    Main News, Domestic, Social media

    The Public Health Agency is updating its recommendations on the so-called covid vaccine. 80-year-olds and residents of Säbo are advised to take two “refill doses” – per year, the authority writes in a press release. The recommendation will apply from 1 March next year. At the same time, the authority’s own data show that “vaccinated” people continue to make up an extremely strong majority of all those who contract or die with covid.

    As of March 1, 2023, the Public Health Agency’s new recommendations on “vaccination” against covid-19 will take effect.

    The agency wants Swedes aged 80 or older, as well as those living in special care homes for the elderly, to take two booster doses a year.

    For people 65-79 years old and younger people in the risk group, one dose per year is recommended.

    For those aged 18-64, a “basic protection” of three doses in total is recommended.

    – I would like to emphasise the importance of vaccinating against covid-19 and influenza according to current recommendations in order to reduce the risk of serious illness,” says Sara Byfors, head of the Public Health Agency’s department, in a statement.

    This message the agency gives while “vaccinated” continue to constitute a very strong majority among those who are infected, IVA-treated and die with covid.

    This can again be seen from the Public Health Agency’s own data (you need to download the Excel file to see it.)

    Last week, week 50, 12,801 new cases of covid were registered in Sweden, of which 1,097 were unvaccinated and 11,704 were vaccinated. More than 91% of those infected were therefore vaccinated.

    In the same week, 3,024 cases were registered in Säbo and home care services, of which 137 were unvaccinated and 2,887 were vaccinated. More than 95 percent were vaccinated.

    In week 50, 39 new cases were registered in intensive care, of which 5 were unvaccinated and 34 were vaccinated. More than 87% were therefore vaccinated.

    In week 50, 168 Covid deaths were recorded, of which 21 were unvaccinated and 147 were vaccinated. 87.5% were therefore vaccinated.

    “In week 50, 41,322 individuals were tested for covid-19 in Sweden, which is an increase of 22 percent compared to the previous week,” the agency writes in its weekly report.

    The Public Health Agency no longer indicates the percentage of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons in its weekly report. You therefore have to look at the data in the Excel file to see the figures.

    • This is an opportunity for a reverse psychology operation.

      There should be advertisements, billboards, tv commercials, etc., exhorting those on the left, immigration background, bankers, lawyers, politicians, and single women to get vaxxed and vaxxed again in order to keep the purebloods and anti-orc factions from outvoting them due to succumbing to the coof since they don’t believe in the vaxx.

      If the vaxx is benign, then getting it over and over does not harm them. Not something I would risk my life on though. And if all those groups become more susceptible to dying of “suddenly”, well then that’s just a bonus!

      • Of course none of those exhorters ever engage in double-think. To obtain the outcome you suggest, “the schemers should be ensnared by the trap they’ve set for the innocent.” That last phrase ought to end every prayer sequence you ever consider uttering.

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