It Would Have Been So Much Worse If I Hadn’t Been Vaxed

Two years ago, when the first tranches of COVID-19 “vaccines” were rolled out to the general public, the mRNA injections were still experimental. Prior to their release, the clinical trials of the jab were brief, limited, and methodologically compromised by the eventual “vaccination” of members of the control group, ostensibly on humanitarian grounds. That little trick guaranteed that there could be no longitudinal studies going forward comparing vaxed participants with the control group.

Obviously, there were no data at that time on the long-term side effects of the vax, since the mRNA treatments had been developed too recently to have acquired any track record longer than a few months. As a result, the “vaccination” of billions of test subjects all across the world became a gigantic clinical experiment to test the long-term effects of the treatment. The entire Corona project — first the release of a genetically modified coronavirus, followed by the administration of billions of doses of the mRNA injections — was arguably the largest medical/biological experiment in history.

In early 2021, when vax skeptics predicted dire consequences from the mRNA experiments, they had no clinical data to back up their projections. But all that has changed now — there is as much as two years’ worth of evidence to look at, although the UN and governmental entities have done their best to bury any statistics that might cause cracks to appear in the “Safe and Effective” edifice built to reassure everyone who rolled up his sleeve to get jabbed.

Germany looks to be the best source of statistics on the deleterious effects of the mRNA injections. The biomedical establishment in Germany is sophisticated and well-funded, and is staffed by clinicians who are less corrupt than those in most Western countries.

Furthermore, German culture is rule-based. Following the rules is important to the collective German psyche. This characteristic has its downside, which hardly needs to be pointed out to anyone familiar with the last hundred years of European history. But it also has its advantages, which are now coming to the fore as German scientists and medical experts follow the rules to document the effects of the COVID-19 “vaccines”.

The AfD’s excess mortality video report (the concluding part of the press conference is here) is notable for revealing the corrupt behavior of two major German public health institutions, the Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Robert Koch Institute. Both are required by law to collect statistics on the adverse effects of vaccines and make them publicly available, and both have failed to follow their function, despite the availability of the relevant data.

They didn’t follow the rules.

The AfD researchers who provided the data for the video are restrained in their presentation, but their outrage is nonetheless palpable. Nothing offends German sensibilities more than the failure to carry out a public duty with which one has been charged. Thanks to such sentiments — held in common by uncorrupted German public officials — we can expect more investigations of the deadly effects of the vax, even though the revealed data may contradict the established Narrative about the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA treatments.

Back in early 2021 I thought that when such data eventually became available, it would force pro-vaxers to re-examine their position. However, in the interim my opinion has shifted: I don’t think any factual data, no matter how clear and well-sourced, will change the minds of anyone who enthusiastically supports the COVID-19 “vaccine”.

My conclusions are based on personal experience. Last year I posted about an old friend of mine who was very afraid of the Wuhan Coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic he retreated into isolation and followed the directives of the CDC in minute detail. And, needless to say, when the experimental mRNA injections were introduced, he embraced them eagerly.

I hadn’t seen him in many years, so in the late summer of 2021, when my travel plans were slated to take me to his general vicinity, I proposed that we meet for coffee. By then he had been vaxed and double-boosted, but I knew he was still very afraid of COVID. I suggested that we meet outdoors, wear masks, and sit more than six feet apart. To no avail — he said: “No, I can’t risk it.”

More than anything else, this exchange made me realize the depth of the Coronamadness. It makes no sense. It’s utterly irrational. It’s a form of mass insanity.

Since then, of course, even the CDC has acknowledged that the “vaccine” doesn’t protect recipients from being infected with the virus or transmitting it to others. Logic would then dictate that it shouldn’t make any difference to him whether or not I am vaxed, and he could meet me under the same conditions that he imposes on his contacts with friends and family members who are vaxed. But it doesn’t make any difference — he still can’t risk it.

I don’t think I’ll ever see him again in person. We send each other letters and cards, and have occasional pleasant phone conversations, but I assume I’ll go the rest of my life without ever seeing him face-to-face across a table in a coffee shop.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I expect the evidence of mass injury and death due to the “vaccine” to become so widespread that it will eventually appear in the media, albeit spun in a form that minimizes the gravity of the situation. But even if the data are fully and factually available, it won’t induce the adherents of vax ideology — or the victims of Corona Psychosis, if you prefer — to change their minds.

Among the proponents of the vax, opinions are now fully entrenched and well-defended. Getting the injections is what keeps them “safe”. Those who refuse it are a danger to public health and must be shunned.

Devotion to vax has all the characteristics of a religion. Its beliefs are not susceptible to refutation through logic. Its adherents become angry and hysterical when confronted with a countervailing opinion. They are willing to shift the tenets of their dogma when necessary, in order to maintain the overall structure of the belief system. And they are willing to go to their death rather than renounce their faith.

Regardless of the availability of data showing the harm caused by the treatments, I expect vax adherents to get boosted over and over again, whenever the newest iteration of the vax is officially approved.

And, when they are lying on their deathbed, suffering from myocarditis or thrombosis or fast-spreading cancer, I expect them to say to themselves:

“Just think how much worse it would have been if I hadn’t been vaccinated!”

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  1. If he’s still willing to talk to you despite being unvaxxed, there’s hope.

    Most of us know people who are so disgusted with the unvaxxed that even a phone conversation is out of bounds. Lest ideas contaminate, or something. Ideas are clearly much more dangerous than the virus, too.

  2. Belief in the efficacy and safety of the vaxx has become the new 9/11.

    I don’t even try to convince any of the true believers of the vaccrament of the deaths, injuries, etc., caused by the vaxx.

    Years ago when I was able to shed enough of my brainwashing to critically examine the events surrounding 9/11, I quickly realized how badly I had been duped by my own government, and by extension, swallowed all the BS concerning wars in countries filled with brown peoples. Talking with friends or acquaintances, what one believed concerning 9/11 became a litmus test for whether it was worth putting further effort into a friendship. Those who couldn’t or didn’t want to see the truth especially if it meant accepting the implications that that truth led to, would always see you as crazy or a believer in conspiracy theories, etc.

    The vaxx has also had the same effect. I can tell within a few sentences whether someone is a potential ally or hopelessly drunk on the kool-aid. Someone complains about delays or canceled flights when I pick them up from the airport and I casually mention the manpower shortages due to firing all the employees who refused to take the vaxx, how they respond tells me all I need to know. And like 9/11, once you accept that there was something nefarious about how the vaxx was forced upon the populace, you are also forced to accept what that means about the motives of everyone who was behind that forcing, and why they would want to do that to you.

    • Yea, Mark Twain’s “It’s easier to fool people than to tell them they’d been fooled” comes to mind often these days.

  3. Excellent post Baron like always, it’s no hope for this “vaxx” idiots , they living in denial..

  4. I expect The Powers That Be to use the full (remaining) power of the mainstream media to push “another deadly pandemic”, “post covid syndroms”, “Climate Change (TM)” or “meteorite impacts on Mars” – anything, but most probably “another virus” scare, to take the focus away from the vax.

    Hell, even I want to remain healthy to become the toung in cheek against my friends who joined the “Corona Witnesses” and are upset that their 4 year old children can’t be vaxxed yet! I would like to be wrong, but my vaxxed friends really do seem to come down with the flu more often than I, these days. It’s like the Flu but lasts 3 weeks or more, they say.

    And one more thing. Children in the Czech Republic are coming down with a respiratory problems lately, and I wonder if there is a truth to the “vax shedding” information.

    I am a smoker, but I don’t suffer from respiratory problems so far, but working in close spaces with vaxxed people, I sometimes get this “sudden cough” which is like a sudden spike had entered my lungs. I hope that I am imagining things, but I wonder if this is the “bioweapon” Alex Jones or Greg Hunter are talking about: The vaxxed individuals themselves become “the bioweapon” – a spike protein producing factory.

    We shall see. Wild Water ahead, I hope it’s not the Niagara Falls.

    • Unvaccinated smoker. I just had a chest x-ray. I was concerned with a heavy sudden productive cough. My instincts have lead the way for myself and my immediate family (unfortunately, my parents and other family/friends refused to listen) to maintain our natural autonomy. My instincts are also (stinging) moving me toward shedding. Kinda crazy, I’m somewhat obsessed with this new tech and the fact that we have not taken it. I find it a bit harder researching (at the moment) Vax aka. Shot shedding. I was crazy about the shedding when there was not much info on it. I will make myself search it tomorrow. I just wanted to say your not alone. Hello, I am Megan. May the Spirit guide us❤️

    • Hello,
      I highly recommend to read Dr. Thomas Levy’s book ‘Rapid Virus Recovery – No need to live in fear’.
      Nebulization of hydrogen peroxide (3% or less) kills off any shedded virus particles. It’s absolutely safe if you follow his instructions. I’m doing it for about one and a half years now and I feel great. Besides it has many other benefits.
      I suggest you take a look and make your own opinion.

      You can download it for free here:

      And here you find some reviews:

      All best to you all!

  5. Actually, researchers at The University of Texas Medical School’s Level-4 Lab had WARNED Fauci that the use of mRNA Jabs would NEVER provide immunity to ANY variety of Corona Virus, but WOULD result in lung damage, blood clots, and dire cardiac events, and that mRNA Jabs MUST NOT BE USED IN HUMANS for the prevention of viral infections.

    Here’s the PROBLEM, though: This warning was issued in 2012. No, that’s not a typo.

    So, Fauci KNEW. It is worth noting that the Fauci-funded development of the loathsome, Frankenstein’d, cobbled-together, hybrid Covid-19 variant was occurring AFTER the initiation of work on a “vaccine,” and that, since Fauci resented the inconvenient lead-time required to ACTUALLY field an injection that had been carefully vetted for safety and effectiveness, which takes about 8 years, he was wanting to use a scary outbreak as a PRETEXT for accelerating that process.

    He even stated, in public, at Georgetown, that Trump would be facing an unexpected viral outbreak, sometime during his Administration.

    Yeah, “unexpected,” to-TRUMP, not to Fauci.

    At some point, some stern-faced Prosecutor is going to make-sure that VIDEO of this little speech is shown to JURORS, since, as he will then point-out, in lawyer-speak, “This goes-to foreknowledge, and to Fauci’s having PREMEDITATED this serial killing.”

    Seriously, the more you look INTO all of this, the worse it GETS. By the way, have you noticed that Herr Klaus Schwab has written a BOOK in which he boasts of the utility that the Covid outbreak has had in the furtherance of his fetish for one-world governance, via “The Great Reset?” As far as I’m concerned, the reconvening of a whole new round of Nuremberg Trials is very badly needed, nicht wahr?

  6. With sufficient propaganda and sufficient terror (of a virus or 5am knock on the door…) people can become Nazis, Communists or Covidians.

    Needless to say, it would be impossible to become one of those three examples in anything other than a full blown totalitarian regime.

    • You already are Paul, the people, I mean sheep, of once Great Britain, are nothing but statistics now. In America, we are armed so not quite lost, yet.

  7. Oddly enough I heard someone coming out of a very difficult bout of Covid say that very thing… “Thank goodness I had been vaccinated. How much worse would it have been had I not.” That was about six months ago. I just found out he had Covid again through most of December.

  8. Last month we went back to the town we left last year n and visited the old church full of vax believers who I hadn’t seen in 2 years. Many of them appeared to have aged a decade. A friend of mine I used to shot trap with had literally turned grey (his skin, not his hair) and looked terrible. My wife and I got several compliments on how good we looked – we haven’t changed our lifestyle a bit, just never got this “vaccine”.

    Since they all seem to be aging at an accelerating pace together, they don’t have to notice.

  9. They did have data available, in the early 70’s and 80’s mRNA vaccines were trialed in animals, rats and cats, in both instances, when the vaccinated animals caught a wild version of the vaccine, they died. EVERY one of the test subjects died.

    So they had the data and refused to use it, Underdog bites upwards website has further details should they be required.


  10. Thank you for mentioning the short-circuiting of the vaccine trials. Having been a medical researcher for 25 years, I know very well that treating the control group is one of the ultimate no-no’s of drug trials. Clearly they did this to hide the side effects of the mRNA vaccines. What amazes me is the temerity of the authors to publish something so blatantly bad, and the willingness of the New England Journal of Medicine to publish such dreck:

    Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA
    Covid-19 Vaccine through 6 Months
    N Engl J Med 2021;385:1761-73
    Efficacy of the mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2
    Vaccine at Completion of Blinded Phase
    N Engl J Med 2021;385:1774-85

  11. Baron,

    Superb essay. We can always count on you for a clear, coherent account of a particular problem.
    One thing, though. Before there was actual, concrete data revealing the dangers of the jab, there was an opportunity for analysis of the situation. Very early on, Dr. Mike Yeadon, who admitted in one of his first videos experiencing a gut feeling that something was very wrong in the government’s approach to this virus, speculated on why that feeling had occurred to him and, thankfully, made videos exploring those thoughts. Of course, he had a wealth of experience behind his analysis.
    But ordinary people also had material to work with: the absence of liability on the part of big pharma, the sudden roll-out of videos on YouTube of Chinese people eating live animals, sometimes in what looked like a studio (?), etc.
    We have witnessed the complete inability of vast numbers of people to think critically for themselves in an age which prides itself on its sophisticated cynicism. The irony.

    • Oh, yes, there was plenty of information about the mRNA treatments back in early 2021. Dr. Yeadon was one source, and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi was another. Also Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. Those who accurately predicted what we’re seeing now.

      But there weren’t any experimental data. We only had competing projections and predictions. The epistemology of it was that we didn’t truly know what would happen. Those of us who actually practice the scientific method (as opposed to the self-identified incarnation of Science, Dr. Fauci) had to acknowledge that fact.

      But now we have actual clinical data, and more information is coming in all the time. I don’t know how much will be required before the whole fraudulent structure collapses. Perhaps it never will — it may be that most humans are pliable and compliant enough to accept this farce as truth, no matter what, all the way to their graves.

  12. I wonder what will happen if the maiming or dying of the vaxed becomes… visible en masse. Will they go nuts and try to “burn us at the stake”?

  13. I can’t believe I read this. It is my story almost exactly. I had the same conclusions early while my family pressured me. Others avoided me and made fun of my “anti-science” view, until we had science.

    Now, They all try to justify to me why they got jabbed as some of them finally read the facts. I kept a diary though and they willingly lined up like sheep. They can’t get un-jabbed. It’s like losing your virginity, it’s over once you do it.

    I never bothered to gloat. I just wish more facts like this would appear. I feel bad for my friends who are 4 deep in poison jabs now. They have no idea when I tell them anything as I believe they don’t want to know the damage they’ve done to themselves.

  14. .

    Congratulations, Baron;
    very well expressed.

    I will try my hand at
    a last bad joke of the year!
    The last still bad joke of my life?

    “I am now 87 yrs & 9 months old.
    Who will die first?
    I, or the darn rest of the planet’s

    The Baron’s dorky acquaintance will soon
    have something else to worry about – don’t
    you think so, after seeing this video? – and
    you too, up there in the Bodisseyan castle.
    I’m sorry that the car is hard to start. Do
    you have tricity?

    Yeah, it looks like more or less the whole damn global
    population will have to bite the dust.
    Time for a much-needed rebirth for a remaining, more
    intelligent, population splinter to trry to survive – like
    the old Northmen – now in an insect-free world.

    Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News,
    December 24, 2022,
    # 385 ( Dane Wigington )

    Dane Wigington

  15. Excellent analysis, clear and eloquent.

    Gates of Vienna was one of the few sources that helped me keep my level-headedness throughout the Corona Psyop — especially at the beginning in 2020. I just had to have reliable reference groups / sites I had trusted long before the Plandemic of Madness broke out.

    GoV, as an info-warrior of the Counter Jihad, has always been a trademark of absolute integrity, honesty and truth-seeking. Traits that were essential for fending off the relentless onslaught of deception — “the Takiyya of the Globalist Cult” — in the turmoil of one of the greatest frauds in history.

    Kudos! And thank you.

    From Hungary.

  16. Loved your essay! I have literally been ordered out of someone’s house when they find out I am a PureBlood. It IS a religion with these people. If one “vaccination” does not protect you…..why would subsequent boosters be any better? It was always fear and BS to herd people and divide them. I am now at the point that I don’t trust any vaccination for any disease. I need a tetanus shot next year and I am praying MRNA technology isn’t part of it.

    • You probably don’t need one at all unless you work on a farm. Tetanus is actually pretty rare.

    • I know exactly where you’re coming from. A few months ago I was visiting one of my adult children who invited me to a barbecue with her family and some friends.

      Sadly, my children were all brainwashed in college and are now liberal Dems. It is a tragedy but even worse, they are all jabbed including my grand kids.

      On the day of the get together, one of their friends came up to me and said that she knew I wasn’t “vaxxed” and therefore she had to stay away from me- actually very rude.

      I had all I could do to hold my tongue and not get into a major argument with this foolish woman. There is really no talking to these idiots.

      They are a bunch of sociopaths.

  17. ” I don’t think any factual data, no matter how clear and well-sourced, will change the minds of anyone who enthusiastically supports the COVID-19 “vaccine”.

    This is my sad experience too. Some very few – perhaps 2 out of 100 – are vaccinated a couple of times, and are STILL able to discuss the dangers of the vaxx, but these are the very few. Most have gone totally irrantional

  18. And the real danger today – not counting the vaccines:

    Across 31 systematically identified national seroprevalence studies in the pre-vaccination era, the median infection fatality rate of COVID-19 was estimated to be 0.034% for people aged 0–59 years people and 0.095% for those aged 0–69 years.

    The median IFR was 0.0003% at 0–19 years, 0.002% at 20–29 years, 0.011% at 30–39 years, 0.035% at 40–49 years, 0.123% at 50–59 years, and 0.506% at 60–69 years.

    At a global level, pre-vaccination IFR may have been as low as 0.03% and 0.07% for 0–59 and 0–69 year old people, respectively.

    These IFR estimates in non-elderly populations are lower than previous calculations had suggested.

  19. Excellent essay, as per usual and thanks for confirming my own experiences.

    Just the other day I heard Alan Dershowitz on talk radio and what little respect I had for him was destroyed when I heard him proudly saying that he had been jabbed five times and currently has CVD, but he’s glad it’s not so bad, could be much worse.

  20. Great post. Does anyone have any data on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which did not use MRNA technology?

  21. I had the two jabs back in November 2021, wondering why really, not managed to get the virus at all since it came about. My partner has had all the boosters (legal requirement for the sector worked in) and has been exposed to environments where the virus has been rampant and also has not been infected. I’m wondering if some people are just naturally immune and if so, is there any research in that area?

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