An Anti-Democratic and Anti-Constitutional Nightmare

The two principal pillars of totalitarian governance in today’s West are (1) national security, and (2) public health.

These largely unquestioned premises permit the executive to act without democratic input from legislative bodies. In the former case, the national executive can declare an emergency and issue edicts with the force of law. In the latter case, the same process may be initiated at national, state, and local levels.

When the two pillars combine, as has been the case since the onset of the COVID-19 madness, they give birth to an unstoppable juggernaut of dictatorial rule.

In the following commentary, a Swiss lawyer warns about the dangers of the latest public health treaty involving the World Health Organization. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Uncut News:

Swiss lawyer sounds alarm on proposed changes to WHO International Health Regulations

An article by Philipp Kruse, Swiss Attorney

Published on his Telegram channel, January 3, 2023

Commentary on the proposed amendments to the WHO International Health Regulations

(Although the proposed revisions could still be adjusted before the next General Assembly of WHO Member States in May 2023). These may be found here.

The WHO shows bluntly where the journey is going: into a totalitarian dystopia without fundamental rights — in the name of health.

State of emergency and emergency law are to become the new norm; human rights are no longer protected during pandemics; The health dictatorship no longer bothers to disguise itself. The Secretary-General would be given de facto unlimited powers to declare (and perpetuate) health emergencies. Whether these are really necessary and justified is of no interest to anyone.

At the same time, it acquires (as a result) the competence not only to overrule the basic constitutional order of all states (separation of powers; principle of legality, etc.) in one fell swoop, but also the classic protective rights of individuals. In one sentence: “L’état, c’est WHO!”

If you don’t recognize these warning signs, you really can’t be helped. It cannot be shown more clearly that the WHO is no longer concerned with health, but with the enforcement of the global business interests of Big Pharma and Big IT cartels and ultimately with total control over humanity.

Checks and balances (separation of powers; accountability; control of those responsible), i.e. the basic principles of “good governance”: not a trace!

So far, thanks to Article 3(1) of the IHR, fundamental rights have still applied, at least on paper, in the International Health Regulations. According to the WHO working group, they should soon no longer be anchored there.

Once again the worst fears of us WHO critics of all countries are confirmed!

The only good thing: the spook is recognizable to everyone. The various changes in Article 3 Paragraph 1 and in Article 12 IGV cannot be denied even by disinterested politicians and state media.

Small consolation…

In the future, a small clique of democratically illegitimate technocrats will decide the fate of people all over the world. As has been the case for long stretches since 2020, the WHO Secretary-General and his backers can largely permanently override national constitutions at the push of a button.

Neither state authorities nor civil organizations will ever end unjustified WHO pandemics, nor will they be able to oppose unnecessary “recommendations”.

And if the member states then implement the WHO “vaccination goals”, the national constitutions, the Nuremberg Codex and the UN Covenant for Civil and Political Rights will no longer help people enforce the right to bodily self-determination. “Vaccine targets of the WHO” are thus as de facto legally binding as military orders, and are implemented just as uncompromisingly.

The same will apply to “WHO recommendations” on the obligation for mask-wearing and tests, access restrictions, and lockdowns.

And let’s be honest: All of this was already our global reality to a large extent “under COVID-19”.

Since March of 2020, our representatives and our state media have been ignoring this entire anti-democratic and anti-constitutional development “in the name of health” with a lot of effort, and indeed continue to promote it. And at the same time they turn away from the reality of the victims of mRNA “vaccinations”. Although public health is actually at stake here!

So our health, our democracy, our legal protections and our constitutional order are to be completely sacrificed to the WHO (and the insatiable interests of global Big Pharma and other cartels) in the future.

Unless we finally confront this anti-democratic and anti-constitutional nightmare in large numbers with all clarity and determination!

Withdrawal from the WHO and a thorough investigation into its machinations are inevitable.

Afterword from the translator:

This lawyer is spot on, but I can no longer see a peaceful way out of this, not with an education system like the one that has been implemented since the 1980s. Intellectual darkness has benighted the world, and especially the Western world, and a long and needless decline is blindly and enthusiastically embraced by the masses in the name of their new golden calf “Science”.

Frankly, as a decent human being I’d be embarrassed to be called a “scientist” now. And all those who presume to be speaking for the good of humanity are those who are wedded to EVIL and leave graveyards in their wake. And to top it all, their reasoning has more gaps than a crack-whore’s smile.

What’s been pissing me off the most lately are people who know what is happening and are too lazy to do something. I can no longer stand their reasoning that we’re powerless, but we aren’t if we all come together and give these people a taste of real fury. Let them pay the piper for a change, after all, they called the tune.

10 thoughts on “An Anti-Democratic and Anti-Constitutional Nightmare

  1. In Jesus’s time, the synagogue of Satan was localised.
    Today, it is international. It encompasses both secular and religious organisations, and the members, all of them of their father the devil, are unremitting in their efforts to destroy everything and everyone.
    I’m putting my faith in Christ to protect us from the predations of these reprobates.

    • Now that was funny and sad at the same time.
      Europe and what is called today the Middle East had thriving civilizations long before the mythology of the tiny hats replaced all the native religions.
      Rome itself has thrived for a thousand years. Its fall and disintegration and then the following thousand years of stagnation matches almost perfectly to rise of Christianity in Europe.
      One could conclude that it was a giant conspiracy of a certain tribe to poison the culture there in order to gain control.
      Same is true of Middle East with the other offshoot of tiny hats’ mythology some 600 years later.
      Sadly most people need to have some form of mythology to keep them morallyanchored or they end up adrift in the sea of absolute stupidity and coloring their hair purple, talking about dozens of genders, men having menstrual cycles, covering their bodies with tattoos and grooming little children into the worst types of perversions.
      In short, we as a species are damned to repeat cycles of creation and destruction.
      We are in the destruction phase.
      Enjoy the collapse. Christ is not going to save you, but hopefully your faith will save you from the worst of humanity surfacing from within. We will need people with a moral compass in the times ahead.

      • Wrong, we will need men with a strong spine and the willingness to carry out brutality with ruthless efficiency that is absolutely profound and absolute.

  2. They know, and we all know how this will proceed. The WHO is just another prop goading humanity like sheeple into the corral known as their “great reset”. Here’s how two higher level men see it, comment in bracket is inserted, and you can look up the video title to watch it for yourselves. I would suggest you do that . . .

    Transcription beginning at 2:03:06 minutes:

    Macgregor: “Yes.”

    Vlahos: “They form the majority of Americans and there is no pathway for the voice of this majority to be heard in America today.”

    Macgregor: “Unless the current elites are replaced by a different elite.”

    Vlahos: “Right, and that’s . . . ”

    Macgregor: “And emerges from a different milieu, and that’s all tied up with what happens next.”

    [“The Beast and the Ten Horns you saw will hate the Harlot. They will make her desolate and stripped bare; consume her flesh and burn her with fire.” ~ APOKALYPSIS 17.16]

    Vlahos: “That’s the revolution.”

    Macgregor: “Yeah, and well that’s also what happens when this narrative for Ukraine collapses. That’s part of it.”

    Vlahos: “This is a great, sort of, final point for us to make and you’ve raised that rather nicely that the connection between the domestic conflict and the foreign conflict is insoluble. And just as has happened so many times the foreign conflict can, pry’s open, turn over the barrel and let it all spill out.

    Macgregor: “Yeah, I think that’s where we’re headed.” – end of video.

    Video title found on YT: “Odessa falls and Ukraine becomes a landlocked country By Douglas Macgregor – Dec 12, 2022 – United States and worldwide Geopolitics analysis. Recorded December 8th.”

    • I think of it as a pressure cooker under too much heat and the escape valve is blocked, when it blows, it will be heard around the world with shock, awe and horror.

    • True, but one of their goals is to limit movement. This was done in the past by tyrannical regimes. They stopped movement of people so that it was difficult to travel between locations and thus each locality and its rebellious factions were on their own.
      The regime however was able to send their forces from everywhere to crush any sort of a local descent.
      It is why when there is a rebellion, it has to be started in many places. The regime cannot be allowed to concentrate all its forces into one problematic hot spot and crush it with overwhelming force.
      A lot of hotspot all over the place make it much more difficult for them.
      With that in mind, in any kind of a “emergency”, expect the internet and cell phone service to be restricted or taken offline.

  3. Wrong, we will need men with a strong spine and the willingness to carry out brutality with ruthless efficiency that is absolutely profound and absolute.

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