Panic in the World

I might as well out myself: I’m a COVID-19 skeptic, a.k.a. a Coronaskeptic.

I have to be careful when I talk about the ChiCom flu with my friends and acquaintances. The vast majority of them, both liberals and conservatives, have succumbed to the general hysteria that has been propagated by the television and greatly amplified by social media. Conservatives are slightly less likely than liberals to have joined the mad rush of panic, but most of them have been infected by it to at least some degree.

I don’t think Corona 2019-nCoV, a.k.a. COVID-19, a.k.a. the Chinese Crud, is “the most deadly epidemic in human history”, or whatever hyperbolic designation that is currently being peddled by the media. Rather, it is a pandemic of mass hysteria.

That doesn’t mean that I think that the Wuhan Coronavirus doesn’t exist, or that it isn’t killing people. I’ve simply come to the conclusion that it is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, and possibly less so.

If I posted the above on social media, it would immediately be taken down, and my account with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube would most likely be closed. The major social sites have joined hands with the legacy media and governmental agencies to suppress any opinions that contradict the coronavirus narrative.

I’ve waited this long to post about it because I’ve been patiently collecting data on the disease since long before the hysteria began. The first thing I can tell you is that ALL the models that predicted the trajectory of the pandemic are useless. None of them seems to have remotely reflected the reality of the spread of the disease. As a result I won’t be referring to any of them; there’s no point.

Before I outline my general conclusions about what’s happening, I’ll go over some of the data points here.

The single most valuable resource I’ve encountered thus far is a Swiss site called Swiss Propaganda Research. Yes, they are avowed Coronaskeptics, but they have compiled their data carefully and thoroughly, and they source everything they assert. My favorite quote from them is this one:

Danish researcher Peter Gøtzsche, founder of the renowned Cochrane Medical Collaboration, writes that Corona is “an epidemic of mass panic” and “logic was one of the first victims.”

I recommend their page as a useful source for links to detailed, sober scientific data on the spread and virulence of COVID-19. It is updated frequently.

Peter Robinson’s interview with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, is lucid and informative (hat tip Power Line):

Scott Jensen is a physician and — horrors! — Republican state senator in Minnesota. In the following video he reveals to an astonished interviewer that the state government had given doctors instructions on how to tweak death certificates to overstate the incidence of COVID-19 as the cause of death (thanks to Vlad for uploading this video):

For some interesting analysis of the WuFlu data, see Vlad’s two interviews with former CIA station chief Brad Johnson.

Video #1:

Video #2:

We are far enough into the pandemic now to have ample data on its lethality. At this point it seems to roughly comparable with the seasonal flu — maybe slightly worse, maybe not quite as bad.

The data from Germany have proved particularly useful. According to this article from Reason:

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Here Come the Corona Kids!

The European Union has been working overtime trying to persuade its member states to agree to take in more migrants. Several countries have refused, but Germany, Luxembourg, and Finland have decided to accept some of the “minors” being exported from camps in Greece.

Och, the puir wee bairns! Those unfortunate “refugee” “children” in the coronavirus-infected camps are now shaving their beards, dyeing the grey out of their hair, and stashing their machetes down their pants in preparation for their relocation to one or another Nordic people’s paradise.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating Fria Tider:

In the middle of the coronavirus crisis: “Refugee” children sent to Europe

April 11, 2020

Next week Germany and Luxembourg will take in 62 so-called refugee children from Greek camps, reports Svenska Yle. Finland also confirms they are taking in 175 immigrants.

At the beginning of April the EU Migration Commissioner, Ylva Johansson (Sweden), reported that the so-called further resettlement of “unaccompanied refugee children” from camps in Greece had begun in spite of the coronavirus crisis.

In the present situation, there are 1,600 immigrants who will be distributed to various EU countries.

According to Svenska Yle, two refugee camps on the Greek mainland have now been placed in quarantine due to Covid-19. Twenty-eight persons in the Ritsona and Malakasa camps have been infected.

At the same time, it is feared that the deadly virus will now reach the large Moria camp, which houses 20,000 asylum-seekers.

“If people in Moria are not permitted to get out of Moria… Yes, then I can see no alternative than that, if and when the coronavirus virus reaches the camp, the infection will spread throughout the whole camp,” says the volunteer doctor Tuuli Lehtivuori to Svenska Yle.

Now the process of sending immigrants from Greek camps to other EU countries is being accelerated. Finland has already said it will take in 175 people. Next week 62 refugee children will be sent to Luxembourg and Germany.

Sitting on a Park Bench, Eyeing the Police With Bad Intent

Germany, like most Western countries, has imposed stringent lockdown rules to combat the ChiCom pandemic. The current regimen permits people to venture outdoors to take their exercise, but there are strict limits on how long one may rest on a park bench during his constitutional.

The two videos below concern encounters with the police by German citizens who dared to sit on park benches, and received criminal citations as a result. The first was recorded by an elderly couple, and the second by a younger person. I don’t know if the cops lurk in the bushes with stopwatches, or what, but somehow they determined that these unfortunate burghers had exceeded their allotted two minutes en banc.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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Culture-Enriching Urinator Refuses to Serve His Sentence

I’ve posted previously about a grotesque crime in Sweden in which a group of culture-enriching youngsters robbed, beat, and urinated on a native Swedish boy.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this follow-up article from Nyheter Idag:

Humiliation-robbers sentenced to juvenile care — one refuses to serve his sentence

In February, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care for three robberies, two counts of abuse and one count of unlawful detention. One of the robberies received a lot of attention when the robbers urinated upon their victim, which was filmed and disseminated. But the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. He has left the HVB home and refuses to return.

After a very attention-grabbing humiliation-robbery, where the robbers urinated on their victim, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care.

But now Aftonbladet reveals that the care placement isn’t working, since the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. The 16-year-old has left the HVB home where he was placed, and refuses to return.

Prosecutor Mirna Lelic feels that the penalty isn’t working and wants to see other actions. In her memo to the district court, she says that “Social Services has made several attempts to get him to return, among which was to contact him and buy him a train ticket. But that has not helped.

“Thus I think that he misunderstands this so much that this punishment should be eliminated,” Mirna Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

The problem is that the sentence-value for the crimes the 16-year-old was convicted of is too low for lockdown youth care to be in effect. Lockdown youth care requires that the penalty be at least one year.

“And the district court ruled that the sentence is eight months in custody, so that doesn’t rise to the limit beyond which he could be sentenced to lock down youth care. So it’s a little tricky,” Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

Södertörn’s district court will request a new opinion from Social Services, after which the parties will be called to a meeting to express their views.

In February Prosecutor Mirna Lelic told Aftonbladet that the sentence for the newly-convicted robbers didn’t mean a loss of freedom.

“They are not locked up. It is not like a prison in that you cannot leave. It is not that,” said Lelic to Nyheter Idag.

The Love Priest Welcomes Cultural Enrichment to Germany

Long-time readers will remember Tim Kellner, the former German police officer with decidedly politically incorrect opinions about immigration. In the following video Mr. Kellner reinvents himself as “The Love Priest” to welcome culture-enrichers to Germany in a highly sarcastic manner. (For a glimpse of the Love Priest before he became so pink and glittery, see this photo from 2017.)

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Driving Miss Aisha

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Migration Board drives “refugees” around in the middle of the coronavirus crisis

April 10, 2020

Public health authorities have said that due to the coronavirus we should avoid “unnecessary trips”. The Migration Board, however, continues to drive so-called refugees between their residences, according to several media sources. Immigrants are not tested for Covid-19 before being driven around the country.

Even though trips throughout the country can spread the deadly coronavirus, the Migration Board continues to move asylum-seekers between their residences.

In the middle of the coronavirus, authorities have moved immigrants to both Junsele and Mellansel in Västernorrland, according to Swedish Public Television (SVT).

“A busload of asylum-seekers rolls on mindlessly, run by both the Migration Board and the municipality of Sollefteå,” writes

The bus trips are arranged without the immigrants being tested for Covid-19.

It is said such tests can only be done by health services. Nobody who shows signs of symptoms of the virus is moved. However, it has been established that not all who have no symptoms, or get them later, may still be infected.

According to the Migration Board, the aim, among others, is that the immigrants get apartments and avoid collective residences. But it is also a fact that asylum-seekers often simply have to change residences since they are unable to obtain something for themselves.

It still happens that people also need to move between residences during this period and under prevailing conditions. “What we are doing is both minimizing the number of movements, and only moving symptom-free people,” says Jennie Sörman, who is responsible for reception and living at the Migration Board, to SVT.

Bill Maher: “We SHOULD Blame China”

Our long-time reader and commenter Mark H. sent the tip for this video, saying, “I know Bill Maher’s not your usual type of ‘guest’, but it may be worth posting.”

It’s definitely worth posting. And for the record: Bill Maher’s politics is about as far from mine as it could possibly get, but I still like to listen to him. He’s clearly intelligent, not afraid to go against the cultural cant of our times, and is often quite funny. And I sometimes even find myself agreeing with him.

I definitely agree with him on what he calls “virus-shaming” — that is, the PC crackdown against “racists” who refer to China when describing the Wuhan Coronavirus, a.k.a. the ChiCom flu.

Vlad gives him a 90% rating on this video:

It isn’t from the farmer’s market most likely. Horseshoe bat Corona virus doesn’t have HIV inserts. The Wuhan Flu does. But he still knocks it out of the park even if he doesn’t manage to land it in the sunroof of his wife’s car.

WARNING: Mr. Maher uses foul language in this clip:

Christiane Amanpour Plays “Gotcha!” — And Loses

Many years ago, probably when I was working in Richmond right after 9-11, I used to watch the odious Christiane Amanpour on CNN from time to time. Not long afterwards I migrated to the blogosphere to get my news and stopped checking the MSM. Watching the video below, I notice that she hasn’t aged all that well.

In this clip you’ll see Ms. Amanpour attempt to ambush Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó with a piece of fake news. Her core assertion — that the Hungarian Parliament has shut down — is simply factually false. You can see her deflate as Mr. Szijjártó politely explains the true situation to her.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video (in English with Hungarian subtitles):

Hat tip: CrossWare.

Bureaucrats, Inertia and Desuetude

Seneca III checks in with a report from the coronavirus-afflicted British Isles.

Bureaucrats, Inertia and Desuetude

by Seneca III

“In human affairs there is no certain truth and all our knowledge is but a woven web of guesses.”

— Xenophanes

The inbred inertia of the pedantic British Civil Service, including its Medical Mandarins, is disheartening in the extreme. Their insistence that the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc is forbidden until normal, peacetime, snail-paced regulatory testing has been carried out reminds me of the attitude of our senior officers at the outbreak of WWl.

They refused to accept — or simply did not understand — that the conduct of war had changed since their last outings in the Zulu and Boer wars, and that with the advent and widespread use of highly efficient, belt-fed, water cooled machine guns, cavalry charges or the slowly advancing thin red line of old were no longer a viable strategy.

In this case history is repeating itself, albeit in a different way in a different theatre of war. As in 1914 onwards it is the troops and the junior officers who lead them into battle and the people they are defending who will pay the price resultant from this institutionalized inertia and lack of critical thinking… thus this current demonstration of an innate inability to swift-footedly change standard practices as circumstances change; they seem to not understand that these are very dangerous times indeed.

Essentially, we are at the beginning of a different war and on a different front. Even if this particular treatment turns out not to work, little or nothing will be lost and the search for a viable form of counterattack will continue unabated.

There are times, and this is one, when career self-serving risk-aversion is dangerously counterproductive, so start field testing now. There will be no shortage of willing volunteers who have nothing to lose either way, and perhaps a life to gain.

— Seneca III, in sunny, quiet part of Middle England this 7th day of April in the Year Zero.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

Everyone Has His Own Personal Border

François Lenglet is a French journalist who specializes in economic issues. In the following clip from a TV talk show, he discusses the absurdity of putting everyone in the country into quarantine while maintaining an open-borders policy.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Well, the Emperor’s Naked

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this op-ed from the Hungarian news site

Well, the emperor’s naked

by Francesca Rivafinoli
March 31, 2020

For the precise news consumer who hard-hacks other articles out of a flood of current infection rates, curfews, and opposition dictatorships, can find such things in the small print today:

  • The migrants who wanted to enter the EU are turning back from the Turkish-Greek border.
  • The Polish nurses illegally working abroad are going home.
  • The European Parliament is limiting its functions to those that are essential.

Some quite serious axioms are failing here, let’s face it.

Here, for example, the European Parliament, which up until now has presented the world every month with sweeping resolutions on cardinal issues such as ‘the situation of LGBTQ people in Uganda’, and threatened to frown on anyone who does not fully comply (even in faraway Oceania) or meet the expectations of the LIBE Committee [European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs] in Brussels. We look now at the agendas that focus on “fundamental” issues curtailed because of COVID-19, and what we see is that all human rights issues have been deleted without a second thought.

From a logical point of view, issues such as ‘equality for women in Vanuatu’ or even ‘intersectional disadvantages for the mesquite LGBTQ community in the Falkland Islands’ are now no longer ‘fundamental’ problems for the European Union. We understand that, too.

Then there is the home of Martin Schulz and Manfred Weber, the superlative Germany, who teach us about European values at all times, and it turns out that they have about 270,000 Polish nurses, 90% of their total guest workers doing their job totally illegally, as is fully known by the authorities. And now, as these women go home to their families, the voice of panic can be heard on the German public television channel about those evil Poles, who left hundreds of thousands of poor elderly Germans without provision. Because these Poles are “not in solidarity”, unlike us Germans, who are full of European values, in solidarity, and who allow them to for care and push our helpless elders illegally, without any registration, and for all this, we pay as little as we can to suck them away from the health systems of countries to the east.

Which arrogance has already broken the barrier with German commentators, who even raise the unorthodox question of whether they should instead stand on their own, rely on domestic, national resources, rather than on the import of shoddy cheap labor. “Guten Morgen”, one could say.

And as if that was not enough of a slap in the face, the pandemic landed another punch on European progressivism where it hurts the most: the mantra that migrants cannot be kept outside the borders of the EU, and masses would lose their lives in the Mediterranean Sea if there were no NGO ships cruising there. For wonders, a single closed border and a sufficient number of Greek border police smoothly dissuaded migrants who desired to land in Europe. And at sea, rescue is in order, although the Ocean Viking hangs around in the Marseilles harbor — the rest of the ships are not abandoning the people, but they are all being taken back to the Libyan coast.

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Covid in a Time of Turmoil, Part Two

Below is Seneca III’s wrap-up of his two-part essay (part 1 is here) on the coronavirus crisis in the UK, with a particular focus on Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“The rules of the world-historical game change from decade to decade, and the dogmas that we have now will probably become obsolete.”

— Freeman Dyson Mathematical Physicist, Polymath and Philosopher, 15 December 1923 — 28 February 2020, a sad loss to humanity even after such a great run.

Covid in a Time of Turmoil

Part II. Covid 19 as an inorganic socio-political enzyme.

by Seneca III

1.   A virus is made up of a core of genetic material, either RNA or DNA, surrounded by a protective coat called a capsid which is made up of protein. Sometimes the capsid is surrounded by an additional spikey coat called the envelope (see above). Viruses are capable of latching onto host cells and invading them.
2.   An enzyme is a substance that acts as a catalyst in living organisms, regulating the rate at which chemical reactions proceed without itself being altered in the process.

Later, for the purpose of this analysis, let us change ‘chemical reactions’ to ‘human interactions’ but first, in a very simple way, let us look at how the enzyme, furin, enables and accelerates the penetration of a living cell by a virus, followed by a short description of how mutations occur, and then a look at vectors.

First, enzymes. Enzymes have a region known as an ‘active site’ that binds to a protein or other substance during a reaction. The envelope proteins (capsids) of viruses such as HIV, influenza, dengue fever, several filoviruses including Ebola and Marburg virus, and possibly SARS-CoV 2 must be cleaved by furin or furin-like proteases to become fully functional. The human enzyme furin is encoded by our chromosome No. 15, band 15q26.1.

Some proteins are inactive when they are first synthesized and must have sections removed in order to become active. Furin cleaves these sections and activates the proteins. Furin is also known as PACE (Paired basic Amino acid Cleaving Enzyme. (Note: see mutations!)

Second, once the virus has penetrated the cell wall, aided and abetted by furin, it injects its own short-string RNA (ribonucleic acid) or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) into the cell and supplants the cell’s own reproductive function, replacing it with its own and then reproducing itself using the resources of the original cell, thus rendering that cell dead and depriving the infected body of a part of its essential functionality.

Vector is the word used to describe the way in which infections travel (are transmitted) between living organisms. For example, the vector for Yersinia pestis, the Black Death bacterial strain, was the fleas that lived on rats and transmitted that strain to humans by biting them. The vector for malaria is the anopheles mosquito which carries and injects infected blood containing the plasmodium that causes malaria. The vectors for Covid can be personal contact, contact with surfaces with the virus still alive on them, viruses travelling in airborne aerosols from coughing and sneezing, and also from infected faeces. This is why cleanliness in all respects and social distancing reduces or precludes the chance of cross-infection.

Note: The shorter the genetic string of a micro-organism, the harder it is to kill. The converse is why we as human beings with our huge genome are so vulnerable to micro-organisms such as viruses. The human genome has over 3 billion base pairs and is organized into 22 paired chromosomes, termed autosomes, plus the 23rd pair of sex chromosomes, (XX) in the female and (XY) in the male. These large linear DNA molecules contained within the living cell nucleus are open to a variety of attack vectors and what they carry, and the latter can now be bio-engineered via the use of rRNA (recombinant RNA) techniques and other methods… none of which were invented by bats or pangolins!

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Sir Robert Peel Must be Rolling in His Grave

Our English correspondent Seneca III weighs in on the current UK police state under the ChiCom virus regime.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

— George Washington

Sir Robert Peel Must be Rolling in His Grave

by Seneca III

Things have come to a sorry pass in this once green and pleasant land. As I look around subsumed by dismay and morbid fascination, I have been forced to come to some appalling conclusions:

  • A society in which you are investigated for your thinking when you openly question whether men can “be” women is a Sick Society.
  • A society in which you are arrested for detaining a man who molests your daughter in public is a Dhimmi State.
  • A society in which tens of thousands of organised sexual crimes against children go knowingly unpunished to avoid the terrible charge of racism is a Conquered State.
  • A society in which it is bigoted to object to having ageing men dressed as women “twerk” to pre-school children in a public library is a Deviant Society.
  • A society in which basic observations of reality are forbidden by the use of magic words — “racism” “-phobia” — is a Silenced State.
  • A society in which you can be ruined for speaking the truth out loud is a Police State.
  • A society in which the shameful and disgusting are celebrated as virtues is a Failed State.
  • A society which has replaced the national home with the borderless market of everywhere is a Globalist State.
  • A society in which an invented grievance is a good career move is a Doomed State.
  • A society that penalises the talented and the bright in the name of “diversity” is a Suicidal State.

It is no surprise then that UK cops have been knuckling down clearing the streets and public places when there is no necessity to do so under even the latest Covid rules, and even when people were complying with them. They have actually gone to the length of poisoning scenic lakes so that people will not endanger the new status quo by travelling to look at them and enjoy the scenery and the fresh, healthy air.

This is no surprise, really, as it is axiomatic that the more power given to any police, the more they will abuse it. That is a law of nature, has ever been thus, and is one which in this particular case is exacerbated by three factors. The first is that their officer class is, on the whole, populated by graduate Common Purpose drones and ambitious box-tickers who appear to have nothing but contempt for Peelian principles. I doubt if they’re even taught anymore at Bramshill* (or whatever they’ve restructured and renamed it in the name of PC progress since 2015).

The second is that the collective IQ of the beat constabulary is now not, shall we say, particularly high for reasons iterated below, and thus thinking things through pragmatically in the light of observed reality is not really their forte. This leads them to function as a type of pre-programmed automata in accordance with the vague instructions given to them in their last briefing from the drones and box-tickers who have even less of a clue about what is happening in the real world.

The third and final — and the one with perhaps the most detrimental effect on the front line — is the introduction of ‘Affirmative Action’ over the last few decades and the consequent lowering of physical and mental entry qualifications in order to meet politically mandated quotas, many of such recruits having ideological motivations not in keeping with those of the majority population they exercise power over.

These powers are not something they or the government will willingly give up, and it is not out of the question that come the day — in approximately six months by my reckoning when they should do so by self-relinquishing these powers through the ‘Sunset Clause’ recently appended to the enabling legislation — they may not, but extend instead.

Consequently, for the time being, when being questioned or having your thoughts corrected, being fined or arrested, just smile sweetly, be polite and always use English with as many three or more syllable words as you can muster. There is little else you can or should do until the moment of truth re the Sunset Clause — and if it is extended, then…

Basic Rules for Guerrilla Warfare

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You’re Doing it Wrong!

Our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare sends this report on the ankle-biting of the Hungarian Left in these virus-crazy times:

Here in Hungary, the opposition (Uncle George Soros’ paid team) is in a hysterical frenzy trying to find some way to block or at least criticize Viktor Orbán and his handling of the Chinese virus crisis. So far they have not been able to find anything. They tried the good old solution of calling his government “Nazi”, for asking for more power to execute emergency tasks. They simply compared his actions to Hitler’s rise to power, or called it a coup. Of course sounds a bit weak, saying the PM is preparing a coup against his own government, which holds a super-majority, to what? Replace himself and be PM with super-majority…?

This stupidity caused even some of the Leftists to start thinking, and the opposition dropped in the polls, while Fidesz (Mr. Orbán’s party) became a bit stronger.

Obviously the opposition in the USA and in Hungary (and everywhere else) are working from the same script when it comes to criticizing the (right-wing) government steps against the coronavirus outbreak. Nothing is good enough for them; everything the government is doing is wrong, blah blah blah. The “people of the Internet” of course immediately created a short meme about this, which I would like to share with you.

The “it” that they want to close down or open up refers to the borders, the economy, the schools, businesses… — you name it; everything.

Here is an image of the meme, with a translation to follow:

So the opposition suggests: (in USA those are the DemocRATs; here in Hungary the paid lackeys of Uncle George):

1.   Close it up.
2.   Close it up, but not that way.
3.   Close it up, but leave it open.
4.   Open it up, because it was closed incorrectly; screwed it up; start again.
5.   Why the heck was it closed up; open it up immediately!
6.   Open it up, but not that way.
7.   Open it up, but definitely keep it closed, because teachers are people, too.
8.   Do not waste time with teachers, but do not collapse the economy.
9.   Close it up, because he failed; it would be best if he immediately steps down, so it can be opened up.

So there you have the Left’s whining points, applicable everywhere in the world, wherever a right-wing government is in power.