How Political Correctness Lowers IQ

This week’s installment of Dymphna’s greatest hits is from May of 2005. Like last week’s, it’s fairly timeless. Unfortunately, the website she originally linked to seems to no longer exist, so the link has been removed.

How Political Correctness Lowers IQ

by Dymphna
Originally published on May 5, 2005

Walter Williams doesn’t fly commercial airplanes much anymore. He used to, traveling to speaking engagements several times a month. But then along came 9/11. Or rather, along came Norman Mineta with his truly bizarre idea of “security”:

“While the security procedures are not based on the race, ethnicity, religion or gender of passengers, we also want to assure that in practice, the system does not disproportionately select members of any particular minority group.”

Never mind that the sentence itself is strange bureaucratese. We’ve become inured to the debasement of the language. Here’s what’s appalling: we may not speak about the reality that a particularly gendered ethnic group created the hell of 9/11. The elephant in the airport is the disproportionate self-selection of Muslim males on the “Most-Wanted” terrorist Lists.

The only group we avoid criticizing more than Muslim males are gay Episcopalian bishops.

This demand for political correctness has gone beyond the ridiculous into the regions of banal evil. There is an ugly strain of utopian idealism in our country, a virulent insistence on ‘fairness’ that undermines intelligence, merit and achievement. Not to mention virtue, the refuge of the uncool.

The malignant organism that rips the social fabric of American life, leveling differences while it pretends to celebrate them, PC everywhere insinuates itself into the crevices, using a cover of well-meaning to create vacuous, bizarre realities like “zero-tolerance” and unattended college sports programs for women (while men’s programs are eliminated).

It demands — and gets — bathrooms for the transgendered who cannot decide which restroom to use.

Pornography is our constitutional right but we shouldn’t be looking at images of the Twin Towers falling.

“Give Peace A Chance” means no dodgeball at recess.

“No Child Left Behind” means all will be mired in ignorance together. Even fewer will be able to point to Europe on the map, or know a quadratic equation from an interrogative sentence. A what??

No, ignorance is not the perceived problem. Unfairness is. The smallest infraction is insufficiently negligible to escape its notice. Yet PC has so blinded formerly normal people that children wander the school halls bent on murder and no one sees them until bodies are lying on the floor. “But he was such a nice boy.” More calls for gun control and therapy for bullies.

Political correctness has made us so stupid that some of us demand conversation with vaginas.

If we don’t rise up and call a halt to this social rot, terrorism will be irrelevant. We’ll be protozoa.

Orwell had no idea, absolutely none.

Read all of Walter Williams’ “The Sad, Stupid State of Airport Security.” It’s a three-parter at Human Events, beginning with the above link.

Gutmensch From Italy Gets to Feel Migration on Her Own Body

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Politikstube:

Gutmensch from Italy gets to feel migration on her own body

The Italian actress Gloria Cuminetti, who is known to be an outspoken opponent of Matteo Salvini and a fervent supporter of Carola Rackete [captain of the NGO migrant-ferry Sea-Watch 3] , was forced to spend the night in the hospital. Reason: An illegal Moroccan knocked her out while passing by.

It happened last Saturday evening in Turin. The 34 year old Halim Ben Daoud from Morocco, an illegal migrant in Italy, staggered down the street, started an argument with a married couple for no reason, not far from the city centre of Turin. Eventually he lurched towards Gloria Cuminetti and punched her in the face. Suddenly there was a muffled sound. Then crashing to the ground, on the asphalt, where she remained lying, motionless. There was no time for her to comprehend that she was punched. “He kept repeating the same sentence over and over in an incomprehensible language; he yelled and he stared at the ground. I only heard one noise, when he walked past me and I lost consciousness”. That is the actress’ last memory. And as soon as she found the strength, she got up and began running towards a police car not far from her.

The military initiated a search for the perpetrator, which ended just a few minutes later. The 34-year-old Halim Ben Daoud, an illegal Moroccan in Italy with priors, was stopped and arrested only a few hundred meters from the crime scene. He was violent towards the police. He attacked them, leaving them no choice but to use the taser and the electronic weapon. The police shot one warning shot, then brought the injured man into the hospital, where he had been released earlier that same evening, and then to jail. Doctors determined a “condition of psychomotor anxiety,” and drugs were found in his system. The 34-year-old had punched a husband and wife in their ‘60s in a similar fashion just before he attacked the actress.

“At the time when I felt the strong pain, I was already on the ground and everything was black, and my jaw still hurts and my lips are still swollen,” the actress says, as she repeats: “I am not afraid; it’s a fact that it happened. I hate racist controversies. Tomorrow is another day. I will continue to live here; maybe I’ll use my bicycle more often, that way no one can stop me and get on my nerves.”

Gloria Cuminetti spent the night at the hospital. In her opinion, the worst came later when the haters began commenting on various news posts she shared on her Facebook page. Cuminetti has been targeted for her position in support of taking in migrants and against Italy’s border security decree. She’s become a target for showing open solidarity with immigrants, and there is no lack of insults in drowning her Facebook page. “The haters on the internet have already begun to insult me.”

“Did you get targeted by a resource [i.e. culture-enricher]? Capita!”, or “Let’s remain human, right?” Another one: “I hope you can get rested up, but you know today you’ll be hit in the face, and tomorrow you’ll be forced into a black bag when Shariah is implemented.” “Forgive him, he’s basically a resource,” says one of the messages, which was left under a post that Cuminetti had shared about solidarity with Carola Rackete.

And again: “Maybe now is the time to thank Matteo Salvini for the border security decree so that the attacker got taken down by the law with a taser, or maybe you got nothing else to say…”

“They look at my stuff, but those who write certain things, I just feel sorry for them,” she says.

Out of the Mouths of Babes… Comes Baby Talk

JLH sends his take on Greta Thunberg, the Joan of Arc of the Green religion.

Out of the Mouths of Babes… Comes Baby Talk

by JLH

Long ago, when some of us were in junior high (is that upper middle school?), there were different ways to gain attention. Some chose athletics or cheerleading, some chose to run for class office, some chose to work on the school paper or yearbook. Now and then, rarely, someone would find an unusual way, like selling more magazines than anyone else to support a school project. And of course, there were those who let it be known — although never in front of an authority figure — that they smoked or drank when they felt like it. Some even achieved a measure of fame by winning an essay contest — usually about patriotism or their hometown. And then there were the kids who thought they were God’s gift to entertainment, and somehow managed to weasel their way into talent shows and the like. Some of us may recall sitting through tooth-gnashingly saccharine performances of one kind or another.

But I cannot recall any schoolmates near my age who had discovered the real formula. All you had to do was stand up in school gatherings, town meetings or elsewhere and solemnly inform the adults that they had failed us. The Second World War, followed by the Cold War, was their doing. We were tired of being afraid and told to hide under our desks in case of nuclear bombs. This was their mess and they should darn well wake up and fix it. Then, of course, all the parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts would stand up and applaud loudly. And, of course, we would be asked to speak somewhere else, because adults were so impressed by this serious approach to the world’s problems. We might even be asked to speak to political gatherings, to the Congress, even to the UN, because, let’s face it, the adults need to learn a little humility. How can they expect us to take charge of the mess they have made?

Right! If any one of us had tried that, any one of a hundred adults would have stood and told him or her (sorry, those were the only genders we had at the time) to sit down and wait until he/she grew up to start judging things. I can just imagine my own father standing up and saying “Who the *&%$#@ do you think you are, talking like that to people who have forgotten more than you ever knew? Now sit down and listen!” And it would have been a favor in the long run, because the urge to be a fool would have been greatly diminished.

So why hasn’t someone done that favor for poor Greta Thunberg?

No One May Talk to the AfD!

During one of the recent climate-change demonstrations in Berlin, the leftist organizers of the rally assigned minders to accompany members of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) who were there to interview participants and videotape the goings-on. The level of suppression was like that in the People’s Republic of China.

Or it was like the immune system of an organism whose antibodies vigorously attack, surround, and neutralize a perceived invader.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Fight Against Ourselves

Every autumn the leaves change color and fall from the trees. And every autumn the culture war against Black Pete heats up in the Netherlands. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a report on this year’s iteration of the Dutch national pastime.

The fight against ourselves

by H. Numan

It’s that time of the year again. By now it’s a sad tradition, I have to debunk the idea of Black Pete as an American blackface. Again and again and again. Our progressive f(r)iends have added the Dutch Golden Age to it. That’s also racist. The Amsterdam Museum stated they will no longer call the Dutch Golden Age (1600-1700) the Golden Age.

The Dutch Golden Age — we call it ‘de Gouden Eeuw’ or Golden Century — was the period in which the Dutch established themselves as world leaders for a while. It began after the revolt against Spain started, well before the year 1600. And it ended when England and France caught up after they solved their civil war problems. During that period the world’s biggest merchant fleet was Dutch. We didn’t have the biggest navy, but regularly defeated the British navy. Including the famous Raid on the Medway. That was by far the most humiliating naval defeat the British navy ever suffered. during the Second Anglo-Dutch war the Dutch navy raided the home base of the British navy, which at the time was near London. Most of the British fleet was burned; the flagship Royal Charles was towed to Rotterdam where you could visit it for 25 cents. Kapitänleutnant Günther Prien, eat your heart out!

In that period the first global company was formed, the VOC or United Dutch East India company. Also the WIC or West Indian Company. The former colonized and traded in what is nowadays Indonesia, the latter raided South America and traded in slaves. It also captured the only Spanish flota or silver fleet ever, accomplished by Piet Hein. In that period Dutch scientist were at the forefront of scientific discovery. Dr. Boerhaave was the best known physician of the period. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope and Dutch lawyers the concept of the free sea, Mare Librum. Art bloomed and blossomed. I don’t have to mention Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Frans Hals and many others, do I?

Of course it wasn’t a golden era for everyone. There are always people who benefit less in a certain period. That’s a simple fact of life. In fact, if you look at the common man, the ensuing period of national stagnation (1700-1800) was his golden era. With relatively higher wages and slightly better working conditions. And that is how progressives look at history. Do bear in mind that history is a social science, therefore not exact. You can find any result you want. It’s just a matter of what you focus on, and bend the results to what you want. Even real science can be bent. Just look at the rape of meteorology where progressive activist scientists openly commit fraud in order to prove global warming. So much for independent peer reviews…

However, the sad tradition I have to tell you about time and time again concerns Sinterklaas. Not Santa Claus, who is the cultural offspring of Saint Nicholas, the yule spirit (England) and Samichclaus (Germany). Modern Santa is a fairly recent tradition merging the three together, dating to and after Victorian times.

Sinterklaas is the colloquial Dutch name for Saint Nicholas. He has a black helper, and that is where the progressive fun starts. The Sinterklaas tradition is old. Very old. The festival was already celebrated in medieval times long before anything remotely looking like the ‘Netherlands’ existed. Not to the joy of the Catholic Church, mind you. They grudgingly allowed it. Their objection was that Sinterklaas was really a pagan festival — it’s that old. The Dutch kept celebrating Sinterklaas after the Reformation, when the republic became protestant. The now Calvinist church wasn’t any better, and tried to outlaw and ban Sinterklaas. Without success. The Dutch kept on celebrating this age-old children’s festival.

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The Growth of Salafism in the Netherlands

Once again, Dutch politicians and the media are shocked — shocked, I tell you! — at the increasing level of Salafist ideology in the Netherlands.

The video below features Ahmed Marcouch, the mayor of Arnhem, whom we’ve seen before on several occasions. He’s a “moderate” if there ever was one, but his view of what Islam should be doesn’t seem to gain any traction among Muslims in the Low Countries.

Mr. Marcouch plainly views Salafist “extremism” as an aberration of Islam. If only I could, I’d tell him that Islamic “extremism” is what develops when Muslims pay close attention to their scriptures and attempt to follow them to the letter. However, I’m sure he already knows that — he’s obviously no fool. In any case, the Salafists will continue to sprout like mushrooms, regardless of what he says.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Deplorables Who Vote for Björn Höcke

Caption: Björn Höcke, top candidate and regional chairman of the AfD Thuringia, gesticulates during his appearance at the start of the election campaign of the AfD in Thuringia.

It seems the legacy media in Germany view the supporters of Björn Höcke and the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in much the same way as our media view the MAGA-hat-wearing Trump-voting “deplorables”.

And they couldn’t be more blatant about what they’re doing: they chose to illustrate this piece with the photo at the top of this post, in a heavy-handed attempt to smear Mr. Höcke as a Hitler wannabe.

For a subtitled version of the interview that prompted this op-ed, see this post.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from the daily Berliner Kurier:

Commentary on the election in Thuringia: The perverse desire to vote AfD

According to the latest survey, the AfD may reach 25 percent in Thuringia. 25 percent for Björn Höcke, the leader of the ultra-right wing of the AfD, a right-wing extremist who is a secret admirer of Hitler, at least in his use of language.

Assuming that the majority of these voters are not right-wing extremists, what drives them to elect such a man? Because they have all been left behind, because they are in a bad way? That cannot be, because Thuringia is a prosperous region with the lowest unemployment rate in the East. Or do they really choose to vote this way because the bus routes have been cut, or too many rural doctors close down their practices?

No, it’s something else. You can imagine them sitting in front of the TV at home and watching the new polls excitedly: “Now we’re really showing those Wessis [West Germans] and those weirdos in Berlin — now we’re driving them crazy. That’s what they get for not paying attention to us for years.” There’s just no rational explanation other than possible psychopathology.

For this kind of voter, the election of the AfD is obviously a big game, and they’re enjoy themselves greatly. But it is playing with fire. If Björn Höcke is elected, once he is able to come into power the time of such games is over. That’s when it really becomes authoritarian. Then nobody can say what he thinks except for his sworn followers. The freedoms which Thuringians enjoy today, that they are intentionally exhausting so radically with their electoral intentions, will be buried once and for all. When will these voters realise that they are digging their own grave?

Hate Speech, “Islamophobia”, and Undefined Terms

Next week the annual “Human Dimension” conference will be hosted in Warsaw by the ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights) under the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). Volunteers from the Counterjihad Collective will be there to do rhetorical battle with the Islamizers of Europe, as they have so many times in the past (see the OSCE Archives for a chronicle of previous close encounters with the OSCE).

Since Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Henrik Clausen began attending OSCE conferences ten years ago, we’ve watched the organization gradually metamorphose from a (mostly) well-meaning outfit that really did respect free speech into a full-blown Politically Correct Multicultural trans-national advocacy group. It is basically a subsidiary of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and acts as a government-funded think tank for the UN (which is also a subdivision of the OIC).

Despite the odds against us, the Counterjihad Collective continues to fight the good fight, and some of us (not including myself) will be in Warsaw next week.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The two videos below were prepared by Maj. (ret) Stephen Coughlin in collaboration with Vlad Tepes. They recapitulate material from two Human Dimension conferences, one in Warsaw in September of 2013, the other in Vienna in June of 2015.

I was present at the 2013 event, so I’ll provide a brief introduction to what happened at the notorious side event that featured the colorfully-attired Bashy Quraishy and the staid Robin Richardson of the Runnymede Trust.

On September 24, 2013 the ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department convened a side event, “Educational initiatives and approaches for addressing anti-Semitism and intolerance against Muslims”. This sounded like a worthwhile opportunity, and a large contingent of people from the Counterjihad Collective decided to attend it.

It was a good thing we did. It turned out that the side event was convened to highlight “Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims: Addressing Islamophobia through Education”, which was published jointly [pdf] by OSCE/ODIHR, the Council of Europe, and UNESCO in 2011. This document — which contains 49 instances of the word “Islamophobia” — was discussed in the detailed ICLA paper The Problematic Definition of “Islamophobia” [pdf, to which I contributed], and was part of the focus of our research.

The first forty minutes or so featured presentations by the panelists, including some of the authors of the “Guidelines”. One of them was a British gentleman named Robin Richardson, who was associated with the Runnymede Trust.

Since the panelists had repeatedly mentioned “Islamophobia” — ICLA’s topic for the week — I decided to have my say, since I was fully briefed on the word “Islamophobia” and its use in the OSCE document. After comments by one other member of the audience, I spoke up, and a lengthy discussion ensued, capped by devastating remarks made by Maj. Stephen Coughlin.

Some excerpts:

Ned May: We need new terminology. On behalf of the International Civil Liberties Alliance, I formally object to the use of the word Islamophobia. Any official use, including this document. It is ill-defined and was undefined for four years. We requested a definition for four years. And it’s not even defined in here. And when we finally got one, it was from the Turkish delegation this year. And it was based on a definition by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. That is a clear conflict of interest, to use a definition by an Islamic body of something that is used against non-Muslims.

That’s the first problem. The second problem is the definition itself as our extensive, well-sourced paper showed, has at least thirteen major problems including six logical failures. It cannot be used. And the biggest failure is that the definition calls Islamophobia based on unfounded fear of Muslims or Islam. That itself is difficult to prove in any given circumstance.

And any researcher who attempts to prove that someone has a well-founded fear of Islam is branded an Islamophobe. That turns the word itself into a Catch-22. It is circular; it is recursive.

The word must be defined through the agreement of people who share different points of view: those who object to Islamic law, those who support Islamic law, those who have no opinion.

It must be defined by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agreeing together what Islamophobia is. Otherwise, it should be abandoned entirely. Stricken from existing publications including kept out of future publications. Thank you.

Later on, after Maj. Coughlin made his excellent presentation, there was this brief exchange:

Robin Richardson: Just could I come back, I don’t think the word Islamophobia appears in here. It appears on the title.

Ned May: It’s in there forty-nine times.

Robin Richardson: Is it really? I guess you’re right. I stand corrected. I’m surprised. But anyway, on definition. At Runnymede, we had a working definition. I don’t think the OIC existed —

Ned May: The Runnymede definition is in here.

Maj. Coughlin has revisited the material (including his most salient comments) from that side event and provided additional context for the first composite video. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading both videos.

From September 2013:

The full audio of the final 48 minutes of the 2013 side event is available here. For a more detailed account of that night’s side events, including a complete transcript of the audio, see “Torpedoing Islamophobia”.

From June 2015:

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Climate Strike: Where PC and the DDR Meet

Tomorrow is the big day: Climate Strike!

The following video features a young woman named Nicole who advises her viewers to think for themselves rather than blindly follow the climate lemmings.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the climate strike from the Berliner Zeitung, also translated by Nash:

Climate strike by hook or by crook

Students under pressure — those who won’t participate are going to have a problem

BERLIN — This coming Friday, presumably thousands will be in Berlin’s streets after “Friday for Future” has called for a climate strike. So far, so good — one would think. But the group dynamic that has developed over recent weeks around the topic of climate protection has morphed into a compulsion that frankly makes my stomach hurt. It sounds and it feels deeply unhealthy.

For instance, the 11-year-old son of a friend of mine recently asked his teacher if one really had to participate in the climate strike. Because his piano lessons are scheduled for Friday, and he’d much rather go and practice the piano.

Morally pressured

This is where the disturbing part of the story begins. Because even though officially it is a matter of free will whether the kids want to go and participate in the climate strike or not, the teacher, a woman, forced the 11-year-old to stand in front of the class, and began to lecture him.

She got in his face and said to him: “If you don’t care about your future, then of course you don’t have to go there.” And, pregnant with meaning, she added: “I, for one, care about my future.” I mean, seriously? Who does this teacher think she is, to morally pressure this young boy with such a heavy hand? And then to imply a threat in front of his classmates along the lines of “Participate in the climate strike, or you will be an outsider!”

During my time in school in Bavaria about thirty years ago, the book The Wave was a part of our curriculum. We were supposed to learn what happens when a movement takes on a life of its own — even if the intentions behind the movement are noble or harmless. Towards the end of the book the students who didn’t want to participate in the experiment that created an impressive group dynamic ended up being ridiculed, bullied, harassed and even physically attacked.

To dictate what society looks like

Since the teacher about whom I am writing also comes from Western Germany, it’s safe to assume she has read the book as well. But obviously she didn’t get the moral of the story.

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“It is up to us to Dictate How a Society Has to Look”

Herbert Grönemeyer is a popular German actor and musician. Nash Montana, who translated the material below, describes him as the German Bruce Springsteen.

Mr. Grönemeyer caused an uproar recently with an onstage call for the dictatorial suppression of the Right in furtherance of maintaining left-wing governance, which he considers an absolute necessity.

The number of blatantly totalitarian statements from the Left seems to be increasing. Western Europe is ahead of us in that regard, but as the 2020 election campaign heats up, there is more and more of it here in the USA.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

From the German edition of Rolling Stone:

This is why Herbert Grönemeyer bothered people with his speech against the right

For many years the singer Herbert Grönemeyer has been taking a clear stand against right-wing extremism. But after his latest speech at a concert in Vienna, he has received massive critique

Grönemeyer is currently on his “Tumultuous” tour across Europe and is more political than ever. Last summer in Chemnitz he said, “This land is our land. We hold it steady and keep it stable and we don’t let it swerve to the right.”

On Thursday September 12 the singer gave a concert in Vienna, Austria and made some comments in front of a sold-out concert audience concerning what he sees as an unstable political climate: “I only know it from hearsay, to live in times that are so brittle, so fragile, and on such thin ice. And I believe it should be clear to us, that even when politicians are weak, whether in Austria or in Germany, that it is up to us.”

The audience applauded, and Grönemeyer continued, “And then it is up to us to dictate how a society has to look. And whoever then tries to abuse an insecure situation for rightwing drivel and for ostracism, for racism and hate, they have no place here. This society is open and humanist, and we will not move one millimeter to the right, not a single millimeter to the right. And that is how it is and that is how it will remain.”

“I hate to say it but it sounds like a speaker from 1945”

But for a fact Grönemeyer’s speech against the right was received less positively on the Internet than it was at the concert. Of course there were many users on Twitter and other social media who support him and agree with him and find that he hit the target. But there were quite a few prominent voices who openly critiqued the singer’s speech. They mostly talked about the drastic tone of voice of the musicians. His voice got louder and louder during the applause of his audience, and towards the end, the speech ended on a grim note.

“The tone of voice with which Grönemeyer stoked the enthusiasm of his audience, was a bit scary to me,” the German author Bernd Stegemann tweeted. The supporter of the left-wing movement “Stand Up” added: “I hate to say this but it sounds like a speaker from 1945.” Said tweet has been one of the main shared tweets against the 63-year-old Grönemeyer’s speech. But the majority of commenters can’t agree with the criticism. One user on Twitter had this to say: “He speaks AGAINST the right and sounds scary? I hate to say it but that is rubbish!”

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Is Sweden Going Under for the Third Time?

The immigration-induced crisis in Sweden seems to have passed the point of no return. In many urban areas the police are unable to exert their authority. The violence and lawlessness have now spilled over into less culturally enriched areas, and have become so serious that even some of the mainstream media outlets have begun to take note.

Fjordman has written about the situation at Snaphanen (in dansk or norsk; I can’t tell them apart): Er Sverige ødelagt? (Is Sweden destroyed?)

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated three articles about the catastrophic failure of Sweden. The first one is from Samtiden:

Sweden is “a complete political failure,” writes Janne Josefsson. “State power is being hollowed out bit by bit,” writes Wilhelm Agrell.

Now Both Janne Josefsson and Wilhelm Agrell Raise the Alarm: Sweden is Going Under

by Dick Erixon
September 13, 2019

Two heavy public opinion makers, the journalist Janne Josefsson and the peace researcher Wilhelm Agrell, each in his morning newspaper, have today emerged with an emergency call that Sweden is undergoing violence and lawlessness.

Is that violence now approaching the establishment events in the media and academia?

The stench of powder smoke

Janne Josefsson writes in the DN Chronicle, “It is gunpowder smoke in the world’s best country” that Multiculturalism has created de facto apartheid in Sweden. Less than one percent of pupils have Swedish as a mother tongue in the Shumila school at Hisingen in Gothenburg — maybe four pupils out of 500.

Sweden is no longer a country; it is different worlds, and “a politically perfect failure”. But once the denial begins to dissolve, the government and Morgan Johansson (S) [interior minister] are being labeled “abominable beasts”. The words get worse: “The less they know how to solve the social situation in the country,” Josefsson writes.

The schools are “transmission belts” that deliver boys to the criminal gangs. At Shumila School, 26 percent of the boys were prosecuted for a crime within a few years of completing school. “We get the society we deserve,” concludes Josefsson.

Sweden’s internal armed conflict is sinking it

The state’s monopoly on violence no longer exists, the professor in intelligence analysis Wilhelm Agrell writes in a debate article in SvD [see the bottom of this post].

“We must act to save the country.”

He writes that “the phenomenon of internal armed conflict can help highlight the dynamics of an event that has great destructive potential for a society. In the typical internal armed conflict, different groups are fighting each other and to varying degrees a state power that has completely or partially lost its monopoly on violence.”

In such situations, violence escalates, as it is easier than reversing it. The latches have been released and the violence has its own dynamic. Agrell cites Lebanon in the 1980s and the Balkans in the ‘90s as examples where internal armed conflict has escalated to war. In an internal armed conflict, social functions break down and those who are able to flee the country.

Agrell believes that the development of violence has been uninterrupted for too long because both citizens and politicians have regarded Sweden as a safe country. The authorities are very slow to begin to consider serious organized crime as a social threat. “The violence is not only becoming more brutal and escalating, the victims may be anyone who happens to get in the way or anyone who is perceived to stand in the way…” State power has been cut out bit by bit and no longer exists. The country is broken. He believes that it is “the destructive dynamics of the internal armed conflict that we need to pay attention to and fight for if the country, the country in which we want to live, is to be saved.” Otherwise it will quickly get worse.

Will the government wake up now?

Will the government, with its support parties, wake up and take note of the fact that people within the establishment groups are now also sounding the alarm that the situation is extremely serious and acute? My answer is: no. You do not have the mental and intellectual capacity to understand that Sweden is no longer like it was twenty years ago. You also do not want to understand. You are afraid to comprehend reality. Therefore, they will continue to estimate while at the same time throwing out those who warn of the development — which of course mainly applies to the Sweden Democrats, who are ten to twenty years ahead of everyone else.

To acknowledge the situation is to acknowledge that Jimmie Åkesson is right. They would rather let Sweden go down than do that.

The only people who can break the deadlock are the Swedish people. They can show who they sympathize with. An edge in the opinion polls is probably the only thing that can induce the political powers to begin to take action.

The second article is from Fria Tider :

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I Do Not Like That Ham-I-Am

Our German translator JLH has a few things to say about the latest “News of the Weird” story from South Africa.

One of the many things you can learn by reading the news at Gates of Vienna

by JLH

Let’s see if I understand this. Burger King is removing the syllable “ham” from “hamburger” in South Africa so as not to offend anyone. The best statistic I can uncover is that Islam accounts for 1.5% of the ca. 56 million South Africans. The largest single religious group is Protestant Christianity. In second place are those who profess no religion. It makes you wonder whom Burger King consulted (or was directed by). Certainly not the local Jewish lobby. When is the last time you ever heard the owner of a Jewish deli complain to the ADL about the BBQ bar and grill next door advertising spareribs?

This is a pioneering alteration to the language. The word for a type of sausage originally named after its city of origin is reduced to a severed trunk (-burg) that means “fort.” In US English, at any rate, calling somewhere a “burg” is not particularly flattering. I know because I come from a state with a lot of burgs. If I were a citizen of one of the largest cities in Germany — an international port, a center of trade, and an original member of the Hanseatic League — I would not like to be told that I was living in -burg.

This presents a whole new vista of linguistic change, calling up fond memories of the Hitlerian desire to expunge foreign words and phrases from the German language.

Where else in English, for instance, can we find this insidious infidel word “ham”? Perhaps in the Broadway musical about one of the Founding Fathers — you know, Alexander -ilton. Or in the name of a cute little rodent — the -ster — that is so fond of treadmills. Or, if you don’t want to call a small town a burg, you could call it a -let. And if you damage that place down in the back of your leg, you could say that you hurt your -string. This could lead to some confusion, so it may be better to take the high road and say that you pulled one of the tendons that laterally and medially border the depression in the popliteal fossa. That’s a little clumsy, but there are no infidel words in it. (Unless some really picky Muslim scholar objects to the use of the language of the Roman Church.)

And what if we can’t just remove the offensive syllable? What if that’s all there is? Like “Don’t ham it up.” We just have to substitute, and tell show-offs “Don’t steak it up!” “Don’t be such a steak!”

Just to be safe, we should also do away with the term we use for that crispy stuff we often eat in the morning. The morning special might be called “two eggs any style, with choice of ground infidel meat or infidel crispy stuff.” Alternatively “Canadian infidel crispy stuff and eggs.”

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Jews Are Possessed!

The following video shows an exchange between a Muslim visitor and people protesting against sharia at one of Michael Stürzenberger’s events. The culture-enricher identifies one of the protesters as a Jew (I can’t tell if she really is one), and says she is possessed by the Devil.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Why I Am a Nazi

Many thanks to JLH for translating this essay by Matthias Matussek from Henryk Broder’s website Die Achse des Guten:

Why I Am a Nazi

by Matthias Matussek
August 31, 2019

I am a Nazi. God knows I am not proud of it, especially since it would be a grim, indeed the grimmest, hubris to claim that. Yes, I know what the Nazis did. They marched out in columns or hordes and attacked political opponents. They took a gloating pleasure in denunciation. They betrayed friendships and made sure that their friends were loaded onto trucks and taken to camps and murdered.

They bent over articles and books, not for the joy of reading, but to find “evidence” which could bring the authors into conflict with competitors, deprive them of office and make them objects of scorn. Their writings would be burned, because they did not adhere to the prescribed political line.

I have never denounced a human being because he celebrated his birthday with dubious fellows I didn’t know. “Better to turn someone in to the authorities than end up on the wrong side of things” has never been my way.

Nonetheless, I am a Nazi. Henryk Broder advised me to write that. We were at the Zurich summer WorldWeek festival where there were a lot of other Nazis, for instance our colleague, Alex Bauer, who had been beaten by Antifa and put in the hospital. And where there are Antifa, there are Nazis — you know, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

We Nazis are multiplying to stay abreast of things, so those who are eager to extinguish us multiply like a brush fire. You could almost surmise that they start fires themselves, just to have something to do.

It was difficult, learning to be a Nazi. I was recognized as a Nazi for the first time by a young lady with blue hair and multiple piercings. It was when I went to a campaign event held by Mr. Gauland of the AfD, whom I had known until then only from television.

I did not have a clue that he was the chair of a, well… of the Nazi party, which as Messiah Schulz shouted out in the Bundestag, belonged “on the ash heap of history.” He got that formulation from Trotsky, who had dealt harshly with counterrevolutionaries.

“Piss off, you Nazi”

I was making my way to Gauland’s campaign appearance through a cordon of bushwhacking, spitting and swearing Antifa partisans, when a girl pressed a note into my hand. I thought it was one of these messages from a Chinese fortune cookie. Maybe her telephone number.

But no. It said: “Piss off, you Nazi.”

I gave it back and said, “Sorry, I’m not a Nazi.” She looked at me bewildered, as I did her.

The next time, I was standing around among Hamburg citizens on the Jungfernstieg, an upscale shopping avenue on [the banks of] the Alster, to take part in a “Merkel has to go” demonstration. The Hamburg Morgenpost-Online — yes, the one with the ads for call girls — announced that where we were standing, neo-Nazis had gathered while hundreds of peaceful counter-demonstrators were marching.

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