COP26 — Sodom and Gomorrah on Steroids

The all-knowing gods of the globalist pantheon are bloviating inside the COP26 circus in Glasgow, and Saint Greta is braying from the outside. Seneca III has a few words to say about all that Sturm und Drang.

COP26 — Sodom and Gomorrah on Steroids

by Seneca III

Empires falling? “Humanity has ‘run down the clock and it is now ‘one minute to midnight’ Boris Johnson will tell world leaders — as he urges them to ‘act now before it is too late for our children’ in speech to COP26 summit.”

No, you duplicitous bottom-feeding pond life, you and your foul collection of power-mad psychotics and predators are trying to turn back the clock to the Dark Ages.

Doubtless, Prime Minister Carrie’s whipping boy will also repeat that he wants global leaders gathering in Glasgow to unveil steps on ‘coal, cars, cash and trees’ [‘clowns, creeps, crooks and cicutae’ would be more to the point] — the things he believes will make the most difference in limiting temperature rises to 1.5 degrees. Have a look at that bright yellow thing in the sky, you moron, it determines what the temperature will be.

He will also pledge to “…put another billion pounds into green finance, as long as the UK economy performs as expected.” Testicles, Boris, this Sodom and Gomorrah is now twinned with the Tower of Babel and you, the Buffoon-in-Chief, only have temporary control of the loudhailer.

As I write even more embarrassment descends upon that fool’s head; China’s president Xi Jinping will not even give a ‘virtual’ speech, instead only submitting a written statement. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also announced he will not be coming. Will de Pfeffel take the hint? I doubt it; he has disappeared so far up his own fundamental orifice that he hears nothing and cares even less.

And now it has been revealed that Johnson has issued scores of extra fishing licences to France (total now circa 1800) to help Macron’s electoral chances and enlist his support for more global warmongering. These slimy illegitimati stick together like poop to a blanket.

Aux armes! mes amis. Rant over for today. More tomorrow, perhaps, if my constitution can survive the insanity of it all.

P.S. Sleepy Joe fell asleep at the first conference and an aide had to come and wake him up. It all adds to the macabre surrealism of the charade because that walking corpse actually has its finger on the nuclear button.

— Seneca III, this second day of November in the year of our Lord 2021.

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You Won’t Have Angela Merkel to Kick Around Anymore

Angela Merkel is the soon-to-be-former chancellor of Germany. When she finally departs, she will leave behind more than sixteen years’ worth of expanded cultural enrichment as her lasting legacy.

The following piece from PolitikStube reports on an analysis of Merkel’s tenure by László Földi, as broadcast on Hungarian state TV. I’ve put out the word to the Magyars, so if we’re lucky we may get a subtitled version of the original video.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating the article:

“Refugees” — Hungary’s ex-head of the secret service: “Merkel harmed Germany more than Hitler”

The Hungarians really do not mince their words. They openly address the problems and, if need be, they put their fingers in the wound. One such Hungarian is the ex-secret service chief László Földi, who dismantled Merkel’s chancellorship in a talk show on the TV channel M5 and made a statement that can only be made abroad (with impunity).

Euronews: With the “opening of the German borders for refugees” Angela Merkel has done more damage to the country than Hitler, László Földi rumbled on the Hungarian state television on Sunday. The former head of the Hungarian secret service is not at a loss for any provocation.

On the day of the general election, talk guests on the “Commentator Club” — a broadcast on the Hungarian public television channel M5 — analyzed the events and talked about Merkel’s 16-year chancellorship. László Földi was invited as an expert on security policy.

Földi, a regular on public television, said the last creative force in Germany was Helmut Kohl. He described Merkel as a “destructive force” that “has used up everything that her predecessors built.”

According to the former intelligence officer, Germany is the real driving force in Europe, and therefore Merkel did not have to create anything new; she just maintained the level. However, she wasn’t able to do even this, and only dismantled Germany’s position.

On the Eve of Destruction

A gloomy message sent by Seneca III from the multicultural dominion formerly known as England.

On the Eve of Destruction

by Seneca III

CHANGE is both a constant and a variable; a constant because it is always with us, a variable because its flavour and intensity changes over time. In itself this is not a bad thing, but when change takes a wrong turning in the road and descends into an age of national decay and suicidal lunacy such as that which is now upon us, we must either return to the start line and begin again or accept that we will have to sacrifice our integrity, honour, way of life and independence… and our country as well.

Barry McGuire got it spot on. This song is old, but it doesn’t age:

“Better days will return, we will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet again.”
— Her Majesty the Queen, 5th April 2020.

Over half a century ago I swore an oath, the same oath that all persons enlisting or commissioned into the British Armed Forces, except Royal Navy Officers, are required to attest to or equivalently affirm:

I _____ swear by Almighty God (or do solemnly, and truly declare and affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and of the (admirals / generals/ air officers depending on the particular Service) and officers set over me. (So help me God.)

[Until recently no oath of allegiance was sworn by members of the Royal Navy, which is not maintained under an Act of Parliament but by the royal prerogative. This is still the case for officers as, by nature of the Navy’s authority deriving from the Crown and not Parliament, the loyalty of naval officers to the Sovereign is taken for granted.]

However, Her Majesty is no more an immortal than you or I. Her time will come as it will for all of us, as evolution has designed us to eventually shuffle of this mortal coil in order to make room for the next lot. The sad thing is that her immediate successor does not inspire confidence in me, to put it mildly, and this causes me to have to seriously reconsider that part of my oath that refers so repetitively to ‘Heirs and Successors’.

Yet there may be hope for the second in line and his charming, duty-conscious family if they have not been too badly afflicted by the verbal ramblings, divided loyalties and ideological circumlocutions of the current Crown Prince. I do hope so. Our Constitutional Monarchy is a wonderful thing, and serves as a safe harbour for all of our hopes and custodian of much of our physical and historic heritage that the Wokists are doing everything in their power to rub from the pages of history. I also have nightmare visions of a Republic led perhaps by a President Blair or Johnson or Starmer or their ilk.

Anyway, enough of me. So where, now, do we find ourselves?

Not necessarily, I suspect, looking out across bloodstained foreign fields and barricades again, but inward, to our homelands, to the cities, the occupied territories where several generations of feral incomers go about their daily business of crime, drug peddling, benefit scrounging, mugging and gratuitous violence mostly beyond the control of an overstretched Woke and Common-Purposed constabulary carrying out selective law enforcement and led by serial incompetents who are supported by a Judiciary fully on board with the same agenda, none of whom our spineless government will or can do anything about, as more reinforcements for these ferals come piling ashore on a daily basis aided and abetted by France.

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Is it Your Girl, Mr. BoJo?

Is it Your Girl, Mr. BoJo?

by Michael Copeland

Is it your girl, Mr. BoJo, they enslaved and raped and raped,
Coldly marketing her sex for ready cash?
Is it your wife they demean with their insulting cries of “Whore!”,
And assure her that her pretty face they’d smash?
Is it your boy who was picked on all the time when at his school,
Who was threatened he’d be given broken bones?
Is it your car that they vandalise and seek to set on fire,
And your house they keep targeting with stones?
Is it your road where they park and double-park outside the house,
Or urinate in driveways and in yards?
Oh no, sorry. I forgot. It isn’t like that. Silly me!
At your place there’s a gate with well-armed guards.

For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

“Our Citizens Owe Afghanistan Nothing”

The following video features a member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) speaking in the Landtag, or regional parliament, of North Rhine-Westphalia. His remarks refer to the Green Party’s demand that Germany admit thousands of new Afghan “refugees”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Mutti Pays Off the Taliban

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

600 million for Taliban-Afghanistan: Why isn’t Merkel charged for supporting a terrorist organization?

by Stefan Schubert
September 11, 2021

What is the difference between needy flood victims in Ahrtal and the radical-Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan? The people in Germany have been robbed of their entire existence, not the least by the failure of politics; they can, perhaps — beginning in October — fill out online forms to apply for state subsidies, which will then, after a review, be paid out sometime. The Merkel government has immediately transferred €600 million to the Taliban terrorists without any bureaucracy or evidence. So much for the priorities of this federal government.

It should not be left unmentioned here that the federal government called on the population to financially support the victims of the flood catastrophe. The citizens with some of the world’s highest taxes and fees should also pay for the failures of politics with additional compensation payments. In the aftermath of the flood catastrophe, it became known that the federal government was responsible for large gaps in disaster control. Over 1,300 special vehicles were lacking, which the federal government was required by law to provide to the states for disaster control. Special vehicles for protection from and for the elimination of biological, radiological, and nuclear dangers are short by about 30%. The former chief of Technical Relief (THW), Albrecht Broemme, was quoted in Der Spiegel with the following words on disaster control in Germany: “The whole world is laughing at us”.

Taliban: Murderers of German soldiers receive German tax money

Until the takeover of the Taliban, politics and the mainstream media observed the same assessment of the fully-bearded radical-Islamists: A brutal, Middle Ages terror organization that oppresses girls and women, including forced marriages, rape, and stoning. Homosexuals are not only verbally persecuted, but sometimes end up on the gallows, and Islamic Sharia stands above any law or human rights.

The Taliban were mainly described as a brutal terror organization, who with bombs and suicide attackers blew up and mutilated thousands of Western soldiers. Afghans who were accused of being collaborators with the West were shot on the spot without any due process. In addition, the Taliban are close allies of other Islamist terrorist organizations, like Al Qaeda, who murder worldwide in the name of Islam as well as persecute and terrorize Western citizens as “unbelievers”.

Has anything changed in any of these points since the Taliban took Kabul in a coup and inflicted a humiliating military defeat on the West?

No, it has not. The blood of countless victims of their reign of terror, including the blood of dozens of murdered German soldiers, still clings to the hands of the Taliban and their close allies from Al-Qaeda.

What are the survivors and traumatized Afghanistan-veterans supposed to feel when the Chancellor of the Federal Republic stands in front of the microphones of the capital city (Berlin) press and announces talks now with the Taliban? These bloodthirsty Middle Ages monsters have now, from one day to the next, been upgraded by Mrs. Merkel to equal negotiating partners?

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The Crash of Civilization

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The Crash of Civilization

by Fjordman

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were the type of shocking event where many people remember exactly where they were and what they did that day. Personally, I was living in Egypt at that time. I had started studying Arabic language at the University of Bergen in western Norway. In 2001 I continued these studies at the American University in Cairo.

My linguistic skills in Arabic were mediocre. Since I left the Middle East in 2003 and haven’t practiced the language since, my Arabic has deteriorated and is now quite poor. For me, studying Arabic primarily became a door into studying Islam and Islamic culture. I was far better in this field of study, and continued my personal studies of Islam for years. I am at heart not a linguist, but rather an analyst with a strong interest in history.

Before September 2001, I was already growing more skeptical of Islam based on my own studies and personal experiences. Still, living in the largest city in the Arabic-speaking world during the September 11 Jihadist attacks was certainly interesting. The Mubarak regime imposed a curfew on Tahrir Square and parts of downtown Cairo that day. Perhaps they feared that some local Muslims would publicly celebrate the attacks, the way some Palestinian Muslims did. When Egypt received billions of dollars in aid from the USA, this would not have been good publicity.

I followed the news and newspapers back home via the Internet. They claimed that all Arabs and Muslims were sad and horrified by the attacks. This is not true. I know. I was there. Some of my Egyptian Muslim neighbors celebrated with cakes and said openly that they were very happy about the attacks.

To me, the most shocking thing about this was not that many Arabs and Muslims hated the West in general and the USA in particular. I already knew that. What was truly disturbing was that virtually the entire Western world seemed to be in complete denial about this fact. This was an entire civilization which once used to cultivate logic and reason, yet now seemed to have lost the ability to think rationally. That really scared me.

The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu completed his book The Art of War around the year 500 BC. Despite being more than 2,500 years old, it remains surprisingly fresh and relevant. This is because Sun Tzu focused mainly on the psychological aspects of conflict. While human technology has changed greatly in 2,500 years, human psychology has changed a lot less. One of the most famous quotes from The Art of War is this:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

From what I observed in September 2001, it seemed that the Western world had forgotten who our enemies are. Far worse, though, was that we had even forgotten who we are, and the roots of our own civilization.

A decade later, another terror attack would have an even more direct impact on my life. Both attacks became national traumas. Yet the 2011 attacks in Norway were carried out by a single individual acting alone, whose alleged terrorist network only existed inside his mentally disturbed head. The 2001 attacks in the USA were carried out by many different individuals from a real international terror network whose ideology has adherents worldwide. Moreover, when a small country is attacked, this is bad for that small country. When a large and powerful country is attacked, this has geopolitical consequences.

By 2011, I had been living in the same flat in Oslo for eight years, since my return from the Middle East. When the July 22 attacks happened, some people blamed me personally for the atrocities. I suddenly found myself near the epicenter of an international news story. This was extremely unpleasant, but in some ways also educational. If the 2001 attacks weakened my trust in Western mass media, the 2011 attacks totally destroyed it.

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Been There. Done That.

Unless some compelling reason emerges in future years, this will be my last 9-11 anniversary post.

It’s been an educational twenty years, to say the least. The first three anniversaries came up before Dymphna and I started blogging in October of 2004. During those years we had begun our studies of Islam and sharia, eventually launching Gates of Vienna to make our own small contribution to what later became known as the Counterjihad. From 2005 onward, one or the other of us always did a commemorative post when September 11th rolled around.

I still remember what I was doing when I heard the news on that bright, cool September morning, and how the day subsequently unfolded, but I’m not going to write about all that — I’ve covered it too many times before. And I’ll stay away from the political sequelae, except to note that the way the Patriot Act was eventually abused was at least as bad as the most skeptical libertarians predicted, and probably worse.

Over the next decade I spent a lot of time educating myself about Islam and sharia. Beginning in 2009, retired Major Stephen Coughlin was especially helpful in furthering my education. He made me understand the depth and breadth of the penetration of the federal government and the military by the Muslim Brotherhood, to the point that we had written sharia into the constitutions that we devised for Iraq and Afghanistan.

At first it seemed that a combination of ignorance and cluelessness had led to such foolhardy behavior, but as time went by — especially after the Islamophiles in the Obama administration got going full throttle — I realized that there was more than mere ignorance at work. Yes, there were plenty of ill-informed and stupid people at the upper levels of the government and the military, but John Brennan — just to pick an example — was not one of them. There was no way that he could have failed to understand exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood was up to. Thus we can only conclude that Islamization is part of the Deep State’s plan for the deconstruction of Western Civilization.

As the teens wore on, my cynicism and disillusionment about our government got worse and worse. I had started out with the naïve idea that there were decent people among our political leaders who really were attempting to do their best for the country. However, the true state of affairs eventually became ineluctable: corruption and malevolence were (and are) the norm, from the lowest to the highest levels of government. There are a few very rare exceptions, but they play no meaningful role in steering the ship of state.

The five years since Donald Trump stormed onto the political scene have really clarified the extent of the evil rot that has eaten out the core of our political and cultural institutions. The investigation and impeachment of Mr. Trump revealed the true purpose of the Patriot Act. And last fall’s election showed that the Deep State now has full control over the counting of the votes, so that no future elections will show any results other than those they intend. Diehard Republicans who are salivating over the midterms or 2024 are the most clueless of all. If they haven’t yet realized the nature of our new totalitarian dystopia, they probably never will. There’s no voting our way out of this.

So here we are, twenty years later. Afghanistan has reverted to what it was in 2001, except with much better roads, airfields, telecommunications, and surveillance equipment. We just handed the country over to the mujahideen we overthrew back then, lavishing upon them such quantities of state-of-the-art munitions and equipment that they will be the most powerful jihad army ever assembled, courtesy of the United States of America.

Here at home we are entering the full Corona despotism that the paranoid cynics among us have been predicting ever since the start of the “pandemic”. Since I intend to remain unjabbed, by this time next year I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get medical treatment, or eat in a restaurant, or even shop in a supermarket. By September 11, 2022 I might be unable to post a 9-11 commemoration, even if I wanted to.

I remember the ubiquitous “Never Forget” banners that popped up all over the place after 9-11. I didn’t forget.

I remember the “Let’s roll!” spirit that emerged. I rolled as best I could.

I remember when George W. Bush promised to hunt down the evil perpetrators and bring them to justice. And he did manage to round up quite a few of them and stash them in Gitmo until they were released to become ministers in the new government of Afghanistan.

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Crossing the Rubicon

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his take on the impending Great Reset, as seen from a British perspective.

Crossing the Rubicon

by Seneca III

(Agamemnon) …I risked a snub. ‘Why are we doing it, sire?’

Atreus paused in his pacing and supported himself with an arm outstretched to a colonnade’s crimson pillar. Sunken blue eyes examined me closely. ‘Apart from material gain I have two purposes. First, by expanding our territory to make Mycenae Achaea’s paramount power. Second, to close the coast to seaborne Dorians infiltrating across the Gulf.’

‘They are crossing in numbers, sire?’ Bunus inquired.

‘The movement’ said Atreus grimly, ‘has attained the proportions of a mass immigration. They land and take to the mountains, where they reinforce the Goatmen. If we don’t soon stop it we will be embroiled in a ceaseless war of attrition. And not Mycenae alone. Every civilised city will likewise suffer.’

Heroes shook doubtful heads. Some smiled behind their hands. Goatmen raids and counter-raids had become a way of life, a competitive military exercise to keep warriors on their toes, a salutary irritant like blistering a horse. None conceived them a major menace.

Atreus’ far-seeing vision proved everybody wrong.

— From ‘Warrior in Bronze’ by George Shipway. First published by Peter Davis Ltd 1977, Copyright © George Shipway 1977.

Do nations commit suicide without ever realising they are doing so? Doubtless they do. I look around me these days and I see and hear of things happening throughout the West that I could never have imagined even in my darkest dreams.

Whilst I appreciate that life and culture are both dynamics and the evolution of human social-political organisation is a continuous process, I see nothing that would encourage me to think this current vector will in any way lead to a better world and way of life. It would appear that the people of Britain and Europe, invaded from without and betrayed from within, have become so scared of losing what material things they have accumulated that they do not comprehend the actual horrors of the poverty, strife and lack of any personal freedom that Multiculturalism and the Great Reset will bring.

They appear to have given up all hope of holding onto the freedoms that our ancestors purchased for us with their blood. Rather, they have chosen to quietly sink into quasi-servitude, afraid to fight for that which is ours, ours to hand on to our children, not to anyone else. They huddle around the warm fire of history hoping for better times and doing nothing to counteract the increasingly threatening noises in the darkness behind them.

In essence, Britain is being conquered by a cabal of governing cliques who are determined to destroy our whole way of life. The rulings coming out of Westminster, Edinburgh and Cardiff, initiated or parroted by an equally treacherous media, are carefully devised to disenfranchise long-heritage native Caucasian citizens and foreclose any effective resistance to our ethnic cleansing.

They have organised it in such a way that our once green and pleasant land has been fragmented by an invasive horde of predatory alien cultures and primitive belief systems encouraged, enabled and supported by our own political, spiritual, corporate and civil institutions. Metaphysically speaking, we are being subjected to the ideological equivalent of a scorched earth policy. Popes, Archbishops and other princes of the Christian Church have close-ranked with and genuflected before the purveyors of a barbaric political power system founded on atrocity and slavery several centuries ago and maintained thereby to this day.

By effecting this sedition through innocuous pinpricks over a period of decades they have induced a terminal osteoporosis of that conceptual skeleton to which the sinews of a strong, functional society must be anchored. Thus, it is inevitable that the full extent of our weakened condition will only become apparent when one straw too many finally breaks our back, and by then both the will and the means to resist will have been sapped, and the complacent masses will find themselves unarmed and unorganised, naked in the face of their enemies.

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Europe Under Assault

Europe Under Assault — What people have been saying

Edited by Michael Copeland

Train after train full, bus after bus,
Laid on, provisioned, and paid for by us,
Bring enemy combatants, dealers in drugs,
Welfaring freeloaders, rapists, and thugs.

The Germany of Madam Merkel seems to be still floundering along wishfully believing that these disruptive activities are manageable annoyances and that life can continue along much as before.
— Matthieu Baudin, comment, Jihad Watch

Not only is the cost of employing so many extra security forces high, an additional cost of surveillance and security planning and equipping is running into millions. This is the burden placed on us by Islamic savagery and governments living in denial of the intent of Muslims they insist in allowing into our countries.
— Tommo, comment, Jihad Watch

Europeans had their weapons taken away from them years ago… Now they are like sheep and Merkel has opened the gates allowing the wolves in.
— Barry, comment, Jihad Watch

There are no longer any “legal” niceties about this situation any more than there would be in the face of an oncoming tsunami. The issue now is one of survival.
— revereridesagain, comment, Bare Naked Islam

The betrayal of the people, the citizens of these nations by their leaders is beyond criminal. And the assistance of the ‘religious’ leaders in this invasion, as well as the complicity, is abominable.
— grouchyfogie2, Bare Naked Islam

North African states refuse to take back Muslim ‘refugees’ Germany wants to deport
Bare Naked Islam

Consider that the prophet was himself a rapist, child molester, warlord, murderer, slaver and armed robber, and that the Qur’an sanctions all of these things and holds Muhammad up as the ideal human. What else can you expect?
— Shafiq Islam,former Muslim, 2016.01.18

A Canadian school district just cancelled ALL school trips to Europe because they cannot get insurance after the Paris attacks; and note this decision was made before the NYE rape jihad. On another forum an American said his daughter’s German class trip to Germany has been cancelled. On the weekend I spoke to a family member in France and she said the big high school in her city has cancelled all student travel. I’m sure there are many more. Who wants to go on vacation and be raped by a filthy Muslim?
— Tina 2016.01.18

irresponsible incompetent multicultural governments are paying tax money to import colonist welfare recipients to destroy them.
— Mahou Shoujo, comment, Pamela Geller

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Joe Benedict Biden

It’s always interesting to get a non-American viewpoint on American politics. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan is better-informed than most Europeans about what goes on here in the USA, so his insights are entertaining as well as instructive.

Joe Benedict Biden

by H. Numan

I normally don’t write a lot about the USA, but sometimes I have to. The humiliating surrender in Afghanistan is such an occasion. Surrender? Yes. It’s not a withdrawal with some minor hiccups when you leave $85 billion worth of equipment behind, and willingly throw your allies to the wolves. Actually, this is a follow-up to the article I wrote when the Biden victory was confirmed. It’s a lot worse than you think.

Benedict Arnold merely tried to sell West Point. Joke Biden actually sold the United States. At this moment Afghanistan has one of the best-equipped armies in the world. That’s not a joke. The Taliban has more and better equipment than France, Germany or the UK. Plus plenty of money to buy whatever they lack. Oh, so they don’t have pilots to fly those Black Hawks? No problem, we hire some. How much equipment was left behind? Enough to give each and every Taliban fighter his own truck, plus a couple of rifles.

Was surrender necessary? Of course not. Portugal had the same problem after their Carnation Revolution in 1974. The revolutionary government dissolved the Portuguese colonial empire overnight. They did it as it should be done: first they evacuated civilians. Next they evacuated everything remotely possible, including toilets, water taps and bathtubs. Then they withdrew their military to the last airport, while keeping a vigilant heavily armed guard. The withdrawal was finished in a couple of weeks. Nobody (Portuguese or otherwise) was killed or even hurt. That’s how you do it.

However, that was not what the caretakers of Biden — the man is clearly senile — wanted. They desired mayhem. Wanton destruction. Mass killings. Immense loss of prestige. This defeat is worse than the defeat in Vietnam, far worse. It will take another twenty years to get over it. If ever. Yes, it is that humiliating. Vietnam was a fairly developed country compared with stone age Afghanistan. They only wanted the foreigners out of their country. Contrast this with religious zealots who always talk about defeating the crusaders. They just defeated the most advanced, biggest, and professional army in the world. Surely Allah knows best!

I can understand something had to be left behind, but not on this scale. That is not “an act of God” (Allah?) or “a simple mistake”. This is intentional. Leave helicopters and aircraft behind? Why on earth? You can’t fly them out? Or should I say: the minders of Biden didn’t want them to fly out? Leave a few vehicles behind? No problem, understandable. But +40,000 light attack vehicles and +22,000 Humvees? That is not an accident. That is on purpose.

It gets even worse. A Black Hawk helicopter is loaded with state-of-the art technology. You can rest assured those helicopters already are being dissected and reverse-engineered in Beijing, Tehran and Moscow. If not this week, certainly the next. Next year Russia, Iran and China have their own copies flying. That’s excluding all the technology that can be found in left behind high tech equipment, such as night vision goggles and communication gear. Forget about any advanced American technology next year. By then Russia, Iran and China have reverse-engineered everything.

In one stroke the American advantage in everything is gone: no more technology advantage, and more importantly: you lost needlessly against a bunch of stone-age shepherds armed with blunderbusses. Remember 9-11? Oh, you got satellite technology? We got box cutters!

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A Judicial Revolving Door for the Culture-Enriching Rapists of Lethbridge

Our Albertan correspondent DL sends this follow-up to last week’s report on the culture-enriching “grooming gang” of Lethbridge and Calgary.

The Insanity of Our Courts Continues

by DL

The Lethbridge Muslim “groomers” are being protected now by a publication ban on the details of their bail amounts and bail conditions. Alberta Provincial Court Judge Jerry Neil LeGrandeur issued bail for most of the Muslims on the sex-grooming charges, but applied a “publication ban” on the details of that bail issuance and its conditions.

You will notice in the stories below that Judge LeGrandeur, in ordering a publication ban, also ordered the accused to “surrender their passports”, which virtually guarantees these vile men are some of “Justin Trudeau’s Darling Refugees”.

This judicial lunacy of using unlawful leniency when dealing with refugees was manifest in Lethbridge, Alberta in 2016. That year Wijdan Yasir, a Pakistani National, had sexually assaulted three women in the swimming pool of the Holiday Inn hotel in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Wijdan Yasir was released on a $1,000 “no cash bail” by Chief Crown Prosecutor D. Vaughan Hartigan. Wijdan Yasir jumped his bail twice and failed to appear, and in spite of his criminality on the repeated breach of his bail conditions, Yasir was re-released back into the community before his trial, again by Chief Crown Prosecutor D. Vaughan Hartigan.

Before his trial on the sex assault charges, Wijdan Yasir finally fled to Pakistan, where he remains to this day. Out of reach of Canadian courts, out of reach of justice.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Vaughan Hartigan was promoted to the Alberta Court of Queens Bench as a sitting judge.

Incredibly, in spite of Wijdan Yasir fleeing the country after being released on a “no cash bail”, as detailed in “Story Two” below, Alberta PCJ Judge Jerry LeGrandeur still allowed one of these current Muslim sexual predators to be released on a $2,500 “no cash bail”.

This is the totally dangerous, incompetent, negligent, corrupt and politically activist insanity of our justice system in Canada.

This cannot be tolerated.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Links with details on bail and publication, as well as Dr. Ziyaad Noor’s Twitter:

Previous posts about the grooming gang in Alberta:

2021   Aug   15   Rotherham-on-the-Prairie
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Merkel’s Little Shop of Horrors

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Politically Incorrect:

Merkel’s balance sheet in one word: CATASTROPHE!

by Martin E. Renner

Shortly before the federal election on September 26th, which is truly groundbreaking for the future of our country, voters are faced with a dilemma.

If you believe the current polls, it almost doesn’t matter which old party you vote for: CDU/CSU, SPD and GRÜNE will each receive something around 20 percent and FDP and LINKE to the left or right of the party political uniformity will tip the scales.

Some voters who act tactically make it the premise of their voting decision to absolutely prevent an increase in power for the Greens. The classic left-wing camp is pursuing the same goal towards the CDU/CSU. These “tacticians” have only one thing in common: they all have — for whatever reason — missed the realization that the old political camps are in complete disintegration.

MPs are only extras in the party and democracy theater

For a long time now, the majority of high-ranking political statists are no longer concerned with making fundamental and directional political decisions.

Votes are one thing above all else: they are of crucial financial importance for the parties. So not with regard to the future of our country. But definitely for the future of the parties and their respective mandate-related and personalized hierarchies within the parties.

The parties have come together amicably on almost all key issues relating to the political and social future of our country. During her 16-year management, the former FDJ secretary, who was excellently trained in Marxist-Leninism, formed the “New Unity Party of Germany (NED)” behind the theater curtain of democracy.

For sixteen years the former old parties tolerated and allowed Merkel to stage her destructive work. Year after year, policy field after policy field. Even if Merkel was and is the head and acting director of the destructive work carried out on our homeland and our nation, all the old parties represented in the German Bundestag and their figurants (theater language for extras) have to shoulder a considerable part of the responsibility.

Merkel’s work of destruction. A drama in many acts:

Energy transition and phase out of nuclear power

In the 2009 election campaign, Merkel advocated the “phasing out” of nuclear power. Merkel originally wanted to suspend the phase-out of nuclear power begun in 2001 by the red-green predecessor government and delayed it for an indefinite period of time. On March 11, 2011, the seaquake struck off the coast of Japan. The resulting tsunami led to the well-known reactor accident in Fukushima, Japan.

The Chancellor, who once again acted purely opportunistically, shone with a real somersault. Diametrically opposite the original course and without necessity, the final phase-out of nuclear power was decided.

Since then, the “Renewable Energy Law” has been amended and tightened several times. This not only brings us today the progressive destruction of our cultural landscapes, but above all the highest electricity prices worldwide and the lowest full-load backup. With all the consequences for business and consumers. Even so, Merkel turned out to be the most powerful state leader with a green primer — worldwide.

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The Narrative is Crumbling

The video below is an excellent compilation of various Corona- and vax-related clips. I’ve already watched most of the videos excerpted here, but it’s chilling to see them all together like this. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The video was produced by the sponsors of today’s Nationwide Rally for Freedom in Adelaide. I didn’t learn about the event until late last night, right about the time it was getting underway, so I couldn’t publicize it ahead of time.

It’s the wee hours of Sunday morning now in Adelaide. I haven’t heard any news yet about how it went. Our Aussie readers are invited to check in here when they wake up and leave reports and links to the day’s events in the comments.