The Cordon Sanitaire Tightens Around Vlaams Belang

For the last fifteen years or so the establishment political parties in Western Europe have dealt with the rising popularity of nationalist and anti-immigrant parties by forming a cordon sanitaire around them — the French term has been borrowed to describe the way all the Good People quarantine a contagion of right-wing thinking. All the non-nationalist parties refuse to form a coalition with the “right-wing extremists”, and negotiate with one another until some sort of government can be formed without them. If necessary, the center-right, the socialists, and the Greens will join together to stop the populist tide.

As far as I know, the term was first used to describe what was done to Vlaams Belang in Flanders and Belgium. Later it was applied to the treatment of Geert Wilders and the PVV in the Netherlands, and then Sverigedemokraterna in Sweden. I’m certain the same method will be used when necessary against the AfD in Germany.

And now a cordon sanitaire has once again been used against Vlaams Belang after the party won a municipal election in a Flemish town.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this French-language report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Mischievous Youths Attack Police in Berlin

The following video was posted by Fred Alan Medforth, who translated the Arabic dialects. He said:

Understanding Arabic is a blessing and a curse at the same time! A blessing because one immediately recognizes the dangers and could warn against them and a curse because nobody would believe his warning.

In this video, which according to the source was recorded on this New Year’s Eve 2018 in Berlin, I hear Arab young men speaking with Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese dialects.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for timing the video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Cologne: Not Your Father’s Silvesternacht

Silvesternacht (New Year’s Eve) in Cologne was a bang-up affair in more ways than one. And no fun for the police.

MissPiggy, who translated the report below, describes the piece as follows:

This is a post written by someone who knows a German police officer. In it he writes about what was really happening on New Year’s Eve in Germany.

The translated post:

The truth about New Year’s Eve — Report of a police officer

by Richard Feuerbach

Today I spoke with a friend who works as a police officer in Cologne and wants to remain anonymous for understandable reasons.

He told me first-hand how and what he experienced in action on New Year’s Eve.

What he told me draws a completely different picture from what the mainstream press tries to draw.

From the point of view of a police officer at the front and from the point of view of the numerous New Year’s Eve victims, the reality is diametrically opposed to the public image in the media.

In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone, 38 (!) policemen and -women were injured on New Year’s Eve in action during peaceful New Year’s Eve celebrations, and in some cases have now been incapacitated for longer periods.

Hundreds of colleagues were mobbed, spit on, insulted, beaten and kicked. Even firefighters and rescue workers were victims of almost exclusively “Muslim, Arab and Turkish hordes, which have created in many places civil war-like conditions.” And not only on the so-called Kölnberg.

The so-called “protection zones” around Cologne Cathedral and the central station were hard to hold. A comprehensive control was impossible. In spite of the ban, numerous rockets and guns were fired at people and injured several of them.

The German population, if seen on the streets, were few and far between. Those who ventured out were at the least irritated and at the worst scared or in a panic. And others were filing charges with the police for assault, property damage, insult or sexual harassment. The officers of the Cologne police feel abandoned by Mayor [Henriette] Reker and certify her as having a “below-grade” policy and ivory-tower attitude.

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When is a Beheading Not a Beheading?

When a Scandinavian girl gets decapitated by a mujahid in Morocco. Then it’s a “knife wound to the neck”.

If you’re a Swedish media snoid, that is.

Ingrid Carlqvist talked about all this in her interview last month. The following brief article discusses the same phenomenon. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from Nyheter Idag:

“Knife wounds to the neck”— SVT continues to minimize the beheadings

The most problematic thing about the beheadings in connection with the murders in Morocco is not the act itself, but that people spread the video on social media of what actually happened. That is how state SVT [Swedish state TV] Rapport may be summarized when they focus on the fact that it may be criminal to spread the beheading video, the incident that the public service outlet calls “knife wounds”.

Since the state SVT in TV texts, on the web, and in news broadcasts consistently refers to “knife wounds” when they report on the murders in Morocco, many private persons have chosen to post the bloody video that shows that the same work was beheadings. Now public service channels are putting a stop to videos that show what really happened, via a feature in SVT Rapport.

“A video that is said to show the murders has been spread on social media. But those who spread the film in Sweden may be guilty of a crime”. That is what the former prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem told a TV anchor in SVT Rapport.

On the TV screen even in the text, “dissemination is illegal” appears. Further, Rapport shows a feature from Morocco where reporter Diamant Salihu repeats the minimization of what actually happened.

“The girls had knife wounds on their necks,” he says in the feature.

Those who want to show that SVT is wrong in their claim of “knife wounds to the neck”, and thereby spread videos that show what really happened, may risk several years in jail.

“If the crime is aggravated, it carries up to four years in jail and a minimum of six months,” says Sven-Erik Alhem in the feature.

In social media, several users say that the video is being spread just because the Swedish media, in particular the public service, consistently refuse to state that both women had their heads cut from their bodies. Nyheter Idag (News Today) reached out to SVT on Tuesday, but without results.

New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Part 2

The video below is the second of three parts (part 1 is here) of what was originally a live-stream video recorded on New Year’s Eve at the most popular German cultural festival of the year: Gropin’ and Rapin’ Night in Cologne.

Our group of revelers has at last made it to the main train station in Cologne, and then out into the square around the cathedral. They take note of the extensive cultural enrichment that surrounds them at every turn.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Dignity Good! Yellow Vest Bad!

In the following talk, French President Emmanuel Macron seems more like an android or audio-animatron than a human being, never mind a statesman. Watch his hand-gestures — copied from TV news reporters and presenters. It’s creepy.

Anyway, now we know what he thinks of those impertinent “Yellow Vest” protesters.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Swedish Court Sentences Culture-Enriching Child-Rapist to Six Years in Prison

A rambunctious “youth” named Mohammed was sentenced to six years in prison by a Swedish court for raping a 9-year-old girl. That’s a harsh sentence by Swedish standards, but at least the mischievous youngster will not be permanently deported when he gets out.

I hardly need to point out that this case has a Mohammed Coefficient of at least 100% (it could be higher if his last name is also Mohammed or Mehmet or Mahmoud, but Swedish news reports don’t give the surname of the perp).

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Mohammed sentenced for brutal rape of a 9-year-old girl — but avoids lifetime deportation

The immigrant was in search of a girl or child to rape

December 28, 2018

The 30-year-old Libyan who was charged for a brutal rape of a 9-year-old girl earlier this year in Malmö was sentenced today by the court for aggravated rape of a child. The penalty is six years in prison and deportation, but not for his entire life; instead after 15 years the pedophile rapist is welcome back.

It was at the end of October that the 9-year-old girl was subjected to an aggravated rape in a courtyard in Malmö. At the beginning of December, a 30-year-old Libyan was charged with the crime.

This is what the prosecutor wrote in the lawsuit:

He lured the victim into a trash room, which he locked, wrestled her to the floor, struck her in the face with an open hand, took off her (lower body) clothes and held her legs. He put a stranglehold on her neck, which caused her pain, created a bruise on her throat and made it hard for her to breathe. He further threatened to hit her if she didn’t stop screaming. Today the man, who in other media is called the “little girl papa” was sentenced for the crime. He has admitted the deed.

According to the court, it is clear that the man was in the area that day “to look for a girl to rape, that he didn’t care if the girl was a child, that he wanted have vaginal intercourse with her, and that, during the attack, he told her to open her legs,” which is contained in the judgment.

From the Migration Board’s opinion, the man, who is a citizen of Libya, has been in the country (Sweden) with permanent resident status since November 2010. He has three minor children in Sweden, and on many previous occasions has been convicted of crimes of violence and theft, but without being deported.

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Sweden: See Nothing, Say Nothing

Swedish state TV is not only hiding and/or obfuscating the news about the beheading of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco, but it is also threatening its viewers with prosecution if they should happen to share the video of the crime on social media.

It may well be that posting the beheading video would not in fact be covered by the mentioned statute, and that no prosecution for it would ever get to court. But, knowing the compliant Swedish character, the media are counting on their audience to keep their heads down and say nothing.

Ingrid Carlqvist talks about the Orwellian world of Swedish TV in the following video. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting this interview:

Belgium: A Surge of Asylum Seekers From Gaza

FouseSquawk is reporting on news about a significant recent increase in the number of asylum seekers entering Belgium from Gaza. He has translated two articles from Joods Actuelle, a Belgian (Flemish) Jewish site. His summary:

The former Belgian minister for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, has complained publicly that his successor has increased the number of asylum seekers admitted into the country from 50-60 a day to 191 a day, the largest group coming from Gaza. He has made a video in Flemish in which he says he understands the fear of the Jewish community about this migration.

Read the two complete translations from the Dutch at FouseSquawk.

In addition, I sent a French-language article on the topic to our French translator Nathalie and asked her to evaluate it. We decided that it was too technical to warrant a complete translation, although Francophones may find it useful.

Nathalie sent this summary, plus some additional observations:

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Grandpa Says: Keep That Money Flowing!

These “German” culture-enrichers think it’s a real laugh riot to have multiple wives who keep whelping out the wee bairns to bring in lots of welfare benefits. There’s nothing like free infidel money to make these youthful grandpas slap their knees in mirth.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Zineb el-Rhazoui: “Islam Has to Submit to French Republican Laws”

Zineb el-Rhazoui is a French writer, a former staff member of Charlie Hebdo, who was born in Morocco and apostatized from Islam in her youth. She escaped being killed during the jihad massacre of 2015 because she was visiting Morocco at the time of the attack.

In the following two clips from French television Ms. El-Rhazoui discusses two related issues: the way Islam is sugar-coated and falsely described even in “deradicalization” programs, and the fact that Islam is not permitted to be criticized and mocked the way other religious faiths are.

Many thanks to FreeZoxee for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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