Santiago Abascal: Incompatible Ways of Life Cannot Coexist in Spain

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the populist anti-immigration Vox party in Spain. In the following video, Mr. Abascal discusses the Islamization of Spain. It includes excerpts from a speech that seems to have been delivered in Catalonia, and was intended for a Catalan audience, but Mr. Abascal is from Basque country and currently represents Madrid in Parliament.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Some people think that incompatible ways of life can coexist.
00:06   No. Incompatible ways of life cannot coexist in a neighborhood.
00:09   Today we see in girls in Catalonia with a veil that covers their noses.
00:14   And we know what that means. And some will say, “well, it’s their daughters”.
00:18   It’s just their daughters, for now. But we have already seen their messages,
00:22   in which they say that Sharia will replace democracy and civil law in Europe.
00:26   We have to imprison a gay, a lesbian or a transsexual,
00:30   and then they have to be given a hundred lashes.
00:33   I swear to God that you are going to fear us until the day of the final judgment!
00:38   Allahu Akhbar!
00:41   And soon our daughters will be the ones who will be forbidden from walking dressed like that.
00:45   And it will also be the daughters of [Carles] Puigdemont and the daughters of [Pres. Pere] Aragonés.
00:48   And the daughters of all the culprits who have let them in.
00:51   Of course there are identity problems. And this must be said.
00:54   And someone will say: “this is xenophobic”. Call it whatever you want.
00:57   This is the truth.

16 thoughts on “Santiago Abascal: Incompatible Ways of Life Cannot Coexist in Spain

    • Islam is indeed incompatible with western civilization. Since the inception of Islam in the 7th century, Muslims have consistently tried to spread Islam to other cultures via conquest. For instance, in 711 AD, they invaded Spain and tried to break out into greater Europe and establish a caliphate only to be defeated by the Franks at the battle of Tours in 732. Today, through incessant Muslim migration and to the great detriment to the West, Islam is achieving the kind of foothold it never achieved through military conquest.

    • “Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Spain once ruled by those psychos?”

      Dumping Mohammedanists into the gene pool inhabited by psychotics is an insult to psychotics.

      I believe the Moors’ (i.e., a euphemism for Mohammedanists) conquest of Spain—then, inhabited mostly by Jews and Christians—was driven by the oldest and basest of human drives: the desire to possess [STEAL!] the wealth of others; and, further, to STEAL [via jizayh “tax”] additional wealth from a subjugated population of compliant sheep.

      It took two mushroom clouds to force the Empire of Japan to drop their guns and surrender unconditionally. 9/11 should’a resulted in a mushroom cloud over Mecca. 7 Oct should’a resulted in a [somewhat smaller] mushroom cloud over Gaza.

      Don’t palter with Mohammedanists and other feral creatures!
      Remember: the only thing a terrorist/thug respects is a terror G-R-E-A-T-E-R than his own.

      History keeps repeating itself and only the names and dates change….BECAUSE only the names and dates change.

  1. If Islam once lives in an area, they believe they own it for eternity. How many churches have been converted into mosques? Even the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest site has been taken over and used as a supremacist holy site. Jerusalem was always a minor part of Islam until it could be a rallying point against the Jews. The West needs to nip this takeover in the bud, if there is any chance left.

  2. It was the Moor’s who gave Spain some of it’s greatest cultural hallmarks. Later on, after they were evicted, the Catholic Religion that took over caused one of the greatest religious persecutions in history, the Spanish Inquisition where Jew’s and Muslim’s were tortured and murdered en mass. Also, let us not forget that the Ottoman Turk’s also a Muslim Empire was a vibrant trading economy and tolerant civilization that prospered during the dark ages of Europe, below is an excerpt concerning the Moor’s ;

    Moors of spain
    The Moors were a group of people who originated from North Africa and conquered the Iberian Peninsula, which is now modern-day Spain and Portugal, in the 8th century. They were Muslim warriors who were part of the Umayyad Caliphate, and they brought with them their language, culture, and customs.

    The Moors established a rich and vibrant civilization in the region, which became known as al-Andalus. During their rule, they built many architectural wonders, including the Alhambra palace in Granada, the Mezquita in Córdoba, and the Alcázar of Seville. They also developed a thriving trade network, and their culture was influenced by both Islamic and Christian traditions.

      • The Greeks?
        We lived under the Ottomans.
        on 1453 we were 20 millions and on 1821,when we succeeded to be free again we were only 900.000.

    • [excrement]
      The Turks invaded Eastern Europe
      They pillaged and killed
      They raped women and took children to be one ieniceri in their army
      All the regions of my country payed a hearty price to Turks every year
      They put puppets as leaders
      That was 400 years of destruction and humiliation
      You can lie to people that do not know their history but not to me
      The turks where beat at Viena by the poles
      Without poles the west would have got the lesson they diserve
      It would have been a good lesson
      Especially for the stinky Germans
      [vulgar intensifier] Muslims are criminals
      With their rapist and criminal Mohamed

    • I think that the Baron many years ago published an article here on GoV where it was proven that the theory of the big builders of Islam in Spain was just a theory but not proven.
      If I remember correctly it was said in this book that they made excavations and radiological dating of buildungs and except some small additions nothing big was build by Islam.

    • You deleted my reply Baron.
      You did not like truth?
      The truth about the Islam in Eastern Europe , Barron??
      Well, I say it again.
      The Turks destroyed Eastern Europe for 400 years.
      They pillaged, raped, stole children and trained them to be solders.
      The west was protected at Vienna by the polish army.
      The west have no idea how damage the islam is.
      But they will learn and they will remember
      The stinky Germans will remember.
      Delete it again and I will post it and repost it under different names

      • I didn’t delete your comment! I redacted out two expletives, that’s all. I left everything else in.

        Go back and look — it’s there.

    • Some of the greatest scholars in Islam were of Jewish or Persian heritage. Maimonides, who is celebrated in Cordoba today, was Jewish, and complained about their treatment by the Moors.

    • Well Chucky, I see you bought the islamic leftist propaganda hook, line and sinker. I suggest you read up on history of what really happens under muslim rule and see what really happens, enlightened my backside.

  3. Islam is primitive and its adherents are primitive and destructive; they are allowed to live only out of a mistaken sense of tolerance by ignorant Europeans / Americans.

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