I Saw Satan Laughing With Delight

Normally I wouldn’t touch the Eurovision Song Contest with a ten-foot pole. As far as I’m concerned, the whole enterprise is Satanic — the demonic caterwauling of the contestants, the infernal iconography associated with it, and the hellish behavior of the fans. If people want to descend into that sort of cultural sewer, that’s fine; but leave me out of it.

Unfortunately, this year’s instantiation of Eurovision is taking place in Malmö, and the overwhelming emphasis is on the fact that an Israeli singer is participating in the event. Everyone else involved wants the young lady gone, and tens of thousands of people have gathered outside the venue to protest the Jewish presence and express their support for Hamas.

So I have to cover it.

[The breaking news is that the Swiss contestant has won the final. Which is fortunate; if the Israeli contestant had won, the mob outside would have had to burn the building down.]

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Expressen:

Ireland missed dress rehearsal in Eurovision

May 11, 2024

Ireland, Switzerland, and Greece were absent from the artist presentation before the dress rehearsal in Eurovision on Saturday afternoon.

Now the Irish performer Bambi Thug explains that it was a protest and attempt to get EBU’s attention.

In an interview with Irish RTE, she says she wants Israel excluded. According to NRK, EBU is holding a crisis meeting about what occurred.

by Johan Bratell

Neither Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, nor the disqualified Netherlands were seen when the Eurovision artists were presented at the dress rehearsal before the evening’s final in Malmö Arena.

Now the fan favorite, Ireland’s Bambi Thug, talks about the decision not to show up.

“A situation arose while we were waiting to go onstage before the dress rehearsal, which I felt I needed to bring to the attention of EBU. EBU has taken this seriously, and we have had a discussion on what needs to be done. This means that I am missing the dress rehearsal. I am sorry for all the fans who have come to see me. I hope to see you from the stage tonight,” Bambi Thug writes in a statement via social media.

Norwegian NRK writes that EBU is holding a crisis meeting about what occurred.

Demand that Israel be removed

Later in the afternoon Bambi Thug left the hotel dressed in a Palestinian shawl.

Bambi Thug tells Irish RTE that she wants Israel excluded, and she is critical of what the country’s commentator said during a broadcast on Tuesday.

“There will be a lot of spells, black magic, Satanist symbols, and voodoo dolls,” the commentator said then, according to RTE.

During the rehearsal before the semi-final, Bambi Thug had written the words, “Cease fire” and “freedom for Palestine” on her body in the late Middle Ages written language, Ogham, Aftonbladet reported.

Greece and Switzerland also absent

Greece was also not seen during the flag parade, but when it was Marina Sattis’ turn to perform, she stood on the stage and did her number. The same was true for Nemo from Switzerland.

Protests against Israel again

Eden Golan, 20, from Israel, with her contribution “Hurricane”, has sailed to one of the big favorites in the evening’s Eurovision.

But the protests against her participation continue.

During Saturday afternoon’s dress rehearsal, she was once again met with boos from the audience — and with that, two Palestinian flags appeared when she took the stage.

EBU earlier communicated that only flags from competing nations, plus the rainbow flag are permitted.

15 thoughts on “I Saw Satan Laughing With Delight

  1. I thoroughly dislike the song contest; it’s a blatant satanic faggot fest and I wish the UK would stop participating.
    But if someone dressed as a demon can demand the organiser prevent another participant from performing then why can’t I demand that the event should forbid all things satanic; dress, lyrics, actions, symbology.
    I haven’t watched it in decades for these reasons and also because it exposes all the European nations who hate my country, as well as those who suck up to their mates and betters.

  2. It is really hard to believe, but this music festival was once a musical event that represented the different cultures and music of European countries. Today it conveys a blatant globalist cancel culture agenda promoting homosexuality, pedophilia and Satanism.

    I’m glad that the Irish group didn’t show up, it gives me the shudders if they had and then won.

    • “The knowledge of good and evil…”

      It’s a classic satanistic “bait and switch”, they must act good to gain attention, then they turn evil…

      Like the little charming Disney princesses, who turn 18 and go for sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll – and take the whole generation of little girls with them into the “new life experiences”

      That’s the way of these freaks – they did it to Hollywood too, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s natural or planed, but it’s happening.

  3. If Bambie Thug were a real satanist, rather than being a confused attention-seeking brat, wouldn’t she be all in favour of genocide and human suffering? Cease fire? And presumably cease brimstone too…

    That’s no way for a representative of disorder and evil to behave. She should be doing everything in her power to ramp up the conflict, glorying in the Oct 7th massacre and now calling for Israel to live up to the parody peddled by the anti-semites.

    • There are more ways than one to kill a cat. And there is a vast array of ways to destroy human beings.

      Genocide is just one of them. There is also a diabolical pseudohumanity which, in the name of kindness and tolerance, encourages people to indulge in self-destructive behaviour – like drug taking, alcoholism, gambling, promiscuous sex and all sorts of selfish hedonism.

      It kills a human population – an ethnic group, a nation, a country, etc. – as effectively as a genocide albeit more slowly.

      People like all those non-binary stars of Eurovision act as agents of self-destruction within European socienty. They and a whole army of other woke entertainers, journalists, film makers, writers, liberal priests and preachers, activists and the lot of them (with the necessary support of politicians and money masters) are the termites who gradually eat away the foundations of the European civilisation – its religion, culture, morality, thus extinguishing Europeans’ will to live and to procreate.

      Thanks to their efforts first comes the apathy, the lack of life power and what follows is physical destruction of nations. Many indigenous European peoples – Germans, Italians, Greeks, Poles, etc. – are in natural decline already, and the rest will be in a couple of years. This is not because of any economic difficulties – people made and raised children in much more difficult times. It is because they have lost their will to live. They just do not see the point in continuing the existence of their family of their nation. And many are also psychologically incapable of family life – they are too self-absorbed.

      Thus, Eurovision is as effective a means of destroying European civilisation as Islamist terrorism. Or even more effective, as it is not taken seriously by most of us.

  4. “American Pie”, of course- it took me a minute.

    The anti-Israeli bias in the media, among young activists and “idealists”, etc, one takes for
    What I find constantly frustrating is the ongoing failure of Israeli spokespersons to put their case, with reference to the true history of the Jews and the “Palestinians”. Any comments please, particularly from MC?

    • If “the war is meant to be continuous”, then any kind of truthful reconcilliation is undesirable.

      Some might say that it’s all because Israel is the 51st state that is used as advanced weapons live fire testing ground for the US MIC, so having two populations that hate each other to death is desirable.

    • The problem is, Israel is fighting savages by being civilized and two hands tied behind their backs, you can’t win wars this way. Now If I were in charge, willie pete and napalm used liberally with ginormous arty and bombing campaigns until non of the muslim bastiages are left. That is how you win against anything islamic or african’ts. Do it quickly and be nasty about it so ends in the shortest period of time, then send the troops, done.

  5. “EBU earlier communicated that only flags from competing nations, plus the rainbow flag are permitted.”


    European’s values priorities on literally parade.

  6. Eden Golan was a class act with beautiful music and modern dancers, without any weird costumes or messages. The Israel haters have intimidated and threatened the life of this young woman, yet she performed with patriotism and grace.
    We must all stand up to these deranged, brainwashed people who are useful idiots to the Islamofascist/ far left agenda.

  7. Eurovision is an absolutely emetic freak show. It is a product of a terminally ill civilisation.

    To reverse the islamisation of Europe we need first to scrap that sort of fetid filth from our culture. And to return to those values that made Europe such a great place to live in – men’s manliness, women’s femininity, strong families – normal families and not a legalised form of perverts’ cohabitation, respect of women as women and not as strident parodies of men, and respect of men as men and not as effeminate neurotics. And, of course, we need humanity and charity, which are a hallmark of Christian civilisation, but in an intelligent form and not as a way of encouraging selfish antisocial behaviour.

    • Weak men create hard times.
      Hard times create strong men.
      Strong men create good times.
      Good times create weak men.
      Weak men create hard times.

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