Bringing Up Baby Gang

The following video examines the Muslim scene in the Italian city of Milan. It visits several illegal mosques, and then looks at the career of an Italo-Moroccan thug rapper named “Baby Gang”.

What is notable about the Moroccans featured in this report is that none of them, not even the ones born in Italy, are “integrated” into Italian society. And, significantly, they’re not interested in integrating — they’d rather remain Moroccan.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We are in Via Padova in Milan. In this building is one of the illegal mosques
00:07   most frequented by Muslims.
00:12   It is Friday, the Friday before the beginning of Ramadan.
00:16   Muslims gather for the last prayer of the day, and right outside
00:20   the illegal mosque of Via Padova we meet a resident who wants to remain anonymous, out of fear.
00:27   I live upstairs. Look, they have already threatened me with death twice, so it’s better I don’t…
00:31   Really? —Yes, because when you lean out from the balcony and look, they don’t want you to stare.
00:36   Here inside you never know who comes in and comes out.
00:39   Are there many of them? —Now that Ramadan is beginning, well…go figure.
00:43   And just as we are talking to the resident, this man comes out of the mosque.
00:49   We ask him if we may enter.
00:53   And when we are inside the mosque, listen to what he tells us.
00:56   It is written in the Qur’an that we are going to kick the Jews out.
01:01   Given that Muslims are so numerous all over the world, are they going to conquer the entire world?
01:07   Yes, yes. The first place will be Italy, because Italy is very close to Islam,
01:12   because Italy has a good heart. Just look at the churches:
01:16   a few elderly people, five here, five there.
01:19   Are you saying that nobody goes to church any more? No one. Only the elderly do.
01:24   Only the elderly? —Yes. —While in the mosques there are many more people? — Of course!
01:28   A hundred meters away from here there is another place of worship.
01:33   This will be the first official mosque in Milan,
01:36   but the construction work is not yet finished and no one is supposed to enter.
01:40   And instead… We should terminate the work first.
01:45   Ah, but you use it anyway?
01:55   But you can come to pray, anyway, here? —Yes, yes, yes. —Well, actually, they can’t.
01:59   They are not supposed to come here to pray, until the work is completed.
02:04   But they couldn’t care less, they even built a kitchen inside the mosque.
02:09   They made the kitchen, down there. The kitchen is downstairs, whereas you eat here.
02:16   And at the moment of saying goodbye, listen to what the man tells us.
02:20   Since we are saying goodbye to each other, you will not shake hands with me?
02:23   A good Muslim must never greet a woman.
02:28   Ah, the good Muslim doesn’t greet a woman? —No, no.
02:32   We leave via Padova to move to the heart of Milan,
02:35   outside the station of Porta Garibaldi.
02:38   This area is completely in the hands of the so called “child gangs”,
02:41   made up of second-generation immigrants.
02:44   They are also Muslims and they are also ready for Ramadan.
02:47   Do you go to pray? —Yes, I do Ramadan. —You do?
02:51   I don’t eat and… —Do you know what Ramadan is?
02:54   You pray and can’t do anything else. You pray and go to the gym. Nothing else.
03:02   Do you feel integrated or not?
03:05   No, I don’t. —Never. —I don’t feel this is my country.
03:09   I was born here in Italy. I feel more like a Moroccan,
03:13   also because of the people, I feel more comfortable in my Moroccan country.
03:18   Even if we have double citizenship, we are still Moroccans.
03:24   We move only a few meters and…look at this stairway.
03:28   Here the child gangs act like they are the boss, here.
03:31   We try to ask them a few questions.
03:34   No, no. no! —I can’t speak to anyone?
03:38   [People speaking in Arabic]
03:42   In a few seconds we are surrounded by more than thirty boys.
03:45   Asking questions here is forbidden.
03:49   Why are you staring at me like that? Do you want to steal something from me?
03:52   That phone is beautiful. —Things get bad, so we decide to leave.
03:58   [I only have a mentality. Either I shoot him, or he shoots me.]
04:04   But who is the idol of these boys?
04:07   [I learn, he will learn. I only have a mentality.]
04:10   It’s him, the Italo-Moroccan trapper Baby Gang.
04:13   He was arrested three times and is now under house arrest for shooting a friend of his.
04:21   He is great, he never made a mistake. He lives in the same neighborhood as me.
04:24   It’s Italy that wants to cancel Baby Gang. He’s great. He never did anything bad.
04:27   I mean, he went back and forth from jail.
04:30   But he is a good guy, got it? He shows that even if he has lived in the s***…
04:35   Can we define Baby Gang as your idol? —Yes, because he has had a difficult life.
04:40   [Everybody be cool! This is a robbery! I don’t want to hear anyone talk too much.]
04:45   [I will take the necklace off your p***y. I will bring your big friend to his knees!]
04:49   He said: “don’t [mess] with the Arabs, because…”
04:52   …because they are ready to die for their god. He means… — Jihad!
04:56   And it is precisely in this climate of violence that Baby Gang has always moved.
05:00   He has already been under house arrest with the charges of robbery, altercation, bodily harm,
05:05   and resisting authority. But tonight we are able to reveal to you that he is going to trial again,
05:11   with the charge of incitement to crime.
05:18   Baby Gang, in fact, after a news report about him, made by the “Fuori dal Coro” program,
05:22   had published the phone number of our journalist and had invited his followers to insult her.
05:28   And they did it, of course.
05:31   “People like you must be burned alive.”
05:34   “You don’t know who the you are messing with.” “I will come there to kill you, s****y slut!”
05:38   “S****y whore, die in a fire!” The sentences you have just heard
05:42   are just some of the threats and insults received by our journalist.
05:46   And for this reason, Baby Gang will go to trial in April.
05:50   That’s the idol of second-generation immigrants.
05:53   Young people who don’t know what integration is.
05:57   “Even if we have double citizenship, we are still Moroccans”.
06:00   Young people who are ready for jihad.
06:03   “They are ready to die for their god. I mean…. — Jihad!”
06:08   Young people who grow up with this idea: “Given that the Muslims all over the world are so many,
06:13   are they going to conquer the entire world?
06:16   Yes. The first place will be Italy.
06:19   Because Italy is very close to Islam.

4 thoughts on “Bringing Up Baby Gang

  1. that is laughable… baby thugs are not good muslims, even if some may say or believe so.
    also rap or trap is not music, it is just words with rythm, but no melody. it is imported from foreign countries… i am not arguing old rock n roll was any better. it is all the same cultural satanic propaganda coming from outside to corrupt the minds of easily controllable people.

    the things some muslims say, about nobody except elderly people, going to the church is not a lie. i would argue only that it is not just “the young people do not go to church”, but it is more like there are not that much young people in italy to have so many churches. i think italy was just another free masonry and enlightment revolutionary experiment gone wrong (as all other for that matters). even the flag is a copy of the french republican flag. the corrupt elites have sucked all the blood out of the people living inside and would love to continue by importing fresh flesh, but it is now on its final stage, and for sure there is no return.

    this is all known and there is not a much that can be done. but in the meantime, economic starvation is the only good brake to the final collapse that is causing immigrants who can, to flee.

  2. As I commented on Vlad Tepes’ blog, what is Bergoglio doing about this? Surely, he’s in the process of putting a new Crusader army together to deal with this matter, isn’t he?

    • The Red pope is not long of this world, the next one hopefully has a spine and purges those bloody commies of the Church the jesuits.

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