The Tomb is Empty

He is risen!

It’s a time to rejoice. It’s important to remember that all the horrible things that are happening now — and I don’t have to tell you that there are plenty of them — are mere ephemera. We have to endure them, and they may well put us through suffering, but we don’t have to concern ourselves with them.

The Lord is holding us in the palm of His hand.

Happy Easter, everybody!

8 thoughts on “The Tomb is Empty

  1. We worship God, Yah Shua, Who says and then does just as He has said. Just as we are with Him in Christ so also we will be with Him in eternity because He has paid the price for our sins so that we can ourselves be resurrected into eternal fellowship with Him.
    Praise Yah Shua for His eternal love for us.

  2. Maybe we should pray that those who follow Allah would have their eyes, and heart, opened to the loving redemption that awaits them in faith in Yah Shua ha Mesiach and the eternity that will be joyful instead of the hellish misery that presently awaits them.

  3. “NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR….do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility.” —White House

    “Putting aside whatever views one may have on transgenderism, why would you overshadow one of the holiest Christian days of the year to promote another ideology/movement of any kind? Aren’t there already other days on the calendar acknowledging/celebrating transgenderism? Why are our state and federal governments launching new holidays that overlap with major holidays of other religious organizations? Aren’t there other open days on the calendar? Why isn’t this just going to lead to more divisiveness in our country?” —Bill Ackman, CEO Pershing Sq

    “When disparate groups within a civilization no longer share a foundational understanding of what constitutes morality, chaos and decline become unavoidable. This, for the first time since the foundation of the United States of America, is where we are today.” —posted to fb (Nov 2018)

    Clock’s ticking..

  4. My American boyfriend tells me that bible readers haven’t learned yet how to use prophetic strategy as well as a biblical figure like Jesus does. Jesus said in Matthew 17.11 a nazarite will come and get things restored and ready. This role Jesus refers to is done by activating the words of prophets which unhook the killing force off people and place it on Gott, so it is act of deliverance of Christians from their killers. He also says the words he was given to say against Gott in Daniel 7 have to do with his anger of the way he was used by Gott when he was forced to experience His superior intimacy with murder, so he is not afraid to say them. The role of publishing peace in Isaiah 52.7-8, which directly leads to the return of Jesus, is achieved by this biblical action against murder between Gott, him and the prophets.

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