Anna Cisint: Integration Has Been a Failure

Anna Cisint is a Lega politician who serves as the mayor of the extremely culturally enriched Italian city of Monfalcone. Ms. Cisint has been a vocal opponent of the Islamization of Monfalcone, and as a result is now forced to live under police protection.

The following video from Italian TV features an interview with Anna Cisint. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Anna Cisint, Mayor of Monfalcone. We remember it
00:04   as the Italian city with the highest percentage of foreigners,
00:07   She has been threatened with death; she lives under police protection. Are you afraid?
00:14   Well, it’s not easy, for sure. Good evening, Mr. editor-in-chief. In fact I thank the prefect,
00:21   the police chief and all the police. It’s a great deprivation of freedom, for sure.
00:25   And it’s very easy to understand if we consider
00:30   the way Islamism in this century has shown how cruel it can be.
00:36   But in life you also have to say on which side you are on.
00:41   And so I have already shown that I want to be on the side of our country,
00:45   and so we won’t even take a half step back.
00:48   You won’t stop, also because the danger is great. You always say that what people are living through
00:53   in Monfalcone, which is the most advanced tip of Islamization
00:56   in our country, is what is likely to happen in all of Italy. Is that so?
00:59   It is so, unfortunately, because there is a limit of sustainability of the Muslim presence,
01:06   which Monfalcone has already been reached and surpassed,
01:09   and then it happens that, when Italian law contradicts Quranic law,
01:16   well, as in the case of mosques, for Muslims, for Muslim communities,
01:22   Quranic law prevails. —From your privileged observation point, is integration possible,
01:30   or do other agendas often hide behind integration?
01:33   Look, integration, as was proposed by the Left, has been a failure.
01:40   The case we are living is the demonstration of this.
01:46   There is no request from those who arrive — whom we didn’t summon, by the way —
01:50   to even respect, very simply, Italian law.
01:56   Italian law, as I said, when it contradicts the Quranic one.
02:01   Even in those cases where the latter, sometimes, can lead to a crime.
02:07   As we can verify, for example, in the case of child brides, unfortunately.

7 thoughts on “Anna Cisint: Integration Has Been a Failure

  1. People who are just waking up as to what Islam intends for themselves and their country just bug me no end. When those hordes first arrived en masse in 2015, I knew exactly what was going to happen.

    Now they wake up when Islam has established itself in their nation? They aren’t even yet talking about exporting them back to the countries from which they came! All seems lost in Europe. The same thing is now going on in the USA.

    The Regime tells such obvious lies about ‘the border is closed’. Yet no one does a thing.

    • You ain’t going to deport millions of those vermin, for it would break the banks of Europe and the US, you will have to do this the good ole fashioned way in dealing with invaders, put them to the sword until none are left, anything else is an exercise in stupidity and weakness.

  2. So, suddenly, Italy’s got a problem with Mohammedanists , eh? Gosh, who could’a seen this coming?! Oh, wait..

    “Whilst America battles Bolshevik two year-olds, illegals and their fellow travelers, the “Resettlement Jihad” quietly metastasizes here and throughout Europe (except Hungary and Czech, which had the common-sense to ban the entry of Muslim migrants)…” —posted to fb (Aug 2018)

    “Whilst America’s fixated, once again, on its political reality show (remember: the US was fixated on a missing congressional aide when we were attacked by Mohammadists on 9/11), the Mohammadists quietly continue their “Resettlement Jihad”. I wonder what “the religion of peace” is up to (that’s a rhetorical question—the answer’s clear to anyone with a logic-based brain and a working knowledge of history… the question is: How many more innocent Americans will die before we put a stop to it?)..” —posted to fb (Sept 2018)

    “[Repeat] Prediction: Europe is kaput (Obamerica’s circling the drain).
    If bookies aren’t taking bets on which EU country’s gonna turn Muslim first, I reckon they will soon. Their “Resettlement Jihad” is in full-swing. Half of Belgium’s kinder’re born to Muslim parents and, excepting the V-4, it’s the same throughout the European ‘toddler-asylum.” —posted to fb (July 2021)

    History keeps repeating itself and only the names and dates change….BECAUSE only the names and dates change..

  3. Re: “Anna Cisint: Integration Has Been a Failure”

    With due respects to Mayor Cisint, whether immigration en-mass has been a failure or a rousing success depends entirely upon one’s point of view.

    Being in her position as a member of the political establishment, perhaps she can say nothing else, but she seems to reach the all-too-common but false conclusion that these immigration policies were designed to achieve something, anything, other than that which they have actually achieved.

    But what if these policies are working precisely as intended? She may be an Italian patriot and love the Italy of old, but those way above her in the chain of command feel very differently, it is plainly evident.

    Ordinary Italians – like ordinary Europeans across the continent – want an end to the flood of humanity coming across their borders and into their ancestral homelands, but nothing changes and the new arrivals just keep on coming.

    The usual littany of rationalizations and excuses are always offered by officials and functionaries of various kinds, and for a time, maybe they mollify the concerns and fears of the people. But not for long, since it soon becomes apparent that the reasons offered for the porous borders of Italy and other nations do not hold up to any sort of rigorous scrutiny.

    Soon, the inescapable conclusion must be reached that things are as they are because those in power want them that way. So whose failure is it that we are discussing? Certainly not that of the globalists at the European Union or their billionaire oligarch colleagues…. whose plans are unfolding in pretty much the manner they have planned for all of these years.

    Words mean specific things, and let us not fall for the weak verbal tea of describing these portentous events in vague and imprecise terms. Let’s call this what it is – a betrayal of epic proportions – and not simple failure or incompetency.

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