Monocultural Neighborhoods for Swedish Multiculturalists

Update: Michael Laudahn has written to say that this report is a translation of a report from Avpixlat , which was based on the DN article. It was not, as I mistakenly assumed, his own work. The introductory text below has been changed to correct this error.

The following report by Michael Laudahn about the residential habits of Sweden’s top politicians is based on an article from today’s Dagens Nyheter, which has the following header:

This is where the politicians who govern Stockholm live

Stockholm’s politicians — especially the most powerful ones — shy away from the city’s immigrant-packed low-income areas. For example not one bourgeois alderman lives outside the city centre. — A democratic scandal, according to author Per Wirtén

Mr. Laudahn’sThe Avpixlat report is below.

Ummah Sweden

Segregation in Sweden
by Michael Laudahn

In an article today, Dagens Nyheter [DN] provides an overview over where Stockholm’s politicians live, and the result is — hardly surprising, but still mind the double standards — that they live far from the city’s immigrant-packed areas. Among those governing the municipality, not one lives outside the [picturesque, all-Swedish] city centre [Three samples: one, two, three].

RinkebyAlas, DN — considering their demonstratively bourgeois and [European!] liberal attitude — has then turned to leftist extremist Per Wirtén, for the political analysis of this state of the matter. And confided this responsibility, nobody would have to fear that Wirtén would drive into the political ditch. Basically, it all centres around socio-economic matters and the consequences of a capitalist society. Any potential relation to Sweden’s irresponsible immigration policy is from the outset excluded.

In his article, Wirtén frets primarily about how this looks, and states that it is a democratic problem. He beats around the bush, but does not manage to speak out about what is self-evident — NO Swede with a Swedish background who can afford to live somewhere else resides voluntarily in the exclusion areas packed with immigrants. Why should politicians be different in this respect from other Swedes?

The remarkable thing here is the hypocrisy. Wirtén, leftist that he is, wants to demonstrate that there still are more Social Democrats [S] among local politicians living in the suburbs than bourgeois politicians. ‘This does make a difference,’ states Wirtén optimistically. Yes, possibly in the degree of hypocrisy. Those shouting most loudly about socioeconomic exclusion, children’s poverty, etc. are the red-greens, and the distance to their own choice of life — to live in totally different areas — makes it all the more obvious.

Tensta, suburb of StockholmDuring his time, S speaker Göran Persson was out there, during his election campaign, in the million-dollar ghettos, and he was asked the question if he would live there himself, something he didn’t have a problem lying about, before the rolling cameras: Sure, he could imagine doing that, said Persson, because there were so many nice people. A little later, when Persson needed an apartment in Stockholm, as a complement to his country estate, he of course called Wallenstam and obtained a rental contract for a fine inner-city address.

The recently elected S leader Stefan Löfvén also gave a sample of this hypocrisy, when he claimed of course not to object at all to living in the immigrant-packed Tensta suburb [nearby Rinkeby]. The result, however, is that Löfvén lives in central Vasastan, and when he now looks for a new apartment, he continues to aim at the city centre.

Tensta burningWirtén steams around in his article, admitting that the immigrant-packed suburbs ‘have a bad reputation’, and that this is a reason why politicians won’t reside there — insinuating that this bad reputation must be undeserved, one way or another. The criminal gangs, the burning cars, the burning schools, stone-throwing against police, firefighters and ambulances, street violence, Islamist fundamentalism, qat-chewing and all the other things are clearly not sufficient to deserve a bad reputation, according to Wirtén. And why Swedish politicians should want to live in areas that remind one more of Beirut or Gaza than of Sweden is of course an issue which is not addressed at all. Should the issue nonetheless be addressed, a reluctance to live there would then obviously be tantamount to pure racism.

Also Irene Molina, a professor of cultural geography at Uppsala University, gets a chance to fret about how politicians have spread unevenly over Stockholm. Full of comprehension, she states that concerning politicians’ housing preferences, there is a characteristic concentration in the city’s more attractive parts, and that these politicians do not see the everyday life on which they legislate, which is how a large portion of the population dwells and lives. But this is about as far as the analysis goes.

Wirtén says, of course, that this is a problem which needs to be discussed, that the parties have a responsibility, etc. But when someone really attempts to discuss the actual reason why Stockholm and other cities are enormously ethnically segregated — the failed immigration and integration policy — then Wirtén’s scolding sounds quite different. Then there is no more discussion, but shut the lid, and then mud-slinging against the messenger and his uncomfortable message. And the journalist corps are at least as hypocritical as the politicians — continuing to pull their straw to the stack so the segregation problem never will be solved, whilst continuing to be indignant about it.

“Youths” Beat Rabbi in Berlin

A rabbi and his daughter have been attacked and threatened on the street in Berlin. As is generally the case in Modern Multicultural Europe, the assailants were not National Socialists, but “presumably of Arab origin”.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from Die Welt:

Youths beat Rabbi in Berlin

A rabbi was beaten and insulted by youngsters in the heart of Berlin. His little daughter was threatened with death, presumably by youngsters of Arab origin. The state security (office) investigates.

A rabbi from the Jewish community in Berlin-Schöneberg was attacked by four youngsters and insulted by anti-Semitic insults, all this in the presence of his little daughter. On Tuesday the 53-year-old rabbi was walking evening in Becker Street with his 6-year-old daughter when, according to information given by the police, youngsters of presumably Arab origin attacked him, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

This case sparked horror. The mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit (SPD — German Socialist Part) labeled this as “cowardly attack”. The European Jewish Congress also stepped with a reminder of the attack against the Jewish school in Toulouse in March. On that occasion, an Islamist killed seven people.

Because the rabbi was wearing a traditional Jewish head cover (kippa), the youngsters asked him whether he was a Jew, and after this, they suddenly blocked the way of the father and his daughter, and injured him with multiple blows to the head. The youngsters insulted the victim and his faith, and also threatened his little daughter with death. All this happened on Tuesday at about 6:20 p.m.

Wowereit and Henkel are shocked

After this, the perpetrators escaped towards Ruben Street. The injured rabbi received outpatient treatment in a hospital. The State Security Police have initiated an investigation.

The mayor of Berlin expressed his shock at this case. The aggression was an attack against the peaceful coexistence of people in the capital. “Berlin is a metropolis open to the world in which we do not tolerate intolerance, xenophobia and anti-Semitism,” the mayor insisted.

The police will do everything in order to find and detain the perpetrators. The Minister of Interior Affairs of Berlin, Frank Henkel (CDU — German Christian Democratic Party) added that “This kind of act will be mercilessly prosecuted by the security forces.” No one should be afraid to profess his own religion.

The Jewish Democratic Forum complains about a problem of “massive” anti-Semitism

According to the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism (JFDA), the rabbi was one of the first ones to be ordained in Germany after the Holocaust. The 53-year-old rabbi has been engaged for years in the dialogue with Muslims and Christians, and he said he had previously been insulted by anti-Semitic provocations in the open street. “This incident also shows how important the prevention of violence and the work of education is, which is absolutely essential to deepen,” said Lala Süsskind, the president of the JFDA.

The president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), Moshe Kantor, complained that after the case of Toulouse it has still not been recognized that there is a “massive problem” in Europe. Any future anti-Semitic attack would increase the insecurity of the Jewish community.

The Paris-based EJC represents democratically-elected Jewish communities in Europe. Kantor announced a high-level meeting of representatives from European Jews and Muslims in the next week. He hopes that on this occasion there will be a common condemnation of violent acts.

A Gypsy Vacation Tour in Sweden

[this post is dedicated with great affection to LN, who has suffered greatly at the hands of the Culturally Enriched who swarmed — swarm even now — over his country. They squatted on and ruined what should have been his “golden years”. As he might say — one never knows with him — “bah, humbug!” but I salute his courage anyway]

As many of our readers know, I can’t post much due to chronic fatigue and the various other karmic burdens my body has managed to accrue ever since my misspent infancy. However, I can — and do — lie abed of a morning looking through Twitter, finding various treasures I’d not have seen otherwise.

Perhaps a more accurate title for this post would be “Just One More Gypsy Vacation, etc” At any rate, this is simply the one I happened to discover today. In the end, we can only tell the news we know — at least those accounts which dare be told, eh?

One of the joys of the internet is flipping off that obscene Happy Face lid screwed down over the news the MSM doesn’t want you to see.

The story that follows is from a blog in Swedish — thank you, once more, Google Translate for opening so many doors. This one is called (I think) “Sweden Confidential”. The tale has a happy ending: bad guys get caught and go to prison, but it will send the p.c. crowd into spittle-flecked rage because Interpol cooperation nabbed these deprived unfortunates depraved criminals who prey on old people because they’re easy: the elderly are such soft targets when you have neither morals nor a conscience.

The emphases and asides below are just my editorial kibitzing — D:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Detective Mats Wahlberg is at the police unit in Vårgårda who work with aging offense*, and he says that this type of crime against the elderly are common. — It’s very lucrative, and then it’s a lot older who have some form of disability — maybe go with a walker or have impaired vision and hearing. They are easy victims.

[* Help, Swedish readers: is there really a police unit dedicated just to crimes against the elderly? If so, pretty cool…]

Three Romanians who conducted a theft tour in western Sweden were sentenced yesterday by Alingsås District Court to prison terms of between 1½ and 3 years. A 46-year-old woman and two 25-year-old men stole from a total of 26 different people at more than 20 locations. Overall their haul came to over 300 000.

In many cases, there were several offenses on the same day.

The convicted have admitted to some of the crimes they are sentenced for. They also said that one of the purposes of coming to Sweden was to commit crimes.

The thefts seem to follow the old-tried-and-true methods that petty criminals use in America: one perp to distract the victim while the others focus on grabbing the PIN codes at ATMs. But these three had an extra touch: the third could steal your wallet, bank card and all.

The evidence in Vårgårda Commission investigation against the convicted based mainly on pictures and videos from cameras. — It’s a long process — and everything to find concrete evidence and partly to find identities.

This is done through international police collaboration, and then to get them arrested in his absence and wanted. All persons have been arrested abroad, says Detective Mats Wahlberg.

Theft [committed] by the three Romanians convicted occurred between March 2011 and February 2012.

But that’s not all you can find on this Swedish website. Look at this!

Sweden multiculture

They have a separate page dedicated to helping victims of multiculturalism in Sweden, from which this image is taken. It’s a wonderful idea:

Obviously, if Sweden were a just place, there would be a whole bureaucratic department devoted to righting the wrongs inflicted on its real citizens — those whose families have lived in Sweden for countless generations — instead of the multiculti bulldogs who lie in wait for those who step out of line.

But this page is a good beginning for pushing back against the power of the state:

We have thus started the “Collection of multiculturalism victims,” a fundraiser for victims of multiculturalism. We donate money from this fund to the people who got into trouble because of multiculturalism. This may be someone with excessive fines or other costs due to some easily offended person notified the person to DO.

[I’m not sure what the DO is?? District Office? The place where you turn in these so-called offenders against the many orthodoxies of Sweden’s totalitarian Religion of Multiculturalism? I hope our Swedish readers can tell us about the DO.

Whoops! The Baron just told me it’s probably the “Discrimination Ombudsman”. Is that correct?]

On that page, they say:

First Our first project was a collection of Vicky Sjoberg, who had to make a deal with a Muslim girl who could not understand why she could not get to practice in a salon with a veil on. We collected over 5000 — to her, which was well on the way to her goal. Thank you all generous people.

We will fill this page as we carry out similar collections so people can see that they made a difference. We at Sweden Confidential have topped up this amount as PayPal to fees will not affect collection.

Clarifiying that last sentence, I think they mean that the admin at Sweden Confidential makes up the difference that PayPal charges in fees for these transactions. Good idea!

I suggest to all American bloggers fighting against the relentless onslaught of the p.c.’s cruel orthodoxies that they add this blog to their rolls.

If the fight is going to lead to victory, it has to step over the borders and engage with other people in other countries who are carrying on the same battle. For them, fighting without the shield of our First Amendment, it’s a far more dangerous battle and they deserve our encouragement.

Thanks to machine translations, the language barriers are dissolving yet the ever more important sovereign boundaries remain intact.

Tomorrow: A Real Newspaper!

[Full disclosure: not only do I know the chief editors of Dispatch International, but I have been assisting with some of the copy-editing for the initial launch of the paper. Therefore my opinion is hardly disinterested!]

The NewsboyTomorrow the new online/print newspaper Dispatch International will be offering a free trial issue to interested readers. The paper will appear in English, Swedish, Danish, and German. Both print and internet versions will be available.

Lars Hedegaard (Denmark) and Ingrid Carlqvist (Sweden) are the editors-in-chief of Dispatch. Their experience in the Danish and Swedish Free Press Societies guarantees that this newspaper will cover topics and points of view that the MSM won’t touch.

For more on the new paper and the issue of free speech, see Lars Hedegaard’s speech and Ingrid Carlqvist’s speech at the Brussels Conference on July 9, 2012.

Here’s what ICLA has to say about the launch of Dispatch International:

Dispatch International — Test Issue of New Newspaper Available on 30 August

A free test issue of Dispatch International, a new weekly newspaper that will enter regular publication from 3 January 2013, will be available on 30 August 2012.

Freedom is currently under threat and the mainstream media seems to be aiding and abetting in the attack rather than fulfilling its duty to defend it. Dispatch International will be a shining beacon of fact that may be the first step in the process of creating a new mainstream media that is fit for the purpose of defending our most sacred liberties.

Ingrid Carlqvist was interviewed about the about the newspaper by Citizen Times — the answers to their questions can be found here.

Soldiers in Hijab

Hijab and gun

The Norwegian government has decided to allow soldiers to wear hijab as part of their official uniform. The directive was made all-inclusive by permitting the turban and yarmulke as well, but the move is a blatant attempt to pander to the Islamic grievance lobby.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a brief article from today’s Dagbladeton the topic. The translator includes this note:

It seems that the Muslim community in Norway has managed to coax the authorities into granting them yet another special concession. This time it’s the option for female Muslim soldiers to wear the hijab if they wish to do so.

My guess is that several prominent Islamic figures in Norway will now silently ‘encourage’ female Muslims to join the armed forces of so that they can really take advantage of this Islamic victory and rub it in our faces.

The translated article:

It is now allowed to use hijab and turban in the Norwegian military

Turban, hijab and kippah can now be worn with Norwegian military uniforms

The defence ministry has given the heads up for the new directive which allows certain symbols to be worn in conjunction with the military uniform, the regional newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad reports.

“The decision to allow religious symbols to be worn with military uniforms was approved on July 1,” says Major Tor Simen Olberg, the advisor for ‘Feltprosten’ who is responsible for the department of military chaplains.

Among the newly approved symbols are turbans which may be worn by Sikh soldiers. For soldiers belonging to the mosaiske trossamfunn, namely Jews, it is now permissible to wear a kippah or alternatively a smaller round cap on the head. This garment can also be worn underneath the standard military beret.

Female Muslim soldiers now have the option to wear the hijab if they wish to do so.

“It is required that those women who chose to wear the hijab wrap it tightly around their heads. It cannot be fitted loosely or be allowed to flap around,” according to Major Olberg.

He emphasizes that the list of approved symbols is a short one. In addition to the aforementioned symbols soldiers are also allowed to wear bracelets with engraved or affixed religious symbols.

Major Olberg announced the new rules on symbols during a seminar on religion and conflicts which was held at NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre at Jåttå in Stavanger earlier this week.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/28/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/28/2012Hurricane Isaac made landfall today south of New Orleans as a Category 1 storm, bringing with it strong winds, massive quantities of rain, and a ten-foot storm surge. Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away across the Gulf of Mexico in Tampa, Mitt Romney became the presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention.

In other news, an unexploded bomb from World War Two was uncovered last night in the center of Munich, forcing the evacuation of the surrounding area as bomb-disposal experts attempted to defuse it.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to C. Cantoni, Fjordman, Insubria, JD, Vlad Tepes, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Taliban Behead 17 Shameless Hedonists

The United States commenced hostilities against Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 to put a halt to atrocities like those described in the news video below.

The question is this: Why are these savages still in control of entire provinces of Afghanistan?

If, after eleven years, two thousand American lives, and untold billions of dollars, the mightiest and best-equipped military in the world can’t accomplish its assigned mission, why hasn’t it been pulled out?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Dichiarazione di Bruxelles 2012

ICLA logo (new)

For readers who understand Italian, below is the Italian text of the Brussels Declaration to Safeguard Individual Liberties and Human Rights.

The Brussels Declaration was made public at the International Free Speech and Human Rights Conference in Brussels on July 9, 2012, and was sponsored by the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA).

Dichiarazione di Bruxelles 2012
Per salvaguardare le libertà dell’individuo ed i Diritti Umani

Al fine di preservare la Libertà di Parola, le Libertà Civili e la Democrazia contro ogni tentativo di danneggiare o usurpare questi principi universali, chiediamo ai leader di tutte le nazioni di appoggiare questa Dichiarazione di Bruxelles 2012 per la Salvaguardia delle Libertá Individuali ed i Diritti Umani:

  • Ribadendo che i Diritti Umani e le Libertá Civili sono universali, individuali, identici, inalienabili ed auto-evidenti a prescindere da qualsiasi punto di vista filosofico, culturale o religioso;
  • Considerando che ogni onesto difensore della Democrazia ha il diritto e l’obbligo di mantenere e difendere la Libertà d’Espressione, le Libertà Civili e i Diritti Umani;
  • Afffermando il fatto irrefutabile che la Sharia cosí com’é definita ed applicata é incompatibile con la Libertá di Parola e direttamente opposta ad esso, alle Libertá Civili ed ai Diritti Umani e in quanto tale incompatibile con i principi fondamentali della democrazia (come stabilito nella sentenza della CEDU del giorno 13 febbraio 2003);
  • Riconoscendo che la dichiarazione nota come “Dichiarazione del Cairo dei Diritti Umani nell’Islam – CDHRI”, conosciuta anche come “Dichiarazione del Cairo”, limita tutti i Diritti Umani in funzione della legge Islamica e delle norme e restrizioni imposte della Sharia (CDHRI articoli 22, 23, 24) con il pretesto che “tutti gli esseri umani sono una famiglia in cui sono uniti i membri nella loro subordinazione ad Allah” (CDHRI primo articolo);
  • Osservando che l’Organizzazione per la Cooperazione Islamica – OIC, in qualitá di autore della dichiarazione del Cairo e suo più grande sostenitore ha dimostrato, con la sua continua attività, di essere la principale organizzazione politico-religiosa impegnata a limitare la Libertà d’Espressione, le Libertà Civili e i Diritti Umani, e di rafforzare la Sharia Islamica in tutto il mondo;
  • Osservando che ogni affermazione o promozione della Dichiarazione del Cairo o qualsiasi collaborazione con l’OIC che conduca ad un aumento dell’imposizione della Sharia Islamica, identifica i responsabili come attivi avversari della democrazia, della Libertà d’Espressione, delle Libertà Civili e dei Diritti Umani;
  • Osservando che il ricadere in una qualsiasi di queste definizioni rende illegittimo ogni tentativo da parte del perpetratore di discutere o negoziare questioni inerenti alla Libertà d’Espressione, alle Libertà Civili e ai Diritti Umani in ogni loro forma, sia locale, nazionale o internazionale.

I firmatari richiedono solennemente ai loro governi e alla società civile:

1. Di avviare un processo, noto come Processo di Bruxelles, per attuare il contenuto di questa dichiarazione attraverso l’istruzione e le iniziative politiche a tutti i livelli di governo e tutti i settori della società civile, con l’obiettivo di salvaguardare il futuro delle libertà e dei diritti della nostra nazione e dei nostri figli, in modo che tutti i membri della famiglia umana possano prosperare come individui liberi.
2. Di rifiutare ogni invito a partecipare a qualsiasi forum di discussione sulle Libertà Civili, la Libertà d’Espressione e i Diritti Umani, sia esso locale, nazionale o internazionale, se gli organizzatori di questo forum – individui e organizzazioni – sono noti sostenitori della Dichiarazione del Cairo o del rafforzamento sociale della Sharia Islamica, a meno che le questioni discusse o negoziate prevedano una transizione dalla Dichiarazione del Cairo verso l’implementazione dei Diritti Umani cosí come intesi nella Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell’Uomo.
3. Di protestare contro qualsiasi coinvolgimento in dibattiti o trattative, sia locali, nazionali o internazionali, di noti sostenitori della Dichiarazione del Cairo o del rafforzamento sociale della Sharia Islamica, a meno che non partecipino come osservatori o stiano negoziando il proprio accesso al processo di Bruxelles.
4. Di avviare un’indagine approfondita dinanzi a qualsiasi forma di cooperazione bilaterale o multilaterale su tutte le questioni relative alle Libertà Civili, alla Libertà d’Espressione e ai Diritti Umani, al fine di individuare chiaramente qualsiasi partecipante che possa essere un sostenitore della Dichiarazione del Cairo o della Sharia Islamica, o abbia collaborato o collabora con l’OIC o le sue organizzazioni partner.
5. Di rifiutare e vietare qualsiasi finanziamento pubblico volto alla promozione della Dichiarazione del Cairo o al rafforzamento sociale della Sharia Islamica, poiché queste promozioni sono un attacco diretto ai nostri fondamentali principi democratici e Diritti Umani.
6. Di interrompere qualsiasi collaborazione con noti sostenitori della Dichiarazione del Cairo a livello nazionale o internazionale, qualora tale cooperazione abbia lo scopo o l’effetto di restringere le Libertà Civili, la Libertà d’Espressione ed i Diritti Umani in un paese Democratico, fino a quando i proponenti non ripudieranno la Dichiarazione del Cairo.
7. Di estendere la cooperazione e il sostegno in tutte le sedi agli ex sostenitori della Dichiarazione del Cairo che rifiutano la repressione che l’OIC e la Sharia Islamica operano a danno delle Libertà Civili, della Libertà d’Espressione e dei Diritti Umani e affermando che i Diritti Umani e le Libertà sono universali, individuali, identici, inalienabili ed auto-evidenti a prescindere da qualsiasi punto di vista filosofico, culturale o religioso;
8. Di collaborare con la società civile e le organizzazioni governative che lavorano per proteggere le libertà individuali dal sopruso della Sharia Islamica, in particolare con quelle presenti in nazioni che hanno firmato la Dichiarazione del Cairo e le nazioni membri dell’OIC, per incoraggiare il dialogo, l’educazione e la comprensione delle libertà individuali e dei Diritti Umani, nel modo in cui tali termini sono stati storicamente intesi prima della Dichiarazione del Cairo.

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Turks in Germany 2012

In a translated essay posted earlier tonight, the German writer M. Sattler described the origins of the permissive attitude towards the Turkish Muslim extremists who make up a group known as the “Gray Wolves”.

The following article by Felix Strüning outlines the statistical evidence for the increasing alienation of resident Turks from mainstream German culture. Surveys of German Turkish attitudes demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the multicultural model for the “integration” of Muslims in Germany. Not only has Multiculturalism failed to make Turks an integral part of German life and culture, it has manifestly increased the separateness of the German Turkish community.

This piece was published last week in Citizen Times. See the original article for the accompanying graphs and footnotes.

German minarets

Turks in Germany 2012
Study on German-Turkish life and values

by Felix Strüning

According to a study by the Interior Ministry in 2009, Germany is home to around 4.3 million Muslims, which equates to a population share of 5.2 percent. About 45 percent of them have German citizenship. The largest group of Muslims, consists of just under 2.7 million people, of Turkish descent. A recent poll by Information GmbH has investigated their German-Turkish life and values for the third time in detail.

Attitudes toward Germany

Regarding the respondents’ attitudes toward Germany and Germans, at least in terms of the stated desire for integration, a positive development can be seen: After all, 78 percent (2010: 70%) are willing to “integrate absolutely and without exception into German society.” At the same time, 95 percent of the Turks in Germany (TiG) find it important to preserve their Turkish culture in Germany, and 87 percent (2010: 83%) think that Germans ought to be more considerate of the particular circumstances of the Turks.

Islamization, separation and devaluation

On the other hand, there are clear trends of separation and Islamization: 62 percent of TiG (1.5 times as much as in 2010) would prefer to be together exclusively with Turks. Also an indicator of poor integration motivation is the 46 percent who said they would leave Germany if they wouldn’t receive aid money in the case of unemployment (see Figure 1).

Increasing numbers of Turks want more mosques (55%); among 15- to 29-year-olds, up to 70 percent want more mosques. Moreover, almost half of the TiG hope that there will be a Muslim majority in Germany soon. Also, the number of those who believe that Islam is the only true religion has increased (see Figure 2).

The devaluation of different ways of life has also increased slightly: almost a fifth of the TiG consider atheists to be inferior human beings; this figure is up to 30 percent among the youngest respondents. Also, anti-Semitism has increased (see Figure 3). Additionally, more than half of the respondents think that homosexuality is a disease, and 73 percent reject it.

In general, 88 percent of the TiG are Muslims (Sunni 74%, Shi’a: 2%, Alevis: 11%, Sufis: 1%). On a scale of 0 to 10, most of them categorize themselves as very religious. This trend has intensified since 2009, and affects women more than men (see Figure 4). Accordingly, a third of respondents (men: 30%, women: 38%) claim that they perform the obligatory five Islamic prayers a day. Only 14 percent never pray.

Immigration and sense of home

When asked why they came to Germany, only three percent of the TiG mentioned studies and 22 percent the search for a job. One third came to Germany as a child or teenager with their parents and 38 percent of all respondents (women: 56%) immigrated because they were marrying a partner living in Germany (see Figure 5). Among today’s 15- to 29-year-olds, more than half came to Germany as a child or teenager with their parents, all others due to marriage migration.

39 percent of TiG fell more at home in Turkey and only 15 percent in Germany. Solely 23 percent have German citizenship. About half of the TiG want to remain in Germany, a slightly increased proportion consider returning to Turkey. Specific discrimination in the form of verbal abuse has been experienced by up to 29 percent (2010: 42%), and 16 percent (2010: 8%) have experienced physical assault because of their Turkish appearance.

Education and employment

In comparison to the German population, the Turks living in Germany perform very poorly in general education: 57 percent of those surveyed have no high school diploma or only attended a secondary modern school (Hauptschule). Throughout Germany, only 40 percent of the population do not have a high school diploma or only secondary schooling. Solely educational trends could be regarded as somewhat optimistic because the proportion of younger TiG without diplomas or only secondary schooling has decreased to 45 percent.

In addition, 40 percent of Turks in Germany have no professional qualifications (27% is the German average), which is important for successful participation in working life. Over two-thirds also indicate that they speak better Turkish than German; among women, this figure is almost 75 percent. Accordingly, only 47 percent of those surveyed (men: 56%, women: 39%) are fully or partially employed. In comparison, 58 percent of the German population do have jobs.

No Fight Against the Right

Hitler and Lenin

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy has translated another essay by the German writer M. Sattler. The author suggests that Mao’s “auto-aggressive” Cultural Revolution exerted direct influence on the culturally destructive ’68 generation in Germany, and hence on the current regime of political correctness.

The translator includes this informative introduction:

Below is an essay by M. Sattler entitled “No Fight against the Right” originally posted at Politically Incorrect (21 August 2012). Its focus is on the selectivity with which the “left-doctrinaire”, multicultural state protects the perpetrators of ultra-nationalistic, anti-Semitic or xenophobic doctrines, while reacting against native “fascistic” Europeans. As Michael Coren points out in his description of the behaviour of the multicultural Toronto police at the recent al-Quds Day rally in Toronto, this phenomenon is not limited to Germany. There the Toronto police interfere with ordinary peaceful citizens to the advantage of protected “fascistic” groups. See the Gates of Vienna post “The Police Have Become Political”.

Another companion piece to this essay is a video posted on Gates of Vienna called “The Better Lenin”,
in which it is argued that National Socialism and the Left constitute the same system. In a similar vein, Sattler suggests that Left and Right are mirror images forming “…a typical pair of opposites providing divergent answers to the same question.”

The following two definitional points are intended to assist English-speaking readers of Sattler’s essay.

The Grey Wolves (Graue Wölfe) is the designation for members of the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) founded in 1961. They also call themselves the “Idealists” (Turkish, Ülkücüler). The goal of the Grey Wolves is to unite all Turks by the establishment of a Turkish nation stretching from the Balkans through Central Asia into Xinjiang in China. German Intelligence (der Verfassungsschutz) of North Rhine-Westphalia, which monitors the Grey Wolves, alleges that the organisation is contributing” to the emergence of a parallel society in Europe” and sees it as “a hindrance to the integration of the Turkish population” (Source: Metapedia). Enemies of the Grey Wolves are made up largely of the Kurds, Jews, Greeks, Armenians, and the Americans. The Turkish ethno-nationalist movement can “howl their fascistic slogans”, as Sattler puts it, because “those responsible can file suit with reference to the anti-discrimination law” [Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ)].

The Bunte Republik (The Multicoloured Republic of Germany) is a political expression in Germany. M. Sattler uses it repeatedly in place of the official name for Germany, Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany), hence ‘The Multicultural Republic of Germany’. The word play is on Bund (Federal) and Bunt (multicoloured, coloured, mottled, spotted). The ersatz expression carries the connotation that the multicoloured state is really a colourless, tedious and artificial construct. But originally the pun was a serious, albeit propagandistic phrase. The controversial former President of Germany, Christian Wulff, used the trite bund/bunt clang association in the multicultural context of his presidential inaugural speech (2 July 2010): “We must further internationalise our country. We can practise that here at home in our Bundesrepublik (Federal Republic), in our bunten Republik Deutschland (Multicoloured Republic of Germany)” [Official Source: Web Site of the Federal President]. Since the irony of the expression is central to Sattler’s emphasis on the culturally “auto-aggressive” and destructive effects of multiculturalism, the original German expression “Bunte Republik” is maintained in the translation.

The author, M. Sattler, makes periodic contributions to Politically Incorrect and in June 2012 Gates of Vienna posted a translation of another of his thoughtful essays called “Escape Into Dictatorship”.

The translated essay from Politically Incorrect:

No Fight against the Right
By M. Sattler

The anti-fascism of the Bunten Republik [Multicoloured Republic] makes distinctions according to criteria of nationality: German right-wing extremism is opposed, Turkish right-wing extremism is tolerated. By contrast, the anti-fascism of East Germany was a universal anti-fascism: right-wing extremism was a generalised enemy, independent of a particular nation. The reasons for these entirely divergent stances are to be sought in the ideological backgrounds of these two left-doctrinaire states.

1. The Anti-fascism of East Germany

The anti-fascism of East Germany arose from its Marxist-Leninist tradition and its self-conception as part of the communist world revolution: The goal of the Marxist-Leninist worker’s struggle is in fact the worldwide overcoming of national identities through the construction of a social identity defined by class struggle. The Fascism founded by Mussolini formed the direct counter-thesis to that: in response to Lenin’s October Revolution, Mussolini called for overcoming of the class-antagonisms, not by struggle, but by national solidarity within the great totality. Both ideologies, Marxism-Leninism and Fascism, therefore deal with the same themes of “class” and “nation”. They form a typical pair of opposites providing divergent answers to the same question. Marxist-Leninist communism means necessarily rejection of its laterally reversed mirror image; that is, uncompromising anti-fascism, and vice versa [“laterally reversed mirror image”, des seitenverkehrten Spiegelbilds, can also mean a mirror image reversed left to right].

Since Marxism-Leninism strives to overcome the idea of nation and for the internationalism of the working class, it can combat Fascism consistently only in an anti-nationalistic way; that is, it does not differentiate Fascism by the criterion of nationality, into a “good” and a “bad” Fascism. It attacks the enemy, right-wing nationalistic fascistic thinking, on a worldwide basis: in Italy under Mussolini; in Poland after the military putsch of 1926; in Germany of the late 1920s; in the 1930s in Thailand and Japan and in Spain under Franco; in the 1950s and ‘60s in Turkey and in the 1970s in Chile. The anti-fascism of the Marxist-Leninist East Germany also stood in this tradition of a universal, worldwide oriented anti-fascism until 1989.

2. The Anti-Fascism of the Bunten Republik

In contrast to East Germany the foundation of our present-day “Bunten Republik” is to be sure unmistakably left-wing doctrinaire, but not Marxist-Leninist. The left-doctrinaire ideology of the Bunten Republik rests on the strongly Maoist-created Cultural Revolution of the ’68ers — a left-wing revolution which never took place in the Marxist-Leninist sphere of influence of the Soviet Union. As distinct from Marxism-Leninism, however, Maoism is not only a movement oriented toward class struggle, but is first and foremost a culture-war movement inimical to civilisation. The new communist man can only emerge insofar as he annihilates the “old” culture altogether. The core questions of Marxism-Leninism and its fascistic antithesis therefore play only a marginal role for Maoism. The Maoist does not struggle either against other classes or other nations; his fight is introverted and auto-aggressive; his image of the enemy is his own culture as part of the human civilisation.

These auto-aggressive Maoist influences also gained a foothold in West Germany after Mao’s 1966 Cultural Revolution, where they influenced the revolt of the 1968ers quite substantially. They also explain the different perspectives on Fascism between East Germany and the Bunten Republik. In the Marxist-Leninist East Germany a fascist was a fascist, no matter which country he came from. In the more vigorously Maoist cultural-revolutionary Bunten Republik on the other hand, Fascism counted as an enemy only in the auto-aggressive context. When 6,000 Turkish right-wing extremists [Grey Wolves] gather in the Grugahalle [an indoor sports arena on 19 Nov. 2011] in Essen and howl their fascistic slogans, this is no issue for the Bunten Republik. In Germany, to oppose Turkish Fascists would be counterproductive for the cultural revolution. Very definitely it is an issue however, when five German right-wing extremists gather in front of a drink-kiosk.

Unlike East Germany, therefore, the Bunte Republik by no means fights “against the Right” universally, it fights selectively. Out if its budget of millions for the “war against the Right”, it will never allocate even a single penny for the fight against the Turkish Grey Wolves. This apparent “double standard” is not, however, a consequence of a naïve misjudgement of the real situational danger stemming from right-wing extremism in Germany. It is a deliberate and entirely consistent course of political action which is immediately derived from the auto-aggressive character of the multicoloured ideology [bunten Ideologie], itself influenced by Maoism from the outset, and directed against its own culture and civilisation. To characterise the Bunte Republik as “anti-fascistic” or indeed to see it in the tradition of the universalised anti-fascism of East Germany is not only to misjudge the East German context taken by itself. Such an evaluation also misconstrues the historically evolved variations internal to the left-doctrinaire world of ideas, and hence the entire ideological foundation of our present-day Bunten Republik.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/27/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/27/2012Dymphna and I got home from the Great Outback late this afternoon. I was hoping to put up some regular posts this evening, but it took me until almost midnight to catch up with the email and the skype messages. So more or less normal service will resume in the morning.

Meanwhile, you can read about Neil Armstrong and rockets from Gaza. Also, a man in Uganda broke into an Ebola ward and stole a cell phone from a dying Ebola patient. Cosmic justice has since intervened, and the thief is a now patient in the same ward, dying of Ebola himself.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

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Keeping an Eye on Isaac

A brief update, y’all…

We might have tried to post whilst away, but our retro 1930’s motel “cabin” (remember those?) had no internet connection. A humongous TV which turned out of be of some interest since the hurricane in the Gulf is looming toward New Orleans. I would say “shades of Katrina” but with Bobby Jindal in the governor’s chair the state is in good hands. Not only that, but the corrupt Nagin is gone from New Orleans, which must give citizen morale a huge boost! Besides, (I think) the Army Corps of Engineers has been busy repairing and replacing in the years since Katrina showed the government’s ineptitude with the levees.

New Orleans is a bowl – a sinking bowl at that. It’s an open question how long before it sinks so low before it becomes uninhabitable. Visit while you can – after Isaac of course… by the way, folks who live in Hurricane Territory don’t say, in this case, “Hurricane Isaac”. It’s just “Isaac” to them, or “Andrew”, Katrina, or “Camille”…

So why would anyone in their right mind ever have founded this city? The answer is complicated by culture and commerce, but the simple answer is: the confluence of the mouth of the mighty Mississip and the Gulf of Mexico.

Many of us were raised on the stories of the river, the same one from which Samuel Clemens drew his pseudonym: “Mark Twain”. Among his many jobs, he’d been a navigator on the Mississipi. Being able to discern the depth at any given spot on the river required dropping a piece of weighted twine inscribed with markings that allowed the person using it to see where the twine hit the mud – in other words, sounding the depth of the water. This permitted the captain to know if he was in any danger of getting caught on the ever-shifting mud bottom.

Once again, the country watches and waits to see what Isaac does. At least the bottom half of the country does. Over in California they’re dealing with earthquakes. Hard to say which disaster I’d rather face.

Like we get a choice right?