A Tribute to the Ignorant Victim

Our Hungarian correspondent László takes a retrospective look at the “pandemic” scam and what it portends for the future manipulation of the population by the Powers That Be.

A Tribute to the Ignorant Victim

The Paradox of Autonomy Has Enslaved Humanity

by László

Vlad’s latest post on IQ vs the Scamdemic is very thoughtful and addresses a phenomenon many may have observed. Namely, the way the factor of individual IQ correlated with the perception of the Corona Scam and the ability to decipher it.

Mega-IQ people like Langan and Vos Savant describe the obsession with truth from an early age as a crucial factor of becoming who they are. Likewise, obsession with, or at least commitment to, TRUTH is what I think made much of the difference in the ability of detecting the Corona Scam. Interestingly, 200-IQ Langan defines (in general) the IQ-range around 145 a “danger zone” where even high cognitive abilities are hijacked by pride and hubris.

Regarding the Scam, there is another decisive factor I call “the paradox of independence / autonomy” (a term I coined). It essentially boils down to the [in]ability to fathom the fact that the whole world is being engaged in a fraud — an enemy fraud, mind you. I remember talking to a university professor back in 2021, surely one of the smartest person in Hungary, and when I told him that it was all a scam he answered: “I cannot fathom that everybody is in it and that it is all centrally coordinated”.

Apart from his serious error of speaking about literally “everybody” involved (which was never true and that is the point), that attitude is about a rigid idea of the Western civilization as such being (1) decentralized and (2) essentially honest. Which are erroneous projections of the perception of both (1) the outer world and (2) the inner world of the self, respectively.

And that also goes to show that the deceived ones projected their own self-image of perceived (or pretended) honesty — and because it is only perceived / pretended, it is closely related to the well-known act of virtue signalling. In its root, virtue signalling to ourselves is about preserving the favourable self-image — as a psychological survival mechanism of maintaining the construct of the self. When you are aware of your own (sometimes wicked) motives, yet you keep showing off with your (sometimes fake) benevolence, it is the social side of the same phenomenon. Honesty and benevolence are interrelated, and are godly virtues that build up collective reality, even psychic reality — therefore the destruction of those two destroyed the world as we knew it.

Now, that rigid construct of self and the outer world intertwined with it, was hit by the ruinous missiles of the Rona Psyop. The disastrous consequences are well-known. It was the 9/11 of Western ego.

And those missiles pierced very deep into the nervous system of the populace. Even though I studied consumer behavior, and therefore, after a while, was able to distinguish the patterns of the Corona propaganda, I was hit at least by one such psy-missile:

One day I was half-asleep early in the morning when I became conscious of my own nightmare of giant nurses with enormous needles towering above me, trying to jab me. When I woke up, I was amazed by the power of the psyop — because I knew that, in a sense, it was a planted dream. And even when doing my job that day and some other days, I remember feeling a strange urge to immediately go and get jabbed — that’s after I had already known that it was all a scam!

Spoiler: I remained a Pureblood. But my less fortunate sister-in-law described the same inner process of being programmed: she was just hit by a sudden “intuition”, as she told me later, and stood up, leaving everything she was doing behind and ventured out to take the poison poke. And she took it (twice), unfortunately. Like a sleepwalker, or a headless chicken, I would add.

I think she perceived her own programming as an intuition when the deeply planted enemy motive that she had internalized resurfaced from her unconscious mind and was cognized by the rational mind as its own property. And therefore, in practice, she thought she was an independent — even intuitive — thinker when she experienced the will of our overlords as her own decision. Extraordinary!

Seemingly no less than voluntary slavery, even without her brain being wired by Neuralink.

To finish the story about my dream: it turned out that I was not alone with that dream, either. Later during the jabbing season I saw other folks on online forums talking about their own dreams of nurses chasing them with needles. No wonder — jabbing has been a central element of the propaganda and the psyop.

OK, I admit that this one may sound a bit wild: The apparently frequent occurrence of that particular dream among the population raises the possibility of “targeted planting”, meaning that the senders intended to plant exactly that specific dream into the minds of the targets. But I do not know about any technology or method with that capability (apart from the conventional brainwashing that was being done), so let’s put it to one side in the grey zone of theories until further evidence pro or contra emerges… For the time being it is much more reasonable to assume that only the general motive (to get jabbed by nurses) was planted, and that stream of propaganda took similar shapes on the “screens” of individual minds. The result was the same, though.

Back to the big picture: People have never seen a scam like that before and they never even heard about one (though they should have, at least about Orson Welles’ famous reality hoax). And thus individuals stored that notion of the state of an ‘honest’ and self-shaping world in their minds as an AXIOM — to the detriment of many. And who am I to blame them when honesty is indeed an important cornerstone of a functioning and livable human realm?

Anyway, the above-mentioned “paradox of independence” stems from insisting on that erroneous ground of pseudo-reality. Independent and responsible people insisted on remaining independent in their relation to what they thought was reality. Had they given this adult attitude up, it would have either caused them to lose their ability of orientation — basically their sanity — or regress into childhood (which they did anyway).

At that point it would have been important for everyone to know (and live) the difference between responsibility (to reality) and responsiveness (to authority).

However, standing on that ground of misperceived pseudo-reality, the poor folks had had no psychological choice but to protect their sanity and (perceived) independence by keeping close contact with what they thought was reality. And that contact with the “firm ground” was protected fiercely! Little did they know that authority fraudulently camouflaged itself as “reality”, thus turning responsibility into responsiveness — and by that, deliberately inducing submission to authority.

And that’s the big trick that caused the “paradox of independence”: adults wanting to keep their independence by turning themselves into dependent children. (Maybe the “paradox of autonomy” would be more proper denomination — but they are closely interrelated, and this is not meant to be a scientific essay with very rigorous definitions.)

This process was of course reinforced by many other psychological weapons and attacks that turned adults into de facto children, mainly by methodically scaring the living daylights of out people and then offering protection (a mafia method, by the way), and also by applying social pressure.

Some people insisted (as an act of false responsibility) on the imposed pseudo-reality so much that they even became very angry when I warned them about the Scam and the jabs. They didn’t want to hear any of the arguments or facts I had to offer and, sadly, some broke their relationship with me — a phenomenon many of the readers had to encounter.

That said, not all of those who fell victim to the fraud are sheeple. As we all know by now, the Scam was extremely professional, elaborate and all-encompassing in a psychological sense. So it was also a matter of luck whether one was able and ready to decode the political reality and TRUTH in that particular moment of their life when the psyop was rolled out.

Stupidity and ignorance are not the same. This time the Powers That Be exploited the human inclination to ignorance: the condition of not being cognizant, informed, or aware.

This is a multifaceted issue which is worth exploring in depth in order to be able to stop the Scam cold. More generally: we must end the pseudo-reality that is being forced upon us.

Because the Scam is still going on in other forms, and the pseudo-reality is alive and well — it is just more insidious once again (but Plandemic 2.0 may be in the making as well).

While individual ignorance must be fought alone, collective ignorance must be fought together — therefore everyone’s view and experience are appreciated.

For previous essays by László, see the László Archives.

4 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Ignorant Victim

  1. The basis of “mind control” is to supply the subject a limited set of information that will make the subject choose the “rational option” – but that “rational option” is “rational” only within the set of supplied information, but that supplied information may not be true, in fact – the supplied information may be an outright lie.

    So it is with “vaccination” – where the mainstream media have been very strict to silence all negative information about vaccines, and support every BS in favour of the vaccines – even long before Covid. I can’t find it quickly just now, but the “side effects of vaccines” were something the mainstream media would not touch since the 80’s.

    Therefore – the subjects of our Covid experiment are consistently supplied only one sided information about how vaccines save lives, and with the absence of any and all negative information about the vaccines – they will always choose to be vaccinated, because it is the rational option based on the information they have.


    PS: The first time I noticed something is wrong with the vaccines was when I was about 10 – I met a girl with tick borne borreliosis – and she told me she had been vaccinated against that disease. Strange – I thought. In our part of the woods, we’d get ticks regularly, dozens a year, and the first time I have seen someone with a “tick borne disease” – that person was also the first person I met who had been vaccinated against that disease.

    And maybe – that’s how I got vaccinated against all the Pharma BS.

    Now I am “willing to believe” that some vaccines work. But – lack of proper evidence led me to conclusion that most of the vaccines that are pumped into the veins of animals and people today, actually don’t work. For if I had a miracle cure, a vaccine that really does save lives, it should not be a problem to provide the real case evidence that my miracle cure works. But to find a good evidence for vaccine efficacy and effectiveness is not easy, and that makes me all the more suspicious about the “big pharma” and their dozens of different “vaccines” they pump into the veins of children.

    …lack of real evidence, and then I found out the BBC is actively silencing all information about the negative effects of vaccines since the 1980’s


    …makes me wonder if “mandatory vaccination” has not been in the plan all along???


    “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” (Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961)

    • If one doesn’t watch their programming, one is immune from it.

      I believe it was Postman who wrote that TV is the worst medium for imparting information. I agree with that wholeheartedly. TV is not suited for informing but very suited for entertainment and indoctrination.

      The whole vaxx agitprop was a no-go for me when the manufacturers were successful in getting a shield against any kind of liability for damages from their product. And the icing on the cake was everyone in media, entertainment, politics, etc putting on the full court press to get fools to get injected with their substance. I am cynical enough and mistrusting of anything these anus clowns say that I didn’t need to investigate further once they started shilling it.

      • Yea it’s true that I don’t watch TV, and when I think about it, my friends who are also Covid Witnesses and got injected 2 or 3 times (one of my neighbors took it 4 times) – they all have TV up and running at home. I wonder if that’s got something to do with it?

        And yes – once they begun to push the vaxx, my big “no no” was that the covid vax has had no “record”, except that it has been “approved” in “record time”.

        I was saying to anyone interested, “you don’t know what you are getting, it’s not been tried, and you are making yourself a crash test dummy!”

        I’d say most of the people understood my argument, but got injected anyway – because as the article says – the propaganda was overwhelming, and people are generally trusting.

        A few people, though, would argue against me saying “It’s a new technology, now we can make vaccines against any disease in a month or two! It’s a medical miracle, oh hooo!”

        – these, I would suppose, are the truly brainwashed idiots. Maybe about one in ten people I know.

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