Normalizing Mass Murder

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on media propaganda designed to prepare its gullible audience for an increase in the number of fatalities for certain medical conditions that just happen to be known side effects of the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Although this example is specific to Hungary, similar media operations may be expected in other countries. For example, in the UK the increased death rate for these same conditions is being attributed to PPSD — Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder.

Normalizing Mass Murder

Heart Attacks Are Common, Stupid

by László

The Hungarian media have started brainwashing the population about the now known adverse effects of the mRNA jabs, as common causes of death. The article from the globalist outlet does not mention the jabs, of course; they just let you know that the most common causes of death in Hungary are stroke, heart attack and even pulmonary embolism — precisely some of the main adverse effects of the jabs. It looks like very well-camouflaged propaganda intended to do jab damage control.

The headline: “Stroke patients transported to hospitals every ten minutes”

So out of the blue, it is now important to inform people about these illnesses, because… because… we worry about your health, yes!

And in the background of all these very common illnesses lurks diabetes as the main underlying risk factor, they say:

The third most common cause of death in Hungary is stroke. And at least one million people suffer from incurable diabetes. If that weren’t enough, new research shows that the two diseases go hand in hand, with one reinforcing the other.

In our country, 200,000-250,000 people live in the shadow of stroke, the number of people who carry the risk factors. Of these, one in five, some 40-50 thousand people, are admitted to stroke centres every year, and 15,000 die from stroke. But you could also say that every ten minutes a stroke patient is admitted to a hospital and every half hour a person dies from stroke in Hungary.

After heart disease and cancer, stroke (cerebral vascular catastrophe) is the second most common cause of death in Hungary.

And that’s just the number we know about. But there are more such deaths than that. But outside the walls of hospitals, without an autopsy, it is not possible to identify the exact cause of death. Vascular problems can cause not only strokes but also heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms, Dr. Ágnes Hasitz, an internal medicine specialist, told Index. […]

Heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism: what a coincidence that these are common adverse effects caused by the mRNA treatments as well!

And now it is “not possible to identify the exact cause of death”, so the numbers could be even higher, you see. But in the case of Covid deaths it has been possible to identify the “cause” of death, even without an autopsy — in fact, autopsies have been banned since the Corona psy-op broke out. What else could be the cause of your death when you die in a car accident then, BINGO, Covid ! — because you had a positive PCR test after your death.

And “every half hour a person dies of stroke” — goes the article! Wow! They made these statistics really digestible and spectacular for the Average Joe! Yet somehow they forget to publish, for example, those statistics that would reveal the percentage of the jabbed in hospitals.

OK, so now you have learned that these lethal diseases are indeed very frequent and numerous; and they have a cause, diabetes. Thus, when jabbed people around you begin to dutifully self-depopulate in droves, you will not attribute it to the Mengele-juice and you will accept the phenomenon as normal. The poor thing just ate too much sugar and failed to exercise, you know.

Thanks to this deadly deception, there will be more clueless innocents who will take the jab, believing that it is not harmful. This is the New Normal of Mass Murder. Been there, seen that:

Arbeit Macht Frei, Malenki Robot, Vaccines Save Lives.

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10 thoughts on “Normalizing Mass Murder

  1. Thanks for the info. Here in Bohemia, the mainstream media are not at the level of mRNA side effects yet, even though I got a number of “Pfizer anti stroke and heart drugs commercials”.

    But the “globalist media”, chief of which are the state run Czech TV and Radio – doubled down, and as far as I can tell they have already lost the narrative: Czechs already see Kovid for what it is: a big pharma business.

    Right now – the comment section battle seems to be raging along the lines “Do they do it just for the money/Do they do it to impose new global tyrrany?” Although there still are a lot of believers around here.

    October/November, the mainstream media bombarded us with “hospital statistics” showing how many more unvaccinated ended up with covid in hospital, so much so that the the majority of people believe that the vaccines really do something against covid – but majority of Czechs now believe that it is a “bad product” made by “incompetent people” pushed through by “corrupt politicians”…

    But under closer scrutiny, examining the vax/nonvax statistics, one discovers that the hospitals did not test the vaccinated for covid – because why would they? The vaccinated are already “immunized”!

    Another one was that they count people as vaccinated only 14 days after the second dose, which left a lot of vaccine-immuno-compromised people in the “unvaccinated” camp.

    But the greatest one was when the fear campaign hit the wall with the question “how many people are hospitalized with covid?” -> 10 in one hospital, 7 in another… What a pandemic! (Pan=All Demic=People)

    Anyhow – and that is my own question – it would be nice to know how many “unvaccinated” received some Remdesivir killer treatment, Midazolam, etc. I can’t prove it but I smell something fishy in the “Covid Treatment Manuals” they have in the hospitals. My theory is that they don’t treat the vaccinated like they do the unvaccinated.

    Which is OK I guess: Many “vaccinated people” have Covid now. Even popular actors and the media says that openly about those famous people: “Three doses and has covid…” I wonder how is our Reichsprotektor gonna deal with that?

    So to conclude: The killer of the mainstream covid-vax narrative in the Czech Republic was when hospitals revealed hard scientific data, that the only defence that really works against the covid infection is – Covid infection: Vaccinated and unvaccinated alike have almost zero “reinfection rate”.

    Covid Vaccine side effects have not kicked in the Czech mainstream media, but I suspect they will soon.

    • I can also sense some awakening in Hungary. The percentage of third jabbers is very low. So our honeymoon phase with the PTB is now over, I guess — much later than in some other countries.

      They have applied special, gradual treatment on us because they know from history (2006, 1956) that we are sensitive to police violence and could react badly. So they have been careful not to push us beyond our limits in the Corona-madness.

      The next is the collective abused wife syndrome — they will probably unleash the general jab mandates in February — let us see how we react to that.

  2. Laszlo, have you read the piece posted by Baron on Dr Noack?

    Diabetes is the least of people’s problems if you have consumed huge amounts of miniature razor blades.

    I have noticed that diabetes seems to be one of the many side effects of the quaxines, but I don’t recall why.

    The same kind of fraud is everywhere – who new that it was common for some of the fittest people in the world to suffer heart attacks. Have you noticed the media story thereafter in each case? It goes along the line of “he is ok and recovering and will be back”.

    Back in a box.

    No superior athlete returns to the same level after a stroke or a heart attack. If at all.

    Yet the sheep continue to gather to be injected with their next liquid nail in their own coffins.

    • I would be careful with the razor blades, because one of the subversion tactics is to undermine a “speaker” by convincing him to speak some crazy lie, so that after that lie is proven to be a lie, the othewise smart speaker is considered “compromised”

      I believe that this is what happened to David Icke, for example: Otherwise spot on, he is most famous for the “Reptilian queen of England” etc.

      • You mean something crazy like there is a virus called covid 19?

        Or that there is a vaccine that is safe and effective?

        Take a look at yourself mate. Icke was a bonafide fraud since year one. Noack has absolutely no record of falsehoods or lies.

        What we need to be careful of is people like you who immediately try to trash bonafide experts while using proven frauds as your example.

        More fool you.

        • Icke as a controlled opposition? I’d not be surprised. A Pied Piper, leading people who want to be awake down the kook hole.

    • Yes, I have. These killer effects are terrible; but They have made a huge mistake with them because they are causing mass awakening. The PTB are not as almighty and omnipotent as they want us to believe they are…

  3. Gott en Himmel!!

    Ya–up next, and right on cue for the “Holiday Season,” they will have PSA actors featuring that itinerant Jewish Carpenter from Nazareth standing with Gates, Fauci, and Schwab approvingly stabbing newborn infants in cradles with the fake deadly vaxx.


    NONE. They demand total compliance with their death cult.

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