No Fear of Cyborgs!

Electronic chips play an important role in the Great Reset planned by the World Economic Forum and its globalist allies. Chipping began with passports, drivers’ licenses, credit cards, and pets, and is now expanding to encompass many other objects as well as the human body itself.

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this account of the insidious way chipping has been injected into pop culture in Hungary via TV programming.

My Body My Choice, No Fear of Cyborgs!

by László

The article from

Vanda Schumacher will have a chip inserted in her hand; three people in Hungary have had one

July 6, 2022

She will be able to open a car, and turn on the light with it.

Vanda Schumacher, who is known as the host of BeleValóVilág [a reality TV show], but has also appeared in several RTL Klub productions in recent months, was a guest in the studio of Reggeli [TV programme]. Schumacher has been travelling quite a lot lately, including a visit to New York. Zsófi Szabó [TV hostess] noted that Schumacher’s travels seem practically unaffordable, and she was interested to know how Schumacher could save so much money. (For example, she went on a helicopter tour in New York and wants to pursue her career in the USA.)

“That [expensive journeys] is very much part of it [the high life]. And, you know, it’s a bit like, if you surround yourself with people who have this lifestyle, you can’t be the only one who says: well, I’d rather not… but [instead you say] why not, let’s do it!” [Schumacher said]

She says nobody is funding her trips. And she says, she will have a plastic surgery in the future, which is so rare that only three people have had it in Hungary so far.

“I’m going to have a chip inserted in my hand, which is quite common abroad, three people in Hungary have had it so far, and I’ll be the fourth one. It’s not a tracking device, but a chip that is connected to an application, so that you can pay with it, unlock your car, turn on the lights, all sorts of things.” [Schumacher said]

Anna Peller [another TV host] was quick to point out that “hopefully Schumacher’s hand won’t get cut off [by criminals, supposedly]”. And Zsófi Szabó wondered what the point of all this surgery was if the chip could do the same thing as touching your phone to a bank terminal, and so on.

“This is such a new thing [and everyone is afraid that the cyborgs are coming, she added] — but why go against progress?”, concluded Vanda Schumacher.

OK, it may look innocent, but there is a lot to break down here.

RTL Klub, the TV channel that featured the programme which the above article is about, is a Hungarian-speaking German TV channel that is a market leader in Hungary, watched by millions. The RTL group is a division of the Bertelsmann Group that has ties to George Soros.

It will surprise no one that Bertelsmann board members are invariably present at the Bilderberg conferences.

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is also listed as a WEF organization on the website of the World Economic Forum, where you can find this mission statement:

“The work of Bertelsmann Stiftung intends to increase the opportunity for individuals and society to thrive in the globalized world […]”

How kind of them! A real philanthropic… and subversive power grab by unelected groups.

Yes, a chip-implant is apparently something that will help you “thrive in the globalized world”. At least this is the cover story of the grand plan, that the above Powers That Be want to make us believe in the TV talk show in question.

From a marketing point of view, this particular TV show targets the so-called “early birds”, i.e. the first adopters of technological novelties in a society. In the video one of the hosts mentions that the guest, who claims she would get the implant, lives the “high life” — thereby giving away the product advantage that the marketing of the chip implant is actually built on. On the surface they are selling it to you as a mere convenience product that switches the light for you, and you cannot lose it. But there is more to it.

When the host says that this “high life” is “practically unaffordable”, she is actually segmenting the market by calling on the target group of the poorer, yet more adventurous, Hungarian youngsters, those wannabe “high-lifers” who will then attribute social advantages to the implant.

With it, the TV programme positions the implantable chip as a quasi-elite product. Only quasi, because these new, secondary “elites” will subsist in the planned “Hunger Games” society like everyone else, at the whims of the ruling “elites” who hold the real power. Because this brave new society that is unafraid of chips is, of course, only for us slaves: the parasitic overclass mistakenly described as ‘elites’ will be living the real high life — undisturbed by the (chipped and unchipped) livestock suffering under their yoke.

This TV show is celebrity marketing that aims to deceive the (ever-growing) lower middle class by luring them into the false belief in the opportunity of actual upward social mobility — a carrot held in front of the noses of the masses, which they will never reach. This is an illusion that is being sold as a virtual product-feature of the chip implant, namely you are made to believe that you can buy a desired social status by buying (into) this new type of product. And even though you will never get to live the high life you were promised, you will be granted a somewhat higher life than some others — if you are willing to give up your freedom. And the freedom of the rest of the society, by extension.

Notice that this TV show even handles the potential hindrances to a successful new product launch, one of which is the consumers’ fear of novelties:

“This is such a new thing [and everyone is afraid that the cyborgs are coming, she added] — but why go against progress?” [the celebrity says]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Take it Easy! My Body My Choice, No Fear of Cyborgs!

As a matter of fact, this is not simply a new product, but a total and brutal paradigm change, on both individual and societal levels. Such an enormous and deep change as “transhumanism” should already be out there on the forums of society, as the focus of public debate, out in the open for everyone to see and participate in. This should be an explicit decision, made on the level of the society and not only the individual, whether such a technocratic social sea change should get the green light.

And exactly that open debate is what is not happening: instead, all the sober considerations and worries about the potential dangers and opportunities of “transhumanism” are either being suppressed, censored or ridiculed — or, as in this case, deliberately redirected to the level of the individual, to be handled as a matter of brainwashing. It is a clandestine way of directing societal processes by stealthily influencing the thought patterns of individuals and groups, most of whom are defenseless against the psychological machinations of a robust and professional marketing machinery.

The enemy is making the decision for all of us.

But, hey, buddy, don’t make such a big fuss out of being turned into a Terminator! Just be progressive! Hush baby, hush, hush, it’s gonna be all right, sleep well, good night!

It is clear that at this point the talk-show becomes way more than a reference-group ad; as the celebrity, who her target group looks up to, turns straight into a superheroin(e) for them, by taking on the role of the very first person in the country to publicly get over the fears of becoming a “cyborg”. Ms. Schumacher is figuratively spearheading the heralded, dehumanizing “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Which is in fact a Communist-Fascist revolution at its core (no, not a contradiction), packaged into scientism and enabled by technology.

The fascistic aspect of it is clearly shown by the very fact that an unelected entity, RTL, underhandedly influences important societal issues, in collusion with other shady private actors as well as the government. And the communistic aspect is hidden in the purported effects of the brainwashing, which begins with a Bolshevik approach of forcefully changing the society according to the new norms that nobody has been consulted about (the norms of those few with a chip implant); then later on it will continue with a communist approach of getting rid of the “enemies of the common good” (those few without a chip implant).

Back to the TV studio: the celeb Schumacher exerts group-pressure on her followers by saying “why go against progress”. This serves to brand the chip implant as a positive “progress”, and at the same time ramps up fears of becoming outdated, so that this fear outweighs the fear of getting converted into a “cyborg”. (In the video Schumacher admits that she is really afraid of the surgery, but she goes ahead with it anyway.)

So the lie of “progress” is used as both a carrot and a whip. In other words, its function is to break a psychological barrier in the society in the face of entering the “new chipped normal”. The sheeple must be herded through the gate of the terrible unknown, before they enter the promised land of the green meadows… surrounded by electric fencing.

Then the TV show makes an effort to deal with another sort of fear of the general populace — that of losing their freedom in an Orwellian society:

“It’s not a tracking device”, she claims, “but a chip that is connected to an application, so that you can pay…”

No need to point out that this is pure gaslighting — especially with the upcoming CBDC (central bank digital currency), which will be the pinnacle of tracking. Not to talk about it is lying by omission. Moreover, this chip implant is obviously a potential tracking device the way it is, just like any other device with an app that has been used for spying on the population.

Which means that RTL Klub is literally lying in face of its viewers, by falsely reassuring them that they will not lose their freedom because “it’s not a tracking device.”

This is a betrayal of humanity!

It is not an exaggeration: an important element of humanity is the ability to foresee the future and make decisions accordingly, for the benefit of oneself and others. And manipulations such as this that obscure the truth are taking that ability away. Naturally, the consequences will be inhuman — which seems to be the goal of the enemy, by the way.

And remember how, not so long ago, “they” branded you as a conspiracy-theorist lunatic if you dared to suggest that, according to “their” plans, people would get chipped? And now they are selling the chip big time, no shame.

The bottom line is that this TV show is actually a covert — and therefore dishonest and even illegal — advertisement of a paradigm-shifting new “product”, and as such, it is even more than that: it is social engineering.

What “they” were engineering in this TV show, beyond casually turning the human body into a cyborg, is a sort of societal divergence, a new class society that will be split into “high-lifers” and “low-lifers” — i.e. those of the future proletariat who will be allowed to get by on the one hand, and those who will be excluded from the benefits of the society on the other hand. Which means that most of the excluded will be robbed, not only of their freedom but also of their wealth, because they will be deprived of the benefits that they had earned by contributing to the society beforehand.

And in the same way the planned magical chip implants that can open doors and facilitate payment, they can as easily keep those doors closed and block those payments, too. Which means that you will try bloody hard to toe the line, if you don’t want to become a starving outcast in an instant. And that “line” will be constantly moving…

Losing freedom is not a small thing.

But, hey, nasty things such as the government illegally freezing your bank account, as an ultra-vires punishment for disobeying tyrannical orders, could only happen in totalitarian Communist dictatorships, like… Canada.

To me, the moral of the story is that the Great Fascist Reset is even more insidious and all-encompassing than I had thought. Because with this single TV programme alone, the seeds of a dystopian future may have been planted in the minds of potentially tens of thousands of young people in Hungary.

Because when the brainwashing ripens, how will you prevent its victims from begging for a chip-implant that gives them an easier life of “privileges”? Even if those “privileges” are nothing but the God-given freedom taken away from others and redistributed — as we have learnt from our lesson in the Corona scam.

And these good folks will be enslaved voluntarily, will be proud of it, and will probably despise and even victimize everyone else on the Prison Planet who do not choose to belong to the “privileged” prisoners. Have you ever heard of the Lager Kapos?

A Kapo is a prisoner who has been placed in a position of authority over other prisoners, most often as the leader of a Kommando. Kapos may be Jewish or non-Jewish prisoners, but in either case receive special benefits and favorable treatment from the guards.


“At least for a few hours, no quarrels arise, we feel good, the Kapo feels no urge to hit us, and we are able to think of our mothers and wives, which usually does not happen. For a few hours we can be unhappy in the manner of free men.”

So one main aim of this TV ad is to divide the society and subvert it “by their own hands”.

Which, on a positive note, provides one possible explanation to the absurd enigma of the now infamous WEF-slogan “you will own nothing and you will be happy”: Most people will lose everything, own nothing and be miserable; while OTHERS who obey all the rules (at least on the surface), will be happy — as they will be kept relatively well-off by their overlords, provided that they keep breaking their own spines. This is the nature of Socialism — in which I grew up in Hungary: there are those who are equal, and those who are more equal.

This deceptive TV programme goes to show that beyond the immediate dangers of the present globalist onslaught on humanity, the long-term subversion of Western societies is going on largely unnoticed and thus unabated.

…At least this is the enemy’s plan. But here are the translated opinions of some based Hungarians who commented under the same article in Blikk:

Éva Nagy
She has turned into a dog

Tika Kao
so where is the money from? you are a sugar babe, little mommy!

Stein Thomas
And how would that chip know what it is supposed to do and when?

Rebeka Rónai
In her good fortune… She has as little brain as her hippie friend.

Morvainé Judit
this retard…

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  1. OT sorta

    I like how this happens:

    EU Parliament Condemns Overturning of Roe, Calls to Double Down on Abortion Rights

    after this:

    US Democracy Under Concerted Attack
    Jul 4, 2022
    George Soros

    It might interesting to know the background of the EU members who voted for the resolution condemning the decision. Clown world uber alles.

  2. Ao in regards to the coming new order we are all supposed to “Chip In” and do our part for the benefit of everyone. So Chip In and love your neighbor as you do yourself.

  3. My standard quip these days when asked about globalism, especially someone not all that up on it – is to ask with a smile: “If globalism is so gosh-darned wonderful, how come it is being imposed by force?”

  4. “It’s not a tracking device…”

    The naïvety… But then, we already carry tracking devices ever since the advent of the mobile phone. That chip isn’t such a great difference in principle. Except, it’s gonna hurt a lot more when someone takes it from you.

  5. Looks like the prophecies of the Apocalypse are coming true. He who has ear let him hear.

    • The Bible does give us the warning. It says those who read the Book of Revelation will get a special blessing. I believe that blessing will come when the reader / believer does NOT take the Mark, and chooses Heaven and the Lord instead. No matter what the price of such choice is.

  6. As my favourite 18th. Century Philosopher said so aptly, because he could already see there and then where the road is been paved towards…….

    “It is seldom, that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.
    Slavery has so frightful an aspect to men accustomed to freedom, that it must steal upon them by degrees, and must disguise itself in a thousand shapes, in order to be received.”
    >David Hume<

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