Radio Gaga Teaches You to Love Your Slavery

Our Hungarian correspondent László reports on the latest from the Central European front of the Propaganda Wars.

Radio Gaga Teaches You to Love Your Slavery

by László

Hungarian state radio started doing very cautious brainwashing for the future introduction of a Chinese-style social credit system in Europe, camouflaged as an entertaining scientific radio programme.


The radio show began with the fact that the EU Commission has allegedly stated that the idea of using AI-powered face-recognition for a social credit system in Europe is a big no-no. And, unlike the Chinese, Europeans would absolutely not accept it, the ‘expert’ said in the radio report, because essentially “for the Chinese the community is more important than for Europeans.”

The radio report did not condemn the so-called social credit system and failed to emphasize that it is tyrannical. It was covertly presented as a mere neutral, cultural phenomenon which is, even though alien here (so far), might be normal. That is why I think it was a brainwashing piece.

All in all, it is the same strategy we saw in the Corona tyranny propaganda, such as with the jab mandates:

(1)   A big no-no;
(2)   floating it; and then
(3)   unleashing it.

Radio Gaga Presents: The Corona Freak Show

Another, unrelated, Hungarian state-propaganda programme you will not believe: “Christmas charity for the Covid orphans.”

The foundation was set up by President János Áder and his wife, Anita Herczegh. The propaganda claims that “currently in Hungary, nearly a thousand children have lost one or both parents.”

In reality, the mainstream media are presenting a number (of people) who died [with a positive PCR-test] as Corona deaths. And, in the framework of the charity, they broadcast emotional radio-interviews with the mourning children (!) of some of those deceased. (I am not sure if these interviewed children were under 18, but this is abuse, anyway. Disgusting.) Every year there are children who become orphans in a country — now some of them are renamed “Covid orphans”.

Fake compassion to support a real psy-op. Or worse.

No other types of orphans get this sort of cruel, 19th-century freak show attention in Hungary. “Ladies and Gentlemen, for just two bits you can see four-legged Myrtle, the dog-faced boy and the Covid Orphan! Step right up, folks, the show is starting!”

— You have been listening to László, reporting from Global District #122 of the NWO (formerly known as Hungary).

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6 thoughts on “Radio Gaga Teaches You to Love Your Slavery

  1. I was shocked to find myself being scanned by facial recognition at the Returns counter at Lowes. Scum!

    • They are also at their check outs, at least the self serve ones. I think the mask mandates have been a great AI learning opportunity for facial recognition for people “in disguise”. That is what at least some of those CAPTCHA things are. You are providing input to AI for object recognition. At a Meijer (regional chain) if there is a problem with their check out and they go to login to clear it you see the 3 camera views on you. They had a spot for the fourth.

    • Kaiser Permanente scanned our faces for ‘membership’ before they would let us in to pick up prescriptions at the local facility during the temperature taking phases of ‘Covid’. They’ve had our faces on file for years.

      I find it very intrusive, but then, I’ve recently found out they are the major advisors to the Biden Regime about ‘Covid19’, which explains alot.

  2. Can these people steep any Lower?
    I guess they can and will until they’re stopped, and this time for GOOD.
    And NO cushy jobs afterwards for their willing executioners either.
    Also the Puppet-masters shouldn’t get the easy way out, an Oubliette is what is needed for these types for all the suffering they’ve caused and are still causing and creating.
    Let them reflect, in their own filth with just a crust of stale bread and a pint of water for sustenance, of what they’ve done until the day they die.
    The moment they die, the Oubliette will be filled with concrete and the location completely forgotten.

  3. Always use cash, then the [epithets] only have your face on file – no connection to anything else.

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