Medical Apartheid in Hungary: No Jab, No Healthcare

The following report by our Hungarian correspondent László describes his government’s campaign against “vaccine hesitancy”, which is the most extreme official policy on the vax that I’ve heard of so far.

Medical Apartheid in Hungary: No Jab, No Healthcare

by László

A government regulation restricting healthcare services for unvaccinated patients has recently come into force in Hungary. This means that people without an official “Certificate of Immunity” are only allowed to undergo “delayable surgeries” or rehabilitative care if they have a fresh negative PCR test — carried out at their own expense.

In other words only those who (1) have been ‘vaccinated’, or (2) can prove that they have been cured from Covid infection, or (3) have a recent negative PCR test are eligible for public healthcare services (for which almost everyone pays for on a compulsory basis).

So it is not just that you have to have a test to get full treatment: you even have to pay for these PCR tests. According to Hungarian news site Portfolio the government’s position is the following:

Since all Hungarian citizens can receive the vaccine against the coronavirus free of charge, there is no justification for Hungarian taxpayers to pay for the cost of the PCR test for patients who are facing delayable surgeries and who need the test only because they, of their own free will, did not take advantage of the vaccination.

Some groups are exempt from paying for the mandatory PCR-test, such as people who have not taken the ‘vaccine’ but ‘it was not their own fault’ — for example because they have had contraindications for taking the jab.

You even need the above “certificate” to see the dentist.

In practice it is probably not only state healthcare. Some private dentists have allegedly already started to apply this rule as well, although not all of them.

Note: this is not a translation. It is my report, mostly but not exclusively based on the article published by Portfolio. I also read the government regulations in question; and I got the ‘intel’ on private dentists from informal sources.

11 thoughts on “Medical Apartheid in Hungary: No Jab, No Healthcare

  1. Hmmm. I am disappointed in Viktor Orban. I have long admired him but this sounds so unlike him that I don’t know what to make of it.

    I do believe that many people are building this into a much bigger mountain than is warranted.

    I have not been vaccinated but since I don’t go anywhere or see any strangers, I don’t think it is an issue. Of course, I don’t live in Hungary, either. Orban in this situation appears to have dictatorial tendencies. Not good.

    • Thank you for your concern. I agree that the Corona-psyop is ugly and insidious here in Hungary. Especially that not long ago we were, and to some extent still are, a bulwark of freedom. We still oppose Islamic immigration and Marxist oppresion like the LGBT-madness. I would say we are one of the freest block in the NWO-Gulag: we are allowed to sing songs and only have to work in the stone-pit 16 hours a day in winter. The deal is that we will never get out…

      I do not think PM Orbán personally has dictatorial tendencies. As you wrote “this sounds so unlike him” — it is because it is actually not him. It is rather a Corona-coup d’état that is taking place, all over the world. The national governments became puppets and it is not just in Hungary. In France the unjabbed cannot even travel by train any more, in Merkelistan peaceful protesters get brutally beaten by the police and so on.

      Probably it is not better or worse here or there in Europe; it is more like the execution of the psyop is localized. “Think global, act local” — goes the old globalist slogan. The PTB treat the human livestock a bit differently here. We have been let out to run around in the meadow for the summer: at the moment we do not even have to wear the muzzle in any buildings nor outside.

      No lockdown whatsoever, for the moment. Restaurants & hotels are open even for the unjabbed and mass events are not restricted up to 500 people. You can freely travel around within the borders and there will even be huge mass celebrations in August with tens of thousands of people and firework… Hardly any “cases” or deathes, no media frenzy: they apparently turned down those PCR-cycles for the hot days… No flu that could be renamed now, anyway…

      Summer is hot here so they dared not risk to challenge our patience. Therefore they let us play in the prison yard for a while.

      But they are going to reinstate the “restrictions” in the autumn. And the jab is already mandatory for healthcare workers. Plus it will be hard to get in a hospital for the unjabbed. The next group for mandatory injections will probably be the teachers, as they leaked it out to prepare us.

      They take down one targeted group at a time, you see: Divide et Impera.

      So the NWO hit us in very astute ways. It is annoying and stifling. But it is not over yet. Hungary will not give in, as she never did in the past.

      Many thanks to Gates of Vienna for the publicity.

    • The Huns always had authoritarian tendencies, and since the covid pass is in the interest of authoritarian dictatorships, they go for it.

    • It is not just Orban. In France it is exactly the same, only their Ausweiss is called Passe Sanitaire and not Certificate of Immunity. The same is going on in Russia, in Israel (even worse), in Italy and elsewhere.

      Of course, these measures are unlikely to do away with Covid-19, but they will effectively remove people’s rights and freedoms. I think this a globally-orchestrated transformation of society, a revolution from above whose aim is to install a new and improved version of totalitarianism all over the world.

  2. I would gladly accept this under the condition that I stop paying mandatory monthly fees into the system. But if they take my money for “health care” and then deny “health care” for me – they are basically stealing.

  3. I have a question:
    What if you make an appointment to get jabbed and then talk to the doctor abozut risks etc and talk and talk and talk (bring enough paper printouts).
    After how many minutes do they throw you out?
    And then you can claim: I tried to get the jab, but they threw me out, so its not my fault!

    • Perhaps those paper printouts could be in whatever local fiat is used, and the talk with the doctor (or nurse or whatever lackey administers the non-vaxx) could be to establish a mutually agreeable deal wherein they pretend to inject you and you pretend to be injected in exchange for those paper printouts.

  4. This brings up the dilemma in Ayn Rand’s The American Motor Company as described in Atlas Shrugged. When everybody pays for everybody else, what you do becomes everyone else’s business.

    If you are an administrator of the National Health Service, with universal medical care, and you believe not having a vaccination increases hospitalizations, it is logical for you to attempt to save money by requiring vaccinations for hospital care.

    With private medical insurance, the solution is apparent: you can pay an extra premium for coverage without getting a vaccination. If you have competition for insurance coverage, the insurance companies will have the incentive to make the non-vaccine premium as low as the actuarial findings will permit.

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