Welcome to the Hive!

Our Hungarian correspondent László has some thoughts prompted by the latest Italian directives on the “super green pass”, which grants special privileges to those who have chosen to be injected with an experimental mRNA treatment.

Welcome to the Hive!

The Society of Microborders and Inhumanity

by László

In the image below you can see the new ‘rules’ in Italy — a summary of the official regulations effective as of January 2022.

These New World Order ‘rules’ are very chaotic: so much so, that some Italian shops or restaurants that are located right on a county/district border are reported to have to apply different Corona rules in the two parts of their buildings. For example, if you enter the restaurant through the left entrance you must show a jab pass, but you can enter through the right-side door of the same building without Corona papers, on the other side of the district border. That is why this summary in the picture has been issued and published in Italy: to help the subjects find their way across the microborders of the Corona Jungle.

This chaos is probably deliberate, or at least beneficial for our overlords, for the ongoing transformation. If the new ‘rules’ are hard to follow, they are harder to oppose; and it conveys the subliminal message that “rules matter, so obey”. No matter what rules: all that come from above. Just obey.

The Powers That Be are erasing the external national borders while building microborders within our territory, which are controlled by them. Some of these borders are physical and some are virtual. Of course, they want to make most of them virtual, because a virtual world is much more centrally manageable. A smart tool of control, taxation, corruption, robbery and micro-management.

They are already taxing you merely for being alive in the very society you and your ancestors built. This is sheer robbery. The management of borders was always a very lucrative and corrupt business, and the sole right of the rulers and bandits.

And what is the currency of this customs clearance at the microborders? You pay with your bodily integrity and personal integrity; and with the erosion of society. Let me chop your little finger, tattoo your right arm with your Pfizerschwitz number, and you can keep your job and home! Easy!

The hard and soft assets of societal operation (the system of institutions, services and processes) are being destroyed and ‘burnt down’. It is like burning wood: you extract nature’s energy by breaking it down. So it is a ‘vampire process’: ‘they’ are literally sucking our societies dry and turn them into vampires. Or into beehives.

This somewhat gradual but barbaric demolition makes our assets, i.e. the structure of society itself, collapse and/or be devalued. It also drives up the inflation of hard and soft assets; and this cause of inflation seems to be widely overlooked. It is the devaluation of the whole of our remaining Western culture, the fabric of society as an ‘asset’ that have sustained human life and human values. Which makes the society itself cheap and literally ready “for sale” and transformation.

The extent and depth of demolition of the Great Communist Reset can only be compared to that of WWII. Although it is more controlled at the moment and leaves the buildings more intact, it is much more thorough because it seeks to uproot the very basis of our existence at all levels.

And this time what the society is turned into as it is continuously rebuilt is a kind of hive: a vampire hive, a beehive or an ant colony. While the old ways of the society are devalued because they are under attack and thus become unreliable, the new ways of the hive we are offered become extremely attractive because of their stability and ability to sustain us. It is coming. Like the Meta, for example.

In order to qualify to become an inhabitant of the new hive, one must literally lose one’s integrity and become a replaceable part of the community. Hence the pervasive attack on our personal integrity. It is deliberate. There must remain absolutely no individual freedom in the hive — it would be contrary to its purpose and endanger its functionality and existence.

Therefore our human nature and existence must be degraded; this explains the underlying intent of a lot of Corona ‘measures’ that are being implemented, and are hard to make sense of otherwise. We are way beyond losing freedom now: we are already at the phase of robbery, murder and humiliation of individuals and individuality.

One can understand what is happening only in the context of war. The false hopes that “they cannot do that” because it would destroy that particular subsystem of society are dangerous illusions. Demolition is ‘their’ goal; the enemy is not afraid of it. Only we are afraid of it.

Marching through the streets in demonstrations and then going home does not even scratch the surface of the construct of reality that is being attacked and transformed. After all, the beekeeper is not bothered by the bees’ marching within the hive, is he?

Thus the bees must come together, fly out, leave their keepers and attack them in self defence if necessary, and establish a new hive. Then turn back into humans. We must reclaim our human reality, our world.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hive!

  1. Great chart! I live in Munich, about an hour from the Austrian border, and it was obvious well over a year ago that the rules were being made unnecessarily complex from country to country, state to state, and even within various communities with the clear intent to keep people confused and left-footed. Even my normally detail-obsessed German friends eventually confessed that it was designed to force simple resignation to whatever was being required, as often it defied any real logic. That it is increasingly illogical and punitive, and utterly unrelated to any medical necessity, surely ought to convince everyone by now that there is a clearly-devised plan behind all of this, and that the ones ‘pulling the strings’ have their ducks all in a row. God help us.

  2. So hard to know what to think, I mean I want, I truly want to trust the government. The elected are after all supposed to be making things better for we common people. It is their elected purpose, right?? Of course it is. So we know that whatever they do is just for our own good. After all they can see the ‘big’ picture much better than we can. They have plans for improving society in so many ways. Especially when it comes to health. Here we are in the middle of PANDEMIC, oh my gracious, where is my mask? and are instructed to keep a social distance (when did it become social to distance oneself from friends? if enemies would that be anti social distancing?), to protect oneself by vaccinating and boosting and bowing to the new moon. We should be limiting our contact with others and maybe it would be better to not spend too much time in pharmacies, those hotbeds of sniffles, snuffles and sneezes which might or not be covid (shudder) where you are instructed to wait outside till called. (Picture this: frigid winter, sub zero temps, sleet, fog. no protection from the weather, sick people standing like sheep but without the protection of the wool. Listen: you can hear the germs chortling with glee). How to avoid that particular source of contagion? What to do when we are sick or have a back ache or a tummy ache or dirty teeth? When we want cold, flu, cough medicines, OTC pain relievers, toothpaste…all sorts of relatively innocuous uncontrolled substances. How to obtain them with no risk to life or health? Online pharmacies with home delivery! Brilliant solution. So convenient. Keeps people safer and increases the revenue of the delivery companies.
    And so it was until now. Now, thanks to dear government implementing legislation changes it is not possible to have lethal drugs like Panadol/Tylenol or Advil or the like delivered. Nope, now you have to drag your coughing sneezing germ spewing body aching and wracked with pain corpus out and pick these deadly drugs up at the apotheke.
    And just like that, another layer of annoyance and inconvenience which did not exist 4 weeks ago has been created. By the government which is so concerned for its’ citizens’ health it wants you to get that 3rd little old booster…What does Budapest know that I do not? Hmmm…

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