After 2030 Comes 2060

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has long-range plans for his country, and its relationship with the EU, which may or may not align with those of the New World Order. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report.

After 2030 Comes 2060

by László

2060 — yes, you read that right.

The reason why I find the following article interesting is that Viktor Orbán seems to have proven to be a sort of insider in the NWO (a Young Global Leader). For example, one of his strategic goals listed below, “Continuous modernisation of the economy”, may or may not be a synonym for the technological introduction of Agenda 2030 in Hungary. The development of self-driving cars, “sustainability” and “smart cities” are all official government strategies. Whether these will be gradually forced on the population the way the globalist rulers want, or will be subverted by us Hungarians, is another question.

Also, his reference to China as a good example of doing “capitalism” is rather chilling for me — because once up and running, such a system will override the personal motives, however benevolent they may be, of those who launch it.

All in all, the “leaked” information puts a lot of things into perspective regarding the Hungarian national strategy and the destiny of Europe.

PM Orbán’s Predictions and Strategy till 2060

The governing party Fidesz held its annual informal meeting, for the 21st time, on the 10th of September, behind closed doors. Some of PM Orbán’s predictions and long-term strategies have leaked out, Index claims.

Excerpts from the article published by Index, entitled “Viktor Orbán’s Speech In Kötcse has Leaked Out”:

  • The Prime Minister says the Ukrainian war may last until 2030.
  • In the end Ukraine may lose up to a third of its territory.
  • PM Orbán said that the West has turned this conflict into a global war, and that Europe is shooting itself in the foot with the sanctions against Russia.
  • The energy crisis caused by the sanctions could shut down up to 40 percent of European industry this winter.
  • We [Hungary] must prevent Brussels’ approval of another six months of sanctions against Russia.
  • By 2040, Muslim immigrants will be in the majority in French cities.
  • By 2030, the eurozone and even the European Union itself may fall apart.
  • He said that although he had seen the efficiency of Chinese state capitalism in 2010, the EU had not yet recognised it — and he wanted to develop a similar economic model in Hungary, on which his so-called unorthodox economic policy is based.
  • He has set out four main strategies that he refuses to deviate from:
    1.   Demography. Everything must be done to boost the [Hungarian] population. In the next two weeks, the government will take measures.
    2.   Continued preservation of full employment and maintenance of the purchasing power of salaries.
    3.   Continuous modernisation of the economy.
    4.   Orbán is consciously grooming a new generation in Fidesz. They are well-educated, capable of governing, and should be able to lead the country from 2030 to 2060.

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3 thoughts on “After 2030 Comes 2060

  1. Very interesting and good for them! I see no mention of the US here. For good reason, it’s through their current regime that we are all in this state of war, poverty disease and hunger. They hyped up and encouraged this war in Ukraine, through their proxies – certainly here in Uk! – the media and other governments in the EU all screaming for war. Meanwhile those who govern us are immune to these effects and in fact are benefitting from them. ( I also notice that here in U.K. they are hiding the wife of Boris as people blame her influence on him for many problems, not least the green boondoggle) yours in disgust,

  2. I would like to suggest that you also pay attention to Poland: Polish President Andrzej Duda signed agreements with communist China, in the Belt and Road Initiative treaty, in addition, during the Pandemic, he helped the European Union to create digital vaccination certificates. The government itself admits on its official website.

  3. To me, this isn’t encouraging. Is Orban perhaps a hybrid WEFer, wanting the NWO but with a nationalist face? If so, it could portend a creeping facism.

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