The Drone Dystopia Takes Off in Budapest

The Brave New World is upon us, and Budapest is no exception. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on the latest cutting-edge application of modern technology.

The Drone Dystopia Takes Off in Budapest

by László

Remember the now-infamous “you will own nothing” WEF propaganda video with the drone delivery scene? Now, the very first drone delivery service in Hungary is being tested in the city of Budapest — you can watch the recent test flight here (apart from all the nastiness of the project, the video is wonderful, though, worth watching).

Note that the article below is more of a propaganda piece than a news article: the headline does not simply inform you about a fact but also prepares your mind for the near future when the drone delivery system is to be launched on a commercial scale.

Of course, initially it will be introduced as a service in your own interest — that is the bait in the trap. But in fact, as you know it, drones are just an element of the planned open-air prison concept of the New Word Order, and they are meant to eventually serve as a sort of weaponized totalitarian infrastructure. Communist China — the ideal of the WEF tyrants — is their example to follow.

The translation of the article from PestiSrá

Drone Delivery to be Launched in Budapest?

Rossmann and its logistics partner DODO are testing drone home delivery in Budapest. The initial phase of the trial will test how quickly the drones can deliver orders, how long it takes to place the packages, take off and land. The first test flight, without cargo as yet, covered 15 kilometres of the capital’s airspace, taking care to fly safely, and lasted 14 minutes.

According to the press release, Rossmann sees drone delivery as a key solution for e-commerce, and DODO believes it will be the next big leap in the evolution of home delivery solutions.

If regulations allow it, the delivery of shipments could begin, they wrote.

The managing director of Drónpilótád (Your Drone Pilot) company, which was involved in the test flight, added that following the success of the industrial application, Rossmann’s and DODO’s project could pave the way for the future of commercial drone use.

In light of the data, the collaborators will continue development, with the next test flight set to deliver a package. DODO is also confident in the success of the experiment because drone delivery is not hindered by road traffic and other obstacles, and therefore has a lower environmental impact than road transport.

The results of the Hungarian experiment will later be used in foreign markets, they said.

On its website, DODO presents itself as a technology and logistics company. The company was founded in 2015, entered the Czech and Polish markets in 2018, and is now present in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and Slovakia, fulfilling more than four million orders a year.

According to its report, DODO Logisztika Ltd. closed 2021 still with a loss, but it expects continued growth from the development of e-commerce.

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8 thoughts on “The Drone Dystopia Takes Off in Budapest

  1. I don’t think this technology is ready to fly over cities, to be honest.

    Hospital to hospital, drone hub to drone hub deliveries, ok, maybe, but it will definitely not fly bread and butter from the supermarket to your garden – over Budapest, never 🙂

    Flying is like one of the most regulated endeavors in the world, the people are extremely anxious about things flying over their houses. Especially things that can fall from the sky any time, and set your house on fire…

  2. Delivery by drone presents interesting possibilities.

    I believe that it will last as long as it takes for the first poison gas delivery, thermite delivery, or plastic explosive by drone to one of the WEF mandarins.

    A sky full of drones will also provide camouflage for drones equipped with sniper rifles for hunting Deep State goons. Undoubtedly they will also be used against us but it’s technology that cuts very deeply the elites.

    • It is my belief that that’s what 5G and 6G networks are about. It is no longer about streaming youtube videos into your phone – it is about controlling all these machines…

      …and don’t you dare to fly an unauthorized manually controlled FPV drone into “our” airspace!

      But I am an optimist: Who knows if it’s true, but I heard that the Russians are big into radiowave jamming. All this high tech digital network grid might go down in a nanosecond, one day, and then it will be back to the basics, AK47’s, bayonets and muskets.

  3. Might be time to invest in a shot-gun and instead of investing in expensive Clay-pidgeons you could use these drones for target practice.

  4. I am sure the inter-city “youth” with there unregister, illegal ,serial number file off handguns in the official” gun free zones” of any blue city will get plenty of target practice shooting at those metal birds. Wonder on a side note when the first example of Jihad using drones will happen in America ,we saw what they could do on a large scale with a few full size aircraft on 911 image thousands of little examples all over America with drones. Drone on drone dogfights in the future ,the fight for drone supremist rule over the skies of major American cities we do live in interesting times. What should be rule an assault drone in the future ,what should be ruled a delivery drone, a military only drone ??

    • I am sure that the security goons there have anti-drone technology to interfere with radio signals used to fly them, but drones that used preprogrammed GPS locations or homed in on a laser designator could succeed. Especially if launched in the thousands or tens of thousands.

      I would first target the airfield and the 1000+ private jets tied down there, and then anything moving along the single road into Davos. Then blanket the rest of the town with nerve agent released by drone. Exterminate them like the parasitic infestation that they are.

  5. Drones of the future can flap like birds
    Swedish invention: winged robots. Could simultaneously explain birds’ ability to fly.

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