An Outcast’s Christmas

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on charitable initiatives that are being launched to help unemployed unvaxed people in Hungary.

An Outcast’s Christmas

Christmas Charity for the Impoverished Unclean in Hungary

by László

A Christmas charity for the unemployed unjabbed who have been robbed of their livelihood by the jab mandates has been organized by a Hungarian party. The fascist “no jab, no job” policy may have borne its first ugly fruits as the world is slowly morphing into a two-tier society of ‘medical’ caste-oppression.

Even though at the moment there is no general jab mandate in effect in Hungary, in some jobs (firefighters, policemen, doctors, teachers) “vaccination” has already become mandatory, with the penalty of losing your job or being put on unpaid leave for up to a year if you are unwilling to get jabbed. It must have affected an untold number of people financially; hence the charity.

We may not yet have reached the point when masses of unemployed unjabbed are reduced to serious poverty or homelessness in Hungary. But even if this particular charity might be a political stunt at the moment, it probably signals a trend.

Official announcements of the Mi Hazánk [Our Homeland party] translated below, via (1) the state news agency MTI, (2) and the website of the party.

Announcement #1:

Announcement of Mi Hazánk [Our Homeland party]

Budapest, Thursday, 2 December 2021 (OS)


And for Christmas, Mi Hazánk is launching a fundraising and gift collection for the families of those who have lost their jobs (or salaries) due to the mandatory vaccinations. Every Hungarian is responsible for every Hungarian! Read more on the Mi Hazánk website.

Announcement #2:

Let the unvaccinated have Christmas too!

7 December 2021

For Christmas, Mi Hazánk [Our Homeland party] is launching a fundraising campaign to collect donations and gifts for the families of those who have lost their jobs (or salaries) due to the mandatory vaccinations.

Those affected can apply for aid at (by providing their address and mobile phone number; and Mi Hazánk’s local leaders will also be looking for those affected), and donations and gifts (packed in shoeboxes or similar size packages only, preferably indicating the age/sex of the person) can be delivered to the party office at József krt.

Send donations with the message “Let the unvaccinated have Christmas too!”

Every Hungarian is responsible for every Hungarian!

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8 thoughts on “An Outcast’s Christmas

  1. Heaven forbid that Hungary ever goes the route of mandatory vaccination. Unfortunately although Orbán has/had the guts to buck the tide of porous borders and defend the borders from migrant invasion, I fear he may not prove so stalwart with this.

    But what’s to worry anyone…the FDA just said it will need 75 years to release data on the vaccine!
    Here is a vaccine that is being mandated, that you cannot sue for harm, that the government is paying mega bucks for it and, if you read the info sheet for it, states that not all side effects are yet known. Let’s punish people for thinking for themselves. Good job, Orbán

  2. The worst is yet to come. The general mandate has not been announced yet, but the proposal for it is available on the official site of the Hungarian parliament. So it will be mandatory for everyone, from 28 February 2022, they are just hiding this fact. The proposal contains indemnity for vaxx injuries, co-financed by Big Pharma.

    This means that (1) they know that there will be injuries (2) yet they will push the mandate through (3) they will shut us up with the compensations when we get injured by the goo.

    And I am afraid it is a global scheme.

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