Rent-a-Sheeple for a Phone

When the Great Reset is complete, you will own nothing; you will rent it. And doing so will make you happy.

Our Hungarian correspondent László examines the role that Nokia is playing in ushering in this Brave New World.

Rent-a-Sheeple for a Phone

by László

Another example of how Agenda 2030 is being injected into our societies in insidious ways, in many areas of life. The Hungarian article below (my translation) is about an upcoming “green phone rental” programme in Europe, in which you will not own your phone and you will be happy.

Your Schwabian happiness will stem from the fact that you will be among those lucky ‘early birds’ that unknowingly spearhead the introduction of the social credit system. In the framework of the Nokia device-leasing agreement you will receive some sort of bonus points, called ‘Seeds’, that you can ‘spend’ on sponsoring ‘humanitarian’ and ‘environmental’ programmes. That will allow you to virtue-signal with your shiny badge of caring for the Universe — i.e. your naïve inclination to join the revolution of ‘green’ Communism and Fascism:

Nokia mobiles will be available for green rental

September 1, 2022

The manufacturer wants customers to keep their phones as long as possible.

Electronics manufacturers have long been talking about their supposedly green and sustainable initiatives, but customers certainly don’t perceive much of these directly. In fact, all that has happened in recent years is that gadgets have become increasingly difficult to repair, even managing to make replacing phone batteries an expensive and service-intensive hassle, when not so long ago the option of replacing batteries at home was a given.

Nokia-branded smartphone maker HMD Global made an unexpected announcement at the IFA 2022 exhibition, claiming it would redefine phone ownership with its eco-friendly Circular service. This will allow customers to rent handsets directly from the company instead of buying them, with the option to cancel at any time after three months of loyalty.

The leasing programme is environmentally friendly in that customers receive Seed Points that can be spent on environmental or humanitarian activities every month, and the longer they keep the phone, the more points they can earn and distribute.

The manufacturer wants customers to keep their rented phones as long as possible.

With the points they receive, subscribers can sponsor tree planting, waste collection or charity activities, among other things, with Unconnected, Ecologi and Clear Rivers being the first to be supported. Once the points are redeemed, HMD will transfer financial support from the monthly fee to the beneficiaries.

It is not yet clear how the points will be distributed, but HMD says that Ecologi can plant 17 trees from a single point received.

Depending on the circumstances, the devices returned over time under the rental scheme can be reused, given to charities or disposed of for recycling.

Debuting in the UK and Germany, and later available in other countries, the Circular rental service will initially offer four types of devices — the Nokia XR20 mobile, the Nokia T10 LTE tablet and the newly announced X30 5G and G60 5G phones — which will feature recycled aluminium and plastics alongside eco-friendly packaging.

Prices have only been announced by HMD for existing handsets, with the XR20 available to rent in the UK for £20 (9,200 forints) a month and the T10 tablet for £10 (4,600 forints), plus both will have a one-off setup fee of £30 (14,000 forints).

If it all sounds like a social credit system, it is because it is the beginning of one. You can recognize elements of the existing Chinese social credit system in this Nokia phone-rental scheme — for example, the Chinese subjects earn bonus points if they do more mandatory ‘voluntary’ work than expected.

It is a declared WEF goal to eliminate ownership as such by the peasants and replace it with rental.

As you can see, the Nokia leasing contract is camouflaged as a novel business offer in which a phone company rents out devices to people — but actually it is the opposite: it is the minds of people for rent to the globalists.

The Nokia-programme is a Rent-a-Sheeple programme, which slowly but surely changes the content of the social contract by gradually changing the norms it had been built on in better times. In this process the frame of the previous social contract remains there as the Potemkin village of ‘democracy’, but the essence of it will be emptied and changed.

And finally you will be owned and your rulers will be happy. By that time, programmes like this one by Nokia will have been made obligatory and will control your entire life.

I have met very nice young people in Hungary who have bought the green agenda, hooked by their genuine benevolence and their desire to benefit others and general humanity in general. What they do not know about themselves, however, is that they are extremely naïve and systematically brainwashed. And this is one mixture of personality traits that is being exploited by the Powers That Be, thereby subverting the social order in the long run. The children in the schools have been propagandized with ‘sustainability’ for generations.

The core of the problem, I think, boils down to the notion of responsibility. While many good people do want to live their lives responsibly, a lot of them mistake responsibility with responsiveness. What I mean by that is that I define responsibility, in this context, as the ability and willingness to adjust your actions to their probable consequences in the domain of reality. It is an adult’s attitude to life. Responsiveness, on the other hand, is adjusting your actions to the requirements and orders of the rulers who act as if they were the common reality themselves. Which is a child’s attitude towards life.

In both cases there are various feedback mechanisms in place, which force you to re-adjust your behavior when it hurts the interests of others or yourself. The trick is that in Communism this feedback must come solely from those in power above you. It means nothing less than that the global ruling class is co-opting reality, and is persuading its subjects that the system has indeed become the common reality of the latter. And then a manipulative system of punishments and rewards convinces you of the existence of the artificial reality.

Therefore the above-mentioned naïve folks who have been made to believe that they live and work in a decentralized society are terribly wrong. So when they think they are responding to the needs of Mother Earth or society, they are actually responding to the mafia of oligarchs who act as if they own Mother Earth.

It is a separate issue whether, and to what extent, those who are playing God have managed to run our reality, but they are obviously trying hard to do so — and this is the crux of this ongoing world war. Thus, until their power becomes absolute, the Powers must hide their actions and motives behind the mask of ‘reality’. And if you point this out, they brand you as a “conspiracy theorist”, in order to gaslight the innocent majority into believing that all the major events are just spontaneously occurring nowadays, as mere outcomes determined by the laws of nature, the free market, or a free society.

Far from it.

The name of the game is ESG — an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance, i.e. the “green” totalitarian dictatorship of the powers behind the UN — which is being introduced right now, all over the world, in the midst of the noisy baa-ing of billions.

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9 thoughts on “Rent-a-Sheeple for a Phone

  1. If I have to use one of these rental phones, can I donate all my seeds to the National Rifle Association?

  2. Excellent article.
    I still have my old flip phone and have zero desire for any smart devices in my house. My cats are more than enough smartness to handle.

    I have to ask, if you rent the phone, who owns the information you store on it? If you give up the rental, what happens to all that info? Will the company require you to grant them the ability to access your info?
    Just another strand in the leash of control being slowly braided around our necks under the guise of ‘doing good’ for the common good.
    As far as you will own nothing and be happy…aren’t we sheeple already? Maybe ownership is just a mirage anymore. You don’t actually own your house, you just rent it as long as you pay your taxes. Your bank accounts are monitored and deposits and withdrawals might require justification to access your. own. money. Alexa keeps tabs on you in your house, cameras watch you on the streets, new cars have built in GPS trackers…

  3. “you will own nothing” reminds me of :

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the first self-described anarchist and founder of mutualism

    Frenchman Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is regarded as the founder of modern anarchism, a label he adopted in his groundbreaking work What is Property? Or, an Inquiry into the Principle of Right and Government (French: Qu’est-ce que la propriété? Recherche sur le principe du droit et du gouvernement) published in 1840. In it he asks “What is property?”, a question that he answers with the famous accusation “Property is theft”.[52] Proudhon’s theory of mutualism rejects the state, capitalism, and communism.[53] It calls for a co-operative society in which the free associations of individuals are linked in a decentralised federation based on a “Bank of the People” that supplies workers with free credit.[54][55] He contrasted this with what he called “possession”, or limited ownership of resources and goods only while in more or less continuous use. Later, Proudhon also added that “Property is liberty” and argued that it was a bulwark against state power.[56

  4. I’m pretty sure that soon, those who still own a No Frills” phone like I do, will no longer be able to buy a new battery, or even charger when they break.
    If that happens, I’ll go without.
    I only got one of these devices late in the Game, when the normal Telephone trippled in monthly line-rental in South Africa.
    What you have to pay now monthly in basic fees for a normal Telecom line buys you a no frills cell-phone.
    Also, they made the phonecalls so much cheaper from the Cell-phone.
    They claimed it’s because more people are using this devices and through that it becomes cheaper, but I came to believe that it was just a ruse to get more people onto the controlled band-wagon.
    Mine, an old Nokia 3310, bought is second hand from a friend, is now 15 years in my possession and I had to change the battery only once.
    Knock on wood that it will stay that way and not give up it’s ghost now .

  5. I suppose customer choice is down the river. You will obey and take what is offered, whether you like it or not. How about this choice for Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, The Rothchilds, et al?: Would you rather have a bullet or a hangman’s noose?

      • I remember a movie / TV episode where a really evil guy died and came into the presence of Lucifer.

        Lucifer was THE gentleman, welcomed him to hell and encouraged the guy to tell him all.
        So, the guy told him all in full detail and how proud he was to have many people lost their faith, how great he felt having spread misery, brutality on Earth just to show his devotion to Lucifer etc.

        Then Lucifer, behaving like a really british gentlemen (you know Victorian times), put his arm around him, led him to a door and while the door opened he said something like: Even though you lack finesse I like your style, and now let me introduce you to my way of thinking.

        Then the door opened, Lucifer with his arm around the guy was smiling and the guy went whitefaced.
        And while the screen went black you heard the guy beginning to scream “NO!”.
        It was implied that Lucifer gave him his “reward”.

        On the one hand I would like to know what the “reward” is, that people like Gates, Soros, Schwab etc get. On the other hand – I dont like nightmares.

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