The Red Sermon

As you all know by now, last night General Secretary President Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia in which he pronounced anathema against people like me (and presumably like most people reading this). We are dangerous extremists, “semi-fascists”, and domestic terrorists. We are a “threat to democracy”.

For those of you who can stomach it, the entire speech may be watched here. It is now commonly referred to as the “Red Sermon”.

Given the tone of the speech, and the “optics” of its delivery, an augmented graphic for the occasion seemed warranted. Maybe someday Mr. Brandon will join the pantheon, and his august head will be added to the other five in solemn ceremonial displays staged by the regime.

It should be noted that the content of the president’s speech is not intended to be meaningful. No one should listen to it or read it for what it says. It is intended to provoke and incite the “Deplorables”, in hopes that some of them might initiate rash armed action against the federal behemoth, thereby justifying a state of emergency, martial law, and a vigorous crackdown before the midterm elections.

My advice: Don’t take the bait. But that’s just me.

12 thoughts on “The Red Sermon

  1. I have been praying. I am wielding the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) against their words and their behavior. Their unrighteousness is busy knitting the noose from which they will be hung. I don’t need to even lift a finger, just hands in prayer for them. I wouldn’t wish their eternal fate on anyone.

  2. They will continue to poke the bear until the bear awakes and unleashes his terrible vengeance. These guys just don’t know what they are messing with. They truly think the opposition will blink, boy are they in for a horrific shock.

  3. While red and black imagery was reminiscent of nazi colors, and was similar to the governments color theme in V for Vendetta, I have to wonder if it was not a nod to Antifa, not by Biden but by someone or group in the Whitehouse. As far as I know they were not prosecuted for trying to burn down a federal courthouse. Trump had staff that lied to him. Biden could to.

  4. I guess it will be even getting harder in not taking the Bait when people start seeing their families slowly starving through the courtesy of Government Policies.
    The stench of these policies is worse than that of rotting corpses under the midday sun and throughout our History, the only thing Politicians/Puppeticians have ever created are mountains of Dead of the “little” people and untold riches for the select few.
    It might be time again to water the tree of Liberty before it dies and rots away completely form our conscience.
    Our forefathers bleed and died for Centuries for that Tree to grow from a mere acorn to a mighty Oak and after that nobody did any pruning of the rotting branches anymore, and for so long now, that this Tree is on the brink of collapse.
    And in the West at least it should have become a forest instead being kept as a garden ornament for the “Elites”, only to be shown so now and then to the awed peasantry to keep them docile like sheep.
    It’s OUR TREE, not theirs to behold.

  5. i dont think the choice of the dark tonality of red background with armed militia is casual… he is declaring openly and preparing for another huge purge of dissidents.

  6. Biden did not write the speech, Biden did not choose the back drop. Biden is a puppet.

    The cabal behind the curtain wrote the speech, they chose the back drop. They know what reaction it would cause in the masses.

    The ancient tribe is playing us all…..

  7. I agree. They’re actually trying to start a civil war.

    Whether they will succeed, I don’t know.

    If they succeed, it’s also “jury out” as to whether they will win.

    Many think that it’s impossible for a revolt to succeed against a modern army.
    Two things wrong with this:
    (a) The political sympathies of the rank-and-file would be mostly with the revolt.
    (b) The Taliban did it. It took them a long time, but they did.

    My guess is that if it starts, it will start as a form of independence movement, and won’t be all that kinetic. Something will just happen “de facto”.

    • The Jews were disarmed and were slaughtered, the MAGA’s are armed to the teeth, and once they poke that bear awake, they will rue the day they did.

  8. I have read in a few places people speculating this is preparation for an indictment of Trump. I hope not.

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