The Abused Cadaver of a Jab-Enforcer Lagerkapo

An Austrian doctor named Lisa-Maria Kellermayr was recently found dead, and the coroner ruled her death a suicide. She left one or more suicide notes, but the authorities declined to divulge their contents. Dr. Kellermayr vigorously promoted mandatory experimental mRNA treatments to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. She said she had received many death threats as a result of her advocacy, and the authorities identify the treatment of her as contributing to her suicide.

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends the following essay about the death of Lisa-Maria Kellermayr and its exploitation by the architects of the Austrian branch of the New World Order.

The Abused Cadaver of a Jab-Enforcer Lagerkapo

The Intimidating Story of the Doctor Who Was Intimidated to Death by Those She Intimidated

by László

English-language sources I found [ NY Post, AP News, San Diego Tribune] somehow fail to mention that the Austrian doctor who reportedly killed herself was a vehement advocate of general mandatory vaccinations.

Most of those alleged “death threats” against the frontmen of the jab-coercion occurred at the same time in many countries. Yet up to now, most of those criminal cases seem to have remained mysteriously unsolved, as I have seen hardly any police reports about any further investigations, let alone charges laid.

Anyway, the past “death threats” evaporated among the ever-turning cogs of the propaganda machinery of the New Normal, only to re-emerge many months later to suggest that, out of the blue, those threats have now scared someone to death. Thus it is only natural that the prosecutors “would not divulge” the contents of the suicide notes.

Provided that the deceased Austrian doctor really committed suicide, her demise may or may not have had anything to do with her job. But if certain circumstances in her job influenced her mental well-being in any way, it may also have happened because of the tremendous inner conflict caused by her promoting a mandatory poison jab — in the event she had had that something in her called “conscience”.

Also, she may indeed have had to face social repercussions and social exclusion after doing such a nasty, anti-human job. People around her may have told her that they would not put up with forced jabs. And few people can handle it when they have to face up to their own wrongdoings and become an outcast in the eyes of many.

So could it be that her own actions hit back so quickly? Considering the evil of what she had done to others, it would not be surprising. Actions have psychological consequences, too.

But this is all mere speculation. Because with a dearth of facts one can only speculate — and become a much-despised “theorist”.

The only truth that you can learn from these pieces of “news” is that effects have no causes any more — except for the ones the mainstream media and politics attribute to them.

And how far are we from having little people branded as “terrorists” if they resist state terror? Not too far.

In this case the moral of the suicide story of a jab-enforcer, according to Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen, is that “hate” and “intolerance”, “have no place in our Austria” and we must “put an end to this intimidation and fear mongering”. Because, the president claims, “these people scared her, threatened her, first on the Internet and then also in person, directly in her practice.

It is Orwellian talk in the light of the fascist intimidation, fearmongering, hate and intolerance that the managers of the Austrian District of the NWO have committed against their own subjects. And even though there is no proof that there is causal relationship between the alleged death-threats and the suicide of the doctor, the “news” has been centered around the suggestion that those intolerant “anti-vaxxers” caused her death.

Speaking of tolerance: Van der Bellen is the same fellow who had said (back in 2017, as the President of Austria) that “A day will come where we will have to ask all women to wear the headscarf.” [the emphasis is mine] In Austria, mind you. The “tolerance”… of the Sharia, eh?

Back to the story of the doctor who was intimidated by those she intimidated. The bottom line is that beyond circular intimidation, we do not get to know what happened to her and why.

And a few words about the moral high ground of the politicians and the media:

Those who are pretending that they cared about the life and death of their Lagerkapo have just abused her fresh cadaver in order to further the fascistic agenda of the New World Order.

For previous essays by László, see the László Archives.

14 thoughts on “The Abused Cadaver of a Jab-Enforcer Lagerkapo

  1. What a shame they didn’t provide more info on just how she was suicided to death. Was she Epsteined, Arkancided, or just Fauci’d, with her head restrained inside a container full of infected sand fleas?

    Of course the most relevant question is “how do we get the rest of vaxx-murderers to off themselves too?”

    • She had some mental issues, and just recently had made a suicide attempt.
      They just didn’t take it serious and send her home again instead of helping her or put her under supervision.
      Yes, she was an outspoken vaccination advocate.
      But she also had criticized the health minister and other medical officials for not using alternative treatments (like Budesonid).

      And now her death is a welcome gift for some creeps in media and politics who want to distract from their own hateful rhetoric during the pandemic.

  2. “how do we get the rest of vaxx-murderers to off themselves too?” —
    Yes. Good question. Alas, most seem to be people with no conscience. We will be successful when public sentiment turns against them. It’s coming.

  3. Sadly almost all of the normies will fall for anything regurgitated by teevee or the hiveborg of mediocrity known as social media.
    The one worlders believe their own BS and think that they can fool everyone all of the time.
    Survey says…wrong answer.

  4. Sorry, Herr Van der Bellen; there is plenty of HATE in my household: hate of injustice, hate of abuse, hate of tyranny, hate of crime, hate of censorship, hate of the panopticon…the list is endless.

    My small patch of Mother Earth has a sign out front on the tree lawn: “HATE LIVES HERE!”

    You are your ilk want to test the parameters of HATE, then do: “c’mon down!”

  5. Perhaps a letter-writing campaign to all our would-be tormentors with the words ‘I will revel in your death, you are evil trash and I pray for your death”. Or just a simple “you suck and I hope you die”.

  6. I only ask because the comment of suicide notes. plural.

    Are they all in the same hand writing?

  7. If her suicide note had of been about the death threats they would have published it. While we don’t know what was in it, we do know what wasn’t in it. There is no principle in these people, if it helped the agenda they would have published it. It didn’t so they didn’t.

    Also, committing suicide due to fear of death threats is insane. I get that suicide is almost never a rational act, but this is beyond ludicrous, one that is upset about death threats obviously doesn’t want to die.

  8. Or maybe she suffered from vaxx damage and this was either
    a) too harsh (her thoughts maybe: the vaxx has no negative side effects but now I have turned into walking evidence that there is vaxx damage, how can that be???)
    b) the side effects were very severe and painful and she couldnt stand it anymore
    c) the side effcts told her that she would die in a short time and she didnt want to live anymore

    But anyway, while I mourn the passing of a human, I dont mourn the passing of a fanatic who wanted to jab people in contradiction of “My body, my choice”, not to mention the side effects and the tyranny of the vaxxers.

    My BS detector went off when it was said “Only mRna/ vector is allowed, nothing else.”
    And when they suppressed other methods, like the vax of Prof Stöcker without even testing it, I knew there was something wrong. In a real pandemic you test everything. You dont care what it is, you just want to find something that works.

  9. I came across English language news articles about this but I refrained from submitting it to the News Feed because I had a sense that all the facts were not being told. News articles lying by omission.

    There is also the logical point that László makes. It is possible that she committed suicide because she became so regretful over her support for forced vaccinations.

    To illustrate the logical point: If it rains outside, there’s water on the ground. But it’s invalid reasoning to say: there’s water on the ground, therefore it rained. There could be other reasons why there’s water on the ground. Perhaps the lawn sprinkler was on. Or perhaps the city’s water system got damaged, causing a flood:

  10. Some hand-picked hate media are now firing at Covid measure critics because a female doctor in Upper Austria allegedly took her own life because of threats from vaccination opponents.
    She had recently closed her practice – allegedly for safety reasons. However, the whole thing seems to be somewhat questionable.
    There is no doubt that many people received threats because of Covid, especially if they made themselves a strident public figure (or had been made a public figure) and thus became a target.
    But none of them committed suicide because of it.

    But let’s assume there is no other reason for it, that these alleged anti-vaxxers (it’s not like people always really are what they pretend to be online) would actual bear responsibility for this suicide with their hate.

    Has any of the journalists and politicians asked themselves what consequences and results their own agitation and hatred caused?
    What lives and livelihoods they have destroyed?

    Members of the government, so-called experts (many proven to have a conflicts of interest), hateful journalists and many fellow citizens who showed their true colors for two years now were allowed to scare people with existence-threatening fines and imprisonment.
    Numerous small businesses were driven into bankruptcy, people lost their jobs or were bullied for being unvaccinated (for example, in the medical field, transport services and schools), and some were even dismissed.
    I have listened to people who, like one of my neighbors, were already looking forward when all the unvaccinated would perish without receiving any medical help.

    Even in some Western countries, people had actually been locked up in camps or filthy hotel rooms for weeks (including children and teenagers).
    I don’t even want to start to talk about the deaths as a result of vaccine complications (more than ever before), wrong medical treartment or for being neglect (e.g. in old people’s homes, also here in Austria btw).
    Nor do I want to mention the deaths due to postponed medical treatments and examinations.
    Or the frightening increase in suicides among children and young people as a result of lockdowns.
    All of which you merely shrugged at.

    So all you hate-filled Corona fools, you may believe you can point the finger at someone, but thousands of fingers point back at you.
    I don’t know who was partly responsible for this doctor’s death.
    But I do know what you all share responsibility for.
    You civil servants, ministers, secretaries of state, heads of government, you concerned citizens and public figures, so-called experts and fake journalists – you hypocrites and liars!
    And yes, also you pretentious demigods of healthcare (in honor of your occupation it should be said: fortunately there were also many others unlike you).

    You all have shown during the so-called pandemic who you really are and you show it now again – so no reason that the disdain for you “humanitarians” will ever decrease in the future.

    Only the dead have found their peace.
    May they rest in peace.


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