Italian Medical Associations Do a U-Turn on the Vax

Until recently Italian medical associations had been in the forefront of the push for mandatory “vaccination”, requiring physicians and medical workers to get the jab. However, they have now reversed themselves: vaccine-hesitant doctors and nurses are being invited to return to work, regardless of their vax status.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   With Draghi’s downfall, the harsh times of discrimination
00:03   and measures imposed on the medical staff have come to an end, apparently.
00:07   At least this is what we can assume from the resounding U-turns done by the Medical Associations.
00:13   The same people who, until recently, used to call for backlash, reprimands and suspensions
00:17   of all those who dared stand against “the sacred vaccine”,
00:21   now want all the unvaccinated physicians to go back to work,
00:24   trying to discharge their own responsibilities.
00:28   We had been witnessing the worst intransigent stances by the Medical Associations
00:31   until yesterday, whereas today they are asking for the mandatory reinstatement
00:34   of all suspended physicians, as if nothing happened. A motion submitted
00:38   by FNOMCeO [National Federation of the Associations of Physicians and Dentists] is about this.
00:42   Even if they still disapprove of the aggressive stance
00:45   taken by some dissenting unvaccinated members.
00:48   Unvaccinated medical staff are supposed to put the past behind them, and go back to work.
00:52   The National Council of the FNOMCeO has stated that the medical associations
00:56   will no longer have the task of ascertaining whether its own members are vaccinated,
01:00   shifting the task back to the Ministry of Health,
01:03   underlining that the emergency is now officially over.
01:07   The Federation’s U-turn does not seem to be accompanied by any sign of repentance.
01:14   “A different matter is the anti-vaxxers’ movement,”
01:18   Filippo Anelli pointed out at the Federation’s national council.
01:23   More importantly, I would like to staunchly and firmly condemn all the acts of violence,
01:27   intimidation, name-calling and vandalism against the Medical Associations and their own chairmen.
01:33   Several chairmen have received personal threats,
01:36   including death threats from people who will be prosecuted under the law.
01:40   My colleagues have the sympathy and support of the Federation.”
01:45   So therefore the Medical Associations are saying out loud that there’s no longer any point
01:48   in carrying out the emergency rule regarding the management of Covid.
01:51   And that everything needs to go back to normal.
01:54   Anelli himself admitted that actually, they have done the legwork on the Government’s behalf.
02:00   He expressed his wish that the Federation would regain its own original task.
02:05   That is, ascertaining that physicians perform their duties deontologically.
02:11   So the Medical Associations are passing the responsibility to the Ministry of Health,
02:15   asking Minister Speranza to take responsibility for the unvaccinated physicians’ fate.
02:22   Because the Medical Associations will no longer deal with taking disciplinary actions
02:26   against the unvaccinated. To conclude, according to FNOMCeO,
02:29   unvaccinated physicians can go to back to work, despite everything.

7 thoughts on “Italian Medical Associations Do a U-Turn on the Vax

  1. I have a feeling that they can already see the shadow of a looming noose and want to protest their innocence in their own participation of Mass-murder over the last two and a half years.
    I rather doubt, if it EVER comes to it, that people will be inclined to believe them.
    After all, they saddled the pale mare, foaled by an acorn, themselves and should ride it.

    • Americans just saw their jabbed and boosted President get Covid – twice.
      The Powers What Is need get used to the idea that the Covid sham is exposed. No one who hasn’t already done so is going to take the notavax.

  2. How do you know that was 7 years ago? If it were and to a lesser extent today, if the technology is not developed, how do they know how long it is effective for?

  3. Covid is no longer killing millions like it was 1 year ago probably modt people now have some immunity and the virus his mutated and no longer killing hosts
    Trump did a good thing in warp speeding the roll out


    The NHTSA appears disinterested to find out why the rising number of accidents has reached a 16-year high coinciding with the “pandemic”. In contrast, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) blamed speeding, alcohol, drugs and distracted driving for the massive increase in road fatalities.

    Some 270 million Americans have been vaccinated against Covid-19 with mRNA vaccines in the last two years. Already, behind closed doors, calls are being made for more autopsies to be carried out on the alleged “accident” victims. In any case, the increase in numbers correlates strikingly with the increasing numbers of collapsing athletes, public figures and, more recently, tourists worldwide.

  5. My life in pain hell after the Pfizer vaccine

    LAST UPDATED: 1/8-22

    Another vaccine victim

    “My name is Rune and I am a young man of 32 years and father of a five-year-old daughter. Before I got my first shot, I was a very positive and happy person. From the beginning I was sceptical about the COVID-19 vaccine and I had no plans to take it.

    But I had a big dream of finishing my electrician training, and in 2021 I got unemployment benefit – and through the municipality of Copenhagen I got a basic course in electrician training with unemployment benefit.

    I received a letter from the municipality of Copenhagen saying that I had to show Coronapas at my training. I was threatened with having my unemployment benefit withdrawn if I did not get vaccinated.
    I therefore very reluctantly chose to vaccinate myself with the Pfizer vaccine in January 2022.

    Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a vicious cycle that led me to the painful hell I live with today.

    On 15 January 2022 I was vaccinated at the Skovlunde Vaccination Centre. 5-6 minutes after the injection I felt very ill and was helped to lie down on a stretcher. My left foot started to feel strange. It felt like it was asleep and it stung very uncomfortably.

    I told this to the doctor on site and she asked me to walk around the centre so she could see my foot. I dragged my foot across the floor and could not tilt it up or down, which I could do immediately before the sting.

    The doctor told me to go home and keep an eye on my foot. Four hours after I got home, my left foot swelled up and I called 1813.

    The doctor on duty was very worried that I had a blood clot. A friend drove me to the hospital on Amager. They took a series of blood tests and after three hours of trying to wiggle my toes and foot to no avail, the head doctor told me I didn’t have a blood clot. But she could see that there was something “mysterious”, as she put it.

    She concluded that it was a reaction from the Pfizer vaccine!
    I was again told to go home and make an appointment with my GP as soon as possible. My own doctor denied that there was anything wrong and referred me to a pain physiotherapist in Österbro. The physiotherapist said he couldn’t help me because he needed to know what was wrong first.

    After all, I couldn’t explain anything other than that I had sleepy, tingling and gradually increasing pains after the Pfizer vaccine. So I went back to my GP who referred me to the X-ray and ultrasound clinic on Amagerbrogade. They couldn’t see anything either, as everything looked fine at first glance.

    Three weeks after I was at Amager Hospital, I called my doctor and told him that I couldn’t take the pain anymore and that I swallowed the allowed amounts of Panodil and Ibuprofen without anything helping.

    I was then admitted to Hvidovre Hospital as an emergency. There I explained the whole process, and I was seen by five different doctors. Finally, I was given a foot brace, because the specialist doctor, together with two other doctors, suspected Achilles tendonitis.

    The splint helped a little and I was sent home with crutches and even stronger painkillers.
    Afterwards I moved to Odsherred, because I had no home. A few days after the move, my foot hurt more than ever before. I called the doctor on duty who asked me to come to Odsherred Hospital to see her. Here I was given 2 x 10 mg of morphine for the weekend.

    After the weekend I went to my new doctor in Fårevejle, who also got my full story. He prescribed Tramadol 50 mg to relieve the pain and referred me to the rheumatology department at Holbæk hospital.

    At the hospital they were worried that I had rheumatoid arthritis, so they referred me to Slagelse hospital for an MRI of my lower back, Holbæk hospital for an MRI of my back and Odsherred hospital to get X-rays of my hands and feet.

    None of the tests showed anything, so I was referred to the neurophysiology department at Filadelfia Epilepsy Hospital.

    I then went to my own doctor, the Tramodol pills were no longer working, whereupon he prescribed Dolatramyl 100 mg.

    I took them morning and evening to keep the pain down, sometimes three times a day.
    When I went with my boyfriend to the neurophysiology department of the epilepsy hospital Filadelfia, the rheumatologist stabbed me directly in the nerves and tendons where it hurt most – and again I was told that they didn’t know what was causing it and that it must be a reaction to the vaccine.

    Now I’m sitting at home on my sickness benefit, which will soon disappear, and having to be whipped through a system that doesn’t help people like me. My own doctor and the doctors I’ve seen don’t know what’s wrong or what to do about it – except that they think it’s mysterious.

    I am really struggling to keep my zest for life because I have to think about my girlfriend and my daughter, who are my everything. Sometimes I disappear into a deep black hole because I feel trampled on and the system doesn’t give a damn.

    I now live a life of constant pain hell where I am doped up on morphine because apparently that is the only thing they can help me with. The trust I had in the healthcare system and the state is now gone and I would advise anyone against ever getting vaccinated again.

    The life I live now and the hellish pain I have is not worth the job, the money, the status or the education.”

    Here at Free Press, we were contacted by Rune after the Patienterstatelsen recently announced that “only” 1138 people have sought compensation for side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine – and only 32 people have received compensation, which they say is proof that the vaccine is safe.

    However, the Patients’ Compensation Board and the Medicines Agency “forget” the figure of 68,998 people who have reported adverse reactions to the Medicines Agency. They also ‘forget’ to mention all the citizens who report how difficult it is to get their side effects from COVID-19 vaccines registered, so we have to assume that the figure is actually much higher.

    Rune’s full name is known to the editors. He urges all our readers to share his story.

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