Robbin’ and Gropin’ in Valencia

A group of high-spirited North African culture-enrichers engaged in some playful hijinks last weekend in the Spanish city of Valencia. The mischievous youths surrounded, robbed, and sexually assaulted four teenagers. All five of the alleged perps are illegal immigrants, and four have police records.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from El Mundo:


Five young men arrested for sexually attacking three minors in a pack

The arrestees, who are between 22 and 28 years of age, attempted to rob the young people, who were surrounded against a wall and were subjected to having their intimate parts touched.

Agents of the National Police have arrested five young men accused of sexually attacking three girls in a pack on a Valencia street, as confirmed by sources at the police headquarters.

The incident, reported by Las Provincias, took place last Saturday around 5 o’clock in Valencia. The police were dispatched by 091 to proceed to a street in which a robbery was being committed.

Once there, the agents observed five young men who were surrounding three girls and a minor boy against a wall in an intimidating manner. The minors were asking for help.

The agents separated the suspects from the minors and ascertained that they had followed the victims asking for money, and at a certain moment surrounded them and touched the girls’ intimate parts.

In addition, one of the young men placed nail clippers on the neck of the male minor while asking him for money, and the rest of the arrestees searched the pockets of the minors.

Likewise, during the police action, a man arrived at the scene who told the agents that they [the youths] had robbed him of his keys, money, and two cell phones, and that one of the cell phones had been geo-located at that location.

Finally, the agents located the stolen phones in a trash container near the suspects, and his property was returned.

The agents detained the five young men as alleged perpetrators of a robbery with violence, sexual assault, and theft. The detainees are between 22-28 years of age and are of Moroccan and Algerian origin.

Four of the young men have prior police records and all of them are illegally in Spain. They were placed in judicial custody while the victims were delivered to their legal guardians.

The agents seized the nail clippers, a backpack matching the description of one reported stolen, and €200 in cash.

3 thoughts on “Robbin’ and Gropin’ in Valencia

  1. That the orclings were apprehended and property returned makes me suspect that the agents might not have actually been actual police. Actual police would have just stood by and watched or perhaps restrained the victims to ensure the orcs weren’t injured during the robbery and interrupted rape attempt.

    The whole episode actually is a pretty good blueprint for anyone who might oneday need to use one’s own means to secure justice.

    Those familiar with history might be aware of how the St Valentines Day Massacre went down. A bunch of gangsters armed with various weapons including a Thompson Submachine Gun swooped in on a local gangster hangout while dressed in police uniforms and driving a police car. The gangsters, used to being shook down by overzealous cops dutifully stood against the wall when ordered to at which point the fake cops unloaded on the gangsters, eliminating almost the entire gang. The main target of the action survived due to running late, and upon spotting the cop car parked outside figured a raid was in progress and kept on going around the block.

    One can draw one’s own conclusions as to how this history lesson might be of future value in modern multi-culti Eurofrica.

  2. In Spain, 20-28 year old illegal immigrants have legal guardians? Is that a mis-translation of something from their legal system? The nonsense is like an octopus, you deal with two things and there are 6 more waiting. What is that called? demoralization.

    • Well at least the Europeans can’t say they didn’t beg for it. Even the fee-males gave up having babies to be more manly. Mother Nature should change back soon. I imagine.

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