Zombie Jabocalypse

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on an official state propaganda campaign in Czechia that will push the “vaccine” against COVID-19. I’ll forgo posting any of the death-porn photos, but for anyone who is interested, they are here.

Zombie jabocalypse: Czech government promotes the jab with photos of cadavers

by László

Translation of the article from the Slovakian Hungarian-language outlet ujszo.com:

The Czechs have launched a shocking vaccination campaign! They use dead bodies to promote the vaccine!

The Czech government is launching a vaccination campaign beginning Tuesday. The first pictures show people strapped to machines, and dead bodies on which doctors have written the date and time of death with a marker…

The pictures are accompanied by captions such as “He believed the fake news” or “He was right,” iROZHLAS.cz reported.

“Finally, a brutal campaign is coming,” outgoing Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said at the end of last week. He added that the government was inspired by warning-images on cigarette packets.

“We have selected a few hundred photos, of which we will use about twelve. The campaign will also appear in the print press, social media and online,” Daniel Köppl, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said on Czech radio. He added that the campaign will also be broadcast on television. Let’s see what kind of photos they are!

My take:

This campaign will eventually backfire, because the psychology behind it is mistaken. “The government was inspired by warning-images on cigarette packets” — so we can expect this campaign to be as effective as that one.

1.   The jabbing-effort using this ultimate fear porn becomes its own caricature in Czechia, and people will suddenly see through its motives.
2.   The humiliation of human dignity will become apparent along with the inhuman nature of the powers behind it.
3.   Some people are not repelled by the sight of death that much while others are too sensitive to it: there is no middle way.
4.   The subliminal mind will associate the jabs with death, not just Covid.
5.   Memes and ridicule will kill it.
6.   That said, the photos will cause traumatic imprinting for many; thus the rest of the jabbing will be derailed for good.
7.   The campaign will be recognized what it is: a psy-op that terrorizes the people.

7 thoughts on “Zombie Jabocalypse

  1. I agree.

    Our advantage against the globalist shills of Soros, Gates, Rockefeller/ Rothschild and the Queen of England is that they don’t live at the ordinary level.

    They only “think” they understand us. But we sure as [expletive] know them.

    All this sort of propaganda does is reinforce the chasm between us and reinforces the fact that heads will once again be on spikes along London Bridge.

  2. I don’t think the analysis under “my take” is correct, because people in Czech Republic see through the propaganda already, which is apparent if you go to any discussion forum under Czech mainstream media articles.

    Truth be told, we have “strong cultural front” here in Bohemia, and they love to make brutal and drastic advertisements for everything, because they get a lot of Euro for that. We had “brutal campaigns” with pictures of the dead in car accidents, now we have brutal campaign for covvaxx – and as far as we are concerned – we all know that its just the Prague artists need some money…

    Lastly – I just hate the use of the word “Czechs” in sentence like – “The Czechs have launched a shocking vaccination campaign!”

    It wasn’t us!

    It’s the same kind of sentence like that communists would use when talking about the Soviet invasion in 1968: “The Czechs invited Soviet Forces…”

    Just like “we” didn’t start that brutal campaign, we also didn’t invite the Soviets, if you get what I mean…

    • @ Barn Swallow

      Thank you for the info and your opinion. It would be very interesting to know how the population in the Czech Republic reacts to this death-campaign once it is lauched. Do you think you could write here a brief follow-up or just post some links here in a couple of days if/when you see something you think is worth mentioning?

      • Somehow, the situation here is the same like everywhere else: The government is vax vax lockdown boo boo… But the people see through it and they go through the paths of least resistance. People here wear masks for supermarkets, and then they go drink beer into someone’s basement, where they can smoke and have beer and talk face to face. It’s ridiculous, but at the end of the day, the people don’t need beergardens to drink beer. They just need gardens, and beer.

        But here is a very “Czech mainstream” internet newspaper article that I foud worth mentioning: Article title:
        “Czechia will start removing the unvaccinated from social life in two weeks”


        Well, can’t wait to see how it goes, the discussion under these articles indicates that Czech majority already realized that this thing is not entirely about “health and safety”.

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