When the Jab Goes Bad, the Government Steps in to Help

Our Hungarian correspondent László thinks he may have uncovered the strategic globalist plan for overcoming “vaccine hesitancy”. The strategy is intended to make the resistance to mandatory vaccination collapse.

Jab Damage Compensation Schemes in Hungary, Poland and All Over the World: Are ‘They’ Going to Buy Us Up Like Cattle So That They Can Have Their Way With Us in Ordering General Jab Mandates?

by László

While I was investigating the parliamentary proposal for the general jab mandate that is being stealthily prepared in Hungary, I found one strange paragraph about compensation for future jab damages. I realized that this paragraph is actually supporting the planned future jab mandate (not announced yet) by trying to make the evil act of buying up people’s bodily integrity and health look like a “fair deal”.

It’s most important paragraph of the proposal:

(e) “the Government should develop the legal framework for its

liability for any damage to health resulting from possible adverse reactions caused by the mandatory vaccination.”

The hidden motive of the planned compensations is exposed by the fact that it is written in the context of general jab mandates in Hungary, in a well-hidden parliamentary proposal. Even though there is deafening media silence about the general mandate and no politician has ever mentioned it, there is a specific date in the proposal when the mandate, if voted in, will become EFFECTIVE and legally binding in Hungary: 28 February 2022. (If there is still such a thing as ‘legal’ — ‘dictatorial’ would be a more appropriate term now.)

People do not seem to have sniffed out the danger — in comments in Hungary even the jab dissidents are hailing the Polish compensation scheme and they believe it means that dissidents are winning. An important clue should be, however, that Big Pharma is involved in the financing of the damage scheme in Poland (see below). Far from winning, this scheme may strike a huge blow against ‘jab resistance’ as the Powers That Be dupe us into submission with it.

Poland has officially announced recently that they will indemnify jab-damaged people. (But they were already planning it back in 2020 — that says a lot about the sinister motive and the pre-written script). This precedes the jab mandate that, I believe, will perhaps be announced later in Poland if they follow the Hungarian script (just guessing here). Mind you, Big Pharma will finance the Polish fund too:

“The fund will be financed by the money that the government has earmarked for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and, from 2022, also from contributions by vaccine producers, Niedzielski said” (thefirstnews.com)

Oh, the benevolent Big Pharma saves us against itself, using our money, without a hidden agenda, right?

The Hungarian state news agency (MTI) published another ominous sentence about the Polish indemnity scheme:

“Under the legislation just voted through by the House of Commons, compensation from the fund would be available to people who have been or will be hospitalised for at least two weeks as a result of adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccinations which started last December, and to certain other vaccines from early 2023.”

WHAT? Injured by “certain other vaccines from early 2023”?! Would you be so kind as to let us look into The Script, please??

Moreover, the amount of the planned compensation is a joke for a risk you have not voluntarily chosen to take:

“A single compensation payment will range from PLN 10,000 to PLN 100,000 (EUR 2,200-22,000) […] Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told a press conference on Tuesday.” (thefirstnews.com)

So not only are they going to buy us like cattle, they will get our lives (and deaths) very cheaply. And after you are crippled by a forced medical experiment, you get a one-time compensation so that you shut the f*** up and stop crying; and then you must get by for the rest of your life, crippled, without any further aid. I sense real philanthropy at work here, folks…

OK. Back to Hungary: the motive for the jab damage compensation in Hungary has now been exposed. They are going to buy our healthy bodies in order to have their way with them — thereby smashing organized resistance to jab coercion.

And this might be a global strategy — some other countries I have found with jab damage schemes:

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17 thoughts on “When the Jab Goes Bad, the Government Steps in to Help

  1. “What this is going to boil down to is millions and millions of individual confrontations. If we let them win they will.” – a comment from the internet

    Let me begin by saying that this information from the heart doctor’s journal “circulation” has been posted on many Czech blogs, and was spread by our most prominent “heart surgeon” – a guy you go to for heart transplants’ and such… Only to be met by total “mainstream media censorship”, deleting blogs from the internets, and the “the doctors demanding to strip Dr. Pirk of all of his licences!” But it blew up, thank God, because you can censor only so much, before you end up in the “Streissand effect” territory:

    Here is the hardcore information that is scientifically proven:

    “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

    …and this is what it looks like in real life:

    Moreover: Here is a last friday’s
    “Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 2: Sounding the Call”
    with some notorious people like Kennedy et.al

    I reccomend to watch it all: The evidence is mounting up that the mRNA jabs cause lymphocytes (a type of white blood cells) to attack random things in the body: The “science” behind it is still not clear, but the results are: The side effects of the mRNA jabs are caused by a “lymphocyte friendly fire”, and they say in the video that these side effects seem to be waning in time, and go away after 4 months or so. Why the boosters then? Right???

    Anyhow – people should not excercise too much after these jabs. That is my conclusion for now – for those who got it…

    On a final note: The “chink in the armor” of the “Covid Vaccine Scam” is the fact that now they want second and third boosters… I believe this is my best line that I use against the Covid Witnesses: Everyone who got Johnsson and Johnsson jab was declared “unjabbed” overnight, AstraZeneca: Proven bloodclots and forbidden in a number of countries. All they have left is Pfizer – and Pfizer says “Jabs, boosters, and even more boosters every six months or so…”

    I mean: Who are they kidding? These are no “Vaccines” in the good old fashioned way!

    …If people can’t see there is something deadly wrong with this picture, then maybe they really do deserve a bio-security hell that is coming?

    But I pray for Hungary, and Austria, and Slovakia… to mount a proper pushback against these evil plans. Remember that we might be dealing with a supply chain collapse soon, and these jabs are probably only an Artillery preparation before the main attack.

    • BarnSwallow: having been a devoted follower of “Gates” for some years, I could hardly be unaware of the case against the so-called “vaccines” against Covid-19, and while I took the decision to have three (so far) jabs in view of my age and medical condition, and tried, unsuccessfully, to avoid Pfizer for my third,”booster” shot, I am absolutely against any kind of compulsion or coercion, especially for younger people, since the longer-term effects cannot be known yet.

      However, as a 73-year-old Brit, I’ve been used to having an annual ‘flu shot for some years, because that virus also mutates. So I’m not convinced that repeater vaxxes are in themselves sinister.

      • I am glad that we agree on the “coerced vaccination is bad”. In fact – had I not been under pressure to defend myself against the vaccine mandates, I would not be such an enthusiastic commenter against the vaccines, but the truth is – I will not let them stick that covid vaccine in me, even if it meant that I have to leave my hi tech jobs and go gardening and sheepherding for the rest of my life. I am even willing to live in the woods for that.

        My boss is also having the flu shots every year, and he had a heart attack when he was 38. Another one of my bosses – vaccinated through the roof – heart problems at 35 and since then he has the electronic pace maker. We are all very heavy duty guys, mind you, we work with very heavy stuff. Good physical is a must have. But I can see the pattern: Then there are people like me, heavy smoker, drinker, heart still ok (although I don’t recommend it at all, one can definitely feel that cigarettes abuse is just that – abuse of the body) But – as another one of my colleagues say: Stress kills more people than cigarretes. And cigarettes kill stress 🙂

        Then we have people that wake up, drink one coffee or a redbull, have a smoke, and then they go heavy lifting for 12 hours. We call it the breakfast of champions: Coffee and cigarettes. Hearts still ok…

        Where I am getting at with this is that my own life experience does support the belief that flu shots are bad for highly physically active people, because two highly active people that I know who took them reguralrly – ended up with heart problems, while all the smoking coffee drinking champions who live and work on chocolate bars and steaks – are still ok.

        Now – it may very well be, that the two heart attack cases I speak of happened shortly after vaccination: I can’t say for sure, but I am extrapolating and comparing the flu shot to the Covid 19 vaccine data:

        But there is also strong evidence that the vaccine derived heart problems are getting the most active sports men, and the young active boys and men:

        …While the older one gets, the less active one gets – the less problems.

        Let me just conclude that for me, I have bad experience with doctors, and my close friend also has bad experience with doctors, and although I don’t deny that the hospital people “know a lot about human body” – I simply don’t trust them with anything but fixing broken arms and such like.

        For me – repeated vaxx is a sinister plan. I understand Tetanus vaccines and such, or some Malaria stuff when one travels to Equatorial lands – but a repeated flu shot? That I don’t understand, and I will never let them stick that needle repeatedly in me. Flu is not a threat to me. Just like Covid, which I already had, and all the available data proves that the best protection against covid infection is – covid infection:

        “Despite over 140 million SARS‐CoV‐2 infections worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic, relatively few confirmed cases of SARS‐CoV‐2 reinfection have been reported. ”

        • Barn, it is a well know fact that coffee and cigarettes belong to the most 4 food groups.

          I thought everyone knew that? 😉

  2. All this still begs the question of what is the motive for forcing every last man, woman, child, infant, and fool to get the quaxxine.

    Since it obviously isn’t about money or health.

    • I believe that the West has been under attack by an “invisible enemy” for decades, like that frog that is being boiled…

      – enviromentalism destroys the industrial base
      – wokism destroys the faith of the people
      – “refugeeism” destroys the “high trust western communities” + load of other stuff

      …and now we are getting into the Covidianism, the jab mandates and the jabs are hurting only the hard working family oriented western sheep, who work and keep western civilisation running.

      I listened to some of the prominent bankers like Schwab, and they seem to live in their little bubbles where every problem can be solved by throwing money at it. They seem to believe that the difference between european and afghani people is only in the way they have been raised: If the poor afghanis had the schools like the europeans, they would also become nuclear engineers and bridge builders…

      Can’t wait for the moment when they finally realise that there really is a difference between Border Collies, Wulfhounds, and Chiwawas.

    • This is a question that I have asked myself over and over I have never been able to form an answer without thinking of the book of Revelation..

    • Read the great reset, agenda 21 and lockstep,

      They already tell you the jab is no vaccine, it’s a nano tech software for altering your dna and connecting yiu through 5 g to their AI. Enslaving you. And depopulation of 7 billion of us, they can the useless eaters.

      Now you know!

  3. Laszlo, this has always been the way.

    Look at Solar panels. They are expensive to make so how is it profitable for the cabal owned company in China to make this product?

    Well they simply increase the price to include the profit margin they desire over costs and have the destination country for the product use taxpayer money to fund the difference through a subsidy.

    This is the same mechanism for windfarms, electric cars and whatever else that is too expensive to make so that no one will buy it. Use the target county’s taxpayer funds or taxpayer reliant borrowed funds to cover the difference.

    In fact it is these HIGH COST products that are gold to the cabal. Why? Because no one else can produce them so there is no competition to the cabal.

    The cabal hates competition – that’s why with regard vaccines they must eliminate ivermectin, hydroxy and so on. Hell the effers also want to make supplements illegal to buy without a prescription. That’s right! Look it up.

    So of course it is no surprise that govts will fund vaccine damages using the very same funds that fund the purchase of the poison. The days of “it being the government’s money” disappeared years and years ago.

    All that has happened is that the cabal is leveraging taxes collected by governments and then getting the govts to leverage those tax receipts to borrow to pay for G & S produced by cabal owned enterprises.

    Why do you think everything costs so much and not a single country has a surplus.

  4. In the U.S. big pharma bears no liability by law. Current vaccines are still E. U. A. status so the government is not liable either. Liability currently rests with private companies that have vaccine mandates.

  5. @Laszlo am I correct?
    With the help of our friend googe translate as I read this proposal: it is from an independent, non Fidesz labelled MEP; he is saying that the unvaxxed are putting ‘significant additional ‘ costs on the public health insurance system; that
    legislation on epidemiological measures to prevent communicable diseases and epidemics needs to be comprehensively reviewed (what other little mandates does he have in mind?)
    (b) it is justified to extend the scope of compulsory vaccination ; and although it is not crystal clear to me, I believe he is leading up to proposing that if you ain’t vaccinated or use an ‘optional vaccine’, whatever that means, if you get sick you will not be covered under the national health insurance into which you pay every month.

    In effect what is being proposed is the camel’s nose under the tent: if government can mandate something like this, where does it end?

    As for ‘compensation’, in 1986 drug companies were being sued to such an expensive extent that they threatened to stop making vaccines, it was costing too much in payouts for problems. So Congress passed a law protecting them from lawsuits. I find it interesting Big Pharma is willing to pony up money in ‘compensation’ now.

    Everything I have read says plainly that testing and approval of vaccines requires years, perhaps 10 to 15 YEARS of testing and clinical trials. The covid vaccine is not being held to this. Some reasons given are the rapid rollout of technology and the fact that the phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials were run at the same time (even though phase 3 trials typically take several years). And there is this according to the National Center for Immunisation Research and Surveillance in Australia : “However, as there are limited safety data, full registration of the vaccine will only be given after extended safety monitoring, which will take several years”.
    This means you cannot give INFORMED CONSENT.

    In fact, “A Global Phase III Clinical Trial of Recombinant COVID- 19 Vaccine (Sf9 Cells)” sponsored by WestVac Biopharma Co., Ltd. describes itself as: a global multicenter, randomized, double-blind,placebo controlled clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and immunogenicity of the study recombinant COVID-19 vaccine. Study completion date Dec 2022.

    • @ Bastet

      Yes, I think you read that right. No jab, no healthcare — for the alleged diseases that the jab allegedly prevents; a non-Fidesz MP filed it.

      What this will mean in real life is anyone’s guess. If an unclean falls ill with pneumonia, for instance, and they test you fake positive with their fake PCR test, then it will cost your car or house to get cured or they let you die? I can see nothing that could prevent this sort of Fascism happening.

      You are right, it does not end — till they own us. This seems to be the point.

      • @laszlo
        watch this if you will.
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogssvgn7G-4&t=11s Is there any other way to deal with the pandemic? (from Livestream #107) DarkHorse Podcast Clips
        They bring up a very salient and obvious question: why are there no other alternatives offered or even allowed to be discussed? IF health were the real concern, that is. IF the kormany were truly concerned with decreasing the numbers there ought to be a broad based approach which would include educating people as to improving the immune system, etc. But there seems to be nothing except the glory of fighting the war against a disease with a survival rate of over 99.5. by subjugating/intimidating the population. And inevitably creating a two tiered society. Or a cowed and potentially resentful society.

        I do not see how this can be avoided. We are comfortable in our little niches and have lost much of our self reliance. We have migrated from self reliant farms to city living (or been herded together by government forces to live in cities, so much easier to control) so that now we are at the mercy of others for food, water, heating, security.
        Governor DeSantis in Florida is the most rational leader in this whole mess. Too bad Viktor is so one dimensional.

        • @ Bastet

          I watched the video, thank you. I agree, the fact that they hinder or even ban early treatment is a clear signal that it is not about health.

          “I do not see how this can be avoided.”

          Neither do I, especially because it is a long-term war. They are now brainwashing our children into the ‘sustainability’ of the future tyranny. So ‘they’ think in decades which individuals and governments cannot do. Perhaps talking to each other within societies and making alliances may help.

          “Too bad Viktor is so one dimensional.”

          Yes, but he is just a puppet of the DS like all other PMs now. He could not get out of the Corona narrative even if he wanted. Foreign agents have been harrassing him and his family for a long time… These PM’s are blackmailed, coerced and bribed into submission like anybody else within the Corona system, I guess.

          So they are just area managers of the NWO districts, formerly known as ‘countries’. There are no independent countries any more.

          Yes, I hope Florida remains resistant to this power grab. Some islands of freedom should remain…

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