Hungarian Media Outlet Normalizes Violence Against ‘Anti-Vaxxers’

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on the latest manifestation of Vax Madness in Hungary.

Hungarian media outlet normalizes violence against ‘anti-vaxxers’

by László

Pesti Srácok, a mainstream Hungarian media outlet and a mouthpiece of the government, published an article about the recent Austrian and Dutch protests with this denigrating and deceptive title:

“All hell breaks loose in Austria and the Netherlands as a crazy minority protests against epidemic measures”. [emphasis added]

First of all, this headline is a flat-out lie: no hell broke loose in Austria; the violent clashes happened in the Netherlands to the best of my knowledge. Secondly, they are not protesting against “epidemic measures”; they are protesting against the unlawful curtailing of freedom.

Thirdly, branding people who oppose the totalitarian Corona measures ‘crazy’ is a slippery slope to full-fledged Fascism. Their claim that these protesters are a ‘minority’ is also unfounded; and even though it may be true, calling them ‘minority’ is clearly an effort to minimize the resistance.

What is even more concerning is that the paper does not delete comments that hail the idea of brutal execution, denigration, punishment, grave discrimination and segregation of “anti-vaxxers” who, commenters say, do not even deserve to be treated in the public healthcare system for free anymore. However, the outlet, one of my favourite in the times before the Corona psy-op, has been busy deleting comments that warn people of the real dangers of the Covid “vaccines” or the totalitarian NWO.

So the site is apparently whipping up violent sentiments against the ‘anti-vaxxers’, first by branding them ‘crazy’ and then by not deleting comments that promote mass murder. One such comment:

User name: Tények
Posted: 2021-11-20 at 20:33

every country has crazy people like our “slop coalition”.

I’d execute them all in one night, cut off their legs, their hands, and eventually their filthy heads. Bag them up and burn them with the dead cattle. We would have a pure country after that.

Again, this genocidal comment, which is still up on the site three days after it was posted, publicly expresses the desire to torture, dehumanize and kill protesters (whom he mistakenly believes to be leftists) in Hungary as well — thereby ‘cleaning’ the country. (The “slop coalition” is the nickname for the leftists-globalist opposition in Hungary.)

This public statement is an actual crime, or at least borders on a crime — yet it has not been deleted. Whether such comments are real or are written by paid droids is anyone’s guess.

This commenter has obviously swallowed the relentless government propaganda sideways: this sort of localized globalist brainwashing claims that the ones who oppose the Covid jabs are leftists/globalists in Hungary, hence they are dangerous. Which is a smart trick, because leftism and globalism indeed pose serious dangers to nation states; thus this caution has deeply been ingrained in the minds of many Hungarians.

Therefore the official Corona-propaganda is now deceptively binding the real Marxist danger together with the unreal danger of ‘anti-vaxxers’ — which is of course a total inversion of the reality and utter nonsense. But if a patriot is superficial enough, they may believe that they can protect the country from the commie assault by persecuting ‘anti-vaxxers’. It is a kind of judo-propaganda.

But that is not all: the article at Pesti Srácok normalizes the usage of live ammo against ‘anti-vaxx’ protesters, quoting the police spokeswoman in Rotterdam:

“We fired warning shots, and there were also aimed shots because the situation was life-threatening.”

With its title that brands the protesters ‘crazy’, the article implies that it is the protesters who are the cause of the problem, and therefore shooting at them is justified. It does not bother Pesti Srácok too much what exactly happened in Rotterdam: in actuality, partly Muslim and African immigrants were rioting there, as far as I know, but the otherwise anti-Islam news outlet that opposes third world invasion fails to mention it, so that it can shift the blame to the ‘anti-vaxxers’.

[However I have no intel on who exactly was shot and why in Rotterdam — if you know the details, please let me know in the comments. I also do not know whether true blond Dutch aboriginals with Dutch names set cars on fire or violently rioted in Rotterdam, but I cannot exclude it. Exactly this weakness of the readers is what the article exploits: there have been so many protests recently that it is difficult to follow everything, so they can imply whatever they want.]

However, covertly blaming the Dutch ‘anti-vaxxers’ for being shot with live ammo is still not enough: the article further spins reality by falsly accusing the Austrians as well, even though there were no riots whatsoever in Austria:

“But will an epidemic measure cause the people to revolt and all hell breaks loose?” — asks the paper hypocritically right in the lead of the article, and then mixes in the big lie about Austria: ”In the Netherlands and neighbouring Austria, riots have broken out in the streets and shootings have been reported in the press.”

Even though this is the very first such dark Hungarian article I have read, it is an ominous sign of the normalization of violence against ‘anti-vaxxers’ and dissenters in general.

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The full translated article from Pesti Srácok:

All hell breaks loose in Austria and the Netherlands as a crazy minority protests against epidemic measures

For about two years now, we have had to live with the coronavirus epidemic every day — it rises and falls, and of course, in response to these figures, the leadership of each country has to adapt and make decisions on how to improve the statistics. But that an epidemiological measure will cause a riot and all hell will break loose? In the Netherlands and neighbouring Austria, riots have broken out in the streets and shootings have been reported in the press.

Seven people were wounded by police gunfire on Friday night in Rotterdam during a violent demonstration against epidemic restrictions, news agencies reported. Protesters had previously set fire to cars, set off fireworks and pelted police and firefighters with stones. The authorities detained 20 people. The mayor of the Dutch port city described the incident as an orgy of violence. Police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels said on Friday evening:

“Warning shots were fired and there were also targeted shots because the situation was life-threatening.”

Hundreds of people gathered to protest against the government’s plan to restrict access to indoor entertainment venues to those with immunity cards. The demonstration turned very violent. This prompted the police to take immediate emergency measures in the city, ordering residents to leave the streets and deploying water cannons and mounted police against protesters. Police from other parts of the country were also deployed to Rotterdam. Police officers were also injured in the clashes.

Meanwhile, fascism was being decried by our Austrian neighbours, who were protesting on the streets of Vienna against compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus. Ten people have so far been arrested in the march, which began at noon; police were preparing with a large force of more than 1,300, according to Der Standard. Among the demonstrators many wore yellow stars with “unvaccinated” inscriptions, others carried banners comparing the vaccination requirement to fascism and Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg to Mengele. Some also used pyrotechnic devices and threw objects at the police, and they tried to take away a policeman’s gun. The leader of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), Herbert Kickl, could not be present in person because he was on coronavirus leave, and was therefore connected by video link. Groups of more than 50 people are supposed to wear FFP2 masks, but few complied. There was also a small demonstration of 800 people in Innsbruck, near the Austrian capital.

Austria will introduce mandatory coronavirus vaccination from February 2022, with strict restrictions until then. These will remain in force until 13 December, but will apply to unvaccinated people after that date as well. The government has decided to introduce compulsory vaccination because the country has failed to raise the vaccination rate above 63% and hospitals are overcrowded.

20 thoughts on “Hungarian Media Outlet Normalizes Violence Against ‘Anti-Vaxxers’

  1. Hmmmm, then Laszlo you would be offended every five minutes in Australia.

    Not only today have we learned that a remote aboriginal community has been forcibly dragged out of their homes and quaxed by the police with the help of the Australian Defence Force (ADF)- controlled of course by the Fed, but the national news makes no remarks of what occurred.

    The national news has in fact penned a story about the ADF “helping” out local officers in the Northern Territory.

    This of course means that the ADF DID forcibly vax these people and the spin is to suggest that it is only “help”.

    That no one in the federal Parliament asks who gave the order for the ADF to get involved tells you everything.

    We are all [done for] until we get off our [vulgar intensifier] [fundaments] and BBQ these [epithets].

    Complaining about a few words is a waste of effort. Physical wrongs need to be corrected by physical rights.

    I think all “right – thinking” websites need to end articles about words and focus on fulfilling deeds that will end this crap

    All else is distraction.

    • I partly agree; but let us talk about strategy then. The physical solution you mention has been wargamed by Them and it is a tactical trap, unless it is VERY well organized — see Vlad’s analysis:

      >> Watching the BBC report, one wonders if the protests aren’t the point after all. […] So why would Western governments want the protests? Once there is enough chaos and people start to really suffer from the breakdown of all our systems that sustain us in large cities, we will beg for order. And there is a group of people ready to give it to us. And we won’t like it. <<

      The same goes for all sorts of poorly planned and organized physical defence: it is a wargamed trap that aims the total military takeover of society in the name of protecting it from 'terrorism'.

      Therefore a possibly working approach to strategical defence is society-wide horizontal organization against the total vertical assault on, and takeover of, our critical systems including the human mind — and this is not in contradiction with what you are suggesting.

      But yes, I have followed the Australian battle ground, and I am also VERY angry about what is happening there. However, I am also aware that this mental state of mine is an integral part of their strategy; as Mr. Scwab has recently said, kinda joyfully: "vee haef to preepaer four an aengrier wörld". So he let us know that They are prepared for it (and enjoying it) — so we must act accordingly.

      That said, I think They are TERRIFIED of the thought of physical resistance (as much as fearless psychopaths can be terrified): I noticed that they are using targeted psychological messages to make us believe that effective physical resistance is impossibble and futile order to weaken or prevent it, while at the same time they are trying to dupe us into ineffective physical resistance.

      So watch out: this war is no less strategical then the previous ones; but is is also different in many ways, requiring new approaches.

      But you have a major tactical disadvantage you can turn into advantage: being a (prison)island the enemy within will be able get less support and supply on land when the time comes…

      • Laszlo, I don’t understand the “tactical trap”.

        If you have followed the US election theft and prior to that the Q-anon (does anon stand for a-nonsense?) then you will have seen that their tactic is to lull people into a sense of security.

        “Patriots” are in control, “Trust the plan” and other such complete bollocks.

        This is just one of a myriad of “tactics”.

        Lets be frank there are not enough military members in any country to subvert the populace. Not to mention many of them will not attack their own people.

        Frankly, I don’t care what Scwab or any of those morons say. We need to start applying pressure at the low end of the hierarchy. And that pressure needs to be physical or its a waste of time.

        Lets be clear:

        the quaxines are designed to kill and maim – so do you really think that murderers cower when their victims say “stop”?

        people are being maimed and killed, yet your concern is for a societal breakdown? Are you for real. Its already broken!

        None of this will be solved without taking these people out. No war has ever been won by weekly singing sessions in front of parliament.

        Finally, the real tactical advantage is that there are far less of them than us – wherever you are in the world. Disposing of them will be no trouble once people rid themselves of the cabal placed thinking of many years you have iterated above.

        Murderous regimes only maintain power while people are weak.

        They need to be destroyed and put on notice that they will be destroyed. That will make them run. Once we have some run, the rest will fold.

        Hope and cherry blossoms are not tactics. You have to give up something to win.

  2. And it probably didn’t cost SoroSatan a dime.
    When the not-a-vaxxed start dropping like flies from the gain of function engineered virus the duped will be insane with rage.
    All part of the Great Reset plan and it is not at all surprising that divide and conquer still works.

    • And according to a post by Henry Makow when the betrayed people rise up then a third group will suddenly appear and be the reasonable voice. The politicians, like Merkel, Fauci etc, will be sacrificed (it is only the question if they are a) allowed to survive with a new identity, b) killed while they stutter “But we did what you wanted us to do” or c) are willing to get killed.)

  3. The entire Western orientated World has turned from a “Freedom of Choice” Society to “Medical-politcal Tyrannic” Society.
    Didn’t take long when you look at it.

    Can anyone confirm this Quote, supposedly from Henry Kissinger.
    I can’t find ANYTHING that confirms it.

    “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, It’s GAME OVER.
    They will accept anything – Forcible blood or organ donation- “For the greater good”. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them- “For the greater good”.
    Control sheep minds and you control the herd.
    Vaccine makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors.
    It’s a BIG win/win.
    We thin out the herd, and the herd pays us for extermination services”


    Man: Doctor, I put my hand into the running circular saw and lost all fingers on my right hand.

    Doctor: It is almost 100% certain that it was not due to the circular saw blade, all studies have shown that circular saw blades are harmless.

    Man: Yes, but my son has lost his whole hand to the circular saw 3 months ago .

    Doctor: Perhaps there is an undiscovered disease in your family in which parts of the body fall off due to poor circulation, you urgently need that checked, but as I said, it cannot be the cause due to the circular saw, running circular saw-blades are perfectly safe to touch.

  4. You know what the thinking behind all this attack on the un-vaxed is? It’s if I have to die early because of my own un informed stupidity then you have to die also. Take the shot!

  5. If they hate us that much, why dont they give us a country of our own? Then they can live in their PURE societies and inject themselves over and over till they are happy – and die of ADE or a virus kills them because aftert the 15th mRNA / Vector injection, where their immunesystem was reprogrammed, their immunesystem said “Without me!” and shut down completely. And not even more mRNA started it again.

    On the other hand: If we would be given our own country, who bets against me, that this country would soon be accused of building WMD? Or they just decide to have an anonymous hackergroup take over NORAD and nuke us into oblivion.

    • That is why Alex we need to remove them and all of their family lines.

      Signs on placards aint going to fix this.

    • Never! Ever! Give up one bloody inch to these people! EVER! Once you give a mouse a cookie, the next thing they demand is a glass of milk. We ain’t getting out of this without massive bloodshed, period, so prepare for it or be the sheep for the coming slaughter.

  6. It became totally clear now that Orban is also part of the “controlled opposition”.
    Let’s face it, if he had been a real opposition figure, how long would he remain in power? Hungary is a small country, with little resources of its own, landlocked from all sides, and bound within the framework of NATO and EU.
    The elite deliberately keeps him in this formal position of power in order to create a false “safe haven” in Hungary for all the Western-European dissidents against the woke elite, whose lives have been destroyed in their home countries by left-winged terror and propaganda. That way they hope to have a check on every one who could become “dangerous” to their evil plans, because they are all gathered in one small country now: Hungary. At the same time, this way they can rob freedom movements in f.ex. Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands etc of their potential leaders, because by moving to a different country with a different culture and language, you slowly loose touch with what’s happening in your native land. When it comes to the point, internet contacts cannot compensate for the real life and physical reality.
    Now another reason for the elite to keep Orban in power has been discovered: Distract and divide.
    By suggesting that freedom protesters against the cruel corona lock-down are “left-winged” or even “communist” in Hungary or in other countries with a “right-winged” governments, while simultaneously calling them for “right-winged” or even “nazi” in Germany or other countries with woke liberal governments, the official media are creating the perfect smokescreen for the elites to divide the protesters among themselves.
    This way they not only divide the countries within between so-called “obedient citizens” and so-called “anti-vaxxers” ( a derogatory term and a grave misnomer), but also hope to break the rising international freedom movement from within by using false ideological narratives, although they stand for the same principles and should work together internationally across all borders.
    The situation reminds me of the Cold War epoch, when pacifists and peace protesters in the West were made to believe that the freedom protesters east of the Iron curtain were “reactionaries”, while the latter (to a lesser extend) were made believe the former to be “communists”. In reality, their principles were much more similar than they could believe at the time, and they only manifested in different ways due to the almost reversed social and political realities from which they had to operate.
    The elites do not care about someone’s ideology, nor someone’s religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality or generation. They only care about increasing their power and stealing all resources from the people, and how useful someone is to assist them in this evil pursuit. They support every one who can be their “useful idiot” as long as this person is needed.
    Once this person has fulfilled his/her “task” and is no longer “useful”, s/he will be dumped.

  7. Correct Sobieski.

    What the elites fear most is a repeat of what happened to the Romanov’s. Extinction of a similar bloodline to their own. There need to be many repeats of this incident if we are to enjoy freedom from the bloodsucking Royal families and their cohorts.

    Orban was not always on the “right”. One must never forget that it was Orban who accepted a scholarship from the Soros Foundation to study at that bastion of leftwing flunkies – Oxford University.

    You cannot be any more controlled opposition than that.

    Everyone needs to stay where they are and fight it out at the local level moving on up the chain. To quote Laszlo such a “tactic” will frighten all the foot soldiers and send a message of fear all the way up the chain. Done in each country, we will take them very quickly. They cannot fight successfully on so many fronts.

    • Pssst. most of the Royal families, except those who don’t sit at the table and the bloody Brits, are against this one world crap. The Royals are nationalists first and foremost and they hate these one worlder types. Orban hates Soros and everybody affiliated with him, if Soros happened to visit Hungary he wouldn’t last the day, so your entire premise is Wrong!

    • Your comparison with the Romanov’s is how we got the bloody communists, if the elite are taken care of, of that we agree.

  8. Very good analysis.

    In the context of the NWO, Hungary is now an eye of the storm, a regional globalist HQ, the ‘Eastern Davos’.

    • >> I wanted to send this reply to Sobieski, but I am not sure I managed to post it there technically.

  9. Interesting engagement gentlemen.

    Perhaps the Baron can create a sticky of a topic each month where discussion on such subjects can be had.

    Laszlo, we are on the same side of course. Its worth engaging each other to explore viewpoints we may not have considered ourselves.


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