The New ‘Good’ and the New Evil

We are approaching Endgame after more than a hundred years of the Culture Wars. In the essay below MC picks his way through the grotesque highlights of what is currently underway.

Most modern medicine assumes that God does not exist, and that mankind (‘experts’) must therefore control medical ethics in order to ensure that doctors and others with an interest in medicine do not sacrifice their ethical integrity in order to either maximize their wealth from an exceedingly profitable industry, nor pursue greater knowledge at the expense of the health of their patients.

In 1947, following cruel and murderous experimentation by seemingly normal doctors on inmates of concentration camps in Nazi Germany, international law was laid down concerning human experimentation, coercion and informed consent.

These laws are now being violated on a daily basis by politicians, doctors, nurses and health administrators who advocate and enforce the COVID-19 vaccine. This is not new; it is an old, old story. We are back to bleeding, scoring and purging, leeches and mercury; the medicine of barbers and barbarity.

The Covid vaccine is experimental, and under the Nuremburg and Helsinki LAWS, it cannot be mandated. YOU cannot be forced to violate your bodily integrity — even if granny is in danger.

But granny is not in danger, at least in any statistical sense any more than she usually is, and if she were to take the correct prophylactic treatment to raise her zinc and vitamin D levels then her chances of surviving a CV19 attack are much improved. Unfortunately, it seems, the Powers That Be in medicine and politics want her dead, so they are withholding the real science and the real medicine from her. Granny dead from Covid is a bounty that can be collected…

The ‘science’ as dictated by the government/Big Pharma alliance is to leave CV19 granny alone until her lips turn blue, then put her on a killer ventilator until she dies. For this, a hospital gets a substantial government grant. She is a useless eater — Aktion T4 for her. Do we inject her with phenol, gas her, or put a plastic bag over her head? No, we withhold crucial and effective treatment and inject her with an experimental gene therapy — and this is ethically acceptable?

We are so, so ignorant, we don’t realize that although all the names have changed, the methods have not.

On the whole, the billionaires who are financing this modern Holodomor are stupid frightened individuals who believe in a humanist-based cult whereby:

  • There are too many people on the planet.
  • The planet is being poisoned by too much ‘carbon’
  • That the ultra-rich are entitled to rule over all other groups and use all available resources.
  • That Islam, by its ultra-controlling influence, can be used to divide and rule dangerous ‘Christian’ populations.
  • That fossil fuels can be replaced by ‘batteries’ (where does the electricity come from to charge the batteries?).
  • That solar and wind power can provide enough energy for the remnant population to survive.
  • That putting God at the centre of the Constitution in 1776-1784 had no effect on the subsequent rise of the American Dream; it was purely a coincidence.
  • And that removing God from society is therefore no problem and will not turn the dream into a nightmare.

It is difficult for us to understand the role of God in society, for without God, societies are basically two-tier master/slave societies where the masters work hard to keep the peons in abject slavery.

In the historical British feudal system, the serfs were largely village idiots, kept in a state of abject poverty and malnutrition. The role of the then-Church was to perpetuate the system by removing any intelligent children at an early age into the cloisters for special indoctrination. Wise lords of the manor also took bright children into their service, thus removing leaders from the peasant body.

Britain at the time did not have a skin colour problem; everybody was white. Even in my childhood 1950s England was overwhelmingly white, I had seen non-white people because I had travelled to Singapore as a very young ‘britbrat’ (child of armed forces personnel), but to others in my class at school, they were an abstract from the pages of National Geographic and Hollywood.

We now have a much more powerful means of coercion than compulsory Sunday worship. The intelligent peasant is much more easily subsumed by social conditioning and constant propaganda piped straight into our living space.

At least two of my children are dyslexic (like me), and I had them privately assessed by an approved psychologist. I was surprised when he started out by giving them an IQ test. When I asked about this, he basically said that it is the only science available, and that as long as one does not mention the ‘Bell Curve’ one can avoid the disapproval of the social ‘sciences’ for IQ testing.

Whether desirable or not, the ideas behind the ‘Bell Curve’ paper expressed a scientific hypothesis which was not politically correct, but instead of applying scientific method to refine the approach, the subject was cancelled.

That it is still used by psychologists on the QT is interesting.

Our modern world is just full of politically correct junk ‘science’, with its familiar odor of coercion, but what is problematic is that the idea of ‘consensus’ even has a place in scientific debate. Consensus ‘science’ causes a bottleneck in real scientific debate, because scientists have a tendency to be ‘science’ whores, taking money, and cozying up to the donors to find (or fabricate) the correct ‘science’ to reinforce the client’s wayward desires, financial, political or social. This tainted ‘science’ is then passed on for human consumption by an equally tartish and corrupt media.

We quite rightly abhor sex trafficking and modern slavery, but getting those in power to shut it down is like doing a mud run in a diving dry suit (been there, done that — my mother claims it triggered my first heart attack). Somehow, with sex trafficking, the foxes always get to investigate the henhouse.

Tommy Robinson exposed the Rotherham debacle, and he and his family have been hounded by the authorities ever since — talk about shooting the messenger. So too with Loudon County school board trying to cover up the rape of a minor in the girls’ restroom by a trans biological male. It was the outraged father who faced criminal proceedings, not the responsible public employees.

When political expediency takes precedence over law and science, we can usually assume that we are in a tyranny. Somehow the tyranny of the majority has led to a self-perpetuating elite who are rapidly dismantling the Republic and the democracy that serves it. We may believe in the idea of “build back better” but do we really understand the unsaid prequel to “build back” — the assumption that we have first demolished what pre-existed?

It assumes the total unsuitability (and destruction) of what went before it.

If I apply “build back better” to a wall — let’s say it is around Brandon’s Delaware Beach House — I first have to demolish the old wall. It means that the gap between the old and the new is extensive and that there is effectively no wall until the new wall is complete. All the desired protection is gone for the period of time between the destruction of the old and the completion of the new. If I am then robbed because the protecting wall is incomplete, then the new wall fails for lack of funding and I am in a dire situation, anybody can just walk in and take what they want…

Socialists have a very solid record of demolishing the old, but their performance of even building back at all is dire, let alone better. This is because they assume that their IQ is such that they KNOW how to build back better; better than the hundreds of years it took to build the old, effective wall. It took 200 years to build the USA, and the Founding Fathers themselves were standing on the shoulders of the giants who had built the first Parliamentary Democracy over the previous thousand years.

King George did not like the Parliamentary Democracy, so he sought to build a new Monarchist tyranny in the colonies. To him, this was ‘building back better’, where he alone had control of the cheque book. The ‘better’ here was subject only to his own judgement, and most of the colonialists disagreed with him — the rest is history.

Danton too, wanted to build back better. His “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” was well-meant, but he did not survive to see it. Robespierre, who deposed him, had a different interpretation of what was ‘better’ and hundreds of thousands of people died in the Terror that followed.

In my view, it is the Bible that is BEST! And that following ten of God’s rules cements the stability of the land, the most important of which is the idea of one LAW for all, including the elites.

For example, RICO needs to be applied to the Clinton foundation, BLM, Antifa, and to Pfizer and Modena. There is good reason to believe that these are all criminal concerns.

I once had a conversation about defalcations, where the bank where I was working was prosecuting a person who ‘borrowed’ a hundred pounds from the cash draw. At the same time, the same bank itself was being prosecuted for SEC violations and insider trading, gaining millions in the process. The petty thief went to prison, the guilty directors got away scot-free because the shareholders paid the substantial fines.

The two (or more) tier system of law enforcement is now endemic. Nobody expects ‘too rich to fail’ celebrities to be prosecuted for mundane crimes such as involvement in underage sex at Lolita Island. Likewise, the Islamist exploitation of vulnerable white minors is above the law for fear of violating political correctness. George Floyd was a criminal, and as a criminal he knew that he risked being apprehended by the police. The prosecution of the policeman concerned for ‘murder’ for doing what he is paid to do is incomprehensible and political. Drugged violent criminals cannot be treated like little lambs; they are more like rabid dogs…

The international LAWS on medical experimentation are very strict, and following the Nuremberg trials, especially the Doctors’ Trial, most nations signed on to the various treaties and protocols on informed consent. These protocols have been egregiously violated by the coercion and the mandating of experimental therapies sold as ‘vaccines’ to try to avoid various loopholes in public consciousness and exploit many years of relentless propaganda. I was an anti-vaxxer before Covid and have seen nothing in the last two years to make me change my mind.

But when governments are committing FRAUD, ably assisted by Big Media, Big Pharma and most of the medical profession, we have not got much of a choice.

Most of us now live in an electronic cage, gilded maybe, but still a cage, where we are fed only what the jailer wants us to see. The movie The Matrix caught this beautifully, but because we don’t have nasty wires attached to our backs, we don’t always get the connection.

A little flat rectangular box now encapsulates our existence. We wriggle our thumbs in the correct sequence and it splats the ants and crushes our brain cells at the same time. We normally measure our IQ when we are doing nothing else, but what is my empirical IQ when those ants are marching? Is it verging zero because I cannot perform the simplest of cognitive tasks whilst my intellect is consumed in squelch mode?

When I read, I am dangerous because I am acquiring new ideas (to me), but when I am head-down blasting pixelated parasites, then I am placid and passive. Who needs the living dead when most people are zombied to a gadget?

As a retired IT professional, I do not believe in AI, but I know that 80% of jobs in this world could be replaced by computers and robotics. It is therefore very easy to cross-correlate and believe (and implement) a need to remove 80% of the useless eaters, especially if one believes there is no God and therefore no judgement before the Great White Throne.

Whilst the only proof of God is His Creation that we inhabit, it is very easy to discard that proof because it is all so familiar. But once we discard God and His Creation, anything goes. There is no accountability, and Rose is there for the plucking. Once upon a time, our society cared for our Roses. Now being ‘nice’ to ‘refugees’ is much more important and Rose can go suck.

To open our borders to those who keep our God-given Laws is not terribly problematic but opening the door to all that is amoral is a form of lunacy. Kosovo is a case in point: a Christian country conquered by the Ottomans, liberated from Ottoman rule before WW1 as part of now Christian Serbia, it allowed heavy immigration from Albania (It did not have much choice; the border was open), and it is now basically an Albanian Muslim satellite state.

Albania occupies Kosovo, so Clinton bombs Serbia — wow, what a noble deed…

“All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (Attributed to Arthur Schopenhauer)

COVID-19 truths appear to be in the second stage, If, as I suspect, Covid is a manmade bioweapon designed to kill off a substantial part of the 80% (especially the elderly) with plausible deniability, then we are going to need a Nuremburg 2 and a substantial, maybe robotic/AI gallows.

Bill Gates can have his own AI version powered by Windows 12, and while he waits for it to self-index before the drop, he can be proud that it only works on the very latest chips and motherboards (if there are any available).

It is the height of arrogance to want to destroy a few thousand years of progress that we know works, and replace it with a supposedly fair and equal system that has failed every time it has been tried.

Brandon wants to empty America of Americans. What is an American? He used to be a well-trained engineer, an inventor and maker of things that the world wanted to buy. What is Brandon now selling — Chinese-made technology?

An open southern border? I am almost tempted to fly to Mexico myself, but as a ‘white’, educated English-speaker, I suspect I would be on the first plane out, designated as undesirable…

Not ‘racist’, of course. Taxpayers’ money must only be spent on specifically defined victim groups (a.k.a. potential Democrat voters).

Has mathematics moved to Russia and India because in America it is considered ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’? Is America too proud to produce its own gasoline?

Can anybody name a socialist country that fought slavery as the USA did? Did the USSR fight a glorious campaign against slavery? (No, it enslaved its people and built the White Sea canal.) When did China fight against slavery? (Never, it is just another current slave state.)

Did the USA fight slavery? Did the UK fight slavery? Yes and yes.

Did the Democrats fight slavery? No! Will the Democrats fight our future enslavement? No, they will enable it, as they did in the USA.

God defined ownership in Tanach, and even the King did not have the right to take away Naboth’s vineyard. Do I own my own body? Presumably the SCOTUS will eventually rule on that, but so far I have managed to avoid becoming a State-compromised jelly donut. My body, my choice (oops —wrong victim group).

In the last eighteen months we have travelled a long way down the slippery slope to tyranny, but what is fascinating is watching Bible prophecy come true. I hope enough people eventually grok it, and although some Christians believe that they will be ‘raptured out’, they should not assume that this is the correct interpretation of vague scriptures. Better to assume that you are here for the duration…

Judeo-Christianity endows its adherents with a kind of magical creativity that is not matched in those countries that prefer atheism or other religions. This, of course, is the foundation of the accusations of ‘White Supremacism’, and whilst it is probably accidental that it was ‘white’ northern Europe that adopted the Bible, wokism is not going to replace it with anything constructive. PoCs can adopt biblical values and become productive, but wokism destroys all culture. Socialism is about crushing and demolition, not about building.

I do not think most people realize how bad it can get: no gas, no transport; no transport, no food; no gas, no electricity, no water; hundreds of thousands of people ill from COVID jabs; no medicines or healthcare, no police, no fire, no power workers…

Bread queues, food riots, marauding thugs, unchecked thugs, hungry thugs, ruthless thugs, Antifa thugs.

And eventually, no smartphone…

The real virus in our society is socialism, a mind virus which renders us unable to discern right from wrong, good from evil. Before Marx renamed it, socialism was called feudalism. It described a social system where an ‘upper class’ (party members) kept the peasants and workers in near slavery, forever dangling the carrot of utopia, whilst wielding the big stick of terror and the gulag.

When the Bible became available in readable form to the public at large, the feudal (socialist) bubble burst, when good men everywhere read the book of Exodus and realized that they were petty pharaohs or downtrodden Children of Israel…

For a while the people were free. They met together and communed together and valued each other in their communities. They took on the problems of slavery and skin colour prejudice, and were winning.

But slowly the new ‘good’ of Socialism/Fascism/Communism crept up Main Street. The people became frightened of being labelled a ‘Babbitt’ and adopted progressivism as a new fashion fad, ably supported by the re-emergence of the KKK and the rise of the Eugenics movement.

Slowly but surely, evil became good and good became evil, just as the Bible predicted, and here we are, with unindicted criminals in the White House (election fraud is a crime) and a faux-Democrat (neo-Communist) Capitol. (Isaiah 5 v 20)

End Times are here, folks — enjoy them while they last.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

24 thoughts on “The New ‘Good’ and the New Evil

  1. Agree with everything. I haven’t “found God” but I value everything in the bible as good common sense and rules to live by. I think the celebrity cult has helped destroy it as people saw celebrities behaving badly and wanted to behave badly too. The bible limited bad behavior so had to go. Now the rules are very “rubbery”, the “right thing”, what “makes you feel good”, very subjective as values are so varied.

  2. “If I apply “build back better” to a wall — let’s say it is around Brandon’s Delaware Beach House — I first have to demolish the old wall.”

    As I have been saying for a while now; the first step in building back better is to create a brownfield.

    Too bad for us idiots who have to live in it.

  3. Very good MC, but if I may add some clarification to the following statement that you made, “I hope enough people eventually grok it, and although some Christians believe that they will be ‘raptured out’, they should not assume that this is the correct interpretation of vague scriptures. Better to assume that you are here for the duration.”
    As stated in Scripture by Paul, and to a certain extent by John, the Christian is the “Bride of Christ” and the Christian will be the present at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Isaiah recorded Yah telling him about those whom Yah loved to come into their chambers while the Judgment proceeds. Thus, the Bride of Christ will not be present during the period of judgment known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble but will have been escorted to “Her” chamber where she will be safe while the judgment is being poured out. Paul explained this to the Thessalonians twice and once to the Corinthians. Of course, the passage in Corinthians, “We shall not all sleep but shall be changed,” is found in many nurseries that serve the children while the parents attend the services.
    Suffice to say the Christ leaving His Bride to undergo the same judgment as those who have denied or rejected Christ would be tantamount to spousal abuse, with all due respect to those who would disagree.
    I am reading the Book of Ezekiel during my morning devotions and I am in Chapters 40 and 41 in which the Millennial Temple and Worship are described in detail, (I am still working on drawing a site plan of it). What is described is Yah Shua being present in the Sanctuary and David sitting at the East Gate as a serving representative of the people in an Israel that finally gets it right and proper. There is no mention of the Church being present which would confirm what is presented in the Book of Revelation. Finally, there is Yah Shua’s promise to the Philadelphian Church that they won’t be around when it hits the fan but the Laodicean Church that has Yah Shua knocking on a locked door asking to be allowed in will be present during the time of judgment. So…. if Yah Shua is for you Lord and Savior and you enjoy a living relationship with Him then you can be assured that He would care for you as His own, but if you choose to only “Wind him up on Sunday” as Ian Andersen said, then you will pay the price in judgment for your presumption and disrespect.
    the above is the product of 30+ years of study and 15+ years of through the Bible on an annual basis (the One Year Bible, NKJV)

    • The ‘rapture’ of the dead is witnessed by the Apostle John in Revelation 7.9 between the opening of the 6th Seal and the 7th Seal. The transfiguration of the First Fruits of the living, are the 144,000 in Revelation 14.1-5 who were ‘sealed’ in Revelation 7.1-8. This is in the order mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4.13-15.

      “When he opened the Seventh Seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.” (Apokalypsis 8.1)

      . . . and all of this happens in ‘the last hour’, also known as Daniel’s 70th week. “When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21.28)

      “So also, when you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the door.” (Matthew 24.33)

      . . . and as we continue on, more and more people will see that all of the Testimony is true. Hope to see you all on the other side of the end of this age. Good riddance to when it’s finished and over.

  4. Just for the record, plastic bags are not environmentally friendly.

    I suggest the use of quadruple paper bags as an alternative. They wont hurt the environment at all and will achieve the same purpose.

    • “Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly”

      Au contraire.

      They can be extremely environmentally friendly in that one plastic bag can be used to help return hundreds of fascist covidiots into feedstock for mulching your preferred greenery. Carefully placed over the head and secured with a rubber band, provided it isn’t torn the same bag may be a multiple use instrument of recycling parasitic biological material.

  5. At a theological conference I once heard an interesting interpretation of the Apocalypse. The speaker was curious about the relationship between the Whore and the Beast. Both of them are evil, both serve the devil. However, there is a conflict between them and the Beast destroys the Whore. Why is it so?

    His interpretation was: the Whore is permissive society born of our post-Christian civilisation with its secular liberalism, and the Beast is the anti-Christian totalitarianism that will replace it.

    Of course, you might find this interpretation far-fetched or even ridiculous, but is not something very similar taking place now?

  6. The ‘god created everything, there is everything, this proves god’ statement is circular reasoning at it’s worst. You said it yourself, religion benefits the king, priesthood and the king.
    Godisim did not build the United States.
    Education, that is to say, teaching people how to think; that built the United States.
    That all ended in 1968, when the ‘educators’ (communists) became overt kommisars, and education became indoctrination.
    And, yeah, what is old, is new again. The instruments of oppression never change, save for meaningless details – unless you are a ‘new jew’ to the regime.
    But the ‘old jews’ should probably check their six…
    So, it all burns. On the credit side of the ledger, once it caves in, lynching commies and alphabet creatur(ze)e`s will become a national pastime.

    • Don’t confuse God, His Creation (truth) and ‘Religion’ (man’s plaything) – Adam created the first religion when he blamed God and the Woman for his own questionable decision.

      There is a truth that is this Creation that we live in, and we need to seek that truth, and it is not in Rome, Jerusalem or Mecca…..

      • No confusion exists, and I have nothing productive to say about a non-spatial-temporal entity…that seems to be fiction. And poor fiction at that.
        Further, from the ‘word of god’, presented by the worlds shamans, charlatans and three-toed godists (many of the muslim bent…)
        God isn’t a very nice entity. You wouldn’t want one sikking the bears on your children, or dashing the children’s brains out on stones, or condoning raping them when they’re 9. I wouldn’t want my sister to marry one, either.
        If god has the temerity to come for me, I’ll fight.
        God -the old testament one, not the buddy jesus one – is just another capricious, vicious, corrupt and insanely jealous ogre, that is the word of god. Gordon Bennett! I get quite enough of that from the supreme soviet of khanaduhstan.
        Which does not mean it is all without some truth. Some of the ten commandments are reasonably common sense, except for the bronze-age political crappola; though I’ll damned-well covet mine neighbors ox if I want to.
        I wont go steal it, though.
        Most of the message has value, even without godisim. But then, Islam (also a creation of god, if there is but a grain of truth in any of it. No?) is just as right. Word of god.
        If you swallow one, you must gobble the other.
        It is possible to be ethical and moral with out a monstrous god to whip one along, though only 10% of humans can do this naturally.
        Man, Truth is dead, and the meek shall inherit the earth: Three by six by six of it.
        God and priests and prayer and religion isn’t going to help, and neither is circular logic.
        Still enjoy your essays, though the godisim is counter productive.

  7. @ MC

    Re: “As a retired IT professional, I do not believe in AI, but I know that 80% of jobs in this world could be replaced by computers and robotics. It is therefore very easy to cross-correlate and believe (and implement) a need to remove 80% of the useless eaters, especially if one believes there is no God and therefore no judgement before the Great White Throne.”

    Thanks for an insightful essay…. very thought-provoking. It is informative to hear the perspective of an IT professional on developments, since I am rather – shall we say – lacking in that area of education. I had no earthly idea 80% of the jobs out there, to use your figure, could be done by robots and AI. Wow… just wow. Stunning to see evidence of how digital tech drives the shape of our society.

    I am a historian, however, and there is another facet to this thing, which interleaves with your observations on high-tech such as computers, robotics and AI. Noted military affairs analyst, the highly-respected former USAF officer John Robb – one of the associates of the late great military theorist Colonel John Boyd – has written and spoken widely in the past on how military affairs drive the form society takes. In other words, the means by which those at the top of society choose to defend themselves and their kingdoms or nations, drives social organization.

    We are now in the midst of a paradigm shift which portends a true RMA – “revolution in military affairs,” namely the shift from mass conventional military forces requiring hundreds of thousands or even millions of men, to a model based to a much greater degree on technology.

    This shift is not new, per se, as it had its beginnings as early as WWII, and certainly by the 1960s and Vietnam, when the first high-tech unmanned aerial and other systems became possible. The “coming out party,” so to speak, for network-centric warfare was Gulf War I.

    The tech was amazingly advanced even thirty years ago: A B1-B stealth bomber, if memory serves, took off from Barksdale AFB in Missouri, flew halfway around the world to deliver & drop ordnance on a target in Iraq, and safely back to base – the entire mission (including takeoff and landing) was done by the aircraft’s onboard computer system.

    Today, even neophytes are familiar with UAVs and drones, and remotely-piloted technology is becoming ubiquitous in militaries around the world. Not just in the air, either, but on land and on and under the seas. An Air Force NCO or junior officer in her flip-flops and shorts can sit in an air-conditioned ops center in Nevada and do an entire mission profile to take out a high-value target half a world away in Afghanistan. She can fly the drone using her controls, plus a video and data link.

    The next developments of import occurred in the short, but decisive war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over disputed territory adjoining both nations. Thanks to decisive technical support and UAVs from the Turks to Azerbaijan, the Armenians lost the war.

    In the U.S. military we already see a split between fighter and those who do not fight. The so-called “tooth-to-tail ratio” has always been a reality of war-fighting, but it is even more-pronounced today, wherein a small but very highly-trained and capable cadre of special ops personnel do the lion’s share of the fighting, augmented by lots of high-tech automated systems. Plus of course the nuclear triad deterrent.

    The big boys who run things have already figured out that the force structure necessary to protect them and their wealth, power and position, will not require anything like the massive conventional forces of the early-mid 20th century. The resultant changes in society to reflect these new realities are not yet entirely clear, but it is already plain that the status quo since the Peace of Westphalia is endangered, and thereby the implied social contract between the ruling classes and the masses of ordinary people.

    It may be that just as many people remain in uniform as before, but fewer in the military, but more in security forces, secret police and other such tools of repressive regimes. Repressive regimes always need enforcers to keep the ‘proles in line, do they not?

    Given your background and experience, you probably know much better than I how do how further developments in robotics, AI and computers will allow the replacement of even more people with technology. If what glimpses we have seen behind DARPA’s curtain are at all indicative, it won’t be long now. The “masters of the universe” are pouring big bucks into R&D.

    • Yeah, history and dyslexia is a difficult combination, I love history but was forced to give it up at age 15 because my essays were unreadable and full of spelling mistakes (half a mark lost for each error)

      I spent over 40 years working with computers, starting with IBM system 360 and progressing ever onward (as the song went). I retired as a system architect reproducing mainframe systems on Linux.

      Computers are very stupid, everything is yes or no, and to turn a binary system into ‘AI’ requires ever cascading amounts of complexity for diminishing returns, the complexity is (natural) logarithmic rather than linear.

      Few humans can think outside the box, and it is the brilliant but illogical solution to a problem that a binary computer will never be able to emulate.

      Whilst our computers are binary, God’s computers are quadratic, DNA has 4 states, presumably because carbon has 4 bonds. Whilst we have isolated the DNA, we do not yet know how to program in a quadratic language, we use trial and error (CRISPR) instead. If we ever solve the quadratic puzzle, then maybe we will have true AI – the ability for a computer to be sapient.

      That said, with a technical oligarcy pulling the strings of the future, there will be all sorts of control problems, when the vaunted AI system glitches, it will either crash, or it will fail to give Mrs Gupta her rice ration, and she will starve – oopsy another bug for a rare, clever human to fix.

      Natural disasters such as flooding in Bangladesh, or hurrican Catrina require contingency plans, and as we come to build our society around more and more supposed AI, then it is more likely the natural disasters will catch us napping even more frequently.

      When Bangladesh flooded in the late 60’s the Royal navy was able to divert two aircraft carriers and some smaller ships to the area, it was just before I joined the RN so it was very fresh and people were still talking of the horrors of it all.
      AI could not have solved that problem, and the technically more modern RN could not now provide thousands of men to assist, robots cannot reliably feed hungry children and change their daipers…..

  8. Only mathematics is an exact science, all the others are less and lesser. Medicine, one of the oldest science dating back to Hippocrates, not at all. But you cannot question science anymore, you have to trust Science, or you are going to face consequences (no work, no travel, etc). This thing that life is the only thing that matters, is also very materialist and satanic. Life is important, but there is an afterlife, the body is going to dust anyway, no matter how many pills and vaxs you are going to take, only the soul is immortal. Actually the psycho oligarchs who control the western world, are all deeply atheist in the best case, or they are clearly satanists in the worst.

  9. Thank you MC for your ‘mini-autobiography’, your life and experience is almost a twin copy of mine. I big difference is that I do not own a ‘Smartphone’. I lived for about 70 years without one, so why should I now burden myself with the ownership of one.

    I, too, am dyslexic. Perhaps it is a medical condition that enables to see BS.

    Take care, my brother. 1 Peter 5:8-9
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.

    • I was told to get a smart phone by my Boss, I still don’t know how to use it, I get my youngest son to make it work for me. I find it very intrusive, but I still get called by my old Boss from time to time otherwise it would just be another piece of junk.

  10. I’ve met too many decent unbelievers, and seem too many nasty “believers” (of the Christian variety, including some of my relatives) to believe that faith is necessary for a moral compass, let alone a guarantee of one.

    Which is not to say that the Judeo-Christian inheritance is not a good basis from which to proceed.

  11. Really wonderful essay that explains a lot of what is going on in our troubled world today and the reasons behind the insanity.

    We are now in a perfect storm where everything has converged at once as a result of a conspiracy between the most evil, Satanic people on the planet including Lord Faux Chi, Bill Gates, Soros, Hussein, etc.

    The CCP Fauci Flu was a set up that enabled the elections to be stolen from President Trump who is now fighting while in exile.

    If you want to see how bad it is, just look at what they’re doing in Australia. They are bringing people to the death (oops! Meant to say Quarantine) camps.

    Not even pretending it’s about Corona virus anymore.

  12. Historical ‘British feudal system’? It was English, surely? Erasing England does so much good, doesn’t it? It’s why the largest and most ethnically diverse UK country now receives less funding for care, etc, per head of population than any of the so-called ‘Celtic’ nations. I say ‘so-called’ because that myth only came about in the 1700s – the fake white Celtic myth – and has seen a terribly exclusive system of government in the so-called UK – based on the myth (and a boring and skewed catalogue of historical ‘victimhood’) – since Scots war criminal Tony Blair implemented asymmetric national devolution in the late 1990s. One would never guess that the Scots had been disproportionately active in the British Empire. The ‘Celtic’ nations stand in their pulpits and denounce the only country with no national voice. The ‘UK’ Government is a sham, the Barnett Formula (reviled by its late creator, Lord Joel Barnett) is a racist abomination, the West Lothian Question is about to resurge, and the ‘UK’ Government plays divide and rule in England to keep the folks – of all colours and creeds – from seeing what has happened. We were sitting ducks long before covid. People in England don’t think – and the ‘Great And The Good’ muddy the waters with a thick layer of ‘Britishness’ (just a word – we could have a modern, inclusive English national identity and an accountable parliament). You can’t logically have British, Scots and Welsh parliaments. Erasing England is actually one of the worst acts of discrimination in practice – but never mind. We are manipulated into never even mentioning the word – because that would (absurdly!) be ‘racist’. I despair. As I say, we were sitting ducks for the covid scenario.

    • I stand by ‘British’ things were not much different in Scotland or Wales, and were probably even worse in Ulster, which was under warlords at the time..

      The names were different, of course, but it was essentially the two tier system centred on Rome.

      I can sympathize with the modern plight of of beleagured England, the George Cross flag is ‘racist’ but the St Andrews cross is everywhere in Edinburgh and Welsh dragons fly proudly too. But then the loony left still kow-tows to gorgeous George…..

      But when UK always votes in leftist idiots like Cameron, May and Johnson/Symonds what can we expect? You get what you vote for; the Conservative party is a FRAUD.

    • Too bad the Central Powers in 1912 didn’t put those bloody Brits in their place back then, we wouldn’t be paying for their sins today.

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