Five Chilling Ways The Nuclear Bogeyman Can Frighten You

Our Hungarian correspondent László analyzes the use of the threat of nuclear war as psychological warfare within the West.

Five Chilling Ways The Nuclear Bogeyman Can Frighten You

The Nuclear Threat is Naked

by László

The “nuclear psyop”, which I have written about in several instances on Gates of Vienna (here, here, here and here), is becoming more and more obvious, as the Daily Mirror tabloid mirrors the ludicrousness of the Corona psyop by writing about a Putin in bad health hiding in a bunker while talking to shamans about a tactical nuclear strike he would order (or something like that).

The absurdity of this sort of propaganda has become as apparent as it was during the height of the Corona hoax. “Putin did not even need his own children from his mistresses — a girl and a boy, whom no one is going to evacuate.”, claims the Mirror. The whole article is a laughingstock.

I do think that “They”, once again, underestimate the so-called (tabloid-reading) ‘simple people’ — the working masses — who often have a more grounded sense of reality than their highly-educated (indoctrinated / intellectually arrogant) peers.

This latest amazing fantasy in the Mirror comes after a lot of similar but less Babylon Bee-style, i.e. somewhat more serious-looking, propaganda in the recent days. Some examples:

OK, you are saying, but what would the purpose of such a nuclear psyop be? Well, I think it is “nudging” again — that is, mass-behaviour modification, in order to achieve herd humanity towards the New World Order. Another excuse for tyranny.

Now, I assume you are still looking for the “five chilling ways the nuclear bogeyman can frighten you” that I promised you in the headline. Well, it was just a known marketing method for a clickbait title.

The nuclear threat is naked.

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14 thoughts on “Five Chilling Ways The Nuclear Bogeyman Can Frighten You

  1. Propaganda is the most powerful weapon ever devised. It can keep missiles in their silos, cause machine guns to rust in armories and battleships to stay tied up at the dock. It will be used by your enemy on themselves, and you don’t even have to wait for a war to use it.
    When the Viet Cong were slaughtered during the Tet offensive, their army and government wanted to negotiate peace. But then Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America”, “Uncle Walter”, “America’s anchorman”, looked into the camera and solemnly intoned. “America has lost the war in Viet Nam”. And the war went on for another five years.
    The American military didn’t lose the war to a bunch of “farmers with AK47s”, they lost to American communists and perfidious politicians.

    • @ KHarn

      Re: “The American military didn’t lose the war to a bunch of “farmers with AK47s”, they lost to American communists and perfidious politicians.”

      Some years after the war, when things had calmed down enough, some of the principals met to discuss the war and how it had been contested. American and other western journalists and historians – not to mention soldiers from both sides – discussed the Vietnam War. General Võ Nguyên Giáp, the lynchpin of the communist leadership, was interviewed (I don’t have an actual reference cited, my apologies… I’m working from memory here).

      At one point, the reporter remarked to General Giáp that the U.S. never lost a large-scale engagement against the Viet-Cong and NVA during the war, to which Giáp replied, “That may so, but it is irrelevant.”

      He went on to explain that his strategy was not to defeat the U.S. on the battlefield so much as it was to vault over them and directly attack the war effort at home, in the United States proper. That was the focal point of his efforts, of the communist efforts, and it was a war fought with propaganda, disinformatzia and fifth-columnists.

      Technically-speaking, the Vietnam War ended in a negotiated peace treaty – namely, the Paris Peace Accords of 1973 – so it could be scored a draw if one desires. Two years later in 1975, after the U.S. military had departed Vietnam, backstabbing Democrats in Congress and their communist fifth-columnist pals in the U.S. betrayed South Vietnam by reneging on promises to sent military aid should the Republic of South Vietnam need it.

      So, in that sense, Giáp’s grand strategy bore fruit when the American public lost its appetite for the war in SE Asia.

      Everyone remembers Jane Fonda betraying Americans fighting in Vietnam, but she was far from the only one. John Kerry – who couldn’t wait to go to SE Asia to win some medals so he could emulate his hero, John Kennedy, and go into politics – could not betray his fellow servicemen fast-enough when he got home and joined the anti-war movement.

      Whereas heretofore he had bragged about being decorated for valor, he made a public show of throwing his medals away.

      And “Uncle Walter” Cronkite, “America’s news anchor,” revealed after his retirement what so many had suspected – he was a secret socialist sympathizer and dupe for the enemy.

      But I digress: You are correct. Propaganda is powerful, and is only getting more powerful as the world gets more-and-more networked together. Today’s creators and dissemination of propaganda and misinformation have tools at their disposal that the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century could only dream about.

      Perhaps the most-damaging of the after-effects of the war was that Giáp and the communists supplied a template for successfully waging war against the United States. A template various bad actors have used since that time, on numerous occasions.

    • Oh sure. Next you will say we won the battles. Except for the list of over a 100 battles lost. Apparently you are ex military hanging on to the “lost cause”. US hasn’t won a war since ww2. We won’t win this one either.

      • Read the post above.
        I should add that it wasn’t the U.S.’s policy during the cold war to DEFEAT communism, but only to “contain it”. The military was half-assing it in Viet Nam and congress had the power to approve or disapprove any mission. Once, the Air Force wanted to bomb a training camp in the north. After debating and arguing for almost a year, the mission was approved, and the Air Force bombed an EMPTY FIELD. It was the same when the Army wanted to liberate a POW camp. After many delays and governmental BS, they “liberated” an empty camp.
        I’m sure you believe the MYTH of irregulars beating a strong army. The truth is that guerillas are NOT MEANT to win wars; they are meant to delay and distract the enemy and pull men and material away from the main operations until a large force of well-equipped and trained regulars come to do their aid.
        Obviously, you are a victim of communist propaganda, thus proving my point.
        Read some history.

        • “…regulars come to do their aid.”
          I corrected the grammar, but only made it worst. Please read that as “…regulars come to their aid.”

      • @ Fred Jones

        Re: “Oh sure. Next you will say we won the battles. Except for the list of over a 100 battles lost. ”

        Your reading comprehension needs work, Fred. You’re omitting the words “large-scale engagement,” and besides, those aren’t my words, but those of someone else. Straw-man fallacy much? Oh, and you’re wrong about the ex-military part, too.

        Three strikes and I’d say you’re out. Back to remedial history 101 for you.

      • U.S. forces lost zero engagements in which units larger than a company were engaged. Not. One.

  2. At this point I would welcome Putin nuking western cities if it wasn’t for the fact that russian cities would also suffer the same fate.

    Cities are hives of woke leftists and almost everything that is despicable in the West. The Davos psychopaths have far more to lose from such a nuclear exchange than the average blue collar worker. Nuke DC, Brussels, Davos, and NYC? If I found a magic lamp and a genie granted me three wishes that would certainly be in the top contenders!

    Alas, all this agitated talk from the elitist classes are strictly projection. When one of them does a nuclear false flag somewhere in the West it will give them the excuse to nuke Russia and also incidentally kill multiple billions of useless eaters in the inevitable counterattacks. And somehow they have the audacity and hubris to think their secret bunkers in New Zealand will protect them, and when they emerge they will simply be able to resume their rule with all their wealth and the lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to still intact.

  3. There will be no nuclear war and bombing. This whole show was staged for the upcoming cleansing of the territory from the Russians. From contenders for the natural resources of this territory.

  4. Sometimes the simplest answer is correct.

    In this case, the DemonRat Commies of the USA who run our country need all the distractions they can manufacture because the mid-term “elections” will be held in a few weeks.

    Unless they can cheat their way out of it, the Dems stand to lose big time. That being said, they seem to have the cheating bit nailed down pretty good.

    I live in the People’s Republic of NY and we are working hard to get a solid MAGA Republican, Lee Zeldin, to replace Countess Hochula as governor.

    We are also working to get our people into Congress and the Legislature wherever we can. Sadly, the state and national GOP are not all that helpful.

    It seems they want the Demo-Commies to win and maintain the status quo.

    I remember when I was a little kid, I was terrified of a nuclear war- they used to tell us to duck under our desks in school.

    The media and Big Tech cabal are relentless in their censorship and bias. They are hand in glove with our Demo-Commie rulers. The hits never stop coming these days.

    We have to remember that there are millions more of US than there are of the Globalist bastards.

  5. 14,500-odd warheads globally, down from 90,000 in 1989. Mainenance, budgets, force structures etc. suggest fewer than 1/3 of those are actually ‘ready to apply’.
    In short, the available warshot limits the plan to counter-force; IE: zorching the other guy’s weapons, fleets and C3I4. There are not adequate numbers of launchers, warheads and combat-coded weaponeers to persecute a counter-value nuclear campaign.
    However, Capitals, industrial and logistic sites, and military stuff, particularly strategic stuff, will get fried, stomped and glowed. So, adios! DC, LA, SF, NYC, OKC, DFW…Ottawagrad, Torontostan, Vancouverstan, Edmontonstan. Europe and the UK are S.O.L., but they’re mostly refu’s, commies and mongs, so win.
    If you are serious, Get out now. Want to fear whine and [redacted]post about it, super! Just stay put.
    The point being that urban commies, trannies, democrats, mike moore, don lemon, joe and kamillatoe and ursala and chuckIII and george and klaus, progressives, greenies, ecofascists and our civil service, and apparatuses of state tyranny… get blown off the map with extreme prejudice.
    Not just once! They get a grid of warheads put down at blast-radius spacing, and ground penetrating/laydowns for hardsites.
    Yet, much of the population who can do stuff live outside of the killrings.
    it will not be pretty, or easy, but I can surf this. The species will survive A.O.K. A.O.C. will not. That is a win.
    Our governments and civil services must go. They cannot be repaired. There is no way to vote your way out it, so it’s fire and steel, and then direct action at the retail level to purge the surviving dregs of communism, and the state.
    If we wait, we get more bombs in the stockpile; the arms-race is back on. Better to do it now, and this must be done. It’s the Species versus the cave men, and the cave men cannot be permitted to win.
    Do not fear. This is our reset.
    Just do not be there when it goes off, enjoy the show, and carry a bucky, or at least a ratchet.

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