Stop Waiting For WW3

The following essay by our Hungarian correspondent László is a follow-up to this post from last March.

Stop Waiting For WW3

It’s Agenda 2030.

by László

I was reading an article about WW2 in a Hungarian media outlet the other day, when I bumped into this paragraph:

“The mission of the US 15th Air Force was, among other things, to destroy and cripple the oil refineries and military installations in Hungary, as well as the transportation infrastructure, especially the railways. These objectives were maintained until March 1945. […]”

And it suddenly struck me that this is a common point in WW2 and Agenda 2030: the enemy targets oil supplies and the transportation infrastructure. The various air force(s) often bombed the oil refineries of their enemies in WW2, because oil was (and still is) the lifeblood of the economy and the army.

In general, targeting energy is an Agenda 2030 tactic. As SDG Report puts it:

“The war on energy is ramping up as the Davos crowd and World Economic Forum seeks to implement UN Agenda 2030 restrictions on oil, gas, coal and natural gas fuel sources all under the guise of climate change and green energy.”

Indeed. And also under the guise of “war” in Ukraine and the allegedly looming threat of “WW3”.

And if you have any doubts that oil is in “their” crosshairs, look at this post over at Vlad Tepes, where you can watch a far-left terrorist group called Just Stop Oil destroy petrol stations and vandalize an art gallery in London — apparently without fear of retribution.

No need to say that the war on oil is the war on life.

The globalist propaganda is trying to convince us that we are teetering on the verge of WW2-style kinetic warfare, in order to scare us and make us go along with Agenda 2030. We are expected to sign off on our own destruction. In other words, this is the end game of the assisted suicide of the West that has been going on for a long time.

This is probably an aim of the Soros-propaganda that I call “WW3 psyop”. “They” want to make us believe that we must anxiously be waiting for the horrors of WW2 to return — thus creating an excuse for making us accept the real WW3 that is ongoing.

“There is not enough oil and gas because Ukraine and Russia” — goes the current globalist narrative — and the public believes it in sheep-like fashion, while our own politicians are turning off the taps. So the good folks let their kapos ruin the supply chains, the factories, the middle class. “No cheap heating or food or no supply at all? OK, we must put up with freezing and starving, in order to beat Russia. Let’s go and watch the telly till we have heat.”

The war on energy and infrastructure is not a new one: tactical strikes in WW2 sought to destroy the infrastructure of the enemy — and so does Agenda 2030, in a different way. We allow them to ruin industry and the very society that have underpinned the liberty of the individual. We allow them to ruin the order of our world and create a new order. And a “New World Order” without the rights of the individual is a Communist world order.

Moreover, this is perhaps the first time in history when the predatory overclass wants to take not only our liberty but also our freedom away. As Baron Bodissey defines the difference:

Liberty is that condition wherein the affairs of men are unimpeded by the tyrannical dictates of the State.

Freedom is a state of mind which simply refuses to be dictated to by the State. Freedom is saying, “I will not comply.”

Your liberty is removed when government goons haul you off at gunpoint and ship you to the gulag, but not your freedom. Freedom lies behind your eyes and between your ears until you draw your last breath.

Well, the enemy has been going after our (last) breaths with various weapons: with masks, with closed airless rooms, with jabs, with the end-of-life drug Midasolam, with Remdesivir that fills the lungs up with water, and with the killer ventilators of the murderous “Covid protocol”. And now they want both our liberty and freedom, as they are planning to hunt down our souls by wiring up our brains and plugging them into the centrally controlled “internet of bodies” where we will no longer be able to refuse central diktats.

And because our brains have not been directly wired up yet, “they” have been going after our minds: the strange war in Ukraine is a WW2-like WW3-theater [and who said that a political theater cannot be bloody?]; so the real WW3 is going on between the ears of the cheering audience that lets its own destruction happen as the lights go off at the ringside.

This time around, unlike in WW2, “they” go for controlled destruction; therefore they are targeting primarily processes, minds and bodies instead of bombing physical objects. I could call this the strategy of the silent ‘neutron bomb’ that kills people but does not take the buildings down. Because the Powers That Be intend to conduct a gradual and stealthy Communist revolution that they deceptively call “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. So they will leave the infrastructure seemingly intact, in order to slowly and unnoticeably destroy it and then transform it and the society as well, as planned. As planned in Agenda 2030, in which people and infrastructure become inseparable.

Hence the latest globalist slogan that “information is the oil of the 21st century” — and they mean it. “Information” is, in fact, our lives. Which means that “they” are taking our oil (which supports human life and liberty as we know it) away, so that they can weaken us and turn our lives into their “oil”. We are literally being transformed into the mere and exclusive resources, the livestock, of the global parasitic overclass. Again, this is the essence of Agenda 2030.

Stop waiting for WW3, because it is here.

WW3 is Agenda 2030.

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22 thoughts on “Stop Waiting For WW3

  1. The militaries of the west will have the last say on all things when these WEF types go full tilt on their evil plans. I’m betting on the military, for the WEF types never had to get their hands dirty.

    • You mean the people brainwashed to obey orders will somehow stand up to tyranny? I doubt that very much, since every tyrrany is enforced by the Police and the Army.

          • Barn, The militaries of Europe will run things in their own respective countries, the EU is doomed and so is the globullist movement, the WEF types and all those that worship gai. The days of the strongmen and rule of Kings is coming back, for history says so. That is what I mean.

    • One problem for the hypothetical World Government is that when they take over the remaining militaries will be redundant, without function. These armed forces will have to be neutralized or eliminated. If not they will be a continuing threat to the ruling class.

      • Ain’t the ruling class in for quite the shock as they are dragged out of their beds at 4 am with their meeting with a freshly dug deep ditch or gallows, or just the walls outside their homes. The military has plans, the so called ruling class actually believe they will rule in the end, place your bets on the military.

      • Either there will be a fast culling or they will administer a lot of vaccinations. And then the soldiers are sent from one base to another and if they die – only the HR department knows about it. And if those are from the WEF…

        • If you thought the old Night of the long Knives was brutal, the new one that is coming is going to be epic.

  2. And who is to say that our comments and posts are not being monitored by the WEF’s AI machines so that their psyops can be more finely tuned to the audience? Luke and company were allowed to escape the Death Star because Darth had a tracking device planted aboard the Millenium Falcon. Just as the rebel fighters are ready to engage the Empire the Death Star shows up right on cue and on time ready to due to their planet what had been done to Princess Leia’s home planet.
    These clowns have nothing better to do but lay awake at night devising ways to deliver us to their feeding trough so that we can be their lunch. Well, as Psalm 2 states, the Lord looks down upon them from heaven and holds them in derision. They can have their games, I have my Lord, thank you.

    • “If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”

  3. When I drink beer with the ordinary people who believe in the globalist narrative, and talk comes to “saving the planet through electric cars”, I always tell them: “If bombers flew in and carpet bombed the European nuclear and coal powerplants into the ground, then people would realise pretty quick what’s really going on.” Mostly, my Mainstream Media believing friends don’t take my warning seriously, they still double-think that “our leaders work for our benefit” while at the same time they believe “our leaders are completely incompetent and do stupid stuff because they are stupid”.

  4. My dad was “working” as forced labour at the Hamburg oil refinery during the bombing by allies he told me. They were running around dodging the bombs. Both sides did it.
    NATO now realised they still need fossil fuels so headed to Canada to plan invasion of the arctic circle which they had no interest in before. Love the comments about receding arctic ice which wouldn’t be happening without a little bit of CO2 in the air. LOL. Now they won’t need icebreakers etc. Russia has most icebreakers.

  5. US military personnel target brains and hearts with bullets in direct combat, as well as other explosive and flammable materials in more indirect situations.

    Muslim warriors for Allah target brains and hearts with bullets in direct combat, as well as other explosive and flammable materials in more indirect situations.


    ““There is not enough oil and gas because Ukraine and Russia” — goes the current globalist narrative — and the public believes it in sheep-like fashion”

    This is just a blatant lie. It’s multiple blatant lies.

    There is not enough hydrocarbons being directly supplied to Europe RIGHT NOW because the supply lines RIGHT NOW are built around Russia. That is a temporary infrastructure problem. Nobody has ever claimed that there is “not enough” in any absolute sense.

    The public is far smarter than you are giving credit for. They understand perfectly well that the pipelines are built a certain way and that replacing that infrastructure isn’t an overnight job.

    They also – in Europe – understand what a Russian military steamroller means. Which is why they are not responding the way you want them to. Lying to yourself about this will not change reality.

    The rest of it is too nonsensically incoherent and vague to have anything to argue against.

    Baron, why are you publishing this stuff? Why are you trying so incredibly hard to become a credulous [person of low intelligence]?

  6. “We’re already in World War 3. We are already in conflict that extends so far beyond Ukraine, actually, even within the context of Western Europe but we’ve clearly been pretty much at war in space, uh below the surface of the oceans, submarine warfare between super powers, uh, I’d even say this has been happening for at least four years, [since 2019] and it’s spilled over into public view on the ground, uh, but we don’t “frame” it that way.” ~ Philippa “Pippa” Malmgren’s statement at the 2022 World Government Summit in Dubai.

  7. None are so blind, Mr. Rollory, as those who will not see. And I don’t see anything in this post that claims the US Military is all Moslem. Working for the communists, and carrying their water can be profitable, I know. Especially when you do it on a site that they have deemed a dissenter. Must be very satisfying to know you’ve done your corrosive job, and are helping the inevitable march to communist utopia. Trouble is, comrade, they’ll turn on you, as they eventually do, on everybody. You may already be dimly aware that communism is also cannibalism. They omit more than photographs.

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