We’re From the Climate Police, and We’re Here to Help You

The New World Order is not going to build itself. And the cooperation of the lumpenproletariat cannot be assumed, so a robust force of trained uniformed thugs will be necessary in case truncheons have to be wielded or climate criminals need to be interrogated.

It least that’s the way it looks in France. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Interrogation rooms, weapons: France hires 3,000 police officers for “Climate protection”

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has announced that an Armed Climate Protection Force will be added to the French police force. However, it is not clouds or invisible gases that are to be fought, but people. Critics suspect that the new interrogation rooms are to be used to intimidate and re-educate those who think differently.

According to the public service broadcaster ORF, the message arrived to the effect that the “eco-police” should primarily investigate arsonists.

So that’s a good thing, isn’t it? The question is, why can’t these core tasks of regular police units be performed by the existing troops? They also have, undoubtedly, sufficient facilities for questioning suspects. If one remembers various ugly scenes from France, a special unit against migrant violence and parallel structures would probably be more appropriate. There is just one catch — foreign clans are fighting back in France with weapons of war, while people with wrong opinions, mostly as “lone fighters”, can easily be arrested and deported.

“It will be a revolution” — Hardship against “troublemakers”

The fact that it may not just be regular fire investigators may be inferred from the words of the Minister of the Interior, who told the weekly Journal du Dimanche that this represents “a revolution”.

Significantly, the article was headlined: “We Must Be Tough on the Troublemaker Minority”. Anyone who has the totalitarianism of green politics in mind can already roughly imagine what is to be understood by a “Green Revolution” by force of arms. At the same time, the minister simulates harshness against criminal immigrants, probably to appease all sides.

Brussels wants supremacy over eco-troops

In Brussels, meanwhile, they would like every EU country to have such a force. However, it should no longer be subordinate to the respective nation state but to the US-controlled globalists in the EU headquarters. The euphemism for the project is “Centralized Civil Protection Force to Combat Climate Change”. The climate will certainly change completely if dissenters are dragged into interrogation rooms at gunpoint in order to convert them there — right? The EU is citing the fact that “the impact of climate change on EU member states is increasing” — which, according to EU Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarcic, requires intervention from Brussels. But there is also some criticism that the bureaucrats would now use any excuse they like to seize more power.

“These European bureaucrats are not the solution but the cause of many of the problems the EU is facing and the deeply damaging energy crisis is just one proof of that,” said Cristian Terhes, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Romania.”

‘Any Excuse to Grab More Power’: EU Wants a Centralized ‘Civil Protection Force’ to Fight Climate Change — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) August 17, 2022”

Plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are usually implemented first by countries with leaders who have been trained in the Young Global Leaders program or are closely associated with it. Corresponding plans from Canada became known. Plans for the eco-police stations were also published there. There are secret service rooms and interrogation rooms.

The plans, prepared by a Winnipeg firm, provide a glimpse of Trudeau’s future plans for climate change enforcement.

At the end of the hallway next to the proposed “firearms storage” are several evidence rooms, interrogation rooms and adjoining recording rooms.

[Image link]

“Canada’s Department of Environment and Climate Change (ECCC) is building a new facility in Winnipeg that will house a weapons arsenal, interrogation rooms, biological labs, media relations offices, ‘controlled rest rooms’ and intelligence facilities.”

“The Trudeau government recently announced a policy to reduce fertilizer use on Canadian farms by 30%. This policy has been heavily criticized by farmers across the country and by provincial governments in the western provinces, who say it will cripple food supplies.”

“Some observers have expressed reasonable suspicion that these measures are the first steps in a repeat of the attacks on farmers that have sparked widespread unrest in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.”

In one EU country, intense violence is already being used against citizens who do not want to sit idly by on the eco-agenda. First, farmers in the Netherlands were forbidden to continue practicing their trades. They would be harmful to the environment. Thousands of farms have been ordered to close. That’s why the Dutch farmers have been protesting for weeks — hundreds of them are arrested again and again. The Netherlands can be seen as an experimental project by the globalists to break up agriculture and leave it to the big corporations. Like any EU Agenda, this one will be rolled out to all other mkember states if it proves feasible.

Afterword from the translator:

The madness is accelerating. With a normal mind you can no longer understand this. According to Schwab’s ideas, the world will be transformed into a fascist regime, the people as slaves while the elites have the power, the money and everything else in this world. They determine down to the smallest detail what we are allowed to do and how we have to behave. Critics of the “climate crisis” will probably soon be imprisoned or simply gunned down to make a point. How was that with the opinion of the 1,100 researchers who were able to prove that there is no climate crisis again? But none of that counts. The climate advocates stamp their feet like little children and insist on their “assumptions”. The matter is decided and may no longer be questioned.

These “elites” have declared war on humanity. There’s only one way to fight them, and that is without MERCY. Mercy is for times of peace and has no place in a war that has been foisted upon us by those who want to kill us and enslave the survivors. They’ve drawn a line in the sand and we will be forced to choose between slavery and a slow death, on the one hand, or freedom and dying on our own two feet to keep it. I know on which side of the line I will stand.

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      • The military and those with military back ground. It is obvious that 90% of the natives are sheep and will do as they are told.

  1. Let’s see what happens when hunger strikes. Also, many people may see the “writing on the wall” and realise better to be warm and fed in Russia than freeze to death and starve in the west (also no toilet paper to wipe yourself). I would be moving to Russia if it was feasible. Have to be healthy, learn language and better to buy your own place so less pressure to work. Climate there is bit harsh cf Australia but no worse than Germany, Sweden, Finland etc.
    I do think the ethnic Russians in Germany may move back. Someone said they were. Also, no compulsory vaccines!

    • Hi Sara,
      last winter, and some more, we did not have one day or night of frost were I live , near Netherlands. Ask Russians about it. And they are not moving back because they know Russia.

  2. Tyranny is always better organized than freedom. That is why it prevails so much in human history. The ordinary people who flesh out tyranny just, “do their jobs”, turn their heads away a little to the side, and continue pretending it doesn’t involve them.

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