George Soros Issues Blueprint of Globalist WW3 Propaganda

Our Hungarian correspondent László analyzes the latest pronouncements of George Soros in the context of the ongoing information war surrounding the Wuhan Coronavirus and the Russo-Ukrainian war.

George Soros Issues Blueprint of Globalist WW3 Propaganda

by László

George Soros posted an editorial on his blog, Project Syndicate, with the title “Vladimir Putin and the Risk of World War III” that is worth analyzing.

Far from denying their ties to Soros any more, the leftist Hungarian media outlet, Index published an article that loyally summarizes Soros’ agit-prop piece he posted in Project Syndicate, without any commentaries on the part of Index, as if it were the most natural thing in the world that we must take his words at face value. Even worse, Index zealously stretched the WW3 propaganda even further than Soros himself. While Soros talks only about the “risk” of WW3, Index gives this title to their article:

According to Soros WW3 has started

Index must have thought that the word “risk” in itself is not scary enough.

But, being a globalist media outlet, they were certainly aware that Soros’ propaganda piece is actually the blueprint of the ongoing globalist propaganda war and the motives of the Powers That Be in connection concerning “Ukraine”, coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

Perhaps the most revealing is the title Soros gave his piece:

Vladimir Putin and the Risk of World War III

If one decodes the word “risk” in this context, it translates into the globalist intention of floating the horror of a kinetic “WW3” above the head of humanity, with the implicit threat of nuclear escalation. You know, “It is not the thing yet, it is not WW3, it is the risk!” In this framework what Soros’ article is doing is no less than psychological warfare, and very similar to the Corona psy-op. They floated the horrors of the imaginary pandemic in exactly the same way.

Soros’ message here is that “It depends upon your behaviour, dear reader, whether or not that horrendous risk of total war becomes reality.” So “WW3” is the new weapon of ‘nudging’ — as the British psycho-terrorist government named the professionally-executed mass behavior modification that was based on fear, back in 2020.

At this point we can safely state that there is a WW3 psy-op at work. WW3, the ultimate bogeyman. Be afraid, be very afraid!

That is not to say that Soros and his ilk do not really mean WW3. They do. But real WW3 on the one hand, and the one they are force-feeding us with in the media on the other hand, are very different. The PTB want to make us believe that WW3 started with Russia attacking Ukraine, and it is mostly geopolitical in nature. Far from it, at least as it concerns the life of the Average Joe. The war on us started much earlier and will not end with the conclusion of any kinetic war.

The “WW3 with Russia” is just the theater of war, as it is quite appropriately called in English.

The real WW3 is ongoing against humanity, in order to make us submit and to enslave us with the “Agenda 2030” NWO vision. In this sense Soros is waging WW3 on our minds, right there in his piece, telling us that “You should think and do exactly what we are telling you, otherwise you will be guilty of collapsing our civilization via Putin’s WMDs”.

So Soros’ article is in itself an assault on our minds. It is in itself the real WW3.

As always, however, Soros’s propaganda is full of double-think and hidden agendas. Because if you draw the inference, in a simple-minded way, that Soros would really care whether you support Putin or Zelensky, you are mistaken. He and his cronies lie even with their questions. They just want to divide us with their narratives. So let’s stop arguing about who the ‘good guy’ is in the 3D Hollywood war-movie they are projecting on the screens for us, shall we? Especially given that Soros is now operating the “fact-checkers” of Facebook/Meta that recently “ruled” that inciting violence against Russians is now OK. Beyond being criminal, that pretty much gives away the game plan.

And the recent fashionable interpretation that the geopolitical part of the war is basically about the “US Deep State NWO” vs. the “Chinese-Russian NWO” may be true. But the thing is, that does not mitigate the looming danger of totalitarianism in the West. Taking this into consideration, the Ukraine war is another sleight of hand: “looky, looky over there: there is Putin the Monster!” — while, diverting our attention, they clandestinely tie us up with their social credit slavery system, as planned.
In that light, the expression “our civilization” in the closing sentence of Soros’ piece is hilarious:

“We can only hope that Putin and Xi will be removed from power before they can destroy our civilization,” writes Soros

“Our civilization”, from the mouth of Soros, the Terminator of classical Western civilization. LOL!

“As a child, I had many encounters with Russian soldiers when they occupied Hungary in 1945. I learned that they would share their last piece of bread with you if you appealed to them. Later, at the beginning of the 1980s, I embarked on what I call my political philanthropy. First, I set up a foundation in my native Hungary, and then I actively participated in the disintegration of the Soviet empire. When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in 1985, the disintegration had already begun,” writes Soros.

Yeah, we all know how much this psychopath cared about anyone’s last piece of bread when he took part in the confiscation and looting of the properties of his fellow Jews in Budapest, as he proudly admitted on camera. And we all know what his “philanthropic” foundation in his native Hungary is doing: subversion, of course.

Therefore it is hilarious that he speaks about “our” civilization when he actually means “their” civilization — he thinks that everything we little people own, including our bodies and souls, belongs to the global parasitic overclass of which Soros is an errand boy. “You will own nothing and you will be happy” is still valid, and they are still working on it. Inflation, refugees and migrants, energy shortages, supply chain breakdown, the planned infrastructure breakdowns (wargamed last year in Cyber Polygon) — the tangible battlefields are mainly the economy and the social order. But the real target, once again, is our minds. And if they cannot manipulate the minds of some of us, they are planning to break us by forcing us to our knees through starvation or outright force.

That said, is it possible that the Powers That Be are going to destroy the infrastructure of Europe WW2-style, as well? It is, of course. But that is not my point here. The point is that we, the ordinary people, are fueling the war by supplying “them” with the justification, approval and energy when we swallow their propaganda sideways, again. We are taking it in again, despite the fact that the Corona hoax got exposed, and in fact it never stopped, but seamlessly shapeshifted into WW3 propaganda some weeks ago.

George Soros is an important “official” blueprint of the Deep State propaganda for the MSM and even politics; therefore everyone is encouraged to analyze each and every word of this Soros’ article in order to see through the motives of the enemy, and to be able to tell globalist propaganda from reality, as the war on our minds progresses.

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13 thoughts on “George Soros Issues Blueprint of Globalist WW3 Propaganda

  1. SPECTRE wants WWIII and it is baked into the cake as part of the Great Reset global soviet.

    • The problem with wars these so called elite start, is that war never goes the way they want it to, for war takes on a life of it’s own. Soro’s and his ilk will not survive it, too many people want their heads on pikes. Once war starts, it gives those the excuse to finally act against these so called elites and their wretched families.

  2. Today, I was in a branch of ScotiaBank.

    They already have a requisite sign about how they’ve donated to Ukraine, and are encouraging customers to do the same.

    Here in Canada, banks absolutely ape gov’t policy, to the point that you know what’s hot just by looking at what they’re pushing.

    It’s enough to make you think that something’s up.

    Incidentally, during the same visit, I noticed that the gay flag sticker is gone from the door. It has been replaced by some sort of cross between a gay flag and a trans flag. That’s a pretty good sign that we’re going to be hearing more trans stuff being pushed soon, that that one isn’t “over” yet. But Ukraine is definitely on.

    On the other hand, masks are no longer officially required, and they didn’t even have a sign encouraging them. That’s pretty much confirmation the COVID is more-or-less officially “over”.

    It really is sick how you can pick up all of this just by visiting a bank.
    They’re the absolute worst for aping gov’t policy.

    • Hehe.
      No band accounts. None. Opted out over thirty years ago.
      Never missed it. No debt. No credit. No loans, no mortgages or bank cards.
      Nothing. They get not a cent, nor do any govt’s, and I do 98% of my purchases on the reserves…no taxes! Pay cash, work cash, tell the revinooers nothing.
      What a difference! I ‘work’ a couple days a month, if I feel like it. No state and fiduciary scumbag bite means I don’t even notice inflation. Buy my fuel at the reserve. I am wealthier, I am healthier, no stress at all.
      Now, with private-key crypto, and wallet to wallet blockchain, I am shorting out and screwing the central bankers. Like this: I bought a new 2.0L longblock. Wallet to wallet ‘payment’. No cash, no taxes. Tossed my new prime mover in the doka, and drove home after fueling at the reserve, payment through…you guessed it! Wallet to wallet blockchain!
      Cash? If I want some, or a lot, buy it from the reserve! Those Mohawks have lots of unlaundereds around they want to get rid of. Yeah, there is a markup. You know what? It’s thirty percent or more below lending rates and service charges and tax bite.
      Protip – all the indians are mostly mixed-Caucasian nowadays.
      They will give a status card to any one. So, leafs. Screw the man using his own rules.
      I wonder why people play along with the bankers and state at all?

  3. Last week someone asked me why I’m still baking and selling Russian Potato Bread.
    I asked why?
    She answered because of the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine.
    I asked – What has that got to do with anything?
    She said – Because it’s the right thing to do.
    My answer – NO
    She said then that she’ll never buy from me again.
    I said – Fine, your prerogative, but my answer is still NO
    Just because I’m using a Russian Recipe suddenly makes one of my Best-sellers a Pariah for virtue signalling and morally busybodying Idiots?
    These people have been brainwashed to such a degree that there’s NO brain left.

    By the way, she’s tripple vaxxed and drives and joggs with a Mask on.
    I’ve seen her in her Garden with a Mask on.
    What can one say?

    • If you had been less principled and more opportunistic you would have renamed it Ukrainian Potato Bread and hoped no Ukrainian’s shopped there if there is no such thing.

    • If brains were peanut butter, it sounds like she wouldn’t have enough to bait a mouse trap.

    • It’s insane, like banning Russian music from concerts.

      In WW1, the British did the same with German music, and started calling German Shepherd dogs Alsatians (this persisted till not so long ago).

  4. So on Alex Jone’s sites such as they the clips of Yuval Noah Harari, an advisor to Klaus Schwab. These people are insane. I will put it in a nutshell – we can think better for you so we will or the ai we program will. Freewill is a myth. Who is to say what is good and evil? They want to put the world in the hand of ai’s or at least let you think that. When the AI named G.B.Shaw xlB 8, is analyzing your value you may be found wanting. We are not smart enough to understand the decisions of the AI when it gets smart enough.
    So if there is a Beast I have wondered if it would be an AI. An intelligence without a soul. I have heard in interviews of people that do exorcisms that the intelligence of certain entities greatly exceeds our own. If there are no coincidences my eyebrow does raise at the relationship between daemon (computer science/greek mythology) and demon (Christianity). In CS it is a background process. In Greek mythology, it is somewhat analogous to an angel not necessarily good or bad. A demon is a fallen angel.
    What you would call my morality hangs on the Great Commandment. I don’t think that can be programmed into an AI.

  5. So, is there anyone that understands Soros? Like, what makes him tick? Any good articles on that?
    I just don’t get why someone with his background would think destroying borders, going leftard, or, whatever it is, is a good thing.

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