Vladimir Putin on Election Interference

The following clip contains excerpts from an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin that was recorded by NBC News back in 2018. As I understand it, this footage was omitted from the final broadcast version of the interview.

Before I am denounced yet again as a Putin stooge, I must say that I find Mr. Putin’s assertion that the Russians don’t interfere with American elections to be laughable. They may not go so far as to hack into Dominion servers and similar operations — I have no expertise on such matters, so I don’t know — but they plant massive disinformation all over the Internet, and have been doing so for as long as I’ve been paying attention. I personally know a vlogger who was offered money by a Russian to propagate certain material (he refused).

More to the point is that the American intelligence services often do things that are just as bad, and sometimes worse, in an attempt to interfere with Russia.

And the idea that Russia interfered with the 2016 election to help elect Donald Trump is ludicrous on the face of it. Anyone with half a brain can see that the Russians would have had every reason to prefer Hillary Clinton over Orange Man Bad.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating it from the Italian subtitles, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Please, do listen to what I am going to say to your audience.
00:05   We are conducting talks with our American friends and partners,
00:08   high representatives of the government.
00:12   And whenever they claim that some Russians interfered in the US elections,
00:19   we tell them, as we did very recently, at a high level:
00:23   “But it is you who interfere in our politics.”
00:28   As you can imagine, they have never denied they did.
00:31   Do you know what they answered us, last time? They told us: “Yes, we do interfere,
00:36   but we are entitled to do it
00:39   because we spread democracy.”
00:43   “Whereas you do not. You are not entitled to do it”.
00:47   Do you think this is a modern and civil approach to international issues?
00:53   Neither the government of the Russian Federation,
00:56   nor the presidency of the Russian Federation, have ever interfered
01:00   in the internal political process of the United States.
01:05   Not long ago, President Trump said something very pertinent:
01:08   He said that if Russia’s objective is to spread chaos, we had fully succeeded.
01:15   But this chaos is not the result of some alleged Russian interference.
01:18   It is the result of your political system:
01:21   inner war, turmoil and divisions.
01:26   Russia has nothing to do with that. We have absolutely nothing to do with all that.
01:31   Fix your own system first.
01:34   And then there is how you addressed the issue, as I have just said,
01:37   that is, that you can interfere everywhere, because you bring democracy.
01:43   Whereas we cannot. All this generates conflicts.
01:46   You should show some respect towards your own partners; then they will respect you in return.
01:51   May I ask you a different question? Why did you encourage the coup in Ukraine?
01:57   Why did you do that? The US directly intervened, spending billions of dollars.
02:02   An act that has been fully supported by high US officials.
02:05   Why did the US develop a missile system along our borders?

12 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin on Election Interference

  1. “The question is whether this years-long provocation by Washington and NATO of Russian national security via Ukraine is aimed at destroying the viability of Russia as a sovereign nation and military power. Is it a calculated move to use sanctions against Russia to cause global collapse and energy crises, food shortages and worse, all to advance the Davos 2030 Great Reset agenda? Blame it on the “evil Putin” and Russia while BlackRock and the financial powers reorganize the world? It is too early to tell but certain is that whatever prompted the action by Russia on February 24, 2022 had to have been far more serious than CNN or other controlled Western media are telling us.”

    • Putin is a thug and a kleptocrat and has certainly had his hands in some pretty vile things. But he opposes the reptiles from Davos, and their reaction to his actions are entirely out of proportion. Anyone that has made themselves mortal enemies of those serpents must have some redeeming qualities.

    • It may just be a rumor/propoganda/disinformation that has spread but I have heard of a map with the division of Russia into 4 areas. I think it was associated with neocon & Soros. I have heard Soros say in interviews he wanted to take Russia down. Today I came across interviews of one of his advisors. I can see why they may not be fond of Russia. By their own words you can infer they have invested a lot into manipulating people and with the money they have, they are probably pretty good at it. They may say they don’t care what you believe but they want a world without the influence of God or religion and ruled by AI. SMH/they are nutz! but smart and rich. Yuval Noah Harari was the name of the advisor.

      • Well yes, after 24 February, there are likely to be a lot of such maps of a divided Russia 🙂

        Quite simply, people are sick of repeated agression from that country, and will express their anger in many ways – including by drawing maps, however silly they may be…

  2. Russia sure has influenced European politics… Gerhard Schroder, former leftist chancellor of Germany now sits on the board of Gazprom. Many former high-ranking politicians of EU countries like France and Austria likewise now work for Russian companies.

    So why wouldn’t Russia influence America too? And if it does, like any good lobbyist, it may support key figures across the political spectrum.

    I remember once an article on the BBC about a pro-Trump protest in Florida, and an anti-Trump one (now tricky to find, with all the latest news about Russia/Ukraine).. It turned out that both protests were organised from Russia.

    The likely purpose? To create conflicts, and ultimately fragment society… If we’re too busy fighting each other, we’ll have less energy to fight any external threats… Divide and conquer, Russian-style?

  3. This whole Ukraine situation is akin to a homeless encampment meleè with an obnoxious harpie screaming at one group and encouraging the other.

    Am I bad if I want them to all lose?

    • Put it this way. I didn’t see the Ukrainians go into Russia, surround any cities, and start bombing.
      Don’t see the Ukrainians bombing hospitals, apartment buildings, murdering mayor’s, priests, and various unarmed civilians to try and break the will of the Russian people.
      It’s Ukrainian mother’s, babies, and children lying dead on the ground.
      I have immense respect for courageous Russians risking their livelihoods, and possibly their lives in protest against this.

      • Our sstute editor in chief seems to understand that we are all being fed disinformation from all sides. I loath the thug Putin, but how can anyone not see that the likes of Soros, Schwab, Gates and the USG have been stoking the Ukraine embers for years. As in all wars, the innocent suffer. That goes for all sides, but I’m no fan of Zelensky nor Putin and would be satisfied if they were to both disappear.

      • If it comes to me I ask for now assistance. I am no fan of American intervention. George Washington said a large standing army was a threat to liberty. We have problems at home that are being ignored when western Europe should deal with Putin. Hell, they buy his gas so they surely know his number.

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